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Sample Career Change Cover Letter

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Sample Career Change Cover Letter document sample

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									                             SAMPLE COVER LETTER I

Your Address
City and State
Date of Writing

Mr. John Jones
Director of Personnel
WYZ Corporation
123 Main Street
Chicago, IL 60038

Dear Mr. Jones:

First Paragraph – Tell why you are writing, name the position for which you are
applying, and tell how you heard of the opening.

Second Paragraph – State why you are interested in working for this employer, and
specify your interests in this type of work. Refer to your enclosed resume. If you have
had experience, be sure to point out any achievements you have accomplished in this
field or type of work.

Third Paragraph – Have an appropriate closing to pave the way for an interview – ask for
an appointment on some specific date, request a blank application, give your phone
number, or offer some similar suggestion for an immediate and favorable reply.

Sincerely yours,

Your name (typewritten)


Note: Letter should be balanced on the page – that is, it should be spaced according to
                             SAMPLE COVER LETTER II

Return Address

(Inside Address)
Ms. Pamela Cummings
Human Resources Specialist
ABC Company
2435 Dyer Street
Kokomo, IN 46254

Dear Ms. Cummings:

I recently met your colleague, Arthur Hyman, at a seminar sponsored by the Public
Relations Society of America. He mentioned that you were considering hiring two or
three entry level people for your Account Executive Training Program and suggested I
contact you.

Ms. Cummings, it has been my dream to work at a major, full-service agency such as
yours. If at all possible, I had hoped to be accepted in a well respected, formal account
executive training program.

Your training program is the best in the industry. And while I certainly don’t expect to be
given the immediate opportunity to work on General Sodas or International
Conglomerate, two of your accounts I’m most familiar with, your extensive consumer
goods account list and expertise in this area leads me to believe ABC Company is the
right place for me.

And I’m the right person for you to hire. While majoring in journalism (with a marketing
emphasis) at University State, I worked on a number of projects, two of which simulated
PR problems you had to solve for Super Electric and the Bureau of Land Grabbing. In
addition, as an ad director for the Centennial and, this past summer, working as an
account services intern for a local agency, I clearly demonstrated my sales,
communication and interpersonal skills.

Ms. Cummings, I will be returning home to Indiana in one week and would like to meet
with you soon thereafter to discuss this opportunity in more detail. I will call you on May
14 to schedule an appointment. I look forward to talking with you then.

Sincerely Yours,

Tim Carhart

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