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Made Easy, Convenient and Affordable for YOU by SMG

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                                                                                        Street address
Full motion television quality
videoconferencing is changing the way
companies do business.

Organizations that utilize videoconferencing
are industry leaders and become more
profitable than their competitors
through increased productivity
and reduced travel and
entertainment expense.
Now you have the opportunity
to take advantage of this
emerging business
communication medium.
SMG Video Conferencing
Services offers you a
state of the art, easy to
use video conference
system, including
document cameras and
scan converters (for PC
connections, PowerPoint, etc.),
complete technical support,
catering services and a professional
business setting.

Applications include:
•   Advertising Campaign-Copy/Layout       •   Education                  •   MIS Development
•   Arrangements                           •   Emergency                  •   Product Development
•   Board/Committee Meetings               •   Management                 •   Project Management
•   Business Development                   •   Exhibit/Trade Show         •   Quality Control
•   CAD Conferencing                            Enhancement               •   Recruitment
•   Client Materials                       •   Expert Analysis            •   Sales Meetings
•   Continuing Medical & Legal Education   •   Focus Groups               •   Sub-Contractor Assistance
•   Customer Service                       •   International Meetings     •   Training
•   Depositions                            •   Interviewing               •   Workshops
                                           •   Mergers and Acquisitions

Videoconferencing enhances visual, graphical and multi-media communications for all
industries and professions including business, government, educational institutions and
others. Save time, reduce expenses, increase productivity and stay ahead of the
competition. Contact SMG Videoconferencing Services for more information and assistance
in planning your next videoconference.
Made Easy, Convenient and Affordable for YOU by SMG
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                                                                                               include: Phone/Fax #s
              Company: ___________________________                                            Website/E-mail address
              Contact Person: _______________________                                              Street Address
              ___________________________                  Reservation Cancellation Policy:
                                                           Notification              Charges
              Phone: _____________________                 Less than 2 business days 100% of room rental
              Fax: _______________________                 3-4 business days         50% of room rental

              Conference Date: _____________               Payment Information:               Cash
                                                                                              Company Check (payable to SMG)
                                                                                              Credit Card
              Type of Conference:
                                                           Type: VISA         MC       AMEX OTHER: _______________
                                                           Card #: ______________________________________
                         Multi-Point at _____ Sites
                                                           Name on Card: _________________________________
              Special Requirements                         Exp. Date: _________________
              (e.g. bridging service, operator in
              room, etc.): ___________________             ____________________________________________
                                                                     Signature Authorizing Payment

              List all the sites you wish to reserve through SMG
              Cities:                                      # of Participants                 Name & Phone # of one Participant
              ____________________________                 _____________                     ___________________________
              ____________________________                 _____________                     ___________________________
              ____________________________                 _____________                     ___________________________

              If this is a point-to-point conference, list the non-SMG site provided by your company
              City                   Make/Model        Network              Video Room Phone/Contact                     Video Dialup #s
              ____________           _________         _______              _____________________                          __________

              Do you prefer that your non-SMG site initiate the calls? (circle one) YES NO

                  Tandberg Vision 5000
                                                       Conference Room Rental Rates*
                   Videoconferencing System
                  Dual 32” monitors                   Speed (Kbps) 128                          256             384             768
                  30 frames/second
                  Document Camera
                  Scan Converter                      First Hour               $300/hr        $350/hr         $400/hr         $450/hr
                  Wide Angle View Camera              Add’l 15 mins            $12.50         $25.00          $37.50          $50.00
                  Intelligent Call Management (ICM)
                  Tandberg Natural Audio
                  Intelligent Video Management
                                                       *     Point-to-point calls only. Bridging service and technician in
                   (IVM)                                     room available for an additional fee.
                  Voice-Activated Camera
                                                           SMG is not responsible for interruptions, delays, postponements or cancellations of
                  Remote System Management                               videoconferencing due to unforeseen circumstances

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