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Bad Credit Car Financing - PDF


Bad Credit Car Financing document sample

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									How can I lease a BMW or Luxury Car with bad credit?

Written by Brett Bruce
Thursday, 12 March 2009 15:28 -

Leasing a luxury vehicle with little or bad credit is NOT impossible. At the time of this writing it
seems that car manufacturers are "giving" cars away. You get cash back, incentives, and even
0% financing. Well, you won't be able to get the 0% financing, but you can still take advantage
of the other incentives.

Many auto loan lenders actually have specific programs for people in just your situation. You will
most likely pay a hefty premium on your payment, than if you had a spotless credit record, but
you may still qualify.

In my research I have noticed that many lenders that specialize in auto loans tend to give a lot
more weight to the credit score than the actual credit items that determined it. This can be a
plus depending on your situation. If you follow the guidelines to repairing your credit contained
in this book, you can definitley raise your credit score.

I have seen countless people with recent bankruptcies that have scores as high a the low 700s.
How? you ask. Well, they have taken the steps necessary to insure that what was included in
the bankruptcy is reporting that way. They have also either re-established good credit, or they
left some of their good credit lines open during the bankruptcy. These credit lines are still
reporting as good credit and show that they have been paying on time.

The point I am trying to make is that you can increase your score no matter what is on your
credit if you manage it correctly. The higher the score, the better the lease rate you can qualify

If you are not opposed to leasing a used luxury vehicle, you can look into some of the smaller
auto dealers in the area. Once again, they probably have in-house financing and will have more
input into whether or not you qualify for the lease. Be careful though, make sure you check up
on the dealer with the local better business bureau. You don't want to get stuck with a high
payment for a nice car that barely runs!


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