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									                    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CAREER CLUSTER. Building Linkages in IT Occupations Framework: For Entry Level, Technical, and Professional
                    Careers Related to the Design, Development, Support and Management of Hardware, Software, Multimedia, and Systems Integration Services.

                                                                    CAREER PATHWAYS
    Network Systems                               Information Support Systems                                 Web & Digital                   Programming &
                                                                                                             Communications                      Software
                                                                       SAMPLE CAREERS
Network Design &              Database Dev.                                                         Digital Media:                           Programming /
Administration:               & Administration:                                                     2D / 3D Artist                           Software
Communications Analyst        Administrator,                                                        Animator                                 Engineering:
                                                                  Help Desk Specialist
Info Sys Administrator        Analyst                                                               audio / video Engineer                   Applications: Analyst
                                                                  Maintenance Technician
Infor Sys Operator            Architect                                                             Designer                                 Engineer
                                                                  PC Support Specialist
Infor Technology Engineer     Modeler                                                               Media Specialist                         Business Analyst
                                                                  Product Support Engin
Network Consulting Engin                                                                            Media / Instructional designer           Computer Engineer
                                                                  Sales Support technician
Network Pre-Sales Engin       Database:                                                                                                      Data Modeler
                              Admin Associate                                                       Multimedia:
Network:                      Administrator,                                                        Author                                   Operating System:
                                                                  Account manager
Administrator                 Analyst                                                               Authoring Specialist                     Designer/Engineer
                                                                  Support Engineer
Analyst                       Developer                                                             developer                                Programmer Analyst
                                                                  Support Representative
Architect                     Database Manager                                                      specialist                               Program Manager
                                                                  Testing Engineering
Engineer                      Security Expert                                                       Producer                                 Programmer
Manager                       Knowledge Architect                                                   Production Assistant                     Programmer/Analyst
                                                                  Enterprise Systems
Operations Analyst            Senior Database Admin                                                 Programmer                               Project Lead
                                                                  Analysis & Integration:
Security Analyst              Systems Analyst                                                       Streaming Media Specialist
                                                                  Application Integrator
Specialist                    Analyst Tester                                                        Virtual Reality Specialist               Software
                                                                  Business Continuity Analyst
Technician                                                                                                                                   Applications:
                                                                  Cross-Enterprise Integrator
Transport Administrator       Technical Writer:                                                     Web:                                     Specialist Architect
PC Support Specialist         Desktop Publisher                                                     Designer                                 Design Engineer
                              Document Specialist                                                   Producer specialist                      Development
                                                                  Systems Designer
Systems:                      Editor, Writer                                                        Web Development & Admin.                 Engineer
                                                                  Systems Manager,
Administrator                 Electronic Pub. Specialist                                            Web Administrator                        Engineer
                                                                  Warehouse Designer
Engineer                      Publisher                                                             Web Architect Designer                   QA Specialist
                                                                  E-Business Specialist
Support Lead                  Instructional Designer                                                Page Developer                           Tester
Technical Sup. Specialist      Online Publisher                                                     Web Producer, Site Developer
                                                                  Information Systems:
User Support Specialist       Technical Communicator                                                Specialist, Webmaster                    Systems:
Telecommunications                                                                                  Web Developer                            Analyst
Network Technician            Technical Support:                                                    Social Networking Specialist             Administrator
                              Call Center Support Rep                                               Blog Developer                           Test Engineer
                              Content Manager                                                       Search Engine Marketing Specialist       Tester
                                                                  Integrator                        Search Engine Optimization Specialist
                              AGRICULTURE FOOD & NATURAL RESOURCES CAREER CLUSTER. The production, processing,
                              marketing, distribution, financing, and development of agricultural commodities and resources including food, fuel, fiber, wood
                              products, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal products/resources.

                                                                      CAREER PATHWAYS

Food Products &      Plant systems          Animal Systems             Power, Structural &    Natural Resources       Environmental Service     Agribusiness systems
Processing                                                             Technical systems      systems                 Systems
                                                                        SAMPLE CAREERS
Agricultural Sales   Bioinformatics Spec.   Livestock producers       Machine Operators       Cartographers           Pollution Preven. Mgr     Salesperson
Ag Communic.         Plant Breeders         AI Technicians            Electr Systems Tech     Wildlife Managers       Environ.                  Field Rep for Bank,
Spec.                Geneticists            Poultry Managers          Agricultural Engin.      Range Technicians      Sampling/Analysis         Insurance Company or
Agricultural Educ.   Biotech Lab Tech        Equine Managers          Maintenance Tech.       Ecologists Park Mgr     Scientists/Technicians    Government Program
Food Scientists      Soil & Water Spec.     Veterinarians             Recycling Tech.         Forest Tech.            Environm. Compliance       Farm Investment Mgr
Meat Processors      Crop Farm Mgr          Veterinary Assistants      Waste Treatment --     Log Graders             Assurance Mgr             Agricultural Commodity
Toxicologists        Plant Pathologists     Feedlot Specialists       Plant Operators         Pulp & Paper Mgr        Hazardous Mat. Hand.      Broker
Biochemists          Aquaculturalists       Animal Scientists         Equip./Parts Mgr        Soil Geology Tech       Hazardous Materials       Agricultural Economist
Nutritionists        Botanists              Embryo Technologists      Welders                 Geologists              Technicians / Managers    Farmer /Rancher/
Dieticians           Tree Surgeons          Livestock Buyers          Machinists               Mining Engineers       Water Environ. Mgr        Feedlot Operator
 Food Brokers        Commodity Mkt.         Feed Sales Rep.           Ag Apps Software --      Hydrologists           Water Quality Mgr         Livestock Rancher/
Food Inspectors      Spec.                  Vivarian Technicians      Developers/Program.     Fish Hatchery Mgr       Waste Water Mgr           Breeder
Meat Cutters         Grain Operations        Wildlife Biologists      Database Admin.         Commercial Fisher       Toxicologists             Dairy Herd Supervisor
Meat Graders         Super.                 Livestock Geneticists     Info Lab Specialists                            Solid Waste Disposers /   (DHIA)
Meat Science         Custom Hay Ops         Animal Nutritionists      GPS Technicians                                 Recyclers                 Ag. Products Buyer
Researchers          Forest Geneticists     Dairy Producers                                                           Solid Waste Technician    Livestock Seller
Cheese Makers        Golf Course Super.     Livestock Inspectors                                                                                Feed & Supply Store
Microbiologists      Greenhouse Mgr         Feed Sales Specialists                                                                              Mgr
Produce Buyers       Growers                Meat Science Research                                                                                Produce Com. Agent
Bacteriologists      Farmers                Repro. Physiologists                                                                                Ag. Chemical Dealer
Food & Drug          Ranchers               Embryo Transfer Tech.                                                                               Field Service Rep
Inspect.                                    Pet Shop Operators                                                                                  Chemical Sales Rep
Bioengineers                                USDA Inspectors
Food & Fiber Engin
QC Specialists
                      ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTION CAREER CLUSTER. Careers in designing, planning, managing, building
                      and maintaining the built environment.

                                                                 CAREER PATHWAYS
       Design / Pre-                                      Construction                                            Maintenance / Operations
                                                                      SAMPLE CAREERS
Architect                         Boilermaker                        Mason                         Boilermaker                      Mason
Architectural and Civil Drafter   Carpenter                          Millwright                    Carpenter                        Millwright
Civil Engineer                    Carpet Installer                   Painter                       Carpet Installer                 Operating Engineer
Code Official                     Concrete Finisher                  Paperhanger                   Concrete Finisher                Pipelayer
Computer Aided Drafter (CAD)      Construction Craft Laborer         Pipe Fitter                   Construction Manager             Plumber
Cost Estimator                    Construction Engineer              Pipeline Installer            Construction Engineer            Preservationist
Drafter                           Construction Inspector             Plasterer/Drywall             Construction Inspector           Project Inspector
Electrical Engineering            Construction Manager               Plumber                       Cost Estimator                   Refractory Technician
Electronic Engineering Tech       Drywall Installer                  Preservationist               Demolition Engineer              Relay Technician
Electrical Engineer               Electrical & Power Transm. Installer
                                                                     Project Inspector             Electrician                      Remodeler
Environmental Designer            Electrician                        Project Manager               Environmental Engineer           Restoration Technician
Environmental Engineer            Electronic Systems Technician      Roofer                        Equipment and Material Mgr       Safety Director
Interior Designer                 Elevator Installer                 Safety Director               Estimator                        Scheduler
Landscape Designer                Equipment and Material Manager Scheduler                         Facilities Engineer              Security and Fire Alarm
Architect                         Estimator                          Security and Fire Alarm       Field Supervisor                   System Installer
Materials Engineer                Explosives Worker                    Systems Installer           General Maintenance Contractor   Security Controls Manager
Mechanical Drafter                Field Supervisor                   Service Contractor            Glazier                          Specialty Trades Contractor
Mechanical Engineer               Floor Layer                        Sheetmetal Worker             Hazardous Materials Remover      Steamfitter
Modeler                           General Contractor/Builder         Steamfitter                   HVAC Mechanic                    Substation Mechanic
(traditional and computer)                                                                         Heavy Equipment Operator
                                  Glazier                            Subcontractor                                                  Superintendent
Planner/Designer                  Heating, Ventilation,                                            Highway Maintenance Worker
                                                                     Superintendent                                                 System Installer
Preservationist                      Air Conditioning and                                          Hydro Testing Technician
                                                                     System Installer                                               Terrazo Worker and Finisher
                                     Refrigeration Mechanic          Terrazo Worker and Finisher   Insulation Worker                Thermal Control Technician
Protection Engineer                                                                                Iron/Metalworker
                                  Insulation Worker                  Tile and Marble Setter                                         Tile and Marble Setter
Regional and Urban                                                                                 (structural and reinforcing)
                                  Iron/Metalworker                                                                                  Utility Metering & Reg. Techn
Renderer                                                                                           Landscaper/Groundskeeper
                                  Landscaper/Groundskeeper                                                                          Wastewater Maintenance
(traditional and computer)                                                                         Maintenance Estimator
Specifications Writer
                                                                                                   Maintenance Planner/Scheduler
Surveying and Mapping Tech
                                                ARTS: AUDIO-VIDEO TECHNOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS CAREER CLUSTER. Designing,
                                                producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content including visual and
                                                performing arts and design, journalism, and entertainment services.

                                                                           CAREER PATHWAYS

     Audio & Video                Printing Technology              Visual Arts              Performing Arts            Journalism &         Telecommunications
   Technology & Film                                                                                                   Broadcasting
                                                                           SAMPLE CAREERS
Video Systems                   Graphics and Printing       Commercial                Production Managers           Audio/Video           Telecommunication
Technicians                     Equipment Operators         Photographers, Digital,   Digital, Video, Stage         Operations
                                                            Still, Video, Film        Cinematographers,                                   Technicians
Video Graphics                  Lithographers                                         Film/Video Editors            Control Room
Special Effects                                             Interior Designers,                                     Technician            Telecommunication
Animation                       Platemakers                 Commercial/Residential Dancers                                                Equipment, Cable, Line
                                                            and Home Furnishings                                    Station Mangers       Repairers/Installers
Audio-Video Designers           Computer Typography         Coordinators           Play Writers, Screen
and Engineers                   and Composition                                    Writers, Screen Editors,         Radio & TV            Telecommunication
                                Equipment Operators         Graphic Designers                                       Announcers            Computer
Technical Computer                                                                 Script Writers                                         Programmers, and
 Support Technicians,           Desktop Publishing          CAD Technicians                                         Publishers            Systems Analysts
(State, Film, Video, and DVD)   Specialists                                        Directors and Coaches,
                                                            Fashion Illustrators   Performers, actors,              Editors
Audio-Video System              Web Page Designers
 Service Tech                                               Textile Designers         Musicians                     Journalists

Audio Systems Tech                                          Commercial Artists        Make-Up Artists               Reporters

                                                            Illustrators              Costume Designers             Print, Broadcast,
                                                            Artists,                  Stagecraft Designers          Broadcast
                                                            All Media                                               Technicians
                                                            Curators and Gallery      Lighters
                                                            Managers                  Sets, Sound Effects,
                                                                                      Acoustics, Painters
                                                            Fashion Designers
                                                                                      Composers, Conductors
                                                                                      Music Instructors
                                     BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION CAREER CLUSTER. Business, Management and
                                    Administration careers encompass planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient
                                    and productive business operations. Business Management and Administration career opportunities are available in
                                    every sector of the economy.

                                                                     CAREER PATHWAYS
    Management            Business Financial               Human Resources                   Business                Marketing &                 Administrative &
                           Management &                                                      Analysis               Communications                 Information
                             Accounting                                                                                                              Support
                                                                      SAMPLE CAREERS
Entrepreneurs            Accountants                Human Resources Mgr.                 Systems Analyst     Marketing Manager & Assistant       Admin Assistant
Chief Executives         Accounting Clerk           International HR Mgr.                                     Sales Manager                      Executive Assistant
General Managers         Adjuster                   Industrial Relations Director        E-Commerce           Sales Rep. Broker, Agents          Office Manager
Accounting Manager       Adjustment Clerk           Compensation & Benefits Mgr.         Analyst             Assistant Store Mgr.                 Medial Front Office
Accounts Payable Mgr     Assistant Treasurer        Employment & Placement Mgr..                             Depart. Manager & Assistant         Assist.
Billing Mgr.             Auditor                    Training & Development Mgr.          Requirements        Salesperson Project Mgr.,           Information Assist
Business & Dev. Mgr      Bookkeeper                 Human Resources consultant           Specialist          Customer Service Supervisor         Desktop Publisher
Compen. /Benefits Mgr    Budget Analyst             Training & Development Spec.                              Counter Person                     Customer Service
Credit & Collect. Mgr.   Cash Manager               Conciliators/Mediators/Arbitrators   Marketing Analyst   Customer Service Clerk,             Assist. Data Entry
Payroll Manager          Controller                 Employer Relations Rep.                                   Product Mgr.                          Specialists
Risk Manager             Merger & Acquis. Mgr.      Labor & Personnel Relations Spec.    Operations           Research & Dev Manager             Receptionist
Ops Mgr                  Price Analyst              Equal Employ. Opp. Specialists       Research Analyst    Intern. Market. Mgr.                Commun. Equip.
Public Relations Mgr.    Top Collections Exec.      OSHA/ADA Compliance Officer                              International Merch. Mgr            Operator
Human Resource Mgr.      Top Investment Exec.       Interpreters & Translators           Business            Marketing Mgr                       Computer Operator
Management Analysts      Treasurer                  Organizational Behaviorists          Consultant          Property, Real Estate & Assoc.      Court Reporter
Facilities Managers      Chief Financial Officer    Occupational Analysts                                    Mgr..                               Stenographer
Mtg & Conven. Plan.      Finance Director           Compensation, Benefits & Job         Business Analyst    E-commerce Manager & Entrepr.        Dispatcher
Sports & Entert. Mgr.    Certified Public Account       Analyst Specialists                                  Wholesale /Retail buyer              Ship. & Receiving
Hospital Management      Accounts Rec. Clerk         Human Resources Information         Budget Analyst      International Distribution Mgr.        Personnel
Manufacturing Mgmt.      Cost Accountant                Systems Specialists                                  Warehouse or Logistics Manager      Records Processing
First Line Supervisors   Financial Accountant        Meeting & Convention Planners       Product Manager     Market Researcher                   Library Assistant
PR Specialists           Billing Clerk              Employment Interviewers                                   Public Relations Specialist        Order Processor
                         Payroll Account. Clerk     Personnel Recruiters                 Price Analyst       Writer / Copywriter                  Word Processor
                                                    Payroll Professional                                     Media Coordinator / Art Director,   Typists
                                                    Assignment / Identification Clerks                       Graphic Designer / Event Manager,   Med. Transcrip.
                                                    Human Resources Clerks                                   Advert Sales.                        Legal Secretaries
                                                                                                             Wholesale ,Freight, Stocking,       Paralegals
                                                                                                             Handling, Material Moving
                                                                                                             Shipping, & Receiving Clerk
                                                                                                             Demonstrators and Product
                                                                                                             Promoter, Telemarketer
                             EDUCATION & TRAINING CAREER CLUSTER. Planning, managing and providing education and training
                             services, and related learning support services.

                                                       CAREER PATHWAYS

            Administration &                                 Professional                                 Teaching / Training
          Administrative Support                           Support Services

                                                         SAMPLE CAREERS
Elementary and Secondary Superintendents     Psychologists- Clinical, Developmental, Social   Preschool, Kindergarten Teachers, Aides
Principals, Administrators                   Social Workers                                   Elementary Teachers, Aides
Supervisors and Instructional Coordinators   Parent Educators                                 Secondary/CTE Teachers, Aides
Education Researchers                        Counselors                                       Special Education Teachers, Aides
Test Measurement Specialists                 Program Advisors                                 College/University Lecturers, Professors
 Assessment Specialists                      Financial Aid Advisors                           Human Resource Trainers
College Presidents, Deans,                   Career Counselors/ Advisors                      Physical Trainers
Department Chairs, Program Coordinators      Career and Employment Placement                  Professional Coaches
Post-Secondary Administrators                Counselors                                       Preschool & Child Care Program Directors
Curriculum Developers                        Speech-Language Pathologists and                 Child Care Assistants/Workers
Instructional Media Designers                Audiologists                                     Child Life Specialist
Education and Training Technician            Instructional Resources Coordinator              Nanny
Labor Relations Managers/Specialists         Technology Support Administrator                 Early Childhood Teachers and Assistants
                                             Database Administrators/AV Specialists            Instructional Systems Specialist
                                             Distance Education Coordinator                   Corporate Trainers and Educators
                                             Human Resources Manager                          Adult Literacy Teachers
                                             Organization Development Specialist              Librarians/Assistants/ Technicians
                                             Training Manager/Coordinator
                                             Instructional Coordinators
                                             Museum Coordinators/Technicians
                                             Media Coordinators/Specialists
                                             Instructional Media Designer
                      FINANCE CAREER CLUSTER: Planning, services for financial and investment planning, banking, insurance,
                    and business financial management.

                                                         CAREER PATHWAYS
Securities & Investments          Business Finance                 Banking Services                   Insurance

                                                            SAMPLE CAREERS
Personal Financial Advisors       Accountants                       Credit Analysts                   Claims Representatives
 Tax Preparation Specialists      Financial Analysts                Loan Officers                     Examiners
Sales Agents- Securities,         Treasurers, Controllers and Chief  Account Representatives          Investigators
Commodities Investment            Revenue Agents                    Tellers                           Insurance Appraisers
Advisors                          Auditors                          Loan Processors                   Underwriters
Brokerage Representatives         Economists                        Customer Service Reps             Actuaries
Development Officers              Tax Auditors                      Data Processors                   Sales Agents
Securities/Investments Analysts   Collectors                        Internal Auditors                 Customer Service Agents
Stock Brokers                     Revenue Agents                    Compliance Officers               Processing Clerks
                                  Benefits Specialists              Title Researchers & Examiners     Direct Marketing Representatives
                                  Real Estate Analysts              Abstractors                       Insurance Brokers
                                  Certified Purchasing              Repossession Agents               Loss Prevention Specialists
                                  Professionals Client Managers     Network Service Representatives
                                                                    Operations Managers
                                                                    Debt Counselors
                                           GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION CAREER CLUSTER. Executing governmental
                                          functions to include Governance; National Security; Foreign Service; Planning; Revenue and Taxation;
                                          Regulation; and Management and Administration at the local, state, and federal levels.

                                                                     CAREER PATHWAYS
Governance           National Security                  Foreign Service Planning                   Revenue &            Regulation              Public Mgmt. &
                                                                                                   Taxation                                     Administration
                                                                        SAMPLE CAREERS
President            National Security Advisor          Ambassador           Business/Enterprise   Assessor             Business Regulation     City Manager
Vice President       Staff or Field Officer             Foreign Service      Official              Tax Auditor          Investigator            City Council
Governor             Officer/Specialist:                Officer:             Chief of Vital        Internal Revenue     Chief of Field          City or County Clerk
Lieutenant           Electronic Warfare Operations      Consular Officer     Statistics            Investigator         Operations              Court Admin. or
Governor             Combat Operations                  Administrative       Commissioner          Revenue              Code                    Clerk
Mayor                Infantry Field Artillery           Officer              Director              Agent/Officer        Inspector/Officer       Executive Director/
Cabinet Level        Air Defense Artillery              Political Officer    (Various Agencies)    Tax Examiner/        Director                Officer/Associate:
Secretary (Fed./     Special Forces                     Economic Officer     Economic Dev.         Assistant/Clerk      Equal-Opportunity       Foundation
State)               Armor                              Diplomatic Courier   Coord.                Inspector General    Officer                 Association
Representative       Munitions                                               Federal Aid Coord.    Tax Attorney         Inspector               Charitable
(Fed/State)          Nuclear Weapons                                         Census Clerk          Tax Policy Analyst   Investigator/Examiner   Organization
Senator              Missile and Space Systems                               County Director                            Chief Bank Examiner     Industrial
(Fed/State)          Military Intelligence                                   Census Enumerator                          Bank Examiner           Foundation
Assistants,          Signals Intelligence                                    Planner                                    Aviation Safety         Chamber of
Deputies, and        Surface Ship Warfare Officer                            Program Associate                          Officer                 Commerce
Chiefs of Staff      Submarine Officer                                       Global Imaging                             Border Inspector        General Service
Commissioner         Combat Control Officer                                  Systems Specialist                         Cargo Inspector         Officer
(County, Parish,     Combat Engineer                                                                                    Election Supervisor     Management
City)                Combat Aircraft Pilot/Crew                                                                         Enforcement             Analysis Officer
Commissioner         Airborne Warning/Control                                                                           Specialist              Program
(State Agency)       Specialist                                                                                         Immigration Officer     Administration
Congressional Aide   Intelligence/Counterintelligence                                                                                           Officer
Legislative Aide     Agent/Specialist
Legislative Asst.    Intelligence Analyst
Specialist           Cryptographer
Policy Advisor
                               HEALTH SCIENCE CAREER CLUSTER. Planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health
                               informatics, support services, and bio-technology research and development.

                                                                          CAREER PATHWAYS
     Therapeutic Services               Diagnostic Services                 Health Infomatics                    Support Services              Biotechnology Research
                                                                                                                                                       & Dev.
                                                                            SAMPLE CAREERS
Acupuncturist                     Audiologist                        Admitting Clerk                      Biomedical/Clinical Engineer     Biochemist
Anesthesiologist Assistant        Cardiovascular Technologist        Certified Compliance Technician      Biomedical/Clinical Technician   Bioinformatics Associate
Art/Music/Dance Therapist(s)      Clinical Lab Technician            Clinical Account Manager / Techn.    Clinical Simulator Technician    Bioinformatics Scientist
Athletic Trainer                  Computer Tomography (CT) Tech      Clinical Coder                       Central Service Manager          Biomedical Chemist
Certified Nursing Assistant       Cytogenetic Technologist           Clinical Data Specialist             Central Service Technician       Biomedical/Clinical Engineer
Chiropractor                      Cytotechnologists                  Community Services Specialists       Dietary Manager                  Biomedical/Clinical Technician
Dental Hygienist                  Diagnostic Medical Sonographers    Data Quality Manager                 Environmental Health & Safety    Biostatistician, Cell Biologist
Dental Lab Technician             Electrocardiographic (ECG) Tech    Epidemiologist, Ethicist             Environmental Services           Clinical Data Management
Dentist                           Electronic Diagnostic (EEG) Tech   Health Educator                      Facilities Manager               Associate/Consultant
Dietitian/Nutritionist            Exercise Physiologist              Health Information Mgmt. Admin.      Food Service                     Clinical Data Mgmt. Specialist
Dosimetrist                       Geneticist                         Health Information Services          Health Care Administration       Clinical Pharmacologist
EMT                               Histotechnologist                  Healthcare Access Manager            Hospital Maintenance Engineer    Clinical Trials Monitor
Exercise Physiologist             Magnetic Resonance (MR) Tech       Healthcare Administrator             Industrial Hygienist             Clinical Trials Research Associate
Home Health Aide                  Mammographer                       Healthcare Finance Professional      Interpreter                      Clinical Trials Research Coordinator
Kinesiotherapist                  Medical Technologist/ Clinical     Information Privacy Officer          Materials Management             Geneticist
Licensed Practical Nurse           Laboratory Scientist              Managed Care Contract Analyst        Transport Technician             Lab Assistant-Genetics
Massage Therapist                 Nuclear Medicine Technologist      Medical Assistant                                                     Lab Technician, Mfg. Technician
Mortician                         Nutritionist/Dietitian             Medical Information Technologist                                      Medical Editor/Writer
Ophthalmic Medical Personnel      Occupational Therapist             Medical Librarian                                                     Microbiologist, Molecular Biologist
Optometrist,                      Ophthalmic Medical Personnel       Patient Account Technician                                            Packaging Technician
Orthotist/Prosthetist             Optometrist                        PACS Specialist (Picture Archiving                                    Patent Lawyer
Paramedic                         Pathologist                          and Communication Specialist)                                       Pharmaceutical/Clinical Proj. Mgr
Pedorthist                        Pathology Assistant                Patient Advocates                                                     Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.
Perfusionist                      Phlebotomist                       Patient Information Coordinator                                       Pharmaceutical Scientist
 Pharmacist                       Physical Therapist                 Pharmacy Manager                                                      Pharmacokineticist
Pharmacy Technician               Positron Emission Tomography       Public Health Educator                                                Pharmacologist
Physical Therapist                 (PET) Technologist                Quality Management Specialist                                         Product Safety Associate/Scientist
Physician (MD/DO)                 Radiologic                         Quality Data Analyst                                                  Process Development Scientist
Physician Assistant                Technologist/Radiographer         Research & Decision Support                                           Processing Technician
Podiatrist                        Radiologist                          Specialist                                                          Quality Assurance Technician
Psychologist                      Speech Language Pathologist        Reimbursement Specialist                                              Quality Control Technician
Radiation Therapist                                                  Risk Management                                                       Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Registered Nurse                                                      Social Worker                                                        Research Assistant
Respiratory Therapist                                                Transcriptionist                                                      Research Associate
Social Worker                                                        Unit Coordinator                                                      Research Scientist
Surgical Technician                                                  Utilization Manager                                                   Toxicologist
Veterinarian                                                         Utilization Review Manager
Veterinarian Technician
Wellness Coach
                           HOSPITALITY & TOURISM CLUSTER: Hospitality & Tourism encompasses the management,
                    marketing and operations of restaurants and other foodservices, lodging, attractions, recreation events and travel
                    related services.
                                                            CAREER PATHWAYS
  Restaurants & Food/Beverage                  Lodging                           Travel & Tourism                  Recreation, Amusement &
            Services                                                                                                      Attractions
                                                               SAMPLE CAREERS
General Manager                   Front Office Manager                 Executive Director                     Club Manager
Food & Beverage Manager           Executive Housekeeper                Assistant Director                     Club Equipment & Facility Maintenance
Kitchen Manager                   Director of Sales & Marketing        Director of Tourism Development        Club Event Planner
Catering & Banquets Manager       Chief Engineer                       Director of Membership                 Club Membership Developer
                                                                                                              Parks & Gardens Dir./ Activity Coord.
Service Manager                   Director of Human Resources          Development Director of
                                                                                                              Parks & Gardens Access Management
Dining Room Supervisor            Director of Security                 Communications                         Parks & Gardens Safety & Security
Restaurant Owner                  Controller                           Director of Visitor Services           Parks & Garden Ranger
Baker                             Food & Beverage Director             Director of Sales                      Resort Trainer /Instructor
Brewer                             Resident Manager                    Director of Marketing and              Resort Equipment Maintenance
Caterer                           Director of Operations               Advertising Director of Volunteer      Resort Scheduler
Dietician                         General Manager                      Services                               Gaming & Casino Manager / Supervisor
Executive Chef                    Regional Manager                     Dir. of Convention & Visitors Bureau   Gaming & Casino Dealer
Cook                              Quality Assurance Manager            Market Development Manager             Gaming & Casino Slot Superintendent
Pastry & Specialty Chef           Corporate Management                 Events Manager                         Gaming & Casino Security & Safety
                                                                                                              Fairs/Festival Event Planner
Bartender                         Lodging Management                   Destination Manager
                                                                                                              Fairs/Festival Facility Manager
Restaurant Server                  Owner/Franchisee                     Convention Services Manager           Fairs/Festival Promotional Developer
Banquet Server                    Uniformed Services Support           Heritage Tourism Developer             Theme Parks/Amuse. Area Retail Mgr
Cocktail Server                   Communications Supervisor            Travel Agent (Commercial & Vacation)   Theme Park Ride Operations Manager
Banquet Set-Up Employee           Front Desk Supervisor                Event Planner                          Theme Parks Events Manager
Bus Person                        Laundry Supervisor                   Meeting Planner                        Family Centers Manager
Room Service Attendant            Room Supervisor                      Special Events Producer                Family Centers Equi.Operator/Maint.
Kitchen Steward                   Bell Captain                         Nature Tourism Coordinator             Historical /Cultural/Architectural
Counter Server                    Sales Professional                   Tour and Travel Coordinator            Ecological Industrial Sites
Wine Steward                      Front Desk Employee                  Tourism Marketing Specialist           Guides/Ranger
Host                              Valet Attendant                      Transportation Specialist
                                                                                                              Ecological Industrial Sites Exhibit Dev.
Research and Development Chef     Bell Attendant                        Welcome Center Supervisor             Museum/Zoos/Aquariums Animal
Food/Beverage Wholesaler          Door Attendant                       Tourism Assistant                      Trainer and Handler
Product Demonstrator              Concierge                             Tour Guide                            Museums/Zoos/Aquariums Exhibit
Personal Chef                     Reservationist                       Motor Coach Operator                   Developer
                                  Guestroom Attendant                  Tour and Ticket Reservationist
                                  Maintenance Worker                   Interpreter
                                  HUMAN SERVICES CAREER CLUSTER: Preparing individuals for employment in career pathways that relate to families and
                                  human needs.

                                                                         CAREER PATHWAYS
   Early Childhood Dev. &            Counseling & Mental Health          Family & Community               Personal Care Services           Consumer Services
           Services                           Services                         Services
                                                                          SAMPLE CAREERS

Directors, Childcare Facilities     Clinical and Counseling          Community Service Directors       Barbers                         Consumer Credit Counselors
                                    Psychologists                    Adult Day Care Coordinators       Cosmetologists,                 Consumer Affairs Officers
Assistant Directors, Childcare                                       Coordinators of Volunteers        Hairdressers, & Hairstylists    Consumer Advocates
Facilities                          Industrial-Organizational        Licensed Prof. Counselors         Shampooers                      Certified Financial Planners
                                    Psychologists                    Religious Leaders
                                                                                                       Nail Technicians, Manicurists   Insurance Representatives
Elementary School Counselors                                         Directors, Religious
                                    Sociologists                     Activities/Education Programs
                                                                                                       & Pedicurists                   Bankers
Preschool Teachers                                                   Human Services Workers            Skin Care                       Real Estate Services Rep.
                                    Career Coaches                   Social Services Workers           Specialists/Estheticians        Financial Advisors
Educators for Parents                                                Vocational Rehab. Counselors                                      Investment Brokers
                                    SchoolCounselors/Psychologists   Employment Counselors             Electrolysis Technicians        Employee Benefits Rep.
Nannies                                                              Career Counselors                                                 Hospital Patient Accounts
                                    Substance Abuse and              Vocational Rehabilitation         Electrologists                  Rep.
Teachers’ Assistants                Behavioral Disorder Counselors   Service Workers                                                   Customer Service Rep.
                                                                     Leisure Activities Coordinators   Funeral Directors/Morticians    Consumer Research Dpt.
Childcare Assistants/Workers        Mental Health Counselors         Dieticians
                                                                                                       Embalmers                       Rep.
                                                                     Geriatric Service Workers
                                    Vocational Rehabilitation        Adult Day Care Workers
                                                                                                       Funeral Attendants              Consumer Goods or Services
                                    Counselors                       Residential Advisors                                              Retailing Representatives
                                                                     Emergency and Relief Workers      Personal and Home Care          Market Researchers
                                    Career Counselors                Community Food Ser. Workers       Aides                           Account Executives
                                                                     Comm. Housing Ser. Workers          Companions                   Sales Consultants
                                    Career Facilitators              Social /Human Services Assist.      Spa Attendants               Event Specialists
                                                                                                         Personal Trainers            Inside Sales Representatives
                                    Employment Counselors
                                                                                                                                      Field Merchandising Reps
                                                                                                       Massage Therapists              Buyers
                                    Residential Advisors
                                                                                                                                       Small Business Owners
                                    Marriage, Child and Family
                                 LAW, PUBLIC SAFETY, CORRECTIONS & SECURITY CLUSTER: Planning, managing, and providing legal, public safety,
                                 protective services and homeland security, including professional and technical support services

                                                                         CAREER PATHWAYS
    Correction             Emergency & Fire                         Security & Protective Services               Law Enforcement Services            Legal Services
     Services             Management Services
                                                                           SAMPLE CAREERS
Warden                 Emergency Mgmt.+ Response          Security Director                                      Animal Control Officer           Administrative Law
Jail Administrator     Coord.                             Security Systems Designer/Consultant                   Bailiffs                         Attorney
Mid-level Manager      Emergency Planning Mgr             Computer Forensics specialist                          Child Support                    Case Mgmt Specialist
Program                EMT                                Private/Corporate Investigator                         Missing Persons                  Court Reporter
Coord./Couns.          Fire Fighter                       Loss Prevention/Security Manager (e.g. Store, hotel)   Unemployment Fraud Investig      File and Doc. Manager
Public Info Officer    Mgr/Supv. of Fire Fighters         Security Sales Representative/Manager                  Criminal Investigators &         Adjudicator
Correctional Trainer   Forest Fire Fighter                Loss Prevention Specialist                             Special Agents                   Information Officer
 Case Manager          Mgr. of Forest Fire Fighters       Physical Security Assistant                            Air Enforcement Officer          Investigator
Attorney               Forest Fire Inspector & Investig   Security Systems Technician (Install/maintain)         Gaming Investigator              Judge
Community Correct.     Hazardous Materials Respond.       Investigative Assistant (private sector)               Bomb Technician                   Asylum Officer –
Practitioner           Emergency Dispatchers              Security Trainer (Basics)                              Game Enforcement Officer         Hearings and Appeals
Probation/ parole      Training Officer                   Canine Enforcement Officer                             Highway Patrol Pilots            Law Clerk
officer                Grant Writer and Coordinator       Transportation Security Supervisor                     Immigration/Customs Inspec       Legal Assistant
 Corrections           Rescue Workers                     Information Security Assistant (Document Control)      Police Detectives and Criminal   Legal Secretary
Educator               Consequence Mgmt Specialist        Personnel Security Assistant                           Investigators                    Magistrate
Corrections Officer    Surety Officer                     Executive Protection Officer (Private)                 Air Marshall                     Mediator/Arbitrator
Detention Deputy       Fire Protection Inspector          Supervisory Security officer (armed, unarmed)          Police/Fire /Ambulance Dispat    Negotiator
Detention and          Paramedic (Licensed)               Certified Security Officer (SPO, Arrest Authority)     Police & Patrol Officers         Para legal
Deportation Officer    Training & Ex. Program Analyst     Armored Car Guard                                      Private Detectives
Case Manager Youth     Canine Enforcement Officer         Control Center Ops (e.g. ADT-Monitoring Center)        Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs
Services Worker        Fire Protection Engineer           Uniformed Security Officer                             Transit & Railroad Police
Facility               Infrastructure Analyst Spec.       Uniformed Security officer (armed)                     Park Ranger
Maint.Workers          Operations Analyst                 Computer Security Specialist                           Evidence Technician
Transport Officer      Program Specialist (National       Computer Forensics Examiner                            Federal Marshall
Food Service Staff     Security)                          Executive Protection Specialist                        Border Patrol Agent
Medical Staff          Program Specialist (Response,      Gaming Surveillance Specialist                         Canine Enforcement Officer
Dietitian              Preparedness,                      Information Security specialist                        Customs and Border
Support Staff          Recovery/Mitigation)               Information Technology Security                        Protection Officer
                                                          Industrial Espionage Security                          Deportation Officer
                                                          Life Guard, Ski Patrol,                                Document Analyst
                                                          Physical Property Security                              Fingerprint Identification
                                                          IT Specialist (Information Security)                   Technician
                                                          Intelligence Research-Operations Specialist             IT Specialist (Information
                                                          Transportation Security Screener                       Security)
                             MANUFACTURING CLUSTER: Planning, managing, and performing the processing of materials into intermediate or
                             final products and related professional and technical support activities such as production planning and control,
                             maintenance and manufacturing/process engineering.

                                                                      CAREER PATHWAYS
Production                                  Manufacturing            Maintenance, Installation            Quality           Logistics &              Health, Safety
                                            Production &             & Repair                             Assurance         Inventory Control        &Environmental
                                            Process Develop.                                                                                         Assurance
                                                                     SAMPLE CAREERS
Assembler                                   Design Engineer          Biomedical Equipment Tech            Calibration       Communications,          Environmental
Automated Mfg. Techn.                                                Boilermaker                          Tech              Transportation and       Engineer
Bookbinder                                  Electrical and                                                                  Utilities Manager
                                                                     Communication System
Calibration Technician                      Electronics Technician                                        Inspector                                  Environmental
Electrical Installer and Repairer           and Technologist                                                                Dispatcher               Specialist
Electromechanical Equip. Assembler                                   Computer Installer/Repairer          Lab Technician
Extruding and Drawing Machine Setter/Set-   Electronics Engineer     Computer Maintenance Tech                              Freight, Stock, and      Health and Safety
Up Operator                                 Engineering and                                               Process Control   Material Mover           Representative
Extrusion Machine Operator                  Related Technician and   Facility Electrician                 Technician
Foundry Worker                              Technologist             Industrial Electronic-                                 Industrial Truck and     Safety Coordinator
Grinding, Lapping, and Buffing Machine                               Installer/Repairer                   Quality Control   Tractor Operator
Operator                                    Engineering Technician                                        Technician                                 Safety Engineer
                                                                     Industrial Facilities Mgr
Hand Packers and Packager                   Industrial Engineer                                                             Logistical Engineer
                                                                     Industrial Machinery Mechanic
Hoist and Winch Operator                    Labor Relations Mgr                                           Quality                                    Safety Team Leader
                                                                     Industrial Maintenance Electrician
Instrument Maker                            Manufacturing Eng.       Industrial Maintenance Mech.         Engineer          Logistician
Large Printing Press Machine Setter and     Manufacturing Techn      Industrial Maintenance Tech.                                                    Safety Technician
Set-Up Operator                             Power Generating and                                          SPC               Material Associate
Machine Operator                            Reactor Plant Operator   Instrument Calibration and           Coordinator
Medical Appliance Maker                                              Repairer                                               Material Handler
Milling Machine Setter, Set-Up Operator,    Precision Inspector,
Millwright                                  Tester, and Grader       Instrument Control Technician                          Process Improv.
                                                                     Job/Fixture Designer
Cutter/Brazer, Solderer,                                                                                                    Technician
                                                                     Laser Systems Technician
Machine Operator                            Process Improvement
                                                                     Maintenance Repairer
Painter, Pattern & Model Maker              Tech                     Major Appliance Repairer                               Quality Control
Precision Layout Worker                                                                                                     Technician
Precision Optical Goods Worker              Production Manager       Meter Installer/Repairer
Sheet Metal Worker                          Purchasing Agent                                                                Traffic Manager
Tool and Die Maker                          Supervisor               Plumber, Pipefitter and
Welder                                                               Steamfitter                                            Traffic, Shipping, and
                                                                     Security System Installer/Repairer                           Receiving Clerk
                       MARKETING CLUSTER: Planning, managing, and performing marketing activities to reach organizational objectives.

                                                                    CAREER PATHWAYS
Marketing Management       Professional Sales                      Merchandising            Marketing Communications        Marketing Research

                                                                      SAMPLE CAREERS
Entrepreneurs              Inbound Call Managers                   Store Managers           Advertising Managers            Database Managers
Owners                     Regional Sales Managers                 Retail Marketing         Public Relations Managers       Research Specialists /
Small Business Owners      Client Relationship Managers            Coordinators             Public Information Directors    Managers
Presidents                 Business Development Managers           Merchandising Managers   Sales Promotion Managers
Chief Executive Officers   Territory Managers                      Merchandise Buyers       Co-op Managers                  Brand Managers
Principals                 Key Account Managers                    Operations Managers      Trade Show Managers             Marketing Services Mgr
Partners                   National Account Managers               Visual Merchandise       Circulation Managers            Customer Satisfaction Mgr
Franchisees                Account Executives                      Managers                 Promotions Managers             (Research) Project Managers
Independent X’s (e.g.,     Sales Engineers                         Sales Managers           Art/Graphics Directors          CRM Managers
distributor)               Sales Executives                        Department Managers      Creative Directors              Forecasting Managers
Customer Service                                                   Sales Associates         Account Executives              Strategic Planners
Representatives            Technical Sales Specialists             Customer Service         Account Supervisors
                           Retail Sales Specialists (big ticket)   Representatives          Sales Representatives           Marketing
Administrative Support                                             Clerks (e.g., stock,     Marketing Associates            Product Planners
Representatives (e.g.,     Outside Sales Representatives           receiving, etc.)         Media Buyers/Planners
human resources,           Industrial Sales Representatives                                 Interactive Media Specialists   Planning Analysts
clerical, finance,         Manufacturer’s Representatives                                   Analysts                        Directors of Market Dev.
technical)                                                                                  Contract Administrators         Database Analysts
                           Salespersons                                                     Copywriters                     Analysts
                           Field Marketing Representatives                                  Research Specialists            Research Associates
                           Brokers                                                          Research Assistants
                           Agents                                                           Customer Service                Frequency Marketing
                           Field Representatives                                            Representatives                 Specialists

                           Solutions Advisors                                                                               Knowledge Mgmt Specialists
                           Sales/Marketing Associates                                                                       Interviewers
                           Telemarketers/Inside Sales                                                                       Customer Service
                           Representatives                                                                                  Representatives
                           Customer Service Representatives
                               Planning, managing, and providing scientific research and professional and technical services (e.g., physical science,
                               social science, engineering) including laboratory and testing services, and research and development services.

                                                              CAREER PATHWAYS
                      Engineering & Technology                                                        Science and Math

                                                               SAMPLE CAREERS
Engineers:             Engineers:             Agricultural Tech             Analytical chemist        Environmental             Oceanographer
Aerospace              Mechanical             Computer Programmer           Anthropologist            scientist                 Organic chemist
Aeronautical           Metallurgic            Computer Science Tech         Applied                   Expert systems            Ornithologist
Agricultural                                                                mathematician             scientist                 Paleontologist
                       Mining                 Drafter
Application                                                                 Archeologist              Geneticist                Physicist
Architectural          Naval                  Electrician                   Astronomer                 Geologist                Polymer scientist
 Automotive            Nuclear                Electronics Tech              Astrophysicist            Geophysicist              Programmer
Biomedical             Packaging              Facilities Tech               Atmospheric               Geoscientist              Protein scientist
Biotechnology          Petroleum              Industrial Engin. Tech        scientist                 Herpetologist             Protozoologist
Chemical               Pharmaceutical         Manufact. Tech                 Biologist                Hydrologist               Quality-control
Civil                  Plastics               Materials Lab Tech            Botanist                  Ichthyologist             scientist
Communications                                                               CAD operator             Inorganic chemist         Radio chemist
                       Power systems          Supply Tech
Computer                                                                    Cartographer              Laboratory                 Research chemist
Computer Hardware      Product Design         Network Tech                  Chemist                   Technician                Research Technician
Computer Software      Project                Packaging Tech                Conservation              Mammalogist               Science Teacher
 Construction          Phototype              Project Manager               scientist                 Marine scientist           Lab Technician
Development            Quality                Quality Technician            Cosmologist               Materials scientist       Spectroscopist
Environmental          Radiology              Radio/Tv Broad. Tech          Cryptographer             Mathematician             Statistician
Electrical             Safety                 Researcher                    Crystallographer          Mathematics               Technical writer
Energy Transmission                                                         Demographer               Metallurgist              Technologist
                       Software               Sound Tech
 Fire Protection                                                            Dye chemist               Meteorologist             Toxicologist
 Geothermal            Structural             Survey Tech                   Ecologist                 Microbial                 Zoologist
 Hazardous Waste       Systems Design         Technical Sales Mgr.           Economist                Physiologist
Human Factors          Telecommunications     Technical Writer              Electronmicroscopist      Mycologist
Industrial             Textile                                                                        Nanobiologist
 Licensing             Transportation                                                                  Nuclear chemists
 Manufacturing                                                                                        Nuclear technician
Manufacturing                                                                                         Numerical analyst
Process                Procurement                                                                    Nutritionist
                                      TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICS CLUSTER: Planning, management, and movement of people, materials,
                                      and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water and related professional and technical support services such as transportation
                                      infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, mobile equipment and facility maintenance.

                                                                             CAREER PATHWAYS
                    Transportation                            Logistics        Warehousing &        Facility & Mobile Equip. Maintenance         Transportation systems
                      Operations                              Plan. &          distribution                                                      / Infrastructure
                                                              Mgmt.            Center                                                            Planning, Mgmt. &
                                                              Serv.            Operations                                                        Regulation
                                                                            SAMPLE CAREERS
Air/Space Transportation:                                     Logisticians   Warehouse Mgr *        Facility: Facility Maintenance Mgr and       General—Intermodal--
Transportation Managers (Air) * Commercial Pilots * Flight                   Storage and            Engineers * Industrial Equipment             Urban and Regional
Engineers * Flight Attendants *Dispatchers (Air) * Traffic    Logistics      Distribution Mgr *     Mechanics *Industrial Electricians, *        Planners * Civil
Managers * Air traffic Controllers *Aircraft Cargo Handling   Managers       Industrial and         Electrical/Electronic Technicians            Engineers * Engineering
Supervisors * Airfield Operations Specialists                                Packaging Engineers    Mobile Equipment:                            Tech * Surveying and
                                                              Logistics      * Traffic, Shipping    General--Mobile Equipment Maintenance        Mapping Tech *
Rail Transportation:
                                                              Engineers      and Receiving Clerks   Mgr * Electrical and Electronic Installers   Government Service
Transportation Managers (Rail) * Dispatchers (Rail) *
                                                                             * Production,          and Repairers (Transportation Equipment)     Executives *
Traffic Managers * Locomotive Engineers * Locomotive
                                                               Logistics     Planning, Expediting   * Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics           Environmental
Firers * Railyard Conductors and Yardmasters * Railroad
                                                              Analysts       Clerks *First-line     Air/Space—Aerospace Engineering and          Compliance Inspectors
Brake, Signal and Switch Operators * Railyard Engineers,
                                                                             Supervisors/ Mgr of    Operations Technicians * Aircraft            Air/Space—Air Traffic
Dinkey Operators, and Hostlers
                                                              Logistics      Helpers * Laborers,    Mechanics and Service Technicians *          Controllers * Aviation
Water Transportation:
                                                              Consultants    and Material           Airframe Mechanics * Power plant             Inspectors Road—
Transportation Mgr (Water) * Dispatchers (Water) * Traffic
                                                                             Movers (Hand) *        Mechanics * Aircraft Engine Specialists *    Traffic Engineers *
Mgr * Captains * Mates * Pilots of Water Vessels * Sailors
                                                              International First-line              Avionics Technicians Water—Ship              Traffic Tech * Motor
and Marine Oilers * Able Seamen * Ordinary Seamen *
                                                              Logistics      Supervisors            Mechanics and Repairers * Motorboat          Vehicle Inspectors *
Ship and Boat Captains * Ship Engineers * Bridge and Lock
                                                              Specialists    /Managers of           Mechanics * Automotive/Truck Mechanics       Freight Inspectors
                                                                             Transportation and     and Body Repairers Rail—Rail Car             Rail—Railroad Inspect.
Road Transportation
                                                                             Material (Moving       Repairers * Signal and Track Switch          Water—Marine Cargo
Transportation managers (Road) * Dispatchers
                                                                             Machine and            Repairers * Rail Locomotive Mechanics        Inspectors * Vessel
(Truck/Bus/Taxi) *Traffic Mgr* Truck Drivers (Tractor-
                                                                             Vehicle Operators)     and Repairers Road—Electronic                Traffic Control
Trailer) * Truck Drivers (Light or Delivery Services) * Bus
                                                                             *Laborers and          Equipment Installers and Repairers (Motor    Specialists Transit—
Drivers (Transit and Intercity) * School Bus Drivers * Taxi
                                                                             Freight, Stock and     Vehicle) * Automotive Body and Related       Public Transportation
Drivers and Chauffeurs
                                                                             Material Movers        Repairers * Automotive Service               Inspectors Other---
Transit Systems:
                                                                             (Hand) * Car, Truck    Technicians and Mechanics * Automotive       Regulators * Inspectors
Transportation Mgr (Mass Transit) * Dispatchers (Bus) *
                                                                             and Ship Loaders *     Master Mechanics * Automotive Specialty      and other
Traffic Mgr *Dispatchers (Rail) * Traffic Mgr * Bus Drivers
                                                                             Packers and            Technicians * Bus and Truck Mechanics        federal/state/local
(Transit and Intercity) * Subway and Streetcar Operators
                                                                             Packagers-hand         and Diesel Engine Specialists * Motorcycle   transportation agency
                                                                                                    Mechanics * Bicycle Repairers                jobs

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