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									                                      BCHET NEWS
                                                     Feb 2006(1st issue this year)
Preserving horsemen’s heritage of responsible access to public lands                                                          est. 2000

                                                                       President’s Message
                   Meeting Schedule                                    Howdy folks,

                                                                       It sure has been a mild winter so far. I hope you have been able
                  Thursday March 2                                     to get out and ride on some of these pretty days. Remember to
7:00 PM in the upstairs courtroom of the Carter County                 stick to gated roads and durable surfaces during times of extreme
Courthouse in Elizabethton. Updates on trail construction and          wet periods. Our new trail progress has been slow this year for
maintenance projects will be given.                                    unknown reasons with the USFS. We hope to improve on that
BCHET once again thanks Joshua Strom for donating his time             in the near future. The Little Dark Hollow Trail in Unicoi
to attend our September meeting and giving a friendly                  County is cut all the way thru now and we need help digging in
introduction to the seven Leave No Trace principals.                   the tread so it can be open by spring. Everyone should thank
                                                                       Susan Culver for her efforts in getting this trail construction
                 Current Membership: 315                               underway again. Work had been originally started by the
                                                                       Northeast Tennessee Mountain Bike Club but had fallen by the
                2006 Membership Dues!                                  way the last couple of years. February 18 is the next scheduled
Reminder invoices are going out with this newsletter. If you           work day, please try to come out and help.
don‟t get one, then your membership is current and we thank
you very much! If you do get an invoice, please renew today,           Welcome to Catherine Smith who will be taking over the duties
we need you! If you have a question about your membership              of Activities Director. If you would like to lead a ride or put on
status, contact the treasurer.   To date, there are 142                some other type of event please contact her and myself. Many
memberships from last year who have not yet renewed for                thanks to Carolyn Lowry who has been doing this job for the last
                                                                       few years. We appreciate all your hard work Carolyn!
                                                                       Once again it is time to renew those dues. Don't forget to send
BCHET thanks Jerry Buchanan of Bluff City for the donation             your renewal in continued support of the Back Country
of his time and equipment to haul rock to Low Gap at the top           Horsemen who are working as hard as ever in support of your
of Holston Mountain. This rock will be used to improve the
                                                                       trail riding habit!
trails and campsites in that area.
                                                                       See you on the trail,
There will be a chainsaw certification class at the work center in     Mike McClelland
Greeneville on Feb 24-25 (Friday evening and Saturday
morning) for those wishing to get certified to clear trails. For
more info or to pre-register, contact Herb,,
                                                                       In Loving Memory of Victoria Overton
                                                                       March 4, 1952 - January 29, 2006
                                                                       Vickie was a late bloomer when it came to the passion of the
The general policy of BCHET is to not release members‟
address, phone number or email to anyone outside the                   horse. She began riding in 2002. Being the small person that she
organization. In an effort to increase the amount of donations         was, she needed a bucket to stand on in order to get on the
from Country Supply, it has been suggested that we send them           horse. That was no easy task, as she fell off the bucket and was
our mailing list so that all members will receive a catalog in the     then known as "Bucket Woman".
mail. If you DO NOT want your mailing address given to
Country Supply, please contact the secretary (info on page 2).
The 5% of purchases we receive from them has been a good
fund-raiser for us so far.                                                                              Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee 1
                             After mastering the bucket she would only ride at a walk in fields for months to build up her
 BCHET OFFICERS              confidence. That fall Vickie began to ride trails as a Back Country Horseman. She rode all over
                             the mountains. The trail she loved the most was Bumpass Cove near Erwin.
                             In 2003 she fell in love with a skinny little 2 year old filly named Dusty's Princess. She rode that
 Mike McClelland („05)
 423-538-7863                little mare every day, going faster and faster as time went on. She began taking her "Princess"       to horse shows, gaining the respect and love from the crowds and from her friends. She would
                             often help children get dressed and get ready to go into the show arena coaxing them on and
                             giving them confidence. By 2004, she won the United Racking Horse Junior Speed Racking
 Buford Peters (‟06)
                             World Grand Championship. That's no small accomplishment for a woman who just 2 years
                             before was known as "Bucket Woman". The green jacket she wore at the Championship
 SECRETARY/NEWSLETTER        became her trademark.
 Karen Isaacs („05)           Vickie was very supportive of BCHET. She always found time to do the computer work no
 423-474-3024                one else knew how to do such as maps, notices, pictures, messages or finding information.
                                                                      Vickie Overton
                                                    A Friend of Horse people and Fellow Horse Lover
 Susan Culver (‟06)
 423-743-0825                                                        She will be missed

 BOARD MEMBERS               Horsepacking Clinic
                             From Tom Connor
 Herb Heinze („07)             On a cold November morning, fourteen BCHET members gathered at John and Amy Scott‟s
 423-787-7476                farm in Bluff City to get instruction from Donald Cleveland of the East Slope chapter in Great
                             Falls Montana on some basic packing with horses. The group was small and there were a lot of
 June Hughes
                             chances to get hands on experience. The instruction included selecting a pack saddle, tying your
                             loads and of course tying them on the pack animal.
 Thomas Isaacs (‟06)
 423-474-3024                Several different items were demonstrated, including hay, tools, timbers and hard panniers. We        all found out that there is an art to preparing the load and tying it on the horse so that it is
                             comfortable for him to carry and does not make him sore. The tools were difficult to prepare
 Tyler McClelland („06)      for loading because of the different sizes of each. This skill will be a great help when we need
                             to carry a lot of tools to an area of the trail in need of work. The idea being that we can ride to
 Tom Connor (‟06)            work and not go for a long walk and tire out before the work even starts. Those of us who
 423-638-9476                have walked for a couple of hours and then tried to work will appreciate this in the future. I      have used a pack horse several times this past summer to work trails and found it a huge
 George O‟Dell (‟06)
 423-538-6230                Amy worked hard cooking while the rest of us were in class and provided all of us with a
                             delicious meal for lunch.
 John Scott (‟06)            I want to apologize to everyone that did not have the opportunity to attend this class. It was to
                             be held in January or February but Don called and moved it up out of necessity, which only
                             gave us about ten days to get everyone on our list notified and money sent in. Mike and I said
                             that it went so well we knew that there would be people disappointed that they didn't get to
                             attend so we may have to put on another school in the spring or summer and maybe include a
 Event Committee Chair
                             trip. Everyone keep this in mind and if you are interested give me a call at 638-9476 or Mike at
 Catherine Smith        538-7863.                                                                                       Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee 2
Officer & Board Elections                                                                Classifieds & Notices
Thank you to all members who participated in the November election by sending in
ballots or attending the meeting. We once again (barely) received enough votes for       BUY/SELL FARMS & ACREAGE: Eager to
a quorum. The list of 2006 board members is shown on page 2. We welcome new              serve you with the expertise you deserve.
director June Hughes and appreciate her interest. We very much thank A.B.                Deborah Sutherland, Century 21 Whitehead
Grindstaff for his five years service as a director. A.B. was a member of our first      Realty. 423-543-4663, 423-213-7005.
board, and was instrumental in forming and setting the direction of the organization.
He has done much to help our growth by recruiting numerous members and has               HORSE-FRIENDLY REAL ESTATE:             The
aided the development of new trail and parking areas on Holston Mountain.                owners of The Knoxville Real Estate
                                                                                         Company support horse lovers and offer land
                                                                                         listings from 8-144 acres. Martinez/Neil,
Happy 5th Anniversary to BCHET!
                                                                                         FREE TO GOOD HOME: Equus magazine back
It was November of 2000 when the organization that would become the Back
                                                                                         issues., 423-474-
Country Horsemen of East Tennessee held it‟s first meeting. At this milestone, it is
appropriate to review the history and accomplishments of the last five years. It
started with a few horsemen who approached the Forest Service with a proposal to         ENGLISH SADDLE FOR SALE: Pariani, 18
build some horse trails on Holston Mountain in the Cherokee National Forest.             inch, $100., 423-
They were met with the suggestion that they would be much more effective if they         474-3024
formed an organization. A meeting in the Elizabethton courthouse was announced
to the public and a standing-room only crowd showed up. As a result, the East            ECHO VALLEY TACK: 3165 Old Asheville
Tennessee Trail Riders Association was formed as a non-profit corporation. Since         Hwy, Greeneville TN 423-787-0012.
then, we have grown tremendously, both in numbers and in our understanding of  
the process that takes a trail from an idea to something you can ride. Along the way,
                                                                                         MOUNTAIN VIEW CARRIAGE WORKS:
we have developed many relationships and worked in partnership with the Forest
                                                                                         Carriages, Carts, Sleighs. Bill Hodgson 423-
Service, other trail user groups and other horse organizations. To become part of a
group doing identical work across the United States, in 2002 we joined the Back
Country Horsemen of America and changed our name. Our purpose has stayed the             GRANDVIEW RANCH & RV PARK: Boarding,
same though:                                                                             lessons, riding, training, horse shows, RV
                                                                                         camping. Mike and
    1. To assist the various government and private agencies in the establishment,
    maintenance and management of trails and other back country resources.               Jada Blevins, Unicoi, 423-743-3382,
    2. To work to insure that public lands remain open to recreational stock use.
    3. To educate and encourage the wise use of the back country resource by             HORSES FOR SALE: Registered Racking mare,
    horsemen and the general public.                                                     5 yo, black, 14.2h. Racking gelding, 6 yo,
    4. To perpetuate the common sense use and enjoyment of horses in America‟s           chestnut with flaxen mane, 14.1h. Herb 423-
    back country and wilderness.                                                         787-7476.
    5. To actively involve youth in activities related to our purpose, and maintain a
    family oriented organization.                                                        MEADOW CREEK MOUNTAIN RUSTIC
                                                                                         RESORT: Cabin rentals, hayrides, horseback
While we have activity in all these areas, we have been, and continue to be especially
                                                                                         riding, riding lessons, campground, Café &
active in number 1. A review of the list of accomplishments reveals that three areas
                                                                                         Saloon, adventure outfitters. Cocke County.
have seen tremendous growth in trails. Growth has occurred in these areas due to a
                                                                                (423) 613-0748.
combination of terrain factors and people. Leaders willing to research, organize,
oversee and lobby for trail development, and recruit workers is necessary. While it
takes everybody working together, these BCHET leaders deserve a great deal of            NOTE: Classified ads are free to members.
credit for these successes.                                                              Please limit to 30 words or so. Send to the
                                                                                         editor and note in how many issues you want it
                                                                                         to appear.                                                                                          Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee 3
Holston Mountain in Carter and Sullivan Counties was the initial focus for
trail development, mainly because that was where the founders and many
of the first members were from. Our first success was the upgrade of the
existing Morrell Trail to make it legal and safe for horse travel. This scenic
single-track mountain trail provides an important link from roads and trails
in Flatwoods (next to South Holston Lake) and the mountain crest. Two
new parking areas designed for horse trailers have been constructed,
Griffith Branch and Hinkle Branch Trailheads, both located off Highway
91, northeast of Elizabethton. An extensive network of interconnected
loop trails out of these trailheads was built. The trails include Bartee
Branch, Bear Wallow, Griffith Branch Connectors, Low Gap, Rye Patch,
Taylor Ridge, and West Holston Mountain.

Not long after our initial founding, we learned that a group of horsemen
interested in improving trail riding in Greene County were working to
organize. Thanks largely to the efforts of a dedicated core of workers, a
significant part of our membership is from Greene County and they have a
                                                                                                   E.G. MOODY
long list of accomplishments. With trailer parking identified as a big need
here too, the Burnett Gap Trailhead was constructed on Highway 107                                  (Judge)
south of Greeneville to access both Meadow Creek and Brush Creek                               Sullivan County
Mountains. Trails on these mountains were improved, constructed and                           Republican Primary
joined together. Parking areas have also been added on Cedar Creek Cave                          May 2, 2006
Road and Shelton Mission Road. The Paint Mountain and Davis Creek                                Paid for by Committee
                                                                                             To Elect E.G. Moody, Chancellor
trails have been opened to horses, and major renovation completed on
                                                                                                  Bill Allen, Treasurer
Paint Rock and Little Jennings trails. In Cocke County, the trail to Wolf
Creek Falls was opened and a parking area built.
                                                                                 Mounted Police Training for Civilian Riders &
                                                                                 Horses, May 6-7, 2006
Given the long list of new trails and parking areas, our trail work duties are
                                                                                 Desensitize      your    horse    to    HAZARDOUS
now two-fold, with maintenance and improvement of existing facilities at
                                                                                 SITUATIONS, “BOOGYMEN” & SPOOKING!!
least as important as work on new projects. New trails in various stages of      You will ride and work your horse over bridges and
the Forest Service approval process include extension of the Holston             teeter-totters, through tunnels over, under & through
Mountain network, both to the southeast and the northwest and much               plastic, tires, smoke & flares, etc. WHILE
increased activity in trail development on Unaka Mountain.                       REMAINING MOUNTED !!
                                                                                 • By the end of the second day, you should be able to
OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS                                                            fire a gun from your horse‟s back.
BCHET can take pride for success in some less tangible, but equally
                                                                                 • Your horse will train to work alongside others while
important areas. Education through seminars, clinics, conferences,               practicing Cavalry Drill Maneuvers.
meetings and publications helps to grow individuals as well as improve the
                                                                                 Runnin-W Stables, 131 Lady Lane, Fall Branch, TN
image, visibility and effectiveness of horseman to the public and our land
manager partners. This includes such things as our contributions towards         Cost for the 2-day Clinic ~ $195.00. Pre-registration
spreading the Leave No Trace message and individual members becoming             required; spectators welcome.
certified chainsaw operators. BCHET has worked on a local and national           CALL 352-544-1049 for Registration Form, or visit:
level to address policy issues that affect horsemen, such as the appeal of to print out a copy.
the Cherokee Land Management Plan and the Right to Ride Bill and even            For more info, Marilyn Benton - 423-323-1988 or Cell:
                                                                                 423-571-1698, E-Mail:
had the opportunity to discuss our concerns with the Chief of the US                                                                                           Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee 4
    Forest Service. We have also managed to have fun along the way,
    through many planned and unplanned social get-togethers.                                   “Ride the Edge” with
     Last, but not least, is the great deal of effort that is expended in the               the Tennessee Horse Council
    many aspects of administration that keeps BCHET functioning. All                  at East Fork Stables, Jamestown, TN
    of the past, present and future work is done by unpaid volunteers                             April 28-30, 2006
    because we share a common desire to enjoy and protect our beloved             Enjoy 12,000 private acres with 100 miles of
    mountain forests with the company of our four-legged friends, and             horseback riding and wagon trails on the
    that is the ultimate purpose for all our accomplishments.                     Cumberland Plateau, camping with electric
                                                                                  hookups, stalls, bathhouse, hors d‟oeuvres Friday
                                                                                  evening, breakfast Saturday and Sunday
    New Allies in Tennessee                                                       mornings, dinner Saturday night, and a live band
                                                                                  at the pavilion Saturday evening. Trail guides
    The Southern Appalachian Back Country Horsemen are well on their              provided for a fast and slow ride, or ride on your
    way to becoming the second BCH chapter in Tennessee. Several                  own. Guided rides will go out on Saturday and
    BCHET members have already been assisting the formation of this               Sunday morning at 9 a.m. Campground “D” is
                                                                                  reserved for the Tennessee Horse Council.
    group, which will work for trails in the southern districts of the
                                                                                  There are 63 electric hookups with nearby water,
    Cherokee National Forest. We congratulate, welcome and look                   stalls, and bathhouse.
    forward to partnering with these horsemen! Georgia may get a BCH
                                                                                  A $25 fee per campsite or cabin (not per person)
    chapter or two in the near future too.
                                                                                  will cover events, meals, entertainment, and
                                                                                  guides. Individuals are responsible for their own
    Tennessee Pictures                                                            reservations and deposits. Cut-off date is April
                                                                                  1. Call East Fork Stables at 1-800-97-TRAIL.
    Check out page 12 of the Winter 2006 BCHA newsletter. Though                  Specify that you are with the Horse Council ride.
    incorrectly labeled as “Back Country Adventures in Washington”,
                                                                                  This ride is open to everyone. Come join in the
    these pictures actually feature BCHET members and scenes from                 fun.
    trails in Tennessee!

                                          Treasurer Report: Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2005
                                                                                  Current negative Coggins is required
       Receipts                                                            Expenses
       Membership dues                            $ 7,402.00               Website - 12 months                          $      154.70
       Merchandise sales                          $   560.00               BCHA membership dues                         $    2,211.00
       Interest                                   $    21.32               Merchandise                                  $      368.17
       Contributions - Miscellaneous              $    35.00               State annual report                          $       20.00
       Country Supply                             $   115.05               Newsletter                                   $      919.88
       McPherson Tack Sale                        $   109.00               Leave No Trace Membership                    $      100.00
       Meadowcreek Fund Raiser                    $   200.00               BCHA National Board Meeting                  $    1,200.49
       Meadowcreek Fall Round-Up                  $   465.00               SETC 2005                                    $      357.51
       Packing Clinic                             $   390.00               Packing Class                                $      390.00
                                                                           Miscellaneous                                $       79.11
       Total Receipts                            $ 7,963.14
                                                                           Total Expenses                               $    5,800.86
       2004 Year End Balance                     $ 5,416.17
       2005 Receipts - Expenses                  $ 3,496.51

       BCHET Balance                              $ 8,912.68
       TN Greenways Grant                         $   287.88
       Legal Fund                                 $   394.65
       Overall Balance                            $ 9,595.21                                                                                             Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee 5
                                             Trail Work
Location       Project              Contact                 Work dates   Details
               Chimney Rock,        Herb Heinze             Wednesdays
Greene/Cocke                        423-787-7476                         Call to be put on a contact list,
               Brush Creek &                                and
Co.                                             or before a day you can work.
               Burnett Gap Trails                           Saturdays
               Little Dark Hollow   Susan Culver                         Meet at Unicoi Ranger Station
Unicoi Co.                                                  Feb 18
               Trail construction   423-743-0825                         9 AM
                                    Mike McClelland
Holston                                                                  Call to be put on a contact list,
               Trail maintenance    423-538-7863            Saturdays
Mountain                                                                 or before a day you can work.
                                                                                                Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee 6

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