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					                TAX Calculator on Salary Income (Tax Year 2010)
Taxable Salary Income july 08 to June-09              -    `      Enter Salary                    Note:-
                                                                                       Please enter Salary in one
Salary July 2009 - June 2010                          -    `      Enter Salary               field at a time

                                                                            Tax Payable
                                                           Male Employees (yearly)                         -
Taxable Salary Income                                 -    Female Employees (yearly)                       -

Tax per month-For Male                                                                                     -

Tax per month-For Female                                                                                   -

                                         Taxable Salary Means:
Gross Salary including Basic Pay+all Allowences except medical allowence + Arrears + Honoraria + Bonus
         + Cost of Electricity Consumed+House Rent in case House facility provided by MEPCO
   Withholding Tax deducted by Banks while withdrawing amounts + Tax on Mobile Phone +Income Tax
             included in Token Tax of Vehicles etc will be minus from Tax Payable amounts

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