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					                                                             FIDELITY FUNDS / FIDELITY FUNDS II SICAV
                                                             PAYMENT BY ELECTRONIC BANK TRANSFER

PAYMENTS TO FIDELITY INVESTMENTS should be made direct to the relevant “Account Holding Bank”, depending on which currency you are settling in. In countries where
Bank of America does not have a branch, payment should be made through the listed Correspondent Bank. Please ensure your Bank also advises Bank of America NT & SA,
London direct, using SWIFT, when payment is being made via one of the Correspondent Banks. Occasionally, bank details change so please telephone Fidelity to check the
accuracy before transferring funds.

All transfer forms must include the following information:
 Application Form number and/or deal reference number
 Name of the sub-fund(s) you want to invest in
 Your Full Name
 Your Fidelity Account number
 Fidelity’s Bank Account number (relevant to your investment currency)
Currency                            Account Holding Bank                                        Account No.           Correspondent Bank
                                                                                                                      IBAN code
(AUD) Australian Dollar             Bank of America NT & SA: London                             17328 221             Bank of America NT & SA: Sydney
                                    Swift ID : BOFAGB22                                                               Swift ID: BOFAAUSX
                                                                                                                      IBAN: GB50BOFA16505017328221
(CAD) Canadian Dollar               Bank of America Canada: Toronto                             41113 225
                                    Swift ID: BOFACATT
(CHF) Swiss Franc                   Bank of America NT & SA: Geneva                             14721 016             IBAN: CH6308726000014721016
                                    Sort Code: 087260 Swift ID: BOFACH2X
                                    Clearing Code: 8726
(DKK) Danish Krona                  Bank of America NT & SA: London                             17328 130             Den Danske Bank AS: Copenhagen
                                    Swift ID : BOFAGB22                                                               Swift ID: DABADKKK
                                                                                                                      IBAN: GB82BOFA16505017328130
(GBP) Pound Sterling                Bank of America NT & SA: London                             17328 114             For payments via CHAPS
                                    Swift ID BOFAGB22                                                                 IBAN: GB29BOFA16505017328114
                                    Clearing Code 16 50 50
(GBP) Pound Sterling                Bank of America NT & SA: London                             17328 114             For payments via BACS
                                    Swift ID BOFAGB22
                                    Clearing Code 30 16 35
(HKD) Hong Kong Dollar              Bank of America NT & SA: Hong Kong                          86360 025
                                    Clearing Code: 055-757 Swift ID: BOFAHKHX
(JPY) Japanese Yen                  Bank of America NT & SA: Tokyo                              17581 029
                                    Clearing Code: 0403001 Swift ID: BOFAJPJX
(NOK) Norwegian Krona               Union Bank of Norway, Oslo                                  8200 0250402          IBAN: NO5582000250402
                                    Swift ID: UBNONOKK
(NZD) New Zealand Dollar            Bank of America NT & SA: London                             17328 164             Australia & New Zealand Banking Group:
                                    Swift ID : BOFAGB22                                                               Wellington NZ Swift ID: ANZBNZ22
                                                                                                                      IBAN: GB37BOFA16505017328164
(SEK) Swedish Krona                 SE Banken, Stockholm                                        58151003111           IBAN: SE6150000000058151003111
                                    Bankgirot : 5274-0883 Swift ID: ESSESESS
(SGD) Singapore Dollar              Bank of America NT & SA: Singapore                          43594 020
                                    Swift ID: BOFASG2X
(USD) United States Dollar          Bank of America NT & SA: New York                           6550704844
                                    CHIPS ID 352502, ABA 026009593 SwiftID:BOFAUS3N
Euro – Country of Residence
(EUR) Euro                          Bank of America NT & SA: London                             17328 205             Clients resident outside of Euroland zone
                                    Swift ID : BOFAGB22                                                               IBAN: GB94BOFA16505017328205
(EUR) Austria                       Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG, Vienna                       50670 699 801         IBAN: AT611200050670699801
                                    Clearing Code: 12000 Swift ID: BKAUATWW
(EUR) Belgium                       Bank of America NT & SA: Antwerp                            685 5237022 60        IBAN: BE73685523702260
                                    Swift ID: BOFABE3X
(EUR) Finland                       S E Banken, Helsinki                                        330100-19003391       IBAN: FI4533010019003391
                                    Swift ID: ESSEFIHX
(EUR) France                        Bank of America NT & SA: Paris                              18111 027             IBAN: FR7641219160100001811102785
                                    Clearing Code: 41219, Guichet Code: 16010, Clé RIB: 85
                                    Swift ID: BOFAFRPP
(EUR) Germany                       Bank of America NT & SA: Frankfurt                                                Residents only – new business
                                    Clearing Code: 50010900                                     15529018              IBAN: DE30500109000015529018
                                    Swift ID: BOFADEFX                                                                Residents only – top up business
                                                                                                15698011              IBAN: DE02500109000015698011
                                                                                                                      For institutional AND international payments
                                                                                                15220020              IBAN: DE06500109000015220020
(EUR) Ireland                       Bank of America NT & SA: Dublin                             51311 028             IBAN: IE18BOFA99006151311028
                                    Swift ID: BOFAIE3X
(EUR) Italy                         Bank of America NT & SA: Milan                              10802 027             IBAN: IT22N0338001600000010802027
                                    Swift ID: BOFAIT2X                                                                Non-resident a/c
(EUR) The Netherlands               Bank of America NT & SA: Amsterdam                          026 65 29 429         IBAN: NL22BOFA0266529429
                                    Swift ID: BOFANLNX
(EUR) Portugal                      Banco Espirito Santo, Lisbon                                000700990051881       IBAN: PT50000700990051881000277
                                    Swift ID: BESCPTPL                                          000277
(EUR) Spain                         Bank of America, Spanish Branch                             00 31824 721          IBAN: ES0614850001010031824721
                                    Swift ID: BOFAES2X
                                    Clearing Code: 1485.0001.01

                     April 2005                                                                                         CO13760

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