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									      York Technical College
 Located in Rock Hill, SC
 Serves York, Chester, Lancaster Counties
 Public, 2-year, associate degree granting
 Part of SC system: 16 technical colleges
 Develop people = economic growth
 Credit and continuing education programs
    Entry Level Line Worker Program
    Admission to the Entry Level Line Worker Certificate
    program will be on a first-qualified, first-served
    basis based on the following:

   18 years of age
   High school graduate/GED (official copy required)
   DOT physical examination with drug screen
   Valid driver’s license
   Evidence of major medical insurance coverage. *
   Must read, sign and return Student Information
    Sheet and Acknowledgement of Risks Statement.
*   Candidates not covered by a major medical insurance plan will have the option of
    purchasing Temporary Health Insurance. Information and referral is provided by
    the college.
                   Tuition and Fees
$5,500 for 9-week program

Additional Costs
 Lineman boots
 Safety glasses
 Hand tools

More information regarding these requirements will be included in the

information provided to prospective students.
                   Career Description
            Line workers provide customers with
    electrical power and communications services
   Install and repair electrical lines that lead from the generating plant
    to customers’ homes
   Usually work in crews of 2 – 5 people; supervisor might be in
    charge of several crews
   Mainly work outdoors in all kinds of weather
   Sometimes work underground
   May be required to work rotating shifts, holidays and weekends to
    provide continuous service
   Can be on call 24 hours a day
   May have to travel to help surrounding areas after bad weather to
    help repair damaged areas
       Duties and Responsibilities
   Attaching equipment to poles before erecting them
   Climbing poles to install additional equipment
   Stringing wire conductors between poles and adjusting
   Opening switches or clamping ground wires
   Performing preventive maintenance checks
   Splicing and insulating conductors and related wiring to
    connect lines, transformers and electrical accessories
   Reading and interpreting service
    orders and circuit diagrams
   Repairing or replacing worn cables,
    wires or equipment
          Interests and Abilities
   Working outdoors
   Working with objects
   Performing duties that
    change frequently
   Making decisions based
    on measurable information
   Following set standards and diagrams
   Working under stress and at great heights
   Working independently or as part of a team
   Working in uncomfortable positions
                Job Outlook

 Line Workers held more than
  250,000 jobs in the U.S. in 2006
 Approximately 5,000 of them
  were in S.C.
 These numbers are expected to
  increase by 13 percent by 2014
        Show Me The Money
             in 2006
   Line workers averaged an
    annual salary of $52,055
    throughout the U.S.

   The annual median salary
    was $38,750 in S.C.
                 Financial Assistance
   WIA: Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds.

   NAFTA: North American Fair Trade Act (NAFTA) funds are available for employees
    whose jobs are directly affected by downsizing or company closure due to imports
    from foreign countries.

   TRADE: Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) is a federal program of the USDOL that
    provides reemployment services to workers who have been adversely impacted by
    increased imports or by shifts in production to another country.

   South Carolina Employment Security Offices/YTC Workforce Dev.
      Chester (803) 377-8147     Rock Hill (803) 328-3881
      Lancaster (803) 285-6966   York Tech (803) 327-8006

   FOUNDERS' FEDERAL CREDIT UNION: Student loans available at a reduced
    interest rate as low as 5 % for qualified applicants. 800-845-1614

   TERI: Guaranteed CE Loan Program designed to assist students with financing their
    education costs who are enrolled less than half time (
                    Contact Us
   Ken Strickland
    Program Manager


   Becky Cannon
    Administrative Specialist

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