Strategic Marketing Plan Strategy Eveluation

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					National Training Collaborative
     for Social Marketing
             Session Eleven
             Working with the
             Production Team
Session Objectives
 List criteria for selecting an advertising
 Describe ways to work effectively with the
  production team and media personnel
 Describe ways to build effective public-
  private partnerships
    What does an ad agency do?
    Creative process
    Selecting an ad agency
    Ad agency compensation
What Does The Production
Team Do?
   Formulate the plan
   Implement the plan
   Evaluate the plan
Formulate the Plan
   Develop relationship with production
    team during formative research
   Reviews research findings and other
   Develops a communication plan
Implement the Plan
     Develop messages
         Layouts, storyboard, scripts
Evaluate Plan
   Include pretesting of message
   Review data you collect
   Commission tracking studies
   Conduct a “post-buy analysis”
Agency Organization
   Full service agencies
   Smaller agencies
Account Service Department
   Point of contact
   Strategic planning
   Market research
   Project management
Media Department
   Planning
   Buying and negotiation
   Performance verification
   Evaluation of media plan
Research Department
   Rarely found within agency
   Most subcontract with research firms
   Use published research and
    commercial data-bases
   Importance of formative research
Creative Services
   Layout and design
   Copywriting
   Broadcast and production supervision
Production Department
   Translates concepts into tangible
   Production art
   Supervision of outside production
   Provide client with written estimates
    of costs
Traffic Department
   Handles the scheduling of projects
   Manages deadlines
Billing Department
   Maintains ledger
Creative Process
    Collaboration and mutual respect
    Clear role definition
    Flexibility
    Ability to handle conflict well
Working With the Creative
    Define roles and expectations
    Hold joint sessions to develop
     communication plan
    Review approval points and criteria
     you will use
    Determine how other “clients” will be
     involved in approval process
Your Role as the Client
    Direct
    Inform
    Evaluate
    Focus on objectives
    Set priorities
    Be sure materials are “on strategy”
    Background information on project
    Information on organizational
    Stress the importance of pretesting
   Do not allow a lot of time and money to be
    spent on untested final products
Approval at Key Points
    Approve materials at check points
    Approve production timing, location,
     casting, etc.
    Approve media plan
    Approve final materials
Avoid Common Problems
   Stay out of the creative process
   Do not rewrite copy or suggest
   Do not change strategy midstream
Agency Compensation
     Types of compensation
       Fixed price
       Individual job costs

       Retainers

       Consultants

     Be sure you understand all terms
      before negotiating
Selecting an Agency
 Needs versus budget
 Full service agency
 What can be done in house?
Agency’s Experience
    Most sophisticated work
    Least expensive work
    Has the agency worked with a budget
     similar to the size of yours?
    Ask for a sample and/or reference of
     work on your scale
Size of the Agency
    Will you get lost in a large agency?
    Will a smaller agency provide the
     service you need?
Review Previous Work
   Review a full range of types of work
   Work similar to your project
   Work completed by staff who will
    work on your project
   Meet and review the work of outside
   On schedule
   Continuity of project team
   Access to account rep
   How conflict was handled
   Satisfied
   Suggestions
   Tell them what is available
   Establish product parameters
Social Marketer’s Role
    Content expertise
    Formative research
    Continuity between research and
    Pretesting
    Budget
Role of the Agency
    Concepts
    Creative and production
    Communication plan
    Media planning and buying
    Don’t treat pretesting as a chance to
     do creative work
    Don’t treat pretesting as a design or
     evaluation phase
    Compromise and negotiate
    Products on strategy
Handling Differences of Opinion
    The data are the authority
    Avoid them:
        Include the agency in the research
        Include the agency in the development
         of the communication plan

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