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					                                   Letter of Invitation
                                                                         January 2006
Sub: Appointment of Consultant for preparation of draft Development Plan for Truck
        Terminal and ISBT areas in Wadala including preparation of detailed Techno-
        Economic Feasibility Report, Bid Documents for development of ISBT on the Build,
        Operate and Transfer (BOT)/Public Private Participation (PPP) format

       The Government of Maharashtra, through Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development
Authority intends to develop, construct and operate Truck Terminal (TT) and Inter State Bus
Terminal (ISBT) of international standard at Wadala, India. In this regard, the Government of
Maharashtra has designated MMRDA as Special Planning Authority to develop the said TT &
ISBT. area along with transport integration facilities and other civic amenities etc.
        MMRDA hereby invites proposals from internationally reputed Consulting Firms /
Consortia to prepare the draft development plan/ Planning proposals, Draft Development Control
Regulations (DCR), Architectural control and business plan / marketing strategy for both WTT
and ISBT. This will also include detailed techno-economic & financial feasibility report, Bidding
Documents, Concession Agreement and to act as Owner’s Consultant / Independent Engineer,
for ISBT. Important dates are listed below:

Issue of Request For Proposal document            From 16th Jan. 2006 to 15th Feb. 2006
                                                  between 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Submission of Request For Proposal document       On 21st Feb. 2006 at 15.00 hrs.

Date of pre-bid conference                        31st Jan. 2006 at 11:00 A.M.

Date of pre-bid conference (Revised)              7th February. 2006 at 11:00 A.M.

The following are the eligibility criteria for consultants / consortia wishing to apply;

         Consultant should have prepared Area Development Plan for atleast two urban areas
           of about 100 hectare each.
          Consultant should have prepared Development Plan for atleast two Truck
                 Terminal/Wholesale Markets/ Yards/Parking Lots of area of about 50 hectare.

          Should have carried out similar job for Planning, Design & Implementation for atleast
                 two such Bus Terminals of minimum handling capacity of 600 buses / day

          Should have implemented atleast one successful BOT/PPP infrastructure Project of
                 cost not less than Rs. 200 Crores or US $ 50 Million.

          Experience in market survey and travel demand assessment for atleast 3 years.

          Consortia of not more than 3 firms with lead firm being responsible for detailed
                 design and concession agreement.

The consultants (Consortia/JV) should have experience in the following fields:

         (i)        Preparation of Master Plans/Development Plans

         (ii)       Planning and Development Inter State Bus Terminals including Demand

         (iii)      Traffic and transportation planning

         (iv)       Design and development of infrastructure projects such as bus terminals,
                    highways, traffic interchange, and integrated transport facilities

         (v)        Experience in BOT/PPP projects of cost not less than Rs. 200 Cr.

The consultancy shall be in 3 Parts as detailed below –

         (i)        To prepare the draft Development Plan under the statutory provisions of Section
                    21 of MR&TP Act, 1966 with the focus on development on Truck Terminal and
                    Inter State Bus Terminal.

         (ii)       To develop the business plan and marketing strategy for the said lands so that the
                    land would trigger adequate response for the given land use and the development
                    will be sustainable in the future course.

         (iii)      Suggest the distribution of land uses so that the land disposal would provide
                    sufficient revenue to MMRDA to meet the infrastructure cost and future
                    management of the assets including infrastructure in the surrounding area.

         (iv)       Assist MMRDA in finalizing the Development Plan for the said area following
                the due process upto the approval of State Govt.


         (i)    Part IIA – Detailed Techno-Economic Feasibility for ISBT and allied facilities..

         (ii)   Part IIB - Preparation of bid documents, assist MMRDA in bid process and
                selection of preferred bidder and signing of Concession Agreement.


         (i)    Project implementation supervision and Owner’s Consultant

         Interested and eligible Firms/Consultants may apply giving their capability, experience in
similar kind of assignments, Detailed Technical and Financial offer to the following address. The
RFP document can be collected in person, by paying the requisite charges as indicated in the
Notification, from the office of the Chief, Transport & Communications Division, MMRDA.
The last date for sale of document is 15th February, 2006. In case the bidders want to collect this
by post, an additional Demand Draft of Rs. 500/15 US $ should be sent. The payment for the
RFP document may be made by cash or Demand Draft in the favour of “MMRD Fund” payable
at Mumbai. The date of submission of RFP is upto 15.00 hrs. on 21st February 2006. The
respondent shall be solely responsible for any cost they may incur for site visit, transport,
communications etc., in the process of submission of proposal. MMRDA reserves the rights at
its absolute discretion to proceed or not to proceed with the project. For further information they
may contact MMRDA Office at the address given below -

         Transport and Communications Division,
         Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority,
         Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E),
         Mumbai 400051
         Telephone No. 91(22)26591240
         Fax:91(22) 2659 4182, 2659 1264

                                                                     (P. R. K. Murthy)
                                                         Transport & Communications Division
tions Division

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