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                                       Chapter #241
                                          Salina, Kansas

                                         May Program

                          SHRMA Monthly Meeting – May 18th
                   The speaker for our chapter meeting will be
               Dusty Moshier, who will be doing a presentation on
                  HR Hot Topics. This will include identity theft,
                 surveillance cameras, job references and much

      Thank you to The Arnold Group, our May Door Prize Sponsor!

                                  2006 SHRMA Officers

   President              President-Elect                  Secretary                   Treasurer
Karen Weber, PHR        Patrick Salmans, SPHR        Lise Ostenberg, SPHR             Kim Saaranen
      YMCA               Sunflower Bank N.A.          Bluestem Associates              MarketAide
  785-825-2151               785-826-2247                 785-820-1773                785-825-7161

        SHRMA Newsletter                         Page 1                                May 2006
                         Welcome New SHRMA Member!
                                  Susan Nickerson, APR
                                   West Regional Director
                                         Kansas 1st
                              Kansas Department of Commerce
                             332 E. 8th Street, Hays, KS 67601
                          Phone: 785-625-5654 Fax: 785-625-0092

                                  May Meeting Sponsor
                            Lakeside Recreational Park
Say goodbye to those UNINSPIRING company parties. Take your party
“OUTSIDE” this year to Lakeside Recreational Park! Located only 8 miles south
of Salina, our park includes a 20 acre lake with a sandy beach and 400 foot
waterslide. We also offer a pool, nature trails, fishing, picnicking, beach
volleyball, paintball and an air-conditioned clubhouse. With our inexpensive rates
we can accommodate companies small and large alike. Visit us at or call Marcee at 785-822-5001 for more information.

                                   SHRMA Breakfast
Mark your calendars, we are having a SHRMA breakfast at Country Inn and Suites on
Tuesday, June 27 from 7:30-9:00 a.m. This will be in addition to our regular monthly
meeting on June 15th.

Deb Marceline will be giving a presentation on FISH!. If you aren't familiar with FISH!, it's a
best selling book that addresses today's most pressing work issues such as employee
retention and burnout. The concept of FISH! offers wisdom that is easy to grasp, instantly
applicable and profound. It's also a lot of fun!

                   5/18/06                  6/15/06                 6/27/06
              SHRMA Monthly            SHRMA Monthly           SHRMA Breakfast
                   Meeting                  Meeting           Country Inn & Suites
               Western Sizzlin’         Western Sizzlin’             Hotel
             11:30 am – 1:00 pm       11:30 am – 1:00 pm       7:30 am – 9:00 am

      SHRMA Newsletter                       Page 2                              May 2006
                                        Our Future….
                          SHRMA has awarded a $250 scholarship to Chelsey
                          Mueller from Southeast of Saline High School. Chelsey
                          is an outstanding student who plans to go on to college to
                          pursue a business degree. Congratulations Chelsey!

                                   Speaker Requests

The SHRMA President will periodically receive requests from organizations, schools, or other
SHRM chapter members for speakers. A group may be looking for a speaker on a specific
topic like sexual harassment training. A group may also request a speaker on broad HR
issues, etc. It is hard for one or two people to know all 100 SHRMA members. Our chapter
is attempting to create a speaker list that the President will pass on from year to year.

Placing your name on this list only means that the President will give your business contact
information to the person requesting a speaker on a subject that matches your expertise, and
they can contact you personally. Placing your name on the list does not mean that you are
committing to anything.

If you would be interested in being placed on a speaker list, please email me at

Please list any specific topics you've done in past presentations, otherwise, your name alone
would be fine. Thank you for your help.

                   Newsletter comments, announcements, corrections:
                    contact: Ruth Wassenberg –

                               2006 State Conference

Mark your calendar for the State SHRM Conference held in Topeka on
September 20-22. You are able to register now and get the early bird price. If
you have not been, please consider going. It is a great time of networking and
gaining valuable HR knowledge. We have wonderful speakers such as
Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Johnny Taylor (from National SHRM), Hunter Lott
(our fall SHRMinar speaker) and many more. It is always a great time!

For all the details regarding the state conference, go to

      SHRMA Newsletter                      Page 3                             May 2006
Hello everyone!

Time seems to fly by! We are already in May and so many things are going
on in the SHRMA Chapter. Here are a few of the things we are planning:
      -upcoming fall SHRMinar
      -fall certification study group
      -joint meeting with Manhattan for August
      -special breakfast meeting June 27
      -co-sponsoring a Dress For Success Clothing Drive
      -a job mentoring program in the fall
All of these things are working toward our goals of "serving the
professional/advancing the HR profession". SHRMA is a great organization
to be a part of and I trust that you will find a way to get involved. If you are
thinking, "I don't go to very many of the meetings and I don't know very many
people", don't let that stop you. Becoming involved is the best way to get to
know people and make the connections. One of the best parts about being a
SHRMA member is developing relationships and having people you can use
as a resource when questions come up in your job.

Please join us at our monthly meetings - 3rd Thursday of the month!

Karen Weber, PHR

    SHRMA Newsletter                 Page 4                         May 2006
       Thank You to the following newsletter sponsors:

  John Wood & Associates                                       BACK SAFE
   1112 Albert Ave. PO Box 3408                   Dr. Michael D. McIrvin, D.C., IPS Specialist
      Salina, KS 67402-3408                                115 E. Marlin, Ste. 109
       Office: 785-827-9099                                McPherson, KS 67460
           800-921-0085                                     Office: 620-241-8822
        Fax: 785-827-0215                        

   AFLAC Regional Office                                Kennedy and Coe, LLC
     Brad Schumacher                                        3030 Courtland Circle
  718 Main, Ste. 205, PO Box 762                              Salina, KS 67401
         Hays, KS 67601                                     Office: 785-825-1561
       Office: 866-825-7527                                  Fax: 785-825-5371
        Fax: 888-817-4206                             

                                                 Human Resource Management Consulting
Brown Mackie College - Salina
      Garnett Zamboni                              Lise K. Ostenberg, P.E., SPHR
    Director of Career Services                       Bluestem Associates, Inc.
        2106 S. Ninth Street                             5344 N. Crystal Springs Rd.
         Salina, KS 67401                                      Salina, KS 67401
   785-825-5422 or 800-365-0433                            Phone: (785) 820-1773
        Fax: 785-827-7623                              Email:

                            Regional Recruitment Site
             - Click on Employment

                                    Cindy Issitt
                             Human Resources Director
                                     PO Box 80
                                  Salina, KS 67401
                      Office: 785.823.1111 Fax: 785.823.2034

                         Your name could be here!
    If you would like to become a newsletter sponsor, contact Kim Saaranen at
            Marketaide, or 785-825-7161.

  SHRMA Newsletter                      Page 5                                 May 2006

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