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Box                                Dates                         Contents
                                 1 Oct. 2, 1967-July 25, 1969    Mostly copies of M. N. Young corresp.
                                 2 July 25, 1969-July 31, 1970   Mostly copies of M. N. Young corresp.
                                 3 Aug. 3, 1970-Aug. 31, 1971    Mostly Pres. Banowsky & Exec. V.P. White corresp.
                                 4 Sept. 1, 1971-Aug. 1, 1972    Mostly Banowsky & White corresp.
                                 5 Jan. 2-Dec. 31, 1975          Exec. V.P. corresp.
                                 6 Jan. 1-Dec.31, 1976           Exec. V.P. corresp.
                                 7 Jan. 1, 1977-May 31, 1978     Exec. V.P. corresp. + Nov. 1977 Org. Charts
                                 8 June 1, 1978-Ocr. 21, 1978    Exec. V.P. corresp.
                                   Jan. 5, 1981-June 30, 1981    Pres. White corresp.
                                 9 July 1-Dec. 31, 1981          Pres. White corresp. + Notebook of Speeches 1977-81
                                10 Jan. 1-Aug. 31, 1982          Pres. White corresp.
                                11 Sep. 2-Dec. 31, 1982          Pres. White corresp. + Speech Notebook 1983
                                12 Jan.-June 1983                Pres. White corresp.
                                13 July-Dec. 1983                Pres. White corresp.
                                14 Jan.-June 1984                Pres. White corresp. + Speech Notebook 1984
                                15 July-Dec. 1984                Pres. White corresp.
                                16 Jan.-Dec.1985                 Pres. & Pres. Emeritus White corresp.
16a                                Jan.1986-Nov. 1988            Pres. Emeritus White corresp.
Box                                Dates                         Contents
                                17 Aug. 3, 1974                  Board of Trustees Meeting
                                   Sept. 20, 1974                Board of Trustees Meeting
                                   Nov. 15, 1974                 Board of Trustees Meeting
                                   Jan. 10, 1975                 Board of Trustees Meeting
                                   1974-75                       Trustees Minutes and Agenda: Other
                                     15-Jul-75                   Schools (USC)
                                   1974-76                       Board of Trustees - Executive Committee
                                   Oct. 10-Dec. 12, 1975         Board of Trustees Meeting
                                   Feb. 9, 1976                  Board of Regents Meeting
                                18 11-Mar-76                     Board of Regents Meeting
                                    20-May-76                    Executive Committee Meeting
                                     8-Jun-76                    Board of Regents Meeting
                                     14-Jul-76                   Executive Committee Meeting
                                   Sept. 8, 1976                 Board of Regents Meeting (Empty folder)
                                   Oct. 15, 1976                 Executive Committee Meeting
                                   Dec. 1, 1976                  Executive Committee Meeting
                                          1976                   Board of Regents corresp.
                                   Dec. 14, 1976                 Board of Regents Meeting (Empty folder)
                                          1976                   Board of Regents Misc. Committees
                                          1976                   New Regents File
                                   Feb. 9, 1977                  Executive Committee Meeting
                                    11-May-77                    Executive Committee Meeting (2 Folders)
                                   Aug. 2, 1977                  Executive Committee Meeting
                                   Sept. 8, 1977                 Executive Committee Meeting
   Oct. 12, 1977    Executive Committee Meeting
   Nov. 9, 1977     Executive Committee Meeting
   Dec. 1977        Executive Committee Meeting (2 Folders)
      8-Mar-77      Board of Regents Meeting
    14-Jun-77       Board of Regents Meeting
   Sept. 13, 1977   Board of Regents Meeting
   Dec. 13, 1977    Board of Regents Meeting
          1977      Academic Affairs Committee
   1977-78          Academic Affairs Committee
   Dec. 1977        Audit Committee
          1977      Membership Committee
          1977      Religious Standards Committee
19        1978      Board of Regents Misc.
    13-Jun-78       Articles of Incorporation and Amended and Restated Bylaws
          1978      Academic Affairs Committee
          1978      Audit Committee
          1978      Religious Standards Subcommittee
   1978-79          Religious Standards Committee
      1-Mar-78      Secretaries Luncheon
          1978      Executive Committee Misc.
   Feb. 8, 1978     Executive Committee Meeting (2 Folders)
      4-Mar-78      Board of Regents Meeting
     12-Apr-78      Executive Committee Meeting (Empty folder)
        May-78      Executive Committee Meeting
    13-Jun-78       Board of Regents Meeting
   Nov. 20, 1978    Executive Committee Meeting
   Dec. 12, 1978    Board of Regents Meeting
   Feb. 14, 1979    Executive Committee Meeting
     9-May-79       Executive Committee Meeting
    12-Jun-79       Board of Regents Meeting
     11-Jul-79      Executive Committee Meeting
   Sept. 11, 1979   Board of Regents Meeting (Empty folder)
   Oct. 10, 1979    Executive Committee Meeting
   Nov. 14, 1979    Executive Committee Meeting
   Dec. 11, 1979    Board of Regents Meeting
   Feb. 13, 1980    Executive Committee Meeting
    11-Mar-80       Board of Regents Meeting
      9-Apr-80      Executive Committee Meeting
    14-May-80       Executive Committee Meeting
    10-Jun-80       Board of Regents Meeting (2 Folders)
       9-Jul-80     Executive Committee Meeting
     31-Jul-80      Campus Planning Committee Meeting
     31-Jul-80      Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting (Empty folder)
   Aug. 13, 1980    Executive Committee Meeting
   Sept. 9, 1980    Board of Regents Meeting
   Sept. 23, 1980   Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Oct. 8, 1980     Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Nov. 12, 1980    Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Dec. 9, 1980     Board of Regents Meeting
                                         Dec. 9, 1980     Religious Standards Committee Meeting
                                      20 Jan. 14, 1981    Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Jan. 28, 1981    Investments Committee Meeting
                                          10-Mar-81       Board of Regents Meeting
                                            8-Apr-81      Executive Committee Meeting
                                           28-Apr-81      Academic Affairs Committee Meeting
                                           29-Apr-81      Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting (Empty folder)
                                           29-Apr-81      Campus Planning Committee Meeting
                                          13-May-81       Executive Committee Meeting
                                            9-Jun-82      Board of Regents Meeting
                                            9-Jun-81      Board of Regents Meeting
                                            9-Jun-81      Building & Grounds Committee Meeting
                                             8-Jul-81     Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Aug. 12, 1981    Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Sept. 8, 1981    Board of Regents Meeting (2 Folders)
                                         Oct. 14, 1981    Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Nov. 11, 1981    Exectuive Committee Meeting
                                         Dec. 8, 1981     Board of Regents Meeting
                                         Sept. 14, 1982   Board of Regents Meeting
                                      21 Feb. 9, 1983     Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting
                                         Feb. 9, 1983     Executive Committee Meeting
                                            8-Mar-83      Board of Regents Meeting
                                            8-Mar-83      Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting
                                          15-Mar-83       Academic Affairs Committee Meeting
                                          11-May-83       Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Aug. 2, 1983     Finance & Investments Committee Meeting
                                         Oct. 12, 1983    Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Nov. 28, 1983    Fincance & Investments Committee Meeting
                                         Dec. 13, 1983    Board of Regents Meeting
                                         Dec. 13, 1983    Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting
                                         Fe. 29, 1984     Finance & Investments Committee Meeting
                                          20-Mar-84       Academic Affiars Committee Meeting
                                           11-Apr-84      Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting
                                           11-Apr-84      Executive Committee Meeting
                                           9-May-84       Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Aug. 8, 1984     Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting
                                         Aug. 16, 1984    Academic Affiars Committee Meeting
                                         Oct. 23, 1984    Finance & Investments Committee mEtting
                                         Nov. 5, 1984     Mexecutive Committee Meeting
                                         Nov. 14, 1984    Executive Committee Meeting
                                         Dec. 11, 1984    Board of Regents Meeting
Howard A. White Miscellaneous Files
                                      22 Budgets
                                                Budget Managers Meeting
                                                Business Administration Department
                                                School of Business and Management
                                             23 School of Business and Management (Cont'd)
                                                Caldwell, Dan
                                                Christian [sic]
                                                Church Relations
                                                Church Services
                                                Hughes, Richard
                                                Inner View
                                             24 Management Study 1976
                                                Mission Statement
                                                Smith, LaGard
                                                Teller, Edward
                                                Wilburn, James
                                                Young, M. Norvel
Howard A. White "Historical/Confidential" Files
                                             25 Sacramento Bee Story 5-12-75
                                                McKinsey Study 1976
                                                Expansion of Regents
                                                Governing Board Records 1965-1975--Expansion
                                                Board of Regents --Current Business (1976)
                                                Proposal(s) for Expanding the Governing Board
                                                McKinsy Study 1976
                                                University Planning Consultants
                                                Latham & Watkins & Dept. of Justice
                                                M. Narvle Young
                                                Current Campus Construction Projects
                                                L.A. Campus Property
                                                Administrative Organization
                                                McKinsey Study 1976
                                                Seaver Material
                                             26 I.R.S. Requests: 1-15, 16-34, 35-53
                                                Trent Devenney (B.A., George Pepperdine College, 1964)
                                             27 B.E. Seaver Trust for Earl Ebert Seaver
                                                Seaver Institute & Hydraver Institute
                                                Extended Agreement of USC Trust & 9-16-70 Grantors
                                                              Election Designating payment of income
                                                Banowsky Personal Correspondence File with Mrs. Seaver--1970s
                                                B.E. Seaver/Pomona College
                                                Pepperdine University By-Laws 1971
                                                Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws Board of Governors (1968)
                                                News Articles of Neil Armstrong with Mrs. Seaver at Seaver Science Complex at USC--1970
   Seaver Mailing List (Donor Prospect List)
   Yhydril Co. and Stock
   Seaver Trust for LeRoy Tehodore Spencer
   Copies of Adamson Real Estate Grant for Pepperdine Malibu Ccampus (2 Folders)
   USC Board of Trustees Minutes -- Dec. 1971-Jan. 1972--Mrs. Seaver a Member
   Request for Financial Help (to B.E. Seaver) from Foudnation for a Christian Civilization
                 Arthur Denchfield, President
   Robert Cummings -- Letters from His Children; Re: Court Appearance
   Adamson Grant, Map of Property
   Seaver Confidential File
   M. Norvel Young's Accident
   Case Statement for Pepperdine in Malibu
28 Audit Question no. 5
   Trent Devenney Report: "The Odyssey of Pepeprdine University" R/D no. 2, March 19, 1973
   Helen Pepperdine's Comments on Devenney's Odyssey"
   Executive Committee Meetings -- March 5 & April 15, 1976; Trustees Meeting, June 24, 1968
   Adamson Land Projects
   Discretionary Fund (Item 3) --(2 Folders)
   Banowsky Salary History -- 1968-73
   Audit Questions nos. 47-58
   Response to Proposed Investigative Findings
   Request no. 7 -- Part 2
   Question no. 34 -- Reimbursements
   Question no. 39 -- Employees
   Questions nos. 32-43
   Question no. 44 -- Joan Luter
   Question no. 33 -- Tuition
   Executive Committee --1973-76
   Critics(Luper, Devenney, Rice, Graphic, etc)
   Trent Devenney and Jerene Harnish
   Trent Devenney and Archie Luper
   Trent Devenney Report: "Odyssey…" R/D no. 3 (and no.2), April 12, 1973
   Trent Devenney and Helen Pepperdine
   Trent Devenney and Buehl BerentsonTrent Devenney Misc.
   Gordon Del Faro
   Hydril Consultancy
   James Cowley (of Latham & Watkins)
   Publicity (Attorney General's Investigation)
   Attorney General Audit --Second Answers
   Attorney General Audit --Second Answers
   Contending for the Faith (Ira Rice)
   Critics (Devenney et al.)
   Bill Trombley et al. --Responses to M. Norvel Y. Accident and to Special Funds
   John Price Jones -- Survey and Report -- 1960
   Newspaper & Magazine Articles: Audit; Protest; Civil Unrest
29 Latham and Watkins
                                               Harold Isom Case
                                               Hydril and Seaver Trust
                                               Howard A. White Contracts
                                               I.R.S. Requests (and Related Matters)--(20 Folders with Various Labels)
                                            30 Letters to Keep (Personal)
                                               Hold for Study and for Further Research
                                               Tulane University
                                               Eisenhower Silver Jubilee Dinner
                                               Sermon Outlines, Speeches, Clippings, etc. (15 Folders)
Other Files
                                            31 Jerry Hudson (4 Folders)
                                               Travel (Banowsky)
                                               Tuition Comparison
                                               Uniquenss of Pepperdine
                                               Amerircan Assocaiton of Presidents of Independent Colleges & Universities
                                               Asosciation for Black Students (1973)
                                               Amended and Restated Bylaws
Confidential Files
                                            32 William S. Banowsky (3 Folders)
                                               Thomas G. Bost (2 Folders)
                                            33 D. Lloyd Nelson (1 Folder)
                                               M. Norvel Young (4 Folders)
                                            34 Miscellaneous (Includes Administrative Compensation)--1980's
                                               WASC Materials 1980
                                               Salary Surveys--1980's
                                               Payroll Sheets 1982-83
                                               Miscellaneous--1970's and 1980's
                                               1984 Olympics Contracts
                                               Space Committee--1970's and 1980's
                                               Staff Meetings
                                               1984 Olympics Contracts
                                               M. Norvel Young 1979-81
                                               M. Norvel Young 1982-85
William S. Banowsky Files--Misc.--1960's to Early 1980's
                                            35 Wm. L. Allen; J.L. Allhands; American Institute of Family Relations; Annual Report: Off-Campus Locations, Fall 1978; Diana Arn
                                               ;Associated Women for Pepperdine; Associates; Athletic Program; Athletic Committee; Association of American Colleges; Assoc
                                               ; Buckley School; JoAnn Carlson; Fay M. Carter; Rrick Clarke; Truman Clark; Gary Colson; John Brown Book; Joseph Coors; M
                                            36 Contracts 1973-74; 1974-75; Deans (1980); Warren Dillard; Robert Dockson; Donald Douglas, Jr.: George W. Eltinge; Enrollme
                                               Faith was his Fortune; Federal Land Bank Association of Visalia; Jean Ferguson; Firesonte; Financial Status; Ford Brunch List; F
                                               Fund Raising File; Gift Letters; Government Reports; Ed N. Harrison; Heritage Foundation; Dot Holdern: 1975 Honorariums and
                                               Harold Kerbil; William G. Kibllinger; Frank Leach; Jonathan Langelly Lee;
   Laryn Lee; Reuel G. Lemmons; Los Angeles Campus Property; Los Angeles
   Country Club; Law School Luncheon; Malibu Travel; John McCarty; Pablo S.
   McNeil; Howard Miller; Mrs. A. J. Moore; Donald Morgan
37 National Retail Hardware Assocaciation; John M. Olin; Mike O'Neal;
   Operations Committee 1980-81; Organization Charts 1977; Palm Springs
   Retreat; Geroge M. Pardee, Jr.; Partrons of Pepeprdine University 1975-76
   ; Don Paulson; Ronald Phillips; Dean Pullias; Personnel; President's Board; Pepperdine University Board; Project Ocean Search
   Regents Lists; Vera Robinson; Joann Stewart Ross; Kenneth A. Ross, Jr.; Rick Rowland;
   Charles Runnels; Salaries; Richard Scaife; Kieth L. Smart; Spiritual
   Mission; Leonard H. Straus; Jim Stroman; Space Committee; Harold Spear;
   "To Do."

   Art Scholarships; Ralph Beck; Royce Clark; Willard Collins; Edward G.
   Currivan; Warren Dillard; R. Wayne Estes; Rod Gaudin; Yuen T. Gen; Larry
   Hornbaker; Jon Johnston; Steven Lemley; Gisela Loh; John Marin; James C.
   Moore; John D. Nicks, Jor.; Mike E. O'Neal; Personnel Disposition Report;
   Morris B. Pendleton; Helen Pepperdine; Ronald Phillips; Eddie Robinson;
   Shirley Roper; Bob Rose; Charles Runnels; Blanche Seaver; Student
   Governenment Association; Don Schalla; Richard M. Scaife; Giles Schmid;
   Jmaes Smythe; Jean Stone; Nancy Warnes; Howard White; Ron Whittaker;
   James R. Wilburn; Don Ray Williams; Wayne Wright.
38 A-Z File (Mostly 1977-78); Joseph W. Abdullah; Michael F. Adams;
   African Christian Hospitals; Joan Elkins Almons; American Institute of
   Fine Arts; American Inte3rnational Travel Service; American Heart
   Association; American Jewish Committee Appeal for Human Relations;
   Richard A. Archer; Michael C. Armour; Arthritis; George W. Arthur;
   Bennie B. Autry; Associates Folder; M. Chaerine Babcock; George C. Bales;
   Chalrs F. Bannan; Count Basie Tribute; Battle of the Network Stars;
   Weldon B. Beennett; Walter F. Beran; Karen J. Berger; Jim Bevis; Al
   Blender; Dorothy and Jack Bills; Ronald W. Boggardus; David A. Boska;
   Donald A. Bouotry; Janice Boyd; Mr. & Mrs. William Boyd; Thornton
   Bradshaw; Lou Bredlow; C.C. Bruington; Isabelle P. Buckley; E.b>
   Buster; Claifornia Jungle Gardens; Charles Campbell; Ernest L. Carbaugh;
   Roy Carlson; Diahann Carroll; Rose Carter (re the Pepperdines); J.
   Richard Chase; Chsitmas Card Convevlopes; Willard Collins; John Connell;
   Warren K. Cooper; Mrs. Astrid Conte; John Conti; Joan Costigan; Dora
   Cox; G. Lipscomb Cothers; David Curran; Pence Dacus; Alexander and
   Marjorie Damm; Janet Davis; Leonard Davis; William L. Davis; Roy T.
   Dawson; Michael K. Deaver; Ray M. Dewey; Teresa R. Diaz; Martha Dison;
   Ge. Keith Dolan; R.A. DuFresne; Eisenhower Silver Jubilee Dinner;
   Anita Wilson Elkins family; Chales F. Elkins; W. Austin Elmore; George M. Foundation;
   Hertha Fernberg; W. Paul Fischer; Miles Flint; Orvel L.
   Flowers; James L. and Ann Forgason; Bertha M. Frazier; Joy Freeman; Jean
   Freiburger; Clilfton L. Ganus, Jur.: Carlotta Busch Giersch; Walter and
   Betty Glass; Graduates; Walter A. Graves; William and Ruby Green; Claude
   A. Guild; Kenneth Hahn; Jimmie Harmon; Homer C> Heath; Colleen
   Hnderson; Ralph T. Henley; Clarence hibbs; Hollister Ranch Ownders'
   Association; Irene Holms; David Hopley,, Jr.; Rob Horwitz: Allison Howe;
   Robert D. Hunder; Fritz Huntsinger family; Jack R> Hyman; International
   Business Institue; David Jaynes; B. Lamar Johsnon; Karen L. jonson;
   Miles Johnson; Doris C. Jones; Robert M. Jones; Windell W. Jones; Joseph
   Joh Jova; KCET; John B. Kelley; Alec Kelly; Phil Kendrick, Jr.; Tim M.
   Kershner; June Knapp; John Koczka; Cheri La Pierre; Summer Lagosa;
   Thomas E. Leavey; Hiram J. Lester; Jack E. Libaw; David L. Lieber; Ruby
   Lockhard; James L. Lovell; Howard Mahle; Roger Malicki; Joe Mancuso;
   Joh Marin; Willliam H. Marsh; Mrs. B. C. Masey; Bob Mazza; John Alex
   McCone; Violet McMahon; Richard J. Meyrick; Howard Miller; Jarvis Ernest
   Miller; Hugh Mingle; Dot Moore; velma V. Morrison; Clint W. Murchison,
   Jr.; Milan J. Mylan; National Secretaries Assocaition; D. Lloyd Nelson;
   Sharon Nelson; John D. Nicks; Northwood Institue; Robert Bruce Olsberg;
   Nike E. O'Neal; Arlene Ooley; Thomas O. Paine; Martha C. Palmieri
   Clayton Panter; C. Northcote Parkinson; Mrs. Harold Pauley; Morris B.
   Pendleton; G. V. Pesce; Mildre W. Phillips; Marlene Pickford; T. Rowe
   Price; Dave Reagan; Religion in Media; Religious Heritage of America;
   Patricia K. Reynold; Allen E. Rice; Richard K. and Virginia P.
   Rifenark; Elmer C. Rigby; Lyn rose; Alan I.. Rothernboerg; Charles B.
   Ronnels; Salvation Army; Salvatori Foundation; Carole Sanders; Penny
   Anne Schoenmehl; Jack A. Scott; Mrs. Frank R. Seaver; Richard C. Seaverr;
   Geary J.C. Sheridan; M.R. Siddiqi; Bonnnie Smith; Arthur K. Snyder;
   Arthur Spitzer; Wndell Stephenson; John C. Stevens; Harvey D. Tack;
   S. Mark Taper; J. Thomas Taylor; Kent Taylor; Texas Tech University; Carrie
   Thie; Thorpe Insulation Company; Douglas Threet; Times-Advocate; Carrie
   Ann trast; T. Gerald Treece; James C. Treible; Richard S. Tubbs; Tulare
   Church of Christ; Alice (Mrs. John C. ) Tyler; Norma Tyler; Janet T.
   Vickers; Robert Warlick; Celestrancia Watson; John Watson; Melvin W4eldon; William T.
   White III; Woodrow C. Whitten; James R. Wilburn; Leslie Wilson; Robert Wright;
   "Write Letters" Folder; Mark A. Young; Sh. Zahiri; Gregory
   Zeigler; Simon Zimmelman; Peter Zimmerman; Misc. Folder.

   Shirley Roper's Address Labels; Roper's Appointment Calendars 1973-78, 1981

39 A-Z File (1978): Caroline Ahmanson; Gregory Allen; American
   Airlines; Steve Ames; Evelyn V. Andrade; Mike Antonovich; Mike Armour;
   Bob Ausburger; Austrian Consulate; Robert Baird; Frederick Balazs; J.
   D. Bales; Fred Ballin; John Milton Banks; Ralph R. Beal; Mabel Bean;
   Bralph B. Beck; Lottie Behhrens; Barbara Bell; J. Dan Denefiel Keith
   Berwick; Stephen C. Bilheimer; joe Billingiere; Jerry Borsco; Patti
   Bowman; Raymond Boyd, Sr.; Boy Scouts; Bruce Bradberry; Mayor Tom
   Bradley; Blyde A. Bragdon, Jr.; Donald Breslow; Oliver Bright; Mrs. Jack
   Briscoe; Keith Britton; Dee Brooks; Edmund G. Brown, Jr.; Edmung G.
   Brown, Sr.; Shelbourne Brown; Arthur F. Burns; Frederick T. and Betty Burrill; Joseph J. Burris; Arthur S. Cagan; Warren O. Cag
   George Caldwell; Allen Calvin; Ernie Carbaugh; Marge Carcak; Mrs. G. Earl Carson; Century Club; Royce Clark; Mrs. Thurmond
Collins; Conservation Guide; Herb Cook; John D. Craig; Mack Wayne Craig;
John Cramer; Alan Cranston; Mac D. Culver; Pence Dacus; Vincent
Dalsimer; Leslie Danelion; Ralph P. Dvidson; Kenneth Davis, Jr.; T.T.
Deggendorf; Philip di Giacomo; Edward DiLoreto; Marvin J. Dirks; Down
Donnelly; William W. Drake; Ken Dugan; Marv Dunphy; Sidney I. Dwoskin;
Robert J. Dyer; Don Elliott; George M. Eltinge; Bill Epler; Rick
RERickson; J. Thomas Esmon; Elaine Farley; Lynne E. Farrell; Federal
Reserve Bank of San Francisco; Walt Fennel; David Ferguson; Eddy D.
Field; Reid Field; Hertha Firnberg; Herbert Flaig; Bob Fluor; Richard H>
Foltz; R. Patrick Forster; Foster Grandparent Program; Allen Fox; John
P. Fraim; Bob Fraley; Loyd D> Frashier; Annette S> Fuchs; CliftonL.
Ganus, Jr.; Rod Gaudin; Leo Geier; A.B. Gibson; Bob Gilliam; Dick Gilman; Yuen T. Gin; Joseph M. Girard; Hugh W. Glenn; Joh
Jr.; John Grezenbach; Barry and shari M. Griffin; Vernon L. Grose; Dave
Gorrie; Grover C> Goyne; Buddy Hackett; Gordon Hahn; James K. Hahn; Mike
Halle; Fred J. Hameetman; Darrell Hamilton; Hamline University; Elaine Harkins; Andrew S. Harper; Harvard Business Review; A
; Philip M. Hawley; James S> Hayes; Sid Hayes; Lynn P. Hazeltine; Jerry E.
Henderson; Billy J. Henry; Susan Kathleen Herrmann; Scott Paul Herold;
Bruce Herschenson; Marie Hicks; Frank Hodgson; Arlie J. Hoover; Richard
M. Horowitz; John Hospers; Frederick Douglass Houpe; Pauline House;
MLInda Moulton Howe; Human Resources Management; Carl Hubanks; Stewart
Hudson; John L. Huffman; Max M. Hullinger; James P. Hunter; Bill Hurley;
William T. Huston; Allen Hyman; Istrail; Jody Jacobs; Frank Gard Jameson;
David Jaynes; Bruce Jnner; Sharlene Jesup; Order of Jesters; Karen
Honson; Kenneth S. Honston; Arpad Kadarkay; Howard B. Keck; James L.
Kellner; Noel Keyes; Marie Koenig; Peter Lacombe; J. Clayburn La Force;
Meno T. Lake; James D> Lang, Jr.; Susan Largosa; Frederick G. Larkin,
Jr.; Richard M. Larry; Latigo Bya Villas; Robert M. Lee; Dallas Bedford
Lewis; Mort Lindsey; Ruby Lockhart; Mrs. Robert G. Logan; "Los Angeles
Lawyer"; Los Angeles 200 Committee; Daniel K. Ludwig; Archie W. Luper;
Bill Lusk; Ted Lynch;Lorie C. Mace; Tibor R. Machan; Maintenance; Embry Malone; Management
Conference; Charles T> Manatt; Joseph C. Mancuso; Larry Marscheck; Dadna
Martin; H. L. Masters; Richard B. McCafferty; John McClung; Larry
McCommas; Malcolm C. McCormack; John M. McDOnald, Jr.; El.L. McNeely;
Irving R. Melbo; Melon Bank; Meno Lake; Donald P.. Merrifield; W.P.
Merrifield; "Messiah"; James Michael; Howard Miller: Stephen E. Mitakis;
John Molson; Helen Jean Monteilh; James C. Moore; Stanley W. Moore;
Janet Mora; Alston A. Morgan; Stephen C. Morgan; H. Newcomb Morse; Mount
Holyoke College; David Murdock; Charles I. Nelson; Lyn Nofziger; Jerrold M. Novotney; Dallin H. Oaks; Francis A. O'Connell; Jo
O'Donnell; Anthony O'Keefe; Oklahoma Christian College; Roger F. Olson;
Merle Boeron; Alicia Parker; Warren I. Paul; P. E. Peck; Alma Pedroza;
James I. Pen rod; Phi Beta Kappa; Joseph Piasentin; Dwight L. Pierce;
Thomas P. and Katherine Pike; David M. Plourd; Herbret S. Polesie;
Pomona College; James G. Pounders; Tim Pownall; President's Reception;
Paul Priolo; Programming; Joe Quinn; Rich Quinn; Edward Rafeedie; David
Reagan; William M. Redfield; T. Zane Reeves; Lou Reiter; Darrel Ricakard;
Emmett Roberts; Rockport Mangement Corporation; Israel Rodriguez; Lodie
                                        and Diane Rogers; Bob Rose; Mrs. E. M. Ross; BoB Rowland; Robert Frank
                                        Roy; Jerry Rushford; Yechezkel H. Rutenberg; SAGA Food Service; Stephen
                                        Sale; Carole Sanders; Marjorie Mosher Schmidt Foundation; Robert Harold
                                        Schuller; Robert E. Scott; Seaver Colelge; Frank Shakespeare; Evelyn Sharp; John Sherlock; Vincent Simpson; F. LaGard Smit
                                        William French Smith; Art Snyder; James Starbuck; Clint Stevenson; John
                                        Stoessinger; Irving Stone; Lynn Alan Wain; Mark Taper; Waller Taylor
                                        II; Oly Tegner; Martha Thomas; Charles B. Thornton; John E. Trunk; Ed
                                        Vargo; Marlena Vega; Charles G. Vick; Andrew L. Vinci; R. James Walsh;
                                        E. M. Wardle; Stan Warford; Paul B. Warren; John Wasileski; Floyd T.
                                        Watkins; Leonard Weil; Sherman S> Welpton, JR.; Walter B. Wentz; W.B.
                                        West, Jr.; Mont Whitson; Ron Whittaker; Thomas R> Wilcox; Wayne Wilcox;
                                        G. Steven Wilkerson; Don Williams; Kirby D. Willaims; Leslie K. Williams; Robert E. Williams; Samuel L.
                                        Wlliams; Donw Wilson; Robert C. Wilson; Women's Athletics; Charles
                                        Lovell Wright; Garth Wright; Wanye Wright; Larry WURth; Peter C. Xiques;
                                        Richard R. Ybarra; Nile E. Yearwood; Dan Yocum; York College; Bill
                                        Youngs; Paul Ziffren; Bob Zuber
                                     40 1970- June 1975                    Correspondence-mostly White to Banowsky

                                     41 July 1975-Dec. 1976              Correspondence-mostly White to Banowsky

                              42 1979-87                         Michael Adams
                                 1968-84                         Jim Atkinson
                                 1979-84                         Archie Crenshaw
                                 1983-87                         David Davenport
                                 1974-84                         Frank Pack
                                 1970-87                         Charles Runnels
                                 1973-87                         Jerry Rushford
                                 1975-87                         BoB Thomas
                                       1973                      James Wilburn
                                 1973-85                         Tim Wilhelm
                                 1975-87                         Bob Thomas
                                       1973                      James WIlburn
                                 1973-85                         Tim Wilhelm
                                 1971-83                         Morris Womack
                                 1971-84                         Wayne Wright
                              43 Financial Reports and Budget Materials--1970's-80's
                                 Ford Visit Publicity
                                 1973-74 Miscellany
                                 Newspaper Articles
                                 Spending Authority

                                     44 Board of Regents--Executive Committee Materials
                                        Procedures Committee & ISIS & IBIS
                                        Architectural Drawings
                                                Board of Trustees (A jumble)

45-46                                           Salary Studies Budget, etc.--1970's
                                                College and University Personnel Association, 1978-79 Administrative
                                                Compensation Survey (With various confidential papers)
"Please refer to University President, Chairman of the Board of Regents or Ms. Shirley Roper for access to these files. (Exceptions: Jerry Rushford, David Baird)."
47-48                                           Relationship of Pepeprdine University and the Churches of Christ
                                                during the 1970's.
                                             49 Remarks to Regents--Beginning September1978
                                                Remarks to Executive Committee
                                                Remarks to Religious Standards Committee
                                                Regents Committees
                                                Remarks to Unviersity Board
                                                University Strategic Planning Committee
                                                Drafts of Crest of a Golden Wave
                                                Speech4es 1985
                                                Capital Funding Committee

                                            50 Personnel Services ( 1 Binder): Shirley Roper Meeting of
                                               Supervisors, March 2, 1972-Special Information Bulletin, March 21, 1972--Manueal of Standard
                                               Procedures, April 1967
                                               University Board 1978 Meeting--Photographs of Members (1 Binder)
                                               Ojai Management Conference, October 23-24, 1980 (1 Binder)
                                               Oxnard Management Conference, November 5-6, 1981 (1 Binder)
                                               Computer Services Monthly Reports, November 1980-May 1981 (1 Binder)
                                               (Boxed with the above materials were the folowing folders some of
                                               which had been borrowed by Dr. White but have now been refiled:
                                               White: Printed Material (IV. 15.04); Clippings (IV. 15. 03)
                                               (1970's--5 folders); Correspondence (IV. 15. 04); Publications (IV.
                                               15. 05); Addresses (IV. 15. 06); President's Report 1968.
                                               Misc. Materials Found in Dr. White's Study after His Death (Turned
                                               over to Archives by Claudia Slayman with Permission of Ashley White)
                                               (1 Folder): The mission of Pepperdine University, for Christian
                                               College President's Meeting, October 29, 1975; Eduction for Hope,
                                               Speech at Faculty Conference, September 11, 1971; For Faculty-Staff-
                                               Trustee Dinner, Malibu, November 13,1975; The Secular Church, Notes
                                               on MichaelR. Weed Article, for an Elders Meeting; Eyes on the
                                               Future, for the San Diego Christian Foundation, September 8, 1984; A
                                               Commentary on the Unique Character and Mission of Pepperdine
                                               University, for a Report to Board of Regents, 1982; Looking to the
                                               Furute, Article in Santa Monica Evening Outlook, Spetember 12, 1985;
                                               Administrative Responsibility and Academic Feedom, n.d.; Photocopies
                                               of 4 L.A. Times Articles, 1953-58; William B. Adrian's Paper, The
                                               Distinctiveness of General Education in a Christiian Collelge,
                                             Christian Scholars Conference, July 1985; Robert E. Scott's Study,
                                             The Christian Emphasis at Pepperdine University, March 1977.

                                          51 Dr. White's Signatures on File
                                             Malibu Church of Christ
                                             Inter-Office Memos, 1972, To Dr. Banowsky from Dr. Young, c.c. Dr.
                                             Inter-office Memos, 1978, To Dr. White from Dr. Banowsky
                                             Inter-Office Memos, 1977, To Dr. Banowsky from Dr. White.
                                             Dr. White's Olympics File, 1984.
                                             Dr. Whit'e Bio. Photos.

                                          52 Speech File: Aluni; American Humanics; Articles; The Beginning
                                             Vision; Assocaites Dinners; Athletics; Board of Visitors; Boy Scouts;
                                             Business & Mangement, School of; California Club; CAPE Dinner; Chancellors
                                             Council; Church Related (AWP; Campus Ministry; Church Services;
                                             Lectureship; Sermons; Yosemite Encampment0; Coastal Commission;
                                             Commencement; Computer Literacy; Convocation; Education; Faculty
                                             Meetings; Fraley Family--Faculty-Staff Dinner; Freshman Friday; Golden Key nNational Honor Society; Great
                                             Issues; Green Lecture; Inaugration of David Davenport; Independent
                                             College of Soutern California; Johathan Club; Law School; Malibu
                                             Community; Management Conference; Mission of Pepeprdine University;
                                             National School Safety Center; Newcomen Society; Oklahoma
                                             christian College; One Great Day; Optimists; Pepperdine Unviersity's
                                             Relationship to Churches of Christ; Phi Kappa delta; President's
                                             Message; Private Enterprise Award Dinner; Rotary Club; Tributes k(Harnish; Pendleton; Tiner);
                                             Tiyler Award Dinner; University Board; Values; Volleyball; Western Colleges; White Inauguration; Untitled draft, Dec. 28, 1983

                                             53 Academic Advising; Academic Affiars Committee; Adams, Ansel; Adams, Michael F. ; Admissions; ARCS Foundation; Adrian, W
                                                 Allen, William; Alpha Chi; Alumni; Ames, Steven; Ampornpisit,
                                                 Wallapaporn; Anders, Dan; Apodaca, Mark; Apodaca, Sylvia; Archer,
Luisita; Archival Files [HAW]; Archives; Asbury, Tom; Associated
                                                 Women for Pepperdine; Atkisson, Patty; Atlantic Richfield Foundation
                                                 Atteberry, Ruth; Audit [1989]; Aukabbawi, Hassan; Brock, Margaret;
                                                 Bible School; Bailey, Claudia; Baird, David; Baird, James; Baldwin,
                                                 Steve; Ballin, Ethel; Ballin, Fred; Bannan, Charles F.; Banowsky,
                                                 Baxter W.; Banowsky, William; Barnett, Joe R.; Barzun, Jacques;
                                                 Basketball [Asbury]; Bauer, Sue R.; Beavers; Becker, Paul; Beckman,
                                                 Arnold O.; Bell, Winston;Benitez, Sofia; Benton, Andrew K.; Berlin,
                                                 F. G.; Bernarnd, Heidi; Bigham, Harold; Bilak, Paul; Bixler, Dean;
                                                 Blair, Amy; Blair, Ben and Amy; Bliss, Jeff; Bloomberg, Isa; Bonilla,
                                                 Jose Felix; Booth, Barbara; Bora, Joe; Borchard Foundation; Bosley,
                                                 L. Lee; Bost, Thomas G. and Sheila; Bowers, Calvin; Bowers, Clark;
                                                 Bowman, Craig D.; Bowman, Ken; Boy Scouts of America; Boyd, Jeffrey
                                                 S.; Branch, Amy Louise; Braun, Henry and Virginia; Carl F. Braun
                                                 Trust Estate; Bridges, Debbie; Briscoe, Joesph Jackson IV; Brodbine,
                                               Tricia; Brun, Juliette; Bryan, Peter; Bryant, Wendell; Buchanan,, Raymond W.; Buchi,
                                               Helen; Budget; Bumgardner, Larry; Burch, Mrs. Jack; Burns, Tony;
                                               Burry, Jennifer; Busch, Michael; Bysbee, Howard; Byrd, Clinton F.;
Church [One Folder]; Caldwell, Dan; California Club; Campbell, Craig;
                                               Campbell, David; Campbell Lectures; Campus Development; Cantrell,
                                               Charlotte E.; Care Group; Casmir, Fred L.; CEFA; Chain, Su-Yen; Chen,
                                               Susan Sagaa; Cirpich, J.G.; Chooma, Sunray; Chrisitan Chronicle;
                                               Chrisitan Scholars Conference; Christmas Card 100-; Clark, Bill;
                                               Clark, Evelyn; Clarke, Truman; Coastal Commission; Coburn, Jean
                                               crummer; Collins, Willard; Colson, Gary; Columbia Christian College;
                                               Colwell, Paul and True; Confidence Foundation; Conklin, James; Cook,
                                               Lodwrick M.; Cooper, George E., Jr.; Coleman, Charles; Copeland,
                                               Mary; Coughlan, Earl and Marissa; Crenshaw, Archie Burton; Crenshaw
                                               Christian Center; Cunningham, John; Cupp, Richard L., Jr.; Curriculum
                                               Changes; Currivan, Edward G. and Mary; Danial, Atef; Daniel, Laura;
                                               Dark, Mildred; Darnell, Daniel Roe; Darnell, Dorothy R.; Davenport,
                                               David; Davenport, Deborah L.; David, Meryem; David, Michael;
                                               Dawahare, Kimberly Lynn; Dawson, James Louis; Dawson, Sandy; De
                                               Cotes, Kerry; D.H.S. Groups; Delbridge, Eddie; Enney, CorwinD.;
                                               Denney, Duane; Dennis, Ron; Dewey, Ray; DiFatta, John; DiLoreto,
                                               Edward; Dispute Resolution; Djou, Andrew; Dobson, James; Dockson,
                                               Robert and Kay; Douglass,John; Downing, Michael; DuZBOse, Ken; Duffy,
                                               John; Dunphy, Marv; Durham, Glynn; Easterling,, Nathan; Easter
                                               European Missions; Eisele, H.E.; Elders; Elkins, George; Elliott,
                                               Gary D.; Ellison, Rick; Endowment Management; Enrollment Profile;
                                               Ernst and Young; Erteszek, Olga; Escudero, Gualberto; Essick, Bryant;
                                               Estes, Wayne and Mary; Evans, Robert W., Jr.; Evans, William D.;
                                               Mary; Evans, Robert W., Jr.; Evans, William D.; Faculty Conference;
                                               Fagan, Nancy M.; Fauber, Bernard; Faulkener Univeristy; Fay, Shelly
                                               R.; Ferch, Shann; Field, Eddy D.; Fife, Robert Oldham; Fiftieth
                                               Anniversary; Fiftieth Anniversary Book ; Fine Arts Building;
                                               Firestone, Leonard; Fisher, Ryan; Flood, David Jay; folbe-Efiap,
                                               Martin; Foster Garndparent Program; Foundation, Irivne; Founder's Day
                                               Convocation; Fox, Allen; Fraley, Robert; Franco, Maria Magdalena;
                                               Frashier, Kathy; Frashier, Loyd; Fraternity; Free, John; Friend,
                                               John, Fritz, Greg S.; Fujiwara, Hajime; Fulmer, Robert Jeffrey;
                                               Fushcetti, Joey; Gauthier, Brian L. [One Folder]; Gabbard, Tom;
                                               Galasso, John; Gallardo, Hector; Gallien, Richard; Gambill, Don &
                                               Gerry(Trail); Gantkowski, Chritine; Gantkowski, Romauld; Ganus,
                                               Clifton L., Jr.; Gardner, E. Claude; Garocochea, John; Gatewood,
                                               Otis; Geer, Kathleen; Gieger, David; Giboney, Terry T.; Gifts;
                                               Giguer, Chantal; Giles, Terry M.; Gill, Randall; Glass, Walter and
                                               Betty; Glusac, Katrina; Glusac, Marvin; Golden Key Honor Society;
                                               Gordon, Abe; Gordon, Robert; Gorrie, David; Gose, Michael D.; Gould,
                                               Noel; Gone, Betty; Grable, Sam; Grduate School of Education and
                                               Psychology; Graffy, Colleen; Green, Bonnie; Green Lectures; Grossman,
   Jeffrey; Guild, Claude; Gummow, Gwendolyn (Ashburn); Gummow, Todd and
   Gwen; Gummow, Warren and Rose; Hardie, Pat; Harilela Family; Honorary
   Degrees Presented 1950-85 and Assocaites List 1985; Hagen, Carol
   Matthews; Hahn, Kenneth; Hall, John; Hall, Ron; Hamilton, Deirdre;
   Hamilton, Rosanna L.; Hammer, Armand and Frances; Handler, Robert A.;
   Handley, Joseph M.; Harrick, Jim; Harris, John; Harrison, Scott;
   Hartley, Peggy; Hastings; Ed and Sharon; Hazelip, Harold; Hazelton,
   Marvon; Hefler, Frank; Heidelberg Reunion; Heidelberg Year-in-Europe;
   Hemingway, Byron; Henegar, Bill; Henderson, Fred; Highalnd Church of
   Christ, Abilene; Herold, Paul and Lisa; Hewgley, Steve; Herschenson,
   Bruce; Hill, George; Hilliard, Jim; Hinton, Michael;
   Historical Display; History Major; Hitchin, Trevor; Hodgden, Aaroon
   Hodgson, Pat; Holden, Dot; Holden, Glen A..; Holland, Harold and
   Gerry; Hollingsorth, John G.; Hollis, Geneva; Hood, Orlan; Hoover,
   Arlie; Hpkins, Gail; Hopkins, Leah; Hopper, ,Micahel; Hornbaker,
   Larry; Horton, Roy J.; Hoskin, Sam J.; Hoskins, Rosemarie; House,
   Howard P.; Hudson, Jerry E.; Hudson, Stewart and Martha; Huffman,
   Jim; IMPAKT; Idler, Dick and Nancy; Illing, Maria; Indvick, Vallene
   G.; Internal Revenue Service; International Club; International
   Programs; Intramurals; Isaak, Robert; Italian Program; Jensen, Alan;
   James, Connie R.; Jenkins, Doreen; Johnston, Flroence L.; Jonson,
   Krista Alexis; Johnson, Kiristen; Johnston, Estella; Jolliff, Dan and
   Allison; Johnson, Terry; Jones, Howard; Jones, Jerry Edward; Jones,
   Robert; Jones, Warren S.; Karcher, Karl; Karras, John and Roxanne;
   Kemp, Tom; Kimble, Robyn; King, Richard; Kirk, Russell; Knudsen
   Foundtion; Koontz, Don; Kovatch, Maggie; Kwan, Hiram W.

54 Lindmar, Roger; Lallande, M. Lawrence; Lam, Alex Kwok-Keung; Lambda
   Omega Sigma; Lambert, Scott; Lane, Greg; Lanier, Charles; Larson,
   James A. and Anne; Lasman, Avi; Lasseter, John; Law School; Lectures
   1990; Le, Hung; Lee, Jai-Hong; Lee, John R.; Lee Mi Sook; Lemley,
   Steven S.; Leonhard, William E.; Levin, Marvin T.; Levinson, Albert;
   Lewis, Tony; Lincoln Club; Linde, Morris; Lindhurst, Helen E.;
   Livingstone, Lisa; Locke, Justin; Long, Paul; Long Range Development;
   Longo, Lena; Lopez, Andy; Luchs, erik A.; Luckamn, charles; Luft
   Herbert; Luis, Jose; McBride, Bailey B.; McCallum, Matt; McClung,
   John; McConnell, Odell; McCord, Randall A.; McCormick, Michelle;
   McDonough, James; McFarland, Keith; McHargue, Stephen; McKelvey,
   Robert J.; McKinnon, Roy; McLaughlin, James; McMahon, dave; McMahon,
   Donald P.; McMillon, Joy L.; Maben, Troy D.; Mack, John E.; Mack,
   Tom; Mallman, Wilma Day; Mandrell, Ja. Edward; Mann, Ted; Manyak,
   Patrick; Marcovicci, Jena; Matheson, Mark; Matthews, Greg; Mays,
   Jaet L.; Medicare; Meltvedt, Richard and Brigitte; Merrick, Brian;
   Merrick, John J.; Metcalf, Edwards; Methvin, Paul; Michigan Christian
   College; Millard Foundation; Minges, Mark; Mireles, Joseph; Mission
   Statement; MissionS committee; Mitchell, Carl and Frankie;
                                             Modjtahedi, Mostafa; Mollner, Fred; Monroe, Bruce and yOli; Moore,
                                             Dorothy; Moore, Gary; Moore, James C.; Moot Court; Morehad, aDavid;
                                             Morris, Les; Morrison, Velma; Moseley, Jerry D.; Moy, Gary J.;
                                             Murdock, Roger; Mushkin, Mark Alan; Nador, kay; Naegele, Kurt; Nall,
                                                          Newton, Grant; New York, Times Selective Guide to Colleges; Nibert,
                                             Carl; Nassour, William; National Arts Foudnation; Neilson, George;
                                             Gregory J.; Nicholson, George; Nitzkkowski, Monte; Noll, William
                                             Niven; Norris, Trevor Edwin; Nottingham, mark; Novak, Frank; Office;
                                             Ojiior, Omoh Tsatsaku; Olbricht, Tom; Olsen, Nancy; Olympics; O'Neal,
                                             Mike; One Night oNly; Osubrn, Carroll; pacific Chrisitan Academy;
                                             Pack, Fank; PACT; Page, George Psaardee, Douglas; Pardee, George M.,
                                             Jr; Pardee, Hoyt; Parry, Ron; Parsons Corporation; Patterson, Andrew
                                             (Jamestown Foundation); Paul, Charles R.; Payson Library; Penrod,
                                             James I.; Pepperdine, George; Pepperdine, Helen; Pepperdine, Marilyn;
                                             Pepperdine History; Pepperdine Quotes; Pepperdine Scriptures;
                                             Perenchio, Jerry; Perez Robert; Personal; Peterson, H.A.; Phelan,
                                             Sean; Philantropy; Phillips, David; Phillips, Ronald F. and Jamie;
                                             Piasentin, Becky; Piasentin, Joseph; Plank, Doug; Polito, Michael E.;
                                             Poljak, Sasa (Sasha); Porter, James R. : Porter, Jaenny Lind; Porter,
                                             Jim; Price, Frederick; Price, Sol; Priset, Eugene; Privitt, Bob;
                                             Purfiled, John; F.; Rabb, Maxwell M.; Raitte, John; Raitt, Rosemary
                                             Lokey; Ramsey, Richard David; Randolph, Elzabeth McMillan and
                                             Layton E.; Ray, Russell L., Jr.; Regan, Ronald; reed, Travis, Jr.;
                                             Reeves, Delmar; Regents; Rehnquist, William; Reichel, Micahel;
                                             Reichert, Myron and Linda; Reichert, Paul; Religious Standards
qCommittee; Resner, Andre; Restoration History; Reynolds, Vannessa;
                                             Rhodes, Kent; Rippee, Earl F.; Roach, Charlotte Ann (Stalcup);
                                             Robertson, Alexander II; Rockwell, Leon H.; Roemer, Betty; Rohde,
                                             Peter; Rose Parade; Ross, Jon C.; Rotary; Rothschild, Edmond de;
                                             Rowland, Rick (William Frederick); Runnels, Charles B.; Rushford
                                             Jerry; Rutland, Mickey; Saftey Training; Salathe, Edmard; Salisbury,
                                                          Cynthia; Sanders, J. P. and Gloria; Snaders Scholarship Fund
                                                          Sandler, Raymond C.; Sato, Gary; Sayring, Terry; Scalia, Antonin;
                                             Schmidt, Sam; Schnabel, Rockwell; Schroeder, Terry; Scott, Jack;
                                             Scott, John; Scott, Jawrence E. (Larry); Seaver, Richard; Seaver
                                             College's Mission Statement; Secia, John; Seoul Olympics; Sewer
                                             System; Shafer, Robert and Betty; Sharp, Derek; Sheedy, Christa;
                                             Shelly, Rubel; Sheppard, Gerald A.; Shipp, Glover; Shipps, John;
                                                          Sjoen, Ken; Skates, David; Slaymam, Caludia; Sloane, Keith; Smith,
                                             Robert E.; Smith, LaGard; Smith, Robert E.; Smith, Marguerite B.;
                                             Smith, Nick; Smythe, James and Betty; Solliday, Jel M.; Songfest;
                                             South African Consulate-General; Soutern Californai Gas Co.; Speaks,
                                             Mary; Square, Woody; Squire, Russell; Stahl, Sandy; Stalcup, Irl and
                                             Jean; Stelle, Mary; Steele, Roger; Stegall, Arthur, J., Jr.; Steiner,
                                             Cynthia Martin; Stephens, Robert W., Jr.; Stephens, Ron C.; Stephens,
                                             W.E., Jr.; Steward, Brad; Stewart, Ken; Stinnett, Nick; Stivers,
                                             William and Fances; Storm, Clinton, Stosenberg, Edward and Dorothy;
Stotts, Keith; stork, Jeffrey and Sabine; Strategic Planning
Committee; Straus, Leonard H. and Dorothy; Strickland, Mike; Student
Problems; Student Publications; Student Workers; Stumbaugh, Susan;
Sytle Guide; Subpoenas; Sunset Haven; Sun, Ming Ling; Tanner, Troy;
Tatum, Donn B.; Teague, Wlliam J.; Tegner, Olaf and Allie; Telford,
iDonna; Templeman, Reeves D. and Rita; Tenure Policy; Termination
{olicy; Terrell, Mindy; Thai Diarry; Thomas, Frank A.; Thomas, J.D.;
Thomas, J. Harold and Roxie; Thomas, Josheph W.; Thomas, Louise;
Hthomas, Melody; Thomas, Robert and Matha; Thomas, Ted N. and Jane
Anne; Thomas Todd; Thompson, Annie Laura; Thomason, T. Jay;
Thomson, Tommy; Thomson, John and Betty; Thyden, James E.; Time
Capsule; Tofolo, Ray; Triggs, Thomas; Trimble Law Scholarship;
Trowbridge, Patsie Lovell; Tsai, Hhenry; Turner, Gerald; Tyler, Kenneth
C.; University Bylaws; University Board; Urushima, Janel; VanRheenen,
Dwanye D.; Vaugn, Josn V; Vela, Rosy (Rosie); Virtue, Julian;
Poljak, Sasa (Sasha); Porter, James R. : Porter, Jaenny Lind; Porter,
Kevin; Ward, L.O. (Lew); Wardord, Earl; Wasko, Ed and JoAnn; Water
Polo; Watson, Alton C. and Mary; Watson, John G.; Watts,Bonnie;
Waugh, Wlliam R.; Webb, Glenn T.; Weingart Foundation; Weiss, Chad;
Wieiss, Robby; Welsdon, Pete; West, George O.; West, W.B., Jr.;
Western Association of Schols and Colleges; Westmoreland, J.T. and
Chreistine; Weston, Nicole; Whatley, Liz; White, Bob (Robert A.);
White, Mrs. George E.; White, Howard Ashley-Scholarshps; White,
Howard Ashley--Tax; White, Howard Ahsley--Name Tag-OLC: Wiehl,
Thomas; Wilburn, Jamse R.; Wilcox, Glenn C.; Wilde, Rod; Wilhelm,
Tim; Willamette University; Williams, Brandon; Willialms, De
Epimaetheus Damon; Williams, eric; Williams, J. McDonqld; Williams,
John L.; williams, Thamar E.; Williams, Willaim H. ILII; Wilson, Amy;
Wilson, Claudette; Wilson, Howard O.l; Wilson, John F.; Winters,
Clifford Lena; Wolper, Roddy; Women's Roles (Bill Lobe0; Wood, Mabel;
Woodroof, Bob; Woods, Roger B.; Woddy, David; Wright, Wayne; Wyllie,
James; White, Howard A. (6 Folders: Becomes President Emirtus;
Elders; Elders' Letter; Mailing Updates; Personal; Scholarships_;
Xiabing, Cao; Year-in-Europe; Yates, Carolyn; Yearwood, Nile;
Yelder, Josephine E.; Yokoi, iris; Yomantas, Patti L.; Yong,
Caherine; Yosemine Encampment; Young, M. Norvel and Helen; Zapolski,
Michael; Zauss, Kirsten.

     1939       Mr. George Pepperdine
     1940       President hugh M. Tiner
     1941       E. V. Pullias (Dean)
     1942       "To the Pepperdine Students in the Armed Forces:
     1943       "To Those Who served:
     1944       "To Those Who Served"
     1945    "To the Idea of Christian Education in a World at Peace"
     1946    "To Those Who Died in the War--Pearl Harbor"
             Robert S. Carter
             Hugh L. McCullough
             E. Bruce Munday
             Jack S. Slade
             Charles H. Stivers
             Jane S. Tuggle
      1947   "To the Students"
      1948   ???
      1949   Dolores
      1950   Mr. George Pepperdine
      1951   The Drama of Living Mondays and the Days Inbetween
      1952   ???
      1953   Mr. & Mrs. George Pepperdine
      1954   "To the Graduating Seniors:
      1955   ???
      1956   "Memories are made of this (55-56 Schoolyear)
      1957   Mr. George Pepperdine
      1958   "The Little Things"
      1959   ???
      1960   Earl C. Rex (Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics)
      1961   "The Things That Count"
      1962   Mr. and Mrs. George Pepperdine
      1963   Mr. Lane (Chief Security Officer)
      1964   Dr. Leo Ashby (Professor of History)
1966-67      "To All the Members of Pepperdine College"
1968-69      "To the Adamson family"--Dr. M. Norvel Young (President_
1970-89      ???
Diana Arnold; Artifacts
ges; Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities; Bob and Peggie Bales; J.D. Bales; Banowsky; Blackmun Lunch List; Bohemian Blub; Book Nook; Bert Brewer; R
 Coors; Misc. Old Correspondence; Policy and Operations; Organizationsl Charts; Contract Forms; Contracts 1972-73
  Enrollment; Bryant Essick;
 nch List; Ford Visit Costs;
 iums and Expenses; Housekeeper; Jerry Hudson; Steward Hudson; Mrs. E.H. Huff; IBM; Misc. Bills to School; Karen Johnson; Robert P. Jones; Sheri Jones;
an Search;
en O. Cagney, Jr.;
Thurmond Clarke; Willard
Glenn; John R. Gramont,

 Review; A. Andrew Hauk

onnell; John Anthony
Gard Smith; Jack Smith;
8, 1983

Adrian, William; Ady, Richard; Alexander, Fred; Alexander, Shirley; Allen, Cindy; Allen, Cynthia
Bert Brewer; Richard Brudos

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