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                              PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
                                “Your Trusted Partner”
                                       Corporate Office
                                     1230 South Boulevard
                                      Baraboo, WI 53913
                              Contract Administrator: Kevin Olson
                                  Telephone: (608) 356-2771
                                   Toll Free: (800) 362-4505
                                FAX Number: (608) 356-2770
                                 Web Site: www.msa-ps.com
                                 Email: kevino@msa-ps.com


       Company Overview

       Scope of Services

              SIN 899-1    Environmental Planning
              SIN 899-2    Environmental Compliance
              SIN 899-4    Waste Management
              SIN 899-7    Geographic Information Systems
              SIN 899-8    Remediation Services

       Experience with Government Contracts

       Customer Information

       Price Lists


MSA Professional Services, Inc. (MSA) is a full service-consulting firm providing
environmental, municipal, transportation, and land development services for public and private
clients throughout the Midwest. We focus on helping clients develop and achieve their vision,
using a creative approach to find effective solutions. Our employee-owned firm was
incorporated in 1962.

Our firm’s Mission Statement, “A trusted partner helping clients succeed," reflects this
progressive approach. At MSA, we live our Mission Statement. To do this, we make it a
practice to understand our clients and what they do so we can creatively address what is
important to them, provide a full range of services, and promote the best use of their money and
other resources.

MSA has over 300 full time professionals and support personnel located in Baraboo, Beaver
Dam, Friendship, Madison, Marshfield, Rhinelander, and Rice Lake, Wisconsin; Dubuque
and Des Moines, Iowa; Galena, Illinois; and Duluth and St. Paul, Minnesota. MSA is
organized into four program areas: Environmental, Municipal, Transportation, and Real Estate
and Development. MSA’s Environmental Program is staffed with hydrogeologists, geologists,
hydrologists, environmental engineers, chemists, biologists, environmental scientists, and
technicians, who are supported by civil engineers, architects, planners, land surveyors, and
CADD technicians from MSA’s other programs.

MSA offers the following environmental consulting services to all of our clients:

Site Investigations/Remedial Actions/Feasibility Studies   Solid Waste Facilities
   Superfund & CERCLA                                        Facility Design
   LUST                                                      Permitting
   Agrochemicals                                             Closure
   Solvents                                                  Construction Oversight
   RCRA                                                      Operation & Maintenance

Natural Resources Services                                 Operation & Maintenance Services
  Wetland Delineation                                        Groundwater Monitoring
  Wetland Mitigation                                         Leachate Monitoring
  Natural Resources Inventories                              Landfill Gas
  NEPA Environmental Assessments                             Remediation Systems

Compliance Services                                        Land Acquisition and Redevelopment
  NPDES Permits                                              Environmental Site Assessments
  Stormwater                                                 Brownfields
  SPCC Plans                                                 Conceptual Strategies
  UST and AST                                                Grant and Funding Applications
  Asbestos, Lead and Mold Assessments

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Under the GSA Environmental Services contract, MSA can provide a variety of services from
environmental planning to compliance audits to site investigations at CERCLA/RCRA sites.
MSA’s environmental services under contract to the GSA are identified by the Special Item
Numbers (SINs) defined below.

SIN 899-1: Environmental Planning Services and Documentation.

        Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Environmental Assessments (EA) under the
         National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
        Endangered species and wetlands analysis.
        Watershed and other natural resource management plans, studies and consultation.
        Economic, technical and risk analysis in support of environmental needs (such as analysis
         of options for environmental actions, data collection and development, regulatory
         analysis, feasibility analysis, hazard and exposure assessments, and risk analysis).
        Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).

When a construction project requires an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW), MSA
helps prepare and submit the EAW for acceptance by state agencies. MSA’s experience with
environmental assessments has ranged from airport projects to the design of a Merrimac River
Crossing Environmental Impact Statement.

MSA’s professionals have completed hundreds of Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for
private, governmental, and industrial clients. ESAs are completed in accordance with ASTM
Standard Practice E-1527 Environmental Site Assessment: Phase I Environmental Site
Assessment Process and ASTM Standard E 1903, Standard Guide for Environmental Site
Assessments: Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process.

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SIN 899-2: Environmental Compliance Services.

        Environmental compliance audits, evaluate findings, and prepare internal compliance
        Environmental compliance management and/or contingency plans.
        Lead-based paint and asbestos surveys.
        Pollution prevention surveys and corrective actions.
        Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans.
        Community Right-to-Know Act reporting.

MSA’s Environmental Compliance Services include facility auditing, sampling and permitting
for industrial sites, wastewater treatment plants, surface water Tier II, and RCRA sites. SPCC
plans are detailed, facility-specific, written descriptions of how a facility's operations comply
with the prevention guidelines in the Oil Pollution Prevention regulations in 40 CFR Part 112.
These guidelines include such measures as secondary containment, facility drainage, dikes or
barriers, sump and collection systems, and liquid level devices.

MSA provides clients with services that help you plan for and cope with the impact of
stormwater runoff. We begin each project with a complete review, one that identifies exactly
what needs to be done and the projected cost of the different alternatives. Facility planning
includes evaluation of the land, water, and population characteristics to determine future needs
for water and wastewater management. MSA provides storm water piping systems, storm water
expertise, and computer modeling capabilities so that the entire system can be correctly analyzed
on the computer. This approach allows MSA to provide our clients with the information
necessary for good decision-making and realistic cost-benefit analyses.
MSA’s professionals have completed hundreds of Lead Inspection/Risk Assessments, Visual
Risk Assessments, and Clearance Inspections. These assessments are valuable in the following

        Prior to buying or selling real estate.
        Prior to remodeling or renovation.
        Insurance requirements.
        To opt out of real estate disclosure.
        Fulfill abatement requirements.
        Primary prevention of childhood lead poisoning.
        Construction observation.
        After construction to obtain clearance.

The purpose of a lead assessment is to determine the presence of lead-based paint, and the
nature, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards. MSA analyzes lead in paint samples
using certified laboratories and/or a Niton XL 703 x-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF). Niton’s
XRF analyzers are ideal for lead paint analysis on any painted surface regardless of substrate.

Asbestos assessments are conducted to identify suspect asbestos containing materials (ACM) in
accordance with State and Federal regulations. The scope of services typically includes a walk-
through assessment of the property and completion of a asbestos building survey that includes
identifying, collecting, and laboratory analysis of suspect ACM. We have asbestos certifications
for Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

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SIN 899-4: Waste Management Services

        Data collection, feasibility or risk analysis.
        RCRA and CERCLA site investigations.
        Hazard and/or non-hazard and exposure assessments.
        Assess human health and ecological risks and analysis.
        Waste characterization and source reduction studies.
        Waste management plans and/or surveys.

MSA’s solid and hazardous waste professionals have more than two decades of experience
with several hundred years of combined professional experience working on solid and hazardous
waste sites. Our staff has a wide range of experience on solid waste projects in the Midwest and
has assisted clients in many phases of facility development including:

        Industrial and municipal landfill closures.
        Facility design and permitting.
        Closure and post-closure plans.
        Landfill gas and leachate management.
        Site investigation and feasibility studies.
        Waste characterization and analysis.
        Groundwater and landfill gas contaminant assessment.
        Construction oversight.
        Operations and management of landfill gas, leachate, and groundwater programs.
        Redevelopment and land management of closed landfill.

MSA has completed Site Investigations, Feasibility Studies, and Remedial Actions of
chlorinated solvent spills, agro-chemical (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer) and petroleum
products under RCRA/CERCLA and State regulations. Our staff has completed subsurface site
investigations using just about every type of drilling equipment available (i.e., hollow stem, mud
rotary, air rotary, rota-sonic, direct push, dual tube, casing overshot, cable tool, and solid stem
augers). We understand which subsurface conditions require the use of each of these drilling
techniques. We have used split barrel samplers, bedrock core samplers, hydropunch, and
packers to collect soil and groundwater samples from these boreholes. We have installed
monitoring well networks at projects that range from one or two wells to several dozen
watertable and nested piezometers.

MSA’s technical staff has performed numerous downhole geophysical surveys in wells,
including resistivity, conductivity, sonic, neutron, density, gamma ray, spontaneous potential,
and caliper logs. We are experienced in the downhole data collection, and the interpretation of
these electric logs. We have used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic (EM)
surveys to define subsurface materials and groundwater plumes. We use GPR and EM surveys
because they are fast, inexpensive techniques that can locate buried objects, buried utilities,
underground storage tanks (USTs), buried drums, trenches, landfill boundaries, and other
subsurface features or objects.

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SIN 899-7: Geographic Information Systems

        Mapping and cartography services (such as wetlands, land use).
        Natural resource planning and analysis.
        Site analysis and selection.
        Migration pattern analysis.
        Pollution migration analysis.
        Prepare geologic logs, topographic data, and 3D/4D interactive visualization packages.
        Complete data interpretation.

Our GIS Team of analysts, programmers, and technicians offers the following services:

        Technical database design for ARC/INFO, ArcView, AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD,
         Intergraph and MicroStation GIS and CAD software environments.
        Land records systems design and implementation.
        GIS and CAD digital data conversion.
        Custom programming or application development to provide complete GIS solutions
         such as GeoPASS, GeoPASS Pro, and GeoPASS.
        GIS land planning and conservation areas, such as watershed delineation, sediment
        GIS systems experience and networks using Windows, Novell, and UNIX.

MSA creates and develops custom data management software using all the ESRI products.
Because one of our main focuses is engineering and planning, we also have strong backgrounds
in MicroStation, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, INTERGRAPH and most of the design extensions
that can be added on. This has kept our mapping production open and diverse in nature, giving
us the ability to integrate software to find the best solution to individual projects.

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SIN 899-8: Remediation Services

        Preparation, characterization, field Investigation, conservation and closure of site.
        RCRA and CERCLA site investigations.
        Long term monitoring/long term operation (LTM/LTO).
        Containment, monitoring and/or reduction of hazardous waste sites.
        Excavation, removal, transportation, storage, treatment and/or disposal of hazardous
        Wetland restoration.
        Emergency response.
        UST/AST removal.
        Air monitoring.
        Soil vapor extraction; stabilization/solidification; bio-venting; carbon absorption and/or
         reactive walls and containment.

MSA has completed feasibility studies of dozens of contaminated sites and designed and
implemented remedial actions for contaminated sites that have been determined to pose a risk to
human health or the environment. Our portfolio includes projects that have chosen natural
attenuation of contaminants to designing and installation of over 25 remediation systems that
have used air sparging, soil vapor extraction, groundwater extraction, dual phase extraction, and
free product removal for the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater.

Our professionals have both implemented and performed oversight of removal actions, including
excavation, treatment, and disposal of contaminated soil and sediments, and removal of
abandoned or buried container. Projects range from remediating small amounts of waste
identified on a property during a Phase I ESA to excavation and removal of large volumes of
waste from landfills.

MSA has experience with the following remediation technologies:

        Oxygen release compound (ORC).
        Biopile construction and maintenance.
        Groundwater cutoff walls and permeable reactive barriers.
        Active and passive free product recovery.
        Dual phase groundwater extraction.
        Groundwater air sparge systems.
      Waste excavation and relocation.
      Landspreading of soil.
      Lead (soil) stabilization.
      Bioventing.
      Carbon treatment.
      Geosynthetic liner cap design.
      Air trippers.
      Thermal desorption.
      Bioremediation.
      Soil vapor extraction.

Underground and aboveground storage tank (UST and AST) systems are the most common
sources of soil and groundwater contamination. To assist in achieving compliance with the
government codes regulating USTs/ASTs, MSA can develop a facility’s storage tank
management program or conduct a tank closure assessment following UST/AST removal or in-
place abandonment. A storage tank management program typically includes developing a tank
inventory program, conducting a risk assessment to identify potential for leakage, obtaining
required UST/AST permits, and developing a schedule for upgrading, replacement, or removal.

During the planning of the development of a site, it is important to evaluate if wetlands are
present on the property. An accurate delineation of wetlands is a critical component of
determining the maximum utilization of the property, while needing to maintain credibility with
the permitting agencies to facilitate review and approval. MSA has the staff needed to identify,
field delineate, and permit wetlands ranging from a few square feet to hundreds of acres in size.

If the project cannot be completed without avoiding wetlands, the impacts to the wetlands must
be minimized. Wetland permitting is required to allow the project to proceed when wetlands
cannot be avoided. Wetland mitigation is often required as part of the permitting process.
Mitigation options include on-site restoration, preservation, off-site restoration, and payment of
an in-lieu fee or the purchase of mitigation credits from an approved mitigation bank. MSA has
extensive experience in all of these mitigation methods working with both private and public

MSA provides comprehensive monitoring services to solid waste facilities which require routine
monitoring. We also provide data evaluation, electronic data management, and reporting tailored
to follow project and client-specific requirements and meet strict state and/or federal regulations.
MSA also performs topographic surveys, landfill cell-life calculations, long-term care estimates,
electronic data management, groundwater/contaminant fate & transport modeling, and reporting.

Brownfields are abandoned or underutilized properties where expansion or redevelopment is
hindered by real or perceived environmental contamination. Brownfields vary from an old gas
station, long since abandoned, that nobody will purchase because there might be contamination
from leaking tanks to large vacated industrial facilities that have potential environmental
conditions. MSA has the expertise and experience to help owners, multiple potential owners,
developers, and/or municipalities return these properties to functional use.
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MSA’s Environmental Program staff has experience working on projects in Wisconsin,
Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan, and is well versed in the Federal and State regulations
for each state. MSA is currently under contract to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
(MPCA) in the Closed Landfill Program (CLP) and the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources
(MDNR’s) Underground Storage Tank Removal contract. We also have a Master Contract with
the Minnesota Dept. of Administration for Minn. Stat. 326.02-15, Professional Services for
Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Land Surveyors and Geoscientists for a five-year
period ending June 30, 2007.

MSA has performed services under the requirements of the Comprehensive Environmental
Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) as amended, the Resource Conservation
and Recovery Act (RCRA), and the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Contingency Plan
(NCP), and pertinent State and Federal regulations. Listed below are State and Federal agencies
or departments with whom MSA has had a contract within the past 5-years.

State Agencies

         Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – Closed Landfill Program
         Minnesota Department of Natural Resources – Facilities and Operations Support Bureau
         Minnesota Department of Natural Resources – Division of Parks and Recreation
         Department of Military Affairs – Minnesota Army National Guard
         Minnesota Department of Administration – Division of State Building Construction
         Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – Remediation & Redevelopment
         Wisconsin Department of Transportation
         Wisconsin Department of Administration – Division of Facilities Development
         Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics
         Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Federal Agencies

         US Army Corps of Engineers
         US Department of Veterans Affairs
         Badger Army Ammunition Plant
         US Fish and Wildlife Service
         Federal Bureau of Prisons/US Department of Justice
         US Fish & Wildlife Department
         US Department of Commerce - Economic Development Administration
         US Natural Resources & Conservation Services (NRCS)

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                                   Federal Supply Service
                         Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the
option to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage!, a
menu-driven database system.           The INTERNET address for GSA Advantage! is:

                              Schedule for Environmental Services
                                   Federal Supply Group: 899
                                          Class: F999
                               Contract Number: GS-10F-0585N

                For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules,
                   click on the FSS Schedules button at http://www.fss.gsa.gov

Contract period:                September 10, 2003 through September 09, 2008
Contractor:                     MSA Professional Services, Inc.
                                1230 South Boulevard
                                Baraboo, WI 53913
Telephone:                      (608) 356-2771
Toll Free:                      (800) 362-4505
FAX Number:                     (608) 356-2770
Web Site:                       www.msa-ps.com
Email:                          kevino@msa-ps.com
Contract Administrator:         Kevin Olson
Business Size:                  Large Business

1a.   Table of Awarded Special Item Number(s) and Pricing:
      SIN 899-1 Environmental Planning Services and Documentation, See Rates/Pricing
      SIN 899-2 Environmental Compliance Services, See Rates/Pricing
      SIN 899-4 Waste Management Services, See Rates/Pricing
      SIN 899-7 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services, See Rates/Pricing
      SIN 899-8 Remediation Services, See Rates/Pricing
1b.   Please refer to Labor Categories and Descriptions related to SINS 899-1, 899-2, 899-4, 899-7
      and 899-8 and to the associated Rates and Pricing information for each Category under the
      respective SINS.
2.    Maximum order: $5,000,000
3.    Minimum order: $100.00
4.    Geographic coverage (delivery area): Domestic Only
5.    Point(s) of production (city, county, and State or foreign country): Company Address
6.    Discount from list prices or statement of net price: Government net prices (discounts already
7.    Quantity discounts: None Offered
8.     Prompt payment terms: Net 30 days
9a.    Notification that Government purchase cards are accepted at or below the micro-purchase
       threshold: Yes
9b.    Notification whether Government purchase cards are accepted or not accepted above the
       micro-purchase threshold: Will accept over $2,500
10.    Foreign items (list items by country of origin): None
11a.   Time of delivery: Specified on the Task Order
11b.   Expedited Delivery: Contact Contractor
11c.   Overnight and 2-day delivery: Contact Contractor
11d.   Urgent Requirements: Contact Contractor
12.    F.O.B. point(s): Destination
13a.   Ordering address(es): Same as company address
13b.   Ordering procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket
       Purchase Agreements (BPA’s), and a sample BPA can be found at the GSA/FSS Schedule
       homepage (fss.gsa.gov/schedules).
14.    Payment address(es): Same as company address
15.    Warranty provision: Contractor’s standard commercial warranty
16.    Export packing charges, if applicable: N/A
17.    Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance (any thresholds above the
       micro-purchase level): Contact contractor
18.    Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair: N/A
19.    Terms and conditions of installation: N/A
20.    Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any discounts
       from list prices: N/A
20a.   Terms and conditions for any other services: N/A
21.    List of service and distribution points: N/A
22.    List of participating dealers: N/A
23.    Preventive maintenance: N/A
24a.   Special attributes such as environmental attributes (e.g., recycled content, energy efficiency,
       and/or reduced pollutants): N/A
24b.   If applicable, indicate that Section 508 compliance information is available on Electronic and
       Information Technology (EIT) supplies and services and show where full details can be found
       (e.g. contractor’s website or other location.) The EIT standards can be found at:
       www.Section508.gov/: N/A
25.    Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number: 04-8034433
26.    Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database:

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Price Lists
September 10, 2003 through September 09, 2005
SINs 899-1, 899-2, 899-4 899-7 and 899-8

Classification                                         Rate
Non-technical Support Staff                            $38.00/hour
Technical Support Staff                                $50.00/hour
GIS Technician                                         $55.00/hour
Environmental Specialist                               $60.000/hour
Hydrogeologist/Engineer/Scientist               $70.00/hour
GIS Specialist                                  $75.00/hour
Senior Hydrogeologist/Engineer/Scientist        $85.00/hour
Project Manager                                 $95.00/hour
Principal                                       $120.00/hour

Expenses                                        Current Unit Rate Schedule
Miscellaneous Field Equipment                   $40/hour; 2 hour min.
GPS Equipment                                   $1.00/page
Fax                                             Per Government Rates
Mileage                                         Per Government Rates
Copies/Prints                                   Per Government Rates or at cost
Mailing/UPS                                     Per Government Rates
Travel Expenses

Subcontracted Services
At rate determined at task order level.

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Equipment Price List – Unit Rates

Equipment and Supply Rates

Commonly Used Equipment          Daily Rate   Supplies                      Each
PID/FID                              $75.00   2" PVC Disposable Bailers     $4.83
Electronic Scale                     $25.00   Bentonite                     $7.50
DO Meter                             $47.00   Disposable field filters      $3.20
Water Level Meter                    $21.00   Capsule field filters         $12.85
Oil/Water Interface                  $70.00   Padlocks                      $8.25
PH, Cond, Temp                       $20.00   Alkalinity Test Kit           $5.00
Vapor sampling pump                  $55.00   Hach test kit                 $10.00
Landtec GEM 2000                   $100.00    Nylon rope                    0.20/ft
Air Compressor                       $40.00   Total soluble iron test kit   $3.00
Belt Skimmer                         $60.00   Water chemical test kit       $70.00
Centrifugal Pump                     $60.00
Concrete Saw                       $100.00
Datalogger (inc. transducers)      $125.00
Filtering Apparatus                  $22.00
Flow meter                           $20.00
Generator                            $40.00
Submersible well pump                $55.00
Hand auger                           $15.00
Laser level survey                 $100.00
Level, tripod, tape/chain            $38.00
Magnetometer                         $20.00
Metal detector                       $47.00
Peristaltic Pump               $40.00
Petro trap                     $12.00
Portable Gas Chromatograph    $115.00
Power auger                   $100.00
Rotron blower                 $300.00
Soil vac unit (pilot tests)   $350.00
Surge block                    $30.00
Thermal anemometer             $32.00
Vapor extraction blower        $25.00
Vapor extraction trailer      $100.00
Zero contamination sampler     $30.00

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