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									                                               Professional Skills I
                                                Fall 2007 Syllabus
                                                Spring 2009 Syllabus
                                                                                                                                      Nov 2008

Students: Bring your Edwards text to every PSI class, as we will often complete in-class exercises from that text.

                                                                                                        ASSIGNMENT (due in class session
        CLASS               READING ASSIGNMENT                                TOPIC                     under which assignment is listed)
                            Edwards: Introduction,
                            Chapter 1, Appendix A (Sample      Introduction to PSI course, objective
                            Memo of Rule with Elements);       writing; reading/briefing cases;
                            Edwards: Chapter 2 (Outlining a    Introduction to the Legal System;
                            Rule in the Abstract); Chapter 3   Students receive first memo
                            (Outlining a Rule for Memo         assignment; Review case brief;          UNGRADED ASSIGNMENTS: Case Brief for First
                            Writing); Chapter 4                Formulating a rule from a case          Memo Assignment (case is posted on Lexis
Week 1                      (Formulating a Rule from a Case    opinion; Outlining Rules; Rule          Course Web Page); Edwards: (1) Exercise 1, pgs.
Week of January 12          Opinion)                           Structures                              26-27; (2) Exercise 1, pg. 35

                                                               Overview of Memo Format (Questions
                                                               Presented, Statement of Facts,
                                                               Discussion, Headings, Conclusion);
                            Edwards: Chapter 13 (Drafting      Large Scale Organization (IREAC);       Review Rinker Memo and the Intro to the Legal
Week 2                      Headings, Question Presented,      Drafting the Issue Statement, Brief     Memo handout, posted on Lexis Course Web
Week of January 19          Brief Answer, Fact Statements)     Answer, and Statement of Facts.         Page. Bring hard copies of both to class.
                          Edwards: Chapter 14 (pages
                          185-204) (Citations); ALWD
                          pgs. 3-10; Edwards: Chapter 7
                          (Rule Explanation with a Single      Introduction to Citations (How to use
                          Case); Chapter 8 (Rule               ALWD and Citing Cases); Discuss
Week 3               Week Application Using a Single           organization of WA1; Review sample
of January 26             Case).                               RE/A paragraphs.                        Bring ALWD text to class.

                                                               Introduction to Legal Research (class
                                                               taught by librarian) - overview of legal
                                                               system; practical approach to            WA1 DUE (FIRST DRAFT OF CLOSED UNIVERSE
Week 4               Week                                      researching cases, secondary sources MEMO) (5%); ADDITIONAL CASES FOR WA2
of February 2                                                  and statutes.                            WILL BE POSTED ON LEXIS COURSE WEB PAGE
                                                                                1                                                  PSI Syllabus
                      Edwards: Chapter 5
                      (Formulating a Rule from
                      Multiple Cases); Edwards:        Discussion of Cases in Closed
                      Chapter 9 (Organizing and        Universe; Introduction to Case
                      Writing Discussion Using         Synthesis; Organization of Multiple
                      Multiple Authorities); Chapter   Authorities in IREAC; Writing            UNGRADED ASSIGNMENT: BRING TO CLASS
Week 5                12 (Organizing the Discussion    Discussion Using Multiple Authorities;   TWO HARD COPIES OF BRIEFS OF ALL CASES IN
Week of February 9    Section for Your Reader)         Revision.                                CLOSED UNIVERSE.

                                                                                                Optional Memo-Drafting Review (Professor Jones)
Monday, February                                                                                If you unable to attend, the Review will be video
16th 5:30 p.m. -                                                                                taped and available to check-out at the Library
6:20 p.m.                                                                                       reserve desk.

Week 6
Week of February 16                                    NO CLASS - CONFERENCES                   Prepare for Conference

                                                       All students must attend a Mandatory
                                                       Plagiarism Workshop presented by         Date/Time will be posted on Lexis Course Web
                                                       Dean Sergienko in addition to            Page. If you are unable to attend the Workshop,
                                                       attending the individual conference      it will be video taped and available to check-out
Week 6                                                 with your instructor this week.          at the Library reserve desk.

                      ALWD: Appendix 6 (sample         Using Citations within a Memo, Citing    WA2 DUE (FINAL DRAFT OF CLOSED UNIVERSE
                      memo with citations included);   signals and quotations; Overview of      MEMO) (25% of Final Grade); Bring ALWD text to
Week 7                Rule 44 & 47-49; Edwards:        Final Memo Assignment; Discuss           class; Final memorandum assignment will be
Week of February 23   Chapter 14 (Citation Form)       Research Plan for Final Memo             posted on Lexis Course Web Page.

                                                       FIRST HALF: Research Class (class
                                                       taught by librarian) - Researching for
                                                       final memorandum; SECOND HALF:
Week 8                                                 Citating secondary sources and
Week of March 2       ALWD: Rules 13, 14, 23-26.       statutes; Citation Review                Bring ALWD text to class

                                                       Students must attend Lexis-Nexis
                                                       training during week 8 (sign up for
                                                       training in WSU library)                 Continue research for WA 5

                                                                       2                                                       PSI Syllabus
                                                                                         Citations Quiz (15% of Final Grade); Bring ALWD
                                                                                         text to class; WA3 DUE (RESEARCH PLAN and
Week 9                                           Take Citations Quiz; Discuss research   RESULTS OF PRINT RESEARCH PROJECT) (5% of
Week of March 9                                  results                                 Final Grade)
                                                 Students must attend Westlaw training
                                                 during week 9 (sign up for training in
                                                 WSU library)                           Continue research for WA 5

                                                     Discuss further research results; Using
                                                     topic sentences and paragraphs
                                                     effectively; Case Synthesis; Advanced
Week 10            Edwards: Chapter 10 (Writing      Argumentation; Discuss Large-Scale      WA4 DUE (RESEARCH REPORT FOR FINAL MEMO
Week of March 23   the Analysis of Multiple Issues.) Organization for Final Memo             and OUTLINE OF WA5) (5% of Final Grade)

                                                 Research Class (taught by librarians)
Week 11                                          print vs. online research and advanced WA5 DUE (FIRST DRAFT OF FINAL MEMO) (20%
Week of March 30                                 Westlaw and Lexis training.            of Final Grade)

                                                 FIRST HALF: Editing and Revising the
                                                 Objective Memo; Review Sample
                                                 Student Memorandums from WA5 ;          Recommended Reading: Law School Exams,
Week 12                                          SECOND HALF: Exam writing               Preparing and Writing to Win (Calleros) Part Four
Week of April 6                                  workshop                                (chapters 8-12) (on reserve in the library)

                                                 Questions and Answers regarding WA
Week 13            Edwards: Chapter 15 (Revising 6; Semester wrap-up; complete
Week of April 12   for Usage and Style)          teacher evaluations.

Week 14
Week of April 20                                 NO CLASS - CONFERENCES

                                                                3                                                       PSI Syllabus
April 27th 6:30 p.m.
Memo must be
time/date stamped
and placed in
instructor's mailbox       WA6 DUE (FINAL DRAFT OF FINAL MEMO) (25%
on the 3rd Floor.          of Final Grade)

                       4                             PSI Syllabus

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