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									                                                                                  BAC Field Services Corporation
                                                                 New Contractor Application
 Company Information:
 Company Name:                                                                                            Phone No.:
 E-mail Address:                                                                                          Cell No.:
 Street Address:                                                                                          Fax No.:
 City, State, Zip:                                                                                        Emergency:
 Web Site/URC:                                                  Fed. Tax Id:                            Owner/Contact:
 Company Size                            # of Employees:                   # of Subs/Reps:                  # of Crew:
 Service Area:               Local             Regional        Nationwide     States Serviced: ________          Statewide:          Yes        No
 Zips (3 digits):
 Type of Service/# of years:                 Inspections: ____Yrs.      Property Preservation: ____Yrs.          REO: ____Yrs.

 Type of Business:           LLC              Corporation       Sole Proprietorship       Partnership        Non-Profit

 Have any claims been made in last 12 months against your services either insured of uninsured?                      Yes       No

 Additional Information:
 Last 12 months insurance claims history from your insurer                                                          Attached with Application

 Insurance Certificate:          Liability        E&O $__________           Workman Compensation                    Attached with Application

 Service Performance Scorecard and or Rating from your Major customers                                              Attached with Application

 Quality Control process to assure quality of services performed.                                                   Attached with Application

 Any Industry Licenses, Certifications and Recognition                                                              Attached with Application

 Terms & Conditions: Please check the boxes below to indicate your agreement

     Agree to give discount of         25%           20% on every invoice to BAC Field Services Coportation

     Service/Trip charge can not exceed $29.00                Eviction rate (per man, per hour): $20.00

     Liability Insurance required: Amount $1 Million dollars General Aggregate/General Liability and Errors & Omissions

     Must provide Workman compensation insurance per local and state laws

     If hired, Insurance must be in place and BAC Field Services Corporation is named as additional insured on binder.

     Work order completions are to be returned within 3 to 5 days.
     Invoice totals must reflect discount given & must be turned in within 10 days of completion

     Contractor agrees to resolve any invoicing disputes with BAC Field Services Corporation directly with in 90 days of the invoice due date &
     must not place a mechanic’s lien on any BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP properties.

     In no way is a contractor to perform any request that is in violation of any statue of state, county, or municipality.

 Customer References: Provide below three current or past clients that are representative of the work for which you wish to be considered.
 Customer/Contact Name                                                                                              Phone Number

                    Name/Signature:                                                                              Date:
                                                               (Owner/Company Officer)

Revised 03062009
                                          Business Background Questionnaire
1.    Name of each of your Management Officers and titles.
           Name:                                                          Title:                                    No. of Yrs:
           Name:                                                          Title:                                    No. of Yrs:
           Name:                                                          Title:                                    No. of Yrs:
           Name:                                                          Title:                                    No. of Yrs:
2.    How many years has your company been in the Property Preservation Industry?
3.    How many years has your company been in the Inspection Industry?
4.    How many years has your company been doing Eviction Services?
5.    How many other national field service companies do you work for?
       Company:                                                           No. of Yrs:                  Volume:
       Company:                                                           No. of Yrs:                  Volume:
       Company:                                                           No. of Yrs:                  Volume:
       Company:                                                           No. of Yrs:                  Volume:
6.     Where do you work out of?               Office Bldg      Home Office        Specify: _____________________________
7.     What are your business days of the week?                                                             To
8.     What are your weekday business hours?                                                                To
9.     What are your weekend business hours?                                                                To
10.    How many staff do you have?        Office:                     Field:                     Sub Contractors:
11.    Types of hardware (computers, cameras, etc.)

12.    Does your staff use digital cameras in the field?                                                   Yes          No
            A. If No, can you provide photos in a digital format?                                          Yes          No
            B. If Yes to 11A, what file formats can you send via email?
13.    Do you have Internet Service in your office?                                                        Yes          No
            If so, what is your operating system?
14.    Do you have hand held internet devices in the field?                                                Yes          No
        What type?                                                                        How Many?
15.    Do you have General Commercial Liability Insurance?                                                 Yes          No
          Insured by what Company?

         Dollar Amount of Coverage:

16.    Do you have Errors & Omissions Insurance?                                                           Yes          No
          Insured by what Company?

         Dollar Amount of Coverage:

17.    If your company is not awarded Primary Vendor, would you be willing to provide second estimates for the entire State(s)?

18.    Field Service or business organization affiliation(s):
       Name:                                                              Name:
       Name:                                                              Name:
                                              Executive Summary Outline
BAC Field Services Corporation would like to know about your company, please provide as much information as possible to assist us in
our vendor evaluation process.
Or, you may prepare and attach an Executive Summary document for submission that includes the following information.
Management Experience:
 Biography of each officer Field Services (work) history:

Business Background & Five Year Plan:
 How well is your performance rating?
 Statistical data of turn around time:
 Where have you worked before?
 Capacity for growth
Performance Management:
 Current staff levels and 5-yr projected staff levels:
 What is your working agreement with your sub-contractors?
 Background Checks:
 How do you insure quality staff?

 How do you insure quality in your results?

 Do you have training processes, if so what type of training do you provide?

Technology Capabilities & Five Year Plan:
 What type of work distribution system do you have in place?
 How do you map your work?
 What other types of technology do you use in your office?
Financial Strength & Risk Controls:
 Provide your last years Income Statements (last full year)        Attached, If no explain:
 Audited Financials           Attached, If no explain:

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