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									                                    THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG

                                           Payment of Application Fee

1.   The application fee is HK$700 for paper application (non-refundable).

2.   Methods of Payment:

             Local applicants residing in Hong Kong:

             (a)     Please pay the application fee, using one of the methods in the following page;


             (b)     Please complete the form below for payment by credit card.

             If you are using the payment methods in 2(a) above, it is essential that the original ATM customer
             advice / CQM transaction advice, or in the case of internet banking, a printed copy of the bank‟s
             acknowledgement statement which contains the payment reference number be stapled to your
             application form for submission to the University. Please retain a photocopy of the receipt as proof
             of payment of the application fee.

             Overseas applicants should pay by bank draft (in Hong Kong Dollars) drawn on a bank in Hong Kong
             and made payable to “The University of Hong Kong”, or by credit card (please complete the form



Full name of applicant (as given on the application form): ____________________________________________

Please complete and attach this form to your paper application if you choose to pay the application fee by credit

 Credit Card (Please tick)                      VISA              MasterCard

 Name printed on credit card

 Card Number                                -  -  - 
 Expiry Date                                /  (Month/Year)

To the Registrar:

I hereby authorize The University of Hong Kong to charge HK$700 to the above credit card account to cover the
application fee for undergraduate admissions in 2011-2012.

Signature of credit card holder: _________________________________ Date: __________________________
(Please use authorized signature as on your credit card.)
 Methods of Payment (for Local Applicants only)

 Payment                                          Procedures                                    Receipt to be
 method                                                                                        attached to the
                                                                                              application form

ATM          1)   Locate an ATM with „Bill Payment‟ function                                  Original ATM
(Automatic                                                                                    customer advice
Teller       2)   Select “Bill Payment”“Education”“The University of Hong Kong”
Machine)          (Please do not use the account transfer function for payment)

             3)   Enter Bill Type: “06” Other Fees

             4)   Enter Bill Account Number:
                  For HSBC / Hang Seng Bank: 20999999834001
                  For JETCO: 2099999983000004001

             5)   Enter amount of payment: HK$700

Internet     1)   Logon to any of the following websites:                                     A printed copy of
banking           HSBC <>                                               the bank‟s
                  Hang Seng Bank <>                                    acknowledgement
                  JETCO <>                                        statement which
                  BEA <>                                               contains the
             2)   Make bill payment by choosing the following function:                       reference number
                  (Please do not use the account transfer function for payment)
                  HSBC: View and Pay Bills
                  Hang Seng Bank: View and Pay Bills
                  JETCO: JET Payment
                  BEA: Bill Payment / CyberPayment / JET Payment

             3)   Select “The University of Hong Kong” as the merchant for payment

             4)   Enter Bill Type: “06” Other Fees

             5)   Enter Bill Account Number:
                  For HSBC / Hang Seng Bank / BEA Bill Payment: 20999999834001
                  For JETCO / BEA CyberPayment / BEA JET Payment:

             6)   Enter amount of payment: HK$700

HSBC‟s       1)   Make a crossed cheque payable to “The University of Hong Kong” and write    Original CQM
CQM               your name at the back of the cheque (Post-dated cheque is not acceptable)   transaction advice
Deposit      2)   Deposit the cheque at any HSBC‟s CQM by
                  a)   entering The University of Hong Kong‟s bank account number
                       002-222834-002 and the cheque amount of HK$700; and

                  b)   selecting “Reference” and entering the reference number:

             3)   Insert the cheque into the cheque insertion slot
                  [For details, please refer to the instructions listed on the machine]

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