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					January 25, 2006

CHDO and/or Owner of Rental Housing financed through the HOME Program

Enclosed please find the 2005 Annual Compliance Report and Instructions. The State is required to complete annual
reviews of rental housing development as per HOME regulations. I have included an instruction packet with the
report. The report covers the period from January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005. Please complete one packet for each
agreement (allocation of HOME funds) your organization has received. Complete the report in its entirety and do not
leave blanks. For those developments that are joint Housing Tax Credit/ HOME projects, please complete the first
page of this HOME report and attach copies of the HTC rent rolls. A Word/Excel version of the packet is available on
our website: www.kshousingcorp.org.

In September of 2004 and after several months of conducting a search and selection process, KHRC selected the
MITAS Corporation as its provider for housing software. This software system will enable KHRC to maintain
information for its Tax Credit, CHDO, TBRA and FDIC programs in a single database. In addition, the system will
enable both KHRC and management companies to conduct compliance tests and related reports for the participating
funding source programs. One such feature will be the submission of annual reports and related compliance
information online on an annual basis, rather than through the traditional hard copy.

Furthermore, properties with any one or more of these funding sources, will be able to conduct compliance tests and
process move-ins and transfers, on a needed basis throughout the year. KHRC is currently in the process of converting
its data and implementing the system for KHRC and 200 Housing Tax Credit and HOME properties. In 2006, KHRC
will offer this service to all management companies. There is no fee currently associated with the new system, no
software is required for installation and access will be via Internet.

Thus, for the rent roll portion of the annual report, please submit this electronically via e-mail, CD or Floppy disk
following the guidance provided in the instructions and the MITAS memo. This data will be used to for the initial
tenant data conversion in MITAS. For properties without computer support the Corporation will not require this year,
but in the near future will require electronic submission of tenant data for the rent roll.

The report is due no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 15, 2006. Please plan ahead and don’t be late. When you
return your report, it should be directed to my attention. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at
(785) 296-3649.


Bradley S. Reiff
CHDO Program Manager

                          HOME RENTAL HOUSING
This compliance report must be completed for all HOME CHDO properties. The monitoring
will review continuous compliance for each building and every low-income unit. The
compliance report shall cover the period January 1, 2005 through December 31, 2005 and is due
in our office no later than March 15, 2006.

Compliance reports are to be mailed to CHDO Program Manager, Kansas Housing Resources
Corporation, 611 S Kansas, Ste. 300, Topeka, Kansas 66603.

To complete the report correctly, please review the following instructions:

CHDO Information - List the name, address, telephone number and point of contact for the

Project Information – List the agreement number, address(es), city and county.

Income & Expense Data – The information provided should relate only to the properties
complete through the Agreement # listed in Project Information.
   1. Rental Income – Total actual rent collected for the year
   2. Other Income – Income received from other source (laundry, vending, etc.)
   3. Net Income – Rent Income plus Other
   4. Vacancy Rate – Percentage of vacancies
   5. Annual Expenses – Total expenses for the year (maintenance, operations, management,
   6. Replacement Reserve – Annual amount paid into a reserve account.
   7. Total Expenses - Annual expenses plus replacement reserve
   8. Net Operating Income (NOI) – Net Income less Total Expenses
   9. Annual Debt Services – Amount of Principal & Interest paid annually.
   10. Cash Flow – NOI less Debt Services
   11. Debt Coverage Ratio – NOI divided by Debt Service

Occupancy Information – The occupancy information includes the total number of units and a
break out into various categories.

Certifications – No explanation needed.

Rent Roll – List the name of the development and the county or metropolitan statistical area
where the development is located. Indicate if the development has rental assistance and the type
of assistance. See the MITAS memorandum for additional guidance.

       Building ID Number – List the HUD project number. Keep all individual project
       numbers and their units together. Do not scatter project information.
Apt. No. – List all of the apartment numbers in each building (BIN). This field is limited
to ten (10) characters. An abbreviated version of the whole apartment number may need
to be used.

Name – Provide the name of the head of household in the unit. Once we have
downloaded your 2005 information into the MITAS software you will need to input all
other household member names in separate fields.

Age – List the current age of the head of household.

Number of Current Occupants – Identify the number of people residing in each unit in

Number of Occupants at Move In – Identify the number of people residing in the unit at
move in.

Apartment Square Footage – Show the apartment square footage.

Number of Bedrooms – Show the total number of bedrooms in each unit.

Move-in Date – Show the legal move-in date which is the date of the original lease. For
acquisition/rehab properties the date will be the first certification date.

Move-out Date – If the tenant has vacated during the report period, the date of move-out
must be identified on the report. If the tenant or household transferred to another unit,
show the transfer date as the move-out date and then asterisk (*) the unit with an
explanation at the bottom of the page. The asterisk must be before the date. The move in
date could be either the actual date of move in or when a household originally qualified
under the tax credit program in an acquisition rehab property.

Annual Gross Income of Household at Move In – List the gross income of all household
members at the time of initial certification under guidelines for the HOME Program.

Total Household Rent – Enter the current gross rent (basic rent plus utility allowance).
If the tenant does not pay for utilities, do not include them. Include rent paid by a Rental
Assistance Agency such as HUD or Rural Development.

Last Recertification Date – Show the last date of recertification for the tenant. If no
recertification has taken place, leave the space blank. If there has been a waiver granted
by the IRS for recertification, list the last date the household was recertified, even if it
was several years back.

Last Recertification Income – List the gross income of the household as of the
recertification date.
       Exceeds 80% of the Area Median Income – Identify whether the household exceeds 80%
       of the Area Median Income (Yes/No). If the household income exceeds this amount yes
       should be indicated in the appropriate block.

       Unit Identity – Identify the unit as LIHTC, HOME, Market, or Common.

       Special Type Identity – If you have a target population listed on your application for tax
       credits (Family, Elderly, Assisted Living, Other, Mobility Impaired, Hearing Impaired,
       Vision Impaired, Mgrs Unit, Office, Security, Homeless, Adapted, Frail) or in your
       reservation agreement, you may have been allotted extra points in the allocation process.
       On the rent roll sheet, supply information on whether the tenant in a particular unit meets
       a target group by writing in that column the target group they met. Example: Jane Doe
       resides in Apt. 3 with her mobility impaired ten-year-old daughter. The project has a
       target/set aside for mobility impaired households. Ms. Doe falls in that category. In the
       Special Type Identity column, you would list “Mobility Impaired” to show that Ms. Doe
       meets the target/set aside population for the development.

       Fair Housing Accessible – As of 1993, all ground floor units in non-elevator buildings
       are to be accessible to persons with disabilities. If the building has an elevator, ALL units
       are to be accessible to persons with disabilities. Write the “yes” or “no” in this column to
       depict whether the unit is accessible to persons with disabilities under the Americans
       With Disability Act of 1993 (Some exceptions may apply).

Note: The Corporation will not allow for the use of management/owner created rent rolls.
We have selected MITAS as the software vendor and are currently implementing their
program. The Corporation will return rent rolls that are not completed to exact
specifications or are created on owner created spreadsheets.
                                                                                            The Mitas Group, Inc.
                                                                           1500 South Central Expressway, Suite 100
                                                                                           McKinney, Texas 75070
MITAS                                                                                              P: 800.847.6404
                                                                                                   F: 972.547.6493

        DATE: Sunday, November 14, 2010

                        To:                     Kris
                      From:                     Mark Otten, Mitas
                    Subject:                    Conversion of Kansas Rent
                                                Roll Spreadsheets

        GUIDANCE **

        The conversion program to import the Rent Roll spreadsheets requires that each file conform to the
        following standard. This standard applies both to the layout, or ordering, of the columns and rows, as
        well as the data they contain.

        The Rent Roll spreadsheet consists of a header area and a data area. The header area consists of the
        first 16 rows of the sheet. The remaining rows are considered data records. These need to begin on row
        17. Any variation from this will cause the conversion process to fail.

        The data is captured in the first 18 columns of data, Columns A through R. The column order must be
        consistent as shown in the sample spreadsheet.

        The data must be keyed according to the following specifications. All units, regardless of type or
        qualification need to be recorded on the sheet.

        Building ID Number (BIN) (List in BIN order)
        Needs to be listed on every data row. Listing it once at the top is insufficient.
        For HOME, list the IDIS activity number or 10 digit LOCCS project number.

        Apt Number (list all units in each BIN)
        This field is limited to 10 characters in MITAS. The building will have all location and address
        information, so no need to include street or building data in the Apt Number (Unit No) field.

        Names (list all tenants residing in the household)
        List Head of Household only, using Last Name, First Name. For example: Smith, Fred. Do not include
        other occupants.

        Ages (list all ages)
        List only the age of the Head of Household listed above
                                                                                    The Mitas Group, Inc.
                                                                     1500 South Central Expressway, Suite 100
                                                                                     McKinney, Texas 75070
MITAS                                                                                        P: 800.847.6404
                                                                                             F: 972.547.6493

        Number of Current Occupants
        No Change

        Number of Occupants at move in
        Not Needed. Do not include.

        Apartment Square Footage
        No change.

        Number of Bedrooms
        No change.

        Move In Date
        No change

        Move Out Date (use * when apt to apt move)
        No change
        Put asterisk (*) before the date. For example: *11/01/2005

        Annual Gross Income of Household at Move In
        No change

        Total Household Rent (Rent + Util)
        No change

        Last Recertification Date
        No change

        Last Recertification Income
        Not needed. Do not include

        Exceeds 80% of the Area Median Income (Yes/No)
        No change

        Unit Identity (LIHTC, MKT, Office, Mgrs Unit, Other)
        Use only the following designations:
                                                                                      The Mitas Group, Inc.
                                                                       1500 South Central Expressway, Suite 100
                                                                                       McKinney, Texas 75070
MITAS                                                                                          P: 800.847.6404
                                                                                               F: 972.547.6493

        Special Type (Hdcp, Homeless, Elderly, Family)
        Use only the following designations. Separate by a semicolon if you use more than one.
        Assisted Living
        Mobility Impaired
        Hearing Impaired
        Vision Impaired
        Mgrs Unit

        Fair Housing Accessible (Yes or No)
        No longer needed. Added to Special Type field.
                           Kansas HOME Rental Housing Annual Compliance Report
                            Beginning January 1, 2005 & Ending December 31, 2005
                                        DUE DATE: March 15, 2006
CHDO:                                                   Project Information
Contact:                                                Agreement #:
Address:                                                Address(es):

Telephone:                                                       City:

Income & Expense Data
Rental Income:                                                   Annual Expenses:
Other Income:                                                    Replacement Reserve:
Net Income:                                                      Total Expenses:
                                                                 Net Operating Income:
Vacancy Rate:                                            %       Annual Debt Service:
                                                                 Cash Flow:
                                                                 Debt Coverage Ratio:

General Occupancy Information
No. of Units:                                                    Total # of Family Units:
No. of HOME Units:                                               Total # of Elderly Units:
High HOME Units:                                                 Total # of Accessible Units:
Low HOME Units:                                                  Total # of Homeless Units:

1.             Were all tenants initially income qualified and was the verified through third party documentation?

2.               Is each HOME-assisted unit rent restricted under 24 CFR Part 92?

3.               Have annual recertifications been received from each low-income tenant (when applicable)?

4.               Did the income of any tenants of low-income units increase above the HOME Program Income Limits?

5.               If the answer to 4 is "Yes," was the rent level based upon 30% of the Tenant’s Income?

6.               Is each building within the project suitable for occupancy taking into account local health, safety, and
                 building codes?

7.               Has HOME eligible match been received during the reporting period (exempted property-taxes, etc.)? If yes,
                 attach a detailed report by property.

The Undersigned hereby certifies the information presented herein is true to the best of his or her knowledge and belief.

                     Typed or Printed                                                      Signature
Date:                                                           Title:

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