Integration of Technology in the Workplace by pbj33390


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									                                           Technology Integration
                                         Lesson Reflection Template
                     Modified from a template found at:

Lesson Title:
Subject:                                                        Period(s)*:
Grade†:                                                         No. of Students per period:
Length of Class:                                                No. of Computers Used in Lesson:

Check all that apply.
In preparing and implementing this lesson, I used the following types of technology:
___ Word                                                 ___ Excel
___ Internet                                             ___ e-mail
___ PowerPoint                                           ___ United Streaming
___ video/audio                                          ___ Encarta
___ Thinking Reader                                      ___ Inspiration/Kidspiration
___ Kid Pix                                              ___ FrontPage
___ Other ___________________________________________________________________________________

1. Describe how students have been impacted by using technology for this lesson?

        a. Have the efforts to integrate technology impacted student achievement, had no impact, or
           negatively impacted student achievement?

 If you presented this lesson in the same format to multiple classes or periods, just complete ONE reflection.
 If you presented this lesson to different grades, please complete a SEPARATE reflection form for each grade, explaining the
differences in the lesson. You may copy and paste sections that are similar.
2. To what extent do you feel this technology enhanced lesson increased the depth of student understanding
   and learning engagement for this topic?

3. What did you expect to see in your classroom that would indicate effective use of technology?

       a. Did it happen?

       b. If so, why? If not, why not?

4. Describe how this technology lesson has impacted your teaching of this topic.

       a. Which features of this lesson and experience were positive for you? Why were they?

       b. Which features of this lesson and experience were negative for you? Why were they?
5. Would you teach this lesson again? Why or why not?

6. What might you change or do differently if you or a fellow teacher were to use this lesson again? What
   would you absolutely keep the same?

7. What factors (e.g. class size, access to technology, nature of the program, relevance/interest of the
   question, etc.) most influenced the success or lack thereof for this lesson?
8. Did your professional development training prepare you to implement this technology lesson?

       a. If so, how? If not, why not?

9. How could the professional development have better prepared you to integrate technology into this
                                        Engaged Learning Indicators:
                          Adapted from the NCREL Vision of Engaged Learning at

                       Indicator                                             Evidence
Did your students take responsibility for their learning   ____ Yes
with technology? Did they meet, exceed, or not meet
your expectations?                                         ____ No

Did your students develop, define and/or modify            ____ Yes
problem-solving strategies using the technology basics
you gave them?                                             ____ No

Did learning with technology energize students? Did        ____ Yes
they remain motivated? Did they take pride in their
work?                                                      ____ No

Did your students work collaboratively to understand       ____ Yes
the technology task to plan, implement, and evaluate
their assignment using technology?                         ____ No

Did the technology tasks your students accomplish bear     ____ Yes
resemblance to real world problems in the home and/or
workplace?                                                 ____ No

Were the technology tasks challenging to the students?     ____ Yes
Did they need to stretch their thinking skills to be
successful?                                                ____ No

Were skills other than those using technology required     ____ Yes
to accomplish this technology lesson?
                                                           ____ No

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