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					  Application Review Checklist - 2010 SECC Federation Requirements

____ Federation Information Sheet
____ All information complete (Verify „official‟ name for campaign purposes is the same on 990, Cert. of
Incorporation from Sec. of State and 501(c)(3) letter. Check for Federal Tax I.D. number. Verify address, phone number
and web address. Verify space is checked at top to indicate new or previous participant.)

______ Contact     information and title is provided
____ Check 25-word statement for accuracy, adherence to SECC guidelines.
____ Address, phone number and web address (if applicable) are included
____ Admin. Percent matches 990 (Carried two places beyond the decimal point.)
Most Recent Year Admin Percentage _________
Year 1 _________ Year 2 __________ Year 3 ______________
If organization is new (participating for the FIRST time in 2009)
and percentage is over 25.0, STOP here. They are ineligible.
______ Verify “services provided” statement is included. Verify statement addresses direct or
indirect health and human services.
____ SECC Application Page – Sections 1 – 5: All lines initialed
____Five active affiliates listed
____ Signature in place

____ Attachment A: Sec. State letter- Texas Cert. of Incorporation, Art. of Incorp. or Cert.
of Authority
____ Attachment B: IRS letter of determination – 501(c)(3) status letter
____ Attachment C: Form 990
____ Date must be after June 30, 2008 (If no date is listed, it is for the calendar year)

____ “Accrual” is marked (front page, top right or left under letter I or J)
         Cash basis of accounting accepted for organizations with revenues under $100,000
        (Not a deficiency if the organization marks “cash”, however please review closely)

____ Page 6 - signature of officer (mandatory) and signature of CPA (not mandatory)
        (if 990 is self prepared signature of officer is adequate)

____ Line 12 and 17 match revenue and expenses in CPA review/audit
(if not, look for reconciliation page and use those numbers for reconciliation.)
           Yes / No -- Reconciliation page (found on p.4 of the 990) OR
           Yes / No -- Letter of reconciliation from CPA or letter of clarification from staff if minor
         Federation Application Review Checklist 2010 -- Page 2

____ Attachment D - Audit required if revenue is $100,000 or more,
                    Full Accountant‟s Review if revenue is below $100,000

____ Covers same time period as Form 990

____ Attachment E. (Only if Admin. Expense is above 25 percent –
      Applies only to past participants.)

____Attachment F: Compliance letter from Board of Directors

____ Attachment G: Current fiscal letter designating federation
____ Fiscal letter included with each affiliate application

____Attachment H – Conflict of Interest Policy

____Attachment I – Compensation Disclosure, if applicable

____Attachment J – Current Operating Budget

____Attachment K – Appeal Responsibility

____Attachment L – Affiliate Acknowledgement
____ Affiliate Acknowledgement included with each affiliate application



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