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October 15, 2003

I.    Mission Statement

“Our mission is to proactively educate students and alumni to make
informed career decisions and provide them with counseling, teaching,
training, resources, plus consultation and employment-related services
necessary to optimize their lifespan career development; and to support
institutional outcomes through employment data collection.”

II.   Vision Statement

      It is the vision of the Career Services office to be the foremost career center in the State of Kansas.
      With a reputation for excellence, we incorporate change and constant improvement of programs to
      serve our students, faculty, university and employer community.

       The Career Services Office is a comprehensive career development center committed to supporting the
      organizational mission of Pittsburg State University, and to providing excellence in career development
      services and programs to the students, employers, and faculty whom comprise our rural university
      community. The single most important resource in our mandate of excellence is the value of the Staff of
      the Career Services Office as individuals and as professionals in their field.

      Pittsburg State University Career Services is an integral part of the University's participation in the
      intellectual, social, cultural, technological and economical growth within the region and beyond.

      Accordingly, The Career Service Office is committed to the:
             Professional and career development needs of all our students and alumni;
             Academic support needs of our faculty, encouraging cooperative and collaborative
               relationships across campus;
             Organizational needs of our University;
             Consulting needs of our area schools and business communities;
             Workforce/place needs of our employers;
             Technological up-dates of our services and current industry standards/practices;
             Career-related education of our students through classroom presentations,
               workshops and the Career Exploration courses.

       Implement computer hardware upgrade plan and marketing plan for current technologies. At
       the end of FY2003 the 5-year Title III grant awarded to PSU Student Affairs will end. The
       grant provided funding for computer hardware and other technologies. In order to keep the
       unit hardware upgraded and current it will be necessary to implement a program whereby
       equipment is purchased and down streamed on a yearly basis.

   1. Purchase a minimum of 3 computers at the beginning of every fiscal year.
         a. Review and target computer needs at the beginning of every summer and purchase
             replacements After July 1 according to need in the following order:
                  i. Full time office staff
                 ii. Graduate assistants
                iii. Reception desk stations
                iv. Career Library
                 v. Other student used machines
         b. As a summer project down stream all computers to the Career Library or other student use

   2. Funding for new computers will need to be targeted, identified and secured.
         a. Continue to solicit sponsorship funding from employers for career fair sponsorship, interview
            room sponsorship and web page sponsorship.
         b. Review and downsize student employment budget to secure funding.
         c. Reorganize office personnel responsibilities and duties to identify staffing needs.

   3. Market video teleconferencing system to students, employers, and campus constituencies.
         a. Advertise available of Polycom System to students in bi-monthly newsletter.
         b. Place Polycom marketing flyers in all employer interview and career fair packets.
         c. Announce Polycom availability at the New Faculty Orientation each summer.
         d. Advertise Polycom system on our web page, especially the student and employer pages.

 Performance Measurement: The effectiveness of a computer technology upgrade program in the Career
Services unit will be measured by the number of computers purchased and down streamed each fiscal year.

The number of clients scheduling to use the system each fiscal year will evaluate the quality and
effectiveness of the marketing plan for the Polycom Video Teleconferencing program.

2 Goal:

               To better serve our students, provide Classified, Unclassified, and student employees
               the tools and information to familiarize themselves with the Career Services Online

               1. Provide training session for “Train the Trainers” group as well as other pertinent Student
                  Affairs division representatives so that they may disseminate the most current
                  information to their offices/students concerning the Career Services Online program.

              2. Provide training session for the student employees of the Horace Mann computer lab in
                 order for them to provide accurate assistance to students who may need their aid with the
                 Career Services Online program.

              3. Provide regularly scheduled workshops regarding the Career Services Online program.
                 These workshops will be open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Performance Measurement: Track the number of training sessions and presentations given regarding the
       Career Services Online program. Give a brief Likert Scale survey to all participants regarding their
       impressions of the training experience.

3 Goal:

              Make the student employment process more automated and provide appropriate
              training to campus personnel regarding this process.       Update the Student
              Employment/Supervisor handbook and make available on-line.

              1. To fill an immediate need, make the student employment appointment form available in
                 adobe format online rather than hard copy. This will allow on-campus employers the
                 opportunity to complete the form online and prevent them from having to purchase forms
                 from the supply office.

              2. Revise and update the Student Employment/Supervisor handbook and make available on-
                 line at the Human Resources Services and Student Employment Office website.

              3. Collaborate with Human Resource Services to present information to departmental
                 “timekeepers” and supervisors on the proper Student Employment processes and
                 paperwork that must be completed in order to comply with University, state, and federal
                 policies and laws.

Performance Measurement: Track the number of questions or complaints from all client users of the
automated appointment form and make changes where appropriate.

4 Goal:

              Experiential Education programs are increasingly becoming a tool utilized by
              employers and offered to students to enhance classroom learning and ultimately
              improve job opportunities after graduation by giving students valuable work
              experience and contact with potential future employers.

              Pittsburg State University’s present system of experiential education utilizes a
              decentralized system with all program activities and evaluations performed at the
              departmental level by the appropriate individuals. Additionally, there is no central
              “recognized” entity that coordinates, publicizes, or enhances the activities or
              opportunities, or collects or reports data on the University’s behalf.

              Our goal is to:

       3.1 Organize an experiential education advisory board, made up of departmental
           coordinators, employers, and students. This group could assist with the overall
           facilitation of the program and develop stronger programs, which enrich student, faculty,
           and employer experiences and increase overall visibility of the program between the
           business community and the University.

             1. Contact departmental coordinators that organize experiential education opportunities in
                their respective area, employers that recruit and hire students in experiential education
                programs, and students that have or plan to participate in an experiential education

             2. Determine the number of constituencies interested in serving on this advisory board and
                form a group with equal representation.

       3.2 Create informational materials that explain the benefits and general requirements of
           experiential education programs. Such materials could include items such as brochures,
           handouts, websites, and newsletters. Also provide pertinent workshop opportunities for
           the advisory board, departmental coordinators, etc., e.g. the National Association of
           Colleges and Employers.

           1. Organize specific academic/program requirements (if any) and inform/educate students,
              employers, and other clients of these requirements.

           2. Highlight all experiential education courses and program requirements in the University
              catalog on its own distinct page. Additionally, experiential education courses should appear
              in semester schedules with each credit earning courses designated with a common course

           3. Invite advisory board, departmental coordinators, and other key representatives to various
              types of virtual seminars/workshops that are often offered by the National Association of
              Colleges and Employers

       3.3 Continue to develop and revise the PSU Experiential Education employment data report.

           1. Survey appropriate departmental coordinators for proper report information.

           2. Survey appropriate employers for proper report information.

           3. Survey appropriate students for proper report information.

Performance Measurement:

   The effectiveness of this advisory board will be measured accordingly if the group truly provides
    additional perspectives and support to those responsible for the administration of the experiential
    education programs as well as establish a positive communication mechanism for those involved.
   Both employers and students will measure the effectiveness of printed materials. Materials should
    increase overall visibility of experiential education programs offered at Pittsburg State University as
    well as promote its importance.
   The completed EDR for experiential education provides important information regarding available
    internships offered to PSU students. This report will be considered successful based on completeness of
    the report using the Kansas Board of Regents required 80% student contact rate, timeliness and
    comprehensiveness of the compiled data.


               To fulfill the new mission statement, Career Services will collect comprehensive
               employment and Career Services assessment data for Pittsburg State University
               including full time career employment data for undergraduate students, and
               employment data for graduate level and first professional level students in a timely
               manner. Comply with the Kansas Board of Regents request to obtain at least an 80%
               return rate from students during the reported fiscal year, and strive to reach a Student
               Affairs directive to obtain an 85% contact rate in each department. Report statistics of
               graduates six months out from graduation and complete and finish the report no later
               than 7.5 months from the end of the reported fiscal year. All data will be mailed in
               printed form to the University Community no later than nine (8) months from the end
               of the reported fiscal year.

           1. All data collected will be obtained primarily through surveys distributed to students by
              electronic mail, individual surveys of classes via instructors, direct solicitation at graduation
              services and senior exit fairs, and individual telephone calls and e-mails to students,
              graduates, faculty and family members.

           2. Experiences targeted for employment data reports include full time career (after graduation)
              employment and employment after graduate school.

           3. All mandates required by the Kansas Board of Regents will be followed in the data collection
              and reporting process. Collection criteria, data collected and methods of reporting according
              to KBOR will be followed.

           4. PSU would like to increase the standards required by the KBOR to meet employment data of
              85% per department for certificate, associate, undergraduate and graduate degrees.

           5. Career Services will begin survey of all students employed immediately at the end of each
              a. Staff responsible for data collection will attend each graduation service and begin calling
                 students and collecting data immediately after the end of each semester.
              b. Data for each reported fiscal year will be completed on the following target time periods:
                                         July graduation – completed mid-March of following year
                                         December graduation – completed mid-June the following year
                                         May graduation – completed mid-October of same year
                                         Rough draft of report – completed by December 1st of the same
                                         Final report – by February 15 (7.5 months following beginning
                                            of new fiscal year)

            c. Appropriate staff will attend the Student Financial Assistance and Senior Exit fairs each
               semester to try to obtain correct mailing addresses and information regarding
            d. A historical notebook will be assembled of Employment Data Reports (EDR’s) for the
               past 7 years that can be checked out from the Career Library by departments assembling
               information for accreditation of university academic programs.
            e. All supported materials collected will be retained in an organized manner for each
               graduate by major.

         6. Work to become compliant with the standards required for STUDENT CONSUMER
            INFORMATION that are regulated for Federal Financial Aid.
            a. Give a copy of the current EDR report to prospective students when inquiring about
               admission to Pittsburg State University.
            b. Link a copy of the current EDR report to the Consumer Information section of the
               Division of Student Affairs web page.
            c. List all licensing requirements for the state of Kansas for each program offered at PSU in
               our materials i.e. teacher certification programs, counselor and social work programs,

Performance Measurement: Performance will be measured by the content, accuracy and
timeliness of each fiscal year report. Reports will be done by the expected date and mailed
to all University offices within the stated time period.


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