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									Don’t miss out on your pension opportunities

Dear <Name>,

As you are a Scottish Widows Retirement Account customer, you know how
important it is to save for the future. It may be the case that you haven’t made any
payments to your Retirement Account for some time.

I realise that there could be a variety of reasons why you may have stopped paying
into your pension, including redundancy, a reduced income or a career change.
Whatever your circumstances, it’s important to continue to look towards your

Even if you’re not working, you might want to think about restarting your pension now
as you can still contribute and get tax relief on up to £3,600 a year. By restarting your
pension now rather than waiting, say, five years, your pension could be worth a lot
more. This is due to one simple reason, the payments made now will be invested for
longer and so have more time for potential growth than those made later.

Remember you can use the Scottish Widows online calculator at to see how much you could gain from
topping – up your pension with a lump sum now rather than later.

It’s easy to restart your plan

Although tax rules can change, remember a pension is the most tax-efficient way of
saving for your future there is – so it’s important not to miss out on the opportunity. If
you’d like to discuss your options, please call me on <number>, and I’ll be glad to

Yours sincerely,

A position

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