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									                            NSDL ®

Preparation and Upload of
 Subscriber Contribution
        File (SCF)

    Taking through the presentation              NSDL ®

 Subscriber Contribution – an overview

 Utilities and their features

 Upload of Subscriber Contribution File (SCF)

 Correction file

 Views and Reports

 Exception Handling

              Preparatory Steps                          NSDL ®
 Ensure that all Subscribers have got PRAN.
 Download the File Preparation and File Validation Utility
 PAOs to upload the Subscriber contribution details in the
  CRA system
 PAOs to transfer the funds to the Trustee Bank
 In case of legacy data, ensure that interest payable to the
  Subscriber is apportioned into two equal parts along with
 On reconciliation of legacy data, upload the file to the
 CRA system

            Subscriber Contribution                                                NSDL ®
1. Consolidation of

                       FPU                          FVU
                                                    3. Validate
                                  2. Digitization

                                                                  4. File Upload

    7. Submission of CSF &
    Transfer of funds

                                       CRA             6. Data Transfer

               8. Fund Receipt
Trustee Bank
                                                                        NPSCAN       4
                                             NSDL ®

•What is a File Preparation Utility (FPU)?
   A utility provided by CRA that will
   assist in preparation of SCF as per the
   file formats of CRA.

•What is a File Validation Utility (FVU)?
   A Utility provided by CRA that will
   verify whether the SCF prepared is as
   per the file format of CRA.
            FPU and Its Features              NSDL ®

 The FPU is a stand alone utility installed on a
  local machine.
 Connection to Internet is not required for using
  the FPU.
 FPU will generate the SCF as per the specified
  CRA file formats.
 FPU is easy to use with excel-type features.
 In FPU, „drop downs‟ are available for standard
        FPU and Its Features Contd.                  NSDL ®

 FPU will perform all structural and format level
  validations in the file prepared.
 FPU will display error message prompts in case the
  file is structurally incorrect.
 FPU will allow saving of file at intermediate stages.
 Previous month‟s file can be reused for future
 User can prepare consolidated SCF or DDO wise
  separate files.
                                    Online FPU template
 File Merger Utility can be used for consolidating
                                      download by PAO
  NCDDO wise SCF.
          Key Contents of FPU                        NSDL ®

 PAO Registration Number
 DDO Registration Number
 Contribution Details – Subscriber and Government
 Month & Year of specific Contribution record
 Type of contribution

File Preparation Utility
                           NSDL ®

File Preparation Utility
                           NSDL ®

Error Message
                NSDL ®

Creating SCF file   NSDL ®

 Added features of FPU
Exporting data from excel   NSDL ®

        Workshop for ICAR    13
Added features of FPU
 Use of Existing File     NSDL ®

      Workshop for ICAR    14
         Controls at FPU Level                   NSDL ®

 FPU will not accept any record having the same
 PRAN, DDO, month and „Regular‟ contribution type.

 FPU will not accept any contribution carrying a
 negative value.

 FPU will not accept any record which is of type
 “Arrear” without remarks.

              Is FPU mandatory?               NSDL ®

 No, FPU is not mandatory.
 The user may also use its own back-office
 software for preparation of SCF.
 The SCF should be as per the format specified
 by CRA.
 File format of SCF is available at CRA website
 – .

                      File Validation Utility -
                             Features             NSDL ®

It is mandatory to verify the SCF through
FVU before uploading to NPSCAN.

 Recheck of all FPU validations
 Generation of file for final upload to NPSCAN
 Generation of error report in case of discrepancy
 Appends digital lock to secure the file from data

File Validation Utility
                          NSDL ®

FVU – Control Sheet
                      NSDL ®

  Upload of SCF to NPSCAN
                                               NSDL ®

 Logon to NPSCAN at

 Requirement of single I-Pin for SCF Upload

 FVU validated SCF to be uploaded

 Generation of File Reference Number (FRN)

Contribution Upload       NSDL ®

      Workshop for ICAR    21
Attaching a File   NSDL ®

File Reference Number   NSDL ®

       SCF processing at NPSCAN             NSDL ®

 Checks at NPSCAN:

    Recheck of FPU & FVU validations
    Validation of active PAO Regn. No, DDO
     Regn. No., PRAN
    Valid PAO-DDO mapping
    No record exists for regular contribution
     for same PRAN and month
          Post Upload Process                  NSDL ®

 Unique Transaction id (13 digits) on successful
 System generated receipt – the CSF
 PAO to print the receipt for submission to Bank
 Transfer of Funds (cheque /Electronic transfer
 etc.) along with CSF

File status View   NSDL ®

File status View   NSDL ®

The Batch Id Hyperlink                    NSDL ®

               Workshop for ICAR           28
      Central Recordkeeping Agency, NPS
                    File status view…                             NSDL ®
The SCF uploaded can be of the following status’-
First status (immediate after uploading of SCF):
    Awaiting fund details – The SCF is accepted at CRA and
      Transaction Id is successfully generated but fund confirmation
      from Trustee Bank is pending. If the fund details are not
      uploaded by the Trustee Bank for a period of seven days, the
      status of the file shall be changed to “Not Matched & Booked”
    Rejected – The SCF is rejected at CRA and error response file is
      generated giving the details of rejection.
Second status (post acceptance of SCF by CRA):
                                       Nodal office the Nodal
    Matched & Booked – The SCF uploaded byhas to find office and
                                          out the by the Trustee Bank
      the fund receipt confirmation uploadedreasons and
      matches and the Matching & Booking Process is successfully
                                           upload SCF again
      completed i.e., pension contribution fund has been allotted for
    Match Failed – The SCF uploaded by the Nodal office and fund
      receipt confirmation uploaded by the Trustee Bank do not
          Fund Transfer Process                             NSDL ®

 Nodal office can transfer the funds to the Trustee
  Bank through the following modes:
   Cheque transfer – cheque to be submitted to the branch
    of the Trustee Bank along with the Contribution
    Submission Form.
   Electronic transfer (RTGS/NEFT) – instructions to be
    given to the bank of the Nodal office to transfer the funds
    to the Trustee Bank. In the RTGS/NEFT application, the
    Nodal office has to mention the following details:
 City, Bank, Branch, PAO name, account type , Account Name
 & Number. In remark column – PAO Registration Number
 allotted by CRA and Transaction id generated on successful
 upload of SCF are to be entered mandatorily.
    Exceptions in Fund Transfer                                     NSDL ®

 Control Points
   Uploading PAO office to ensure that funds are transferred only after
    the contribution file is uploaded
   The funds transferred to the Trustee Bank should be equal to the
    amount mentioned in the Contribution Submission Form
   In case of electronic transfer, the relevant transaction ids to be
    mentioned at the time of transferring the amount
 Impact of wrong fund transfer details
   Matching & Booking happening at a later date
   Late credit effect in the Subscribers account

               Correction File
                                                              NSDL ®

Why correction file is required to be uploaded?
   • User wants to make any change in original file due to any
     incorrect data
   • The original file is in “Match Failed” status
When can the correction file be uploaded?
   • User can upload a correction file for the original file till
    the latter is not in “Matched & Booked” status.

Correction File
                  NSDL ®

              Possible Errors                       NSDL ®

 Old version of utilities

 Incorrect month of contribution

 Incorrect type for contribution

 Same DDO-Subscriber-month-type combination

 Error in contribution amount for the Subscriber

 Incorrect PRAN of the subscriber

                                   Thank - You           NSDL ®

Contact at:
Central Recordkeeping Agency, NSDL
Trade World, ‘A Wing’, 4th Floor
Kamala Mills Compound, S. B. Marg
Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013
Tel. No. 2499 4200
Fax No. 2499 4974
Email id :
                                     Workshop for ICAR    35
  How to acquire the FPU and
            FVU?                            NSDL ®

The FPU/FVU can be freely downloaded from .

The Path for downloading the FPU/FVU
--Software Downloads
----Subscribers Contribution Upload

                 Workshop for ICAR           36

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