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									                                                                Revised Family Parenting Pool Information as of June 22, 2004

POLLS AND SURVEYS ABOUT PARENTS, PARENTING, AND FAMILIES.                                                                       Update: December, 2004

This template contains some of the most recent survey and polls about families, parents, and parenting. Whenever possible, links to websites are identified to assist you in locating the study
or report so that you may read it in its entirety. If you are planning to survey parents, we hope that you will consider using existing questionnaires so that we can build a larger body of
knowledge about parents and parenting. If we ask some of the same questions, we can compare our answers across communities.
Family Surveys

TITLE:                     DATE SPONSOR                FOCUS / THEME                      STRUCTURE                             HOW TO FIND                    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
All Work and No Play?      2004 Wallace                The primary focus of this          The study is based on two national    Executive Summary              Complete report can be ordered
Listening to What Kids and      Foundation and         research is to provide reliable    random sample surveys conducted       available online at            from website:
Parents Really Want from        Public Agenda          data on what America's parents     in June 2004, one with 609 middle
Out of School Time                                     and young people want for out      and high school students, and one     /research/research_reports_    earch/research_reports_details.c
                                                       of school time and their           with 1,003 parents of school age      details.cfm?list=2             fm?list=2
                                                       experiences with it. It also       children.
                                                       provides information on the
                                                       challenges facing low income
                                                       and minority families.
Turning Point: Engaging      2004 AD Council           Provides information obtained      Strategies are based upon 30+         *                              This is a forty page report can
the Public on Behalf of                                from public opinion studies.       interviews with experts from the   be downloaded. Oversampling
Children                                               This report provides research      fields of marketing, advertising,     /commitment_children_turni     occurs with 60 African-American
                                                       findings and communication         communications and community          ng_point_report.pdf            and Hispanic American parents
                                                       strategies for encouraging         outreach. Also, surveys from 1,000                                   with children under 18 residing
                                                       public involvement in working on   adults and materials from the AD                                     in the household. Results are
                                                       children's issues.                 Council from the past 8 years                                        provided in the appendix.
Snapshots of America's       2004 Urban Institute      Snapshots of how the American These surveys are based on                 Full reports are online at:    Excellent information. 27
Families: Tracking Change         and Child Trends     family has changed since 1997. interviews with 40,000 people over      variables were measured.
1997-2002                                              Variables included: health,     the age of 65 in 13 states.              earch/NewFederalism/NSA        Graphical spreadsheets were
                                                       insurance coverage and use,                                              F/Snapshots/Snapshots.htm      available with national data and
                                                       marriage and family structure,                                                                          survey data. Both
                                                       family environment, child well-                                                                         questionnaires and survey
                                                       being and participation in                                                                              methodology are available.
                                                       government programs.

A National Survey of         2004 Center for           This study covers many broad       Interviews and questionnaires used    Information from all three     This can be an important source
Families and Households           Demography,          areas and was designed to          to gather information from adults,    waves can be accessed          of information on demographic
                                  University of        provide a database for             children and youth in 13,007          online at:                     trends for families.
                                  Wisconsin            researchers. A five page list of   households with an over sample of      Methodology is absent from web
                                                       Working Papers is online and       African-America, Mexican American,    e.htm                          site.
                                                       easy to access.                    Puerto Rican, single parents, newly
                                                                                          married couples, step families, and
                                                                                          cohabitating couples.

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                                                               Revised Family Parenting Pool Information as of June 22, 2004

What Counts: Measuring       2003 The Colorado         Designed to provide a in-depth    Methodology was taken from 36            The Colorado Foundation       Provides in-depth analysis of
Indicators of Family Well-        Foundation For       examination of which familial     research studies comprising of data      For Families and Children     variables to measure family well-
Being                             Families and         patterns account for success of   classified by the following: 1. Public   303 E 17th Ave #400           being based upon health,
                                  Children             children                          priorities 2. Public Family Surveys 3.   Denver, CO 80203 303-837-     economic, education community
                                                                                          Research and Evaluation 4. Private      8466                          supports and cultural dynamics
                                                                                         Sector/Polling Data                      http://www.coloradofoundati

Reader's Digest Family       2003 Reader's Digest & Financial situation, Physical    Telephone survey of a nationally             Not online. An Executive      This looks like a very valuable
Index                             The Gallup        Well-being and Access to Care, representative sample of 2,000                 Summary can be obtained       survey that could help many
                                  Organization      Emotional Well-being, Family     adults, updated biannually.                  by writing: Mary Adamovic.    different audiences understand
                                                    Relationships, Raising Children,                                               Reader's Digest              parents and families. It is too
                                                    Disciplining Children,                                                        Association. Reader's         inaccessible to achieve much
                                                    Community,                                                                    Digest Road. Pleasantville,   public good.
                                                    Values/Ethics/Religion                                                        NY 10570. Main Number
                                                                                                                                  914-238-1000. The 52
                                                                                                                                  page full report can be
                                                                                                                                  obtained for $500 at the
                                                                                                                                  address above.
Family Strengths             2002 Child Trends         An analysis of 6 measures of      A review of what is currently known The full report is well worth
                                                       family strengths: Positive        about family strengths from 3       es/FamilyStrengths.pdf         ordering and reading.
                                                       Parental Mental Health,           surveys: 1997 National Longitudinal
                                                       Household Routines, Time Use,     Survey of Youth and the National
                                                       Communication and Praise,         Survey of American Families
                                                       Monitoring Supervision and        conducted in 1997, 1999, and 2002,
                                                       Involvement, and Parent-Child     and the National Educational
                                                       Warmth and Supportiveness.        Longitudinal Survey.

Parent Surveys

TITLE:                       DATE SPONSOR              FOCUS / THEME                     STRUCTURE                                HOW TO FIND                ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
A Parent Report Card:        2002 Early Childhood      To determine how parents feel     Over 7,500 parents responded to a        Available online at
Universal Prekindergarten         Strategic Group      about the Universal               questionnaire distributed by   
in New York City-What             Resource Center      Prekindergarten program in New    Community School Districts to            s/ParentReportCard.pdf
Parents Really Think              and the Center for   York City                         schools and organizations offering
                                  Early Care and                                         UPK services. The questionnaire
                                  Education                                              was designed with input from staff
                                                                                         and the UPK Advisory Board of
                                                                                         Community School District 11. One
                                                                                         if five of the families enrolled

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                                                               Revised Family Parenting Pool Information as of June 22, 2004

Charting Parenthood: A         2002 Child Trends       This report seeks to expand the    This report draws on thirteen federal    This data is available online    This report's bibliography cites
Statistical Portrait of                                understanding of parenting         and privately collected national         at                               many significant studies that
Fathers and Mothers in                                 issues by including men in the     surveys to present information on   look at the impact of parent
America                                                data and offering the best data    more than 40 measures of                 es/ParenthoodRpt2002.pdf         behaviors on child outcomes.
                                                       for both fathers and mothers for   parenting, family formation, and
                                                       more than 40 indicators of         fertility. Each indicator is described
                                                       parenting, fertility, and family   based on current research and then
                                                       formation.                         followed by a review of basic trends
                                                                                          and population subgroup differences.

Raising Healthy Teens          2002 Positive Parenting This study was designed to         A series of focus groups was             Available online to the
      Positive Parenting for        for Adolescent     gather comprehensive               conducted with parents of                public at
Adolescent Health: A                Health Consortium information about the values,       adolescents aged 12-18 in the Twin       http://www.parenting.umn.e
Study of Parents of Teens                              behaviors, needs and opinions      Cities. A community based advisory       du/Raising%20Heathy%20T
in the Twin Cities Metro                               of parents. The findings are       group evaluated design, assisted in      eens/Raising%20Healthy%2
Area                                                   intended as an information base    the pilot testing of instruments and     0Teens.html
                                                       for a social marketing campaign    recruited parents. Focus groups
                                                       designed to educate parents        were conducted in partnership with
                                                       about their role in promoting      community based organizations.
                                                       teen health.                       Mixed method surveys gathered
                                                                                          additional data from focus group
                                                                                          participants. Key informant
                                                                                          interviews informed study design,
                                                                                          provided important information not
                                                                                          obtainable in focus groups and
                                                                                          assisted in understanding
                                                                                          information provided by parents.

Building Strong Families       2004 Search Institute   This survey was designed to        A telephone survey was conducted         Available online at
2004: A Study of African            and the YMCA of    test whether findings of a 2002    on 685 African American parents
American and                        the USA            parent survey held true for        and 639 Latina/o parents. Focus
Latino/Latina Parents in                               African American and Latina/o      groups were conducted with 16            4.html
the United States                                      parents and deepen exploration     African American parents and 24
                                                       of primary parenting areas.        Latina/o parents in New York and

Supporting Teachers,    2004 National                  This was a telephone survey of     Telephone surveys were completed         Draft copy only available.   Preliminary data only is
Strengthening Families       Association for           parents to examine family          on 1014 parents from October 21-         Not currently available      available at this time.
Family Research Summary      the Education of          perspectives on early childhood    24, 2004.                                online. Will be available at
                             Young Children            care and education                                                
                                                                                                                                   ng.asp at some point

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                                                                Revised Family Parenting Pool Information as of June 22, 2004

National Parenting Survey    2003 Dr. Philip McGraw This questionnaire presents an         The questionnaire was give to 20,       Available online at         Limited survey results online.
                                                    overview of parents in the             031 volunteers who were either in
                                                    United Sates and their parenting       the studio for Dr. McGraw's             e/advice.jhtml?contentId=pa
                                                    strategies                             television show or at home on the       renting_survey.xml&section
                                                                                           internet. The research was done in      =Parenting
                                                                                           accordance with APA guidelines.         subsection=Raising+Kids

Fragile Families and Child   2003 Princeton             This was a five year study of      Baseline interviews with 4,898          Public use data is online.    Excellent information on
Wellbeing                         University's          mostly unwed parents and their     mothers and 3,830 fathers in 2-98       10 pages of Working           unmarried parents.
                                  Center for            children to understand the         and 9-00. One year follow-up            Papers are online at:         Methodology available online.
                                  Research on           effects of public policies and     interviews of 4,365 mothers and
                                  Child Wellbeing       welfare reform, the conditions     3,367 fathers. Three Year follow-up     gilefamilies/data.asp
                                  and Columbia          and capabilities of unwed          info is due out in late 2004 / early
                                  University's Social   parents, especially fathers, and   2005. 3,600 unmarried and 1,100
                                  Indicators Center.    the nature of the relationships    married couples were interviewed in
                                                        between unwed parents.             75 hospitals in 20 cities. Five year
                                                                                           follow-up winter 2006.
Prevention and Family        2003 Casey Family          Provides insight from parents      Information from 10 parent focus        Family Support America 20     Interesting insights however
Support Parent Focus              Program and           including what it means to be a    groups across the country               N Wacker Dr. Ste 1100         focus group participators may
Group Site Reports                Family Support        good parent, how community                                                 Chicago, IL 60606 312-338-    not accurately represent the at
                                  America               assists or hinders parents                                                 0900                          large community. Still in draft
                                                                                                                                   http://www.familysupportam    stage.

Discipline and               2003 Frameworks          Public perspectives on: Parents      An examination of more than 100         The entire report is online   Looks at the impact of public
Development: A Meta-              Institute & Prevent and Children, Child                  surveys and focus group reports         at:                           opinion and knowledge on
Analysis of Public                Child Abuse         Development and Child Abuse.         from the past six years to        public policy. There was no
Perceptions of Parents,                               Trends in funding and political      understand the public beliefs that      learn_more/research_docs/     indication of samples for studies.
Parenting, Child                                      priorities.                          may influence policy. Researchers       meta%20final.pdf
Development and Child                                                                      looked at the surveys' results in
Abuse                                                                                      combinations to determine if there
                                                                                           were commonalities that could lead
                                                                                           to larger generalizations of results.

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                                                            Revised Family Parenting Pool Information as of June 22, 2004

2003 Meaningful Time        2003 Boys & Girls       Parents' perceptions of:             Computer-assisted telephone   The full report to be easy to
Check-up on U.S. Children        Clubs of America   Physical Well-Being, Emotional       interviews of 1,000 parents and        ments/pdf/Meaningful_Time read. The questionnaire is
and Families                     and KidsPeace      Well-Being and Education of          caregivers.                            _US_Check-Up_Report.pdf available online as well.
                                                    U.S. Children; Parents' Rating
                                                    of Parenting and Children in the
                                                    United States.

Building Strong Families.   2002 YMCA of the USA The report highlights what it is        Telephone interviews with 1,005        http://www.abundantassets. Search Institute is working on
An In-Depth Report on a          and Search      like to be a parent today, what         parents and in-depth interviews with   org/pdfs/BSF-Highlights.pdf adding more information
Preliminary Survey on            Institute       challenges parents face, what           parents and community leaders.                                     regarding Hispanic and African-
What Parents Need to                             they need to sustain them.              The results may not be                                             American parents to this initial
Succeed                                          Many of the key findings do not         generalizable to the population as a                               poll. This piece is readable and
                                                 fit commonly-held perceptions           whole.                                                             highly informative with the full
                                                 of parents and parenting.                                                                                  set of interview questions
                                                                                                                                                            available at the end of the report.

A Lot Easier Said Than      2002 Public Agenda      The research explores how            Telephone surveys with a national This is a highly informative
Done. Parents Talk About                            parents are parenting, what          random sample of 1,607 parents or      /research/research_reports_ report. Its only drawback is that
Raising Children in Today's                         helps them to be better parents,     guardians of children aged 5-17.       details.cfm?list=15         the surveys were done in the
America                                             and what interferes with their       Preceded by 12 focus groups in                                     summer of 2002, a time when
                                                    ability to do their best. There is   various locations in U.S.                                          there was intense media
                                                    also a section on parenting                                                                             coverage of three cases of child
                                                    teens. The Survey was                                                                                   abduction, molestation and
                                                    completed in 2002.                                                                                      murder, along with disclosure of
                                                                                                                                                            sexual abuse by Catholic
                                                                                                                                                            priests. Although the focus
                                                                                                                                                            groups took place before these
                                                                                                                                                            events occurred and were
                                                                                                                                                            similar to the survey responses,
                                                                                                                                                            one can't help but wonder about
                                                                                                                                                            the impact of these media
                                                                                                                                                            events on survey responses.

Talking with Kids About     2001 Children Now,      The survey explores how              Telephone interviews with 1,249        * The Summary of            Resources and communication
Tough Issues: A National         Nickelodeon and    parents are talking with their       parents of children ages 8-15, and     Findings, Detailed Survey   tips for parents are online at:
Survey of Parents and Kids.      Kaiser Family      children about tough issues:         823 children ages 8-15. African-       Results and Survey Charts
                                 Foundation         teasing and bullying,                American and Hispanic parents          are online at:
                                                    discrimination, violence, alcohol    were oversampled and interviews
                                                    or drugs, pressure to have sex,      were conducted in both English and     newsroom/news-01/pr-3-8-
                                                    racism and HIV/Aids. The             Spanish.                               01.cfm
                                                    survey also identifies the most
                                                    challenging issues that children

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                                                            Revised Family Parenting Pool Information as of June 22, 2004

What Grown-Ups              2000 Zero to Three,     What Americans know about:           Telephone interviews were                * 1997 Key Findings and        The methodology was available
Understand about Child           CIVITAS& BRIO      child development, how to            conducted in English and Spanish         2000 executive summary,        online. The sample was
Development: A National          Corp.              support children in their            with 3,000 American adults. 1,066        full report, and               nationally representative and
Benchmark Survey                                    development, the importance of       of the adults surveyed were parents      questionnaire are online at:   statistically projectable.
                                                    play, age-appropriate                with children ages 0-6.                  *
                                                    expectations, spoiling, and                                                   parent_poll.html
                                                    discipline. Also, information on
                                                    adult-child relationships,
                                                    preparation for parenthood, and
                                                    adult thoughts about policies
                                                    that effect children and families.

Public Opinions and         1999 National Center    Examines trends in public            Telephone survey of 1,250 randomly http://www.preventchildabus The survey's methodology can
Behaviors Regarding Child        on Child Abuse     perceptions of corporal              selected adults from across the be found online.
Abuse Prevention:1999            Prevention         punishment, parental discipline      country, approximately 38% were       docs/1999_survey.pdf
Survey                                              practices, perceptions of and        parents with children under 18 living
                                                    involvement in child abuse           at home.
                                                    prevention, and the use of home
                                                    visitation services.
Related Issues
TITLE:                      DATE SPONSOR           FOCUS / THEME                         STRUCTURE                                HOW TO FIND                   ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
The Ulrich Report Card:     2004 The Child Welfare Looks at after school time use,       Round One telephone interviews           Contact information for the The methodology for this report
America's Teens Grade            League of America demographics, family, individual      with 15,571 adults, mostly parents,      Social Indicators Center at is not available online.
Adults                                             and social norms, parent child        and 7,778 youth, ages 10-18. 3           Columbia University and
                                                   activities, volunteerism, school      waves planned, 2 completed.              general information about
                                                   achievement, institutional            Nationally representative sample.        this study are online at:
                                                   strength, school environment,                                        
                                                   educational values and                                                         w/spy2.htm
                                                   aspirations, problems facing
                                                   youth, political efficacy and
                                                   social cohesion

How Children are Doing:     2003 Child Trends       Public understanding of the          Telephone interviews of a nationally This is a research brief that
The Mismatch Between                                current circumstances and            representative sample of about           les/PublicPerceptionsRB.pdf draws upon the results of 4
Public Perception and                               trends in the well-being of          3,000 adults living in the continental                                 other major papers on this topic
Statistical Reality                                 children.                            United States                                                          allowing the reader to
                                                                                                                                                                understand a critical issue in an
                                                                                                                                                                easily digestible way.

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                                                           Revised Family Parenting Pool Information as of June 22, 2004

Grading Grown-Ups 2002   2002 Search Institute     The survey examines how            Builds on a similar study that was   The full report is online at:   To fully understand this report, it
                                                   adults are interacting,            conducted in 2000. Interviews with                       is helpful to read about Search
                                                   influencing, and building assets   1,425 adults (67% of whom were             Institute's framework of
                                                   with children and youth who are    parents), and 614 youth, ages 12-17.                                 developmental assets.
                                                   unrelated to them.

Survey of Parents and    2002 Center for           Looks at after-school time use,    Round One telephone interviews          Contact information for the The methodology for this report
Youth                         Research on          demographics, family, individual   with 15,571 adults, mostly parents,     Social Indicators Center at is not available online.
                              Child Well-Being     and social norms, parent-child     and 7,778 youth, ages 10-18. 3          Columbia University and
                              (Social Indicators   activities, community-building     waves planned, 2 completed.             general information about
                              Survey Center)       activities, volunteerism, school   Nationally representative sample.       this study are online at:
                                                   achievement, institutional                                       
                                                   strength, school environment,                                              w/spy2.htm
                                                   educational values and
                                                   aspirations, problems facing
                                                   youth, political efficacy and
                                                   social cohesion.

Kids These Days '99      1999 AD Council           Follow-up to a 1997 survey of      Phone surveys of a national random      * The full report and        The report's methodology is
                                                   adult attitudes towards kids,      sample of 1,005 adults, 384 of          selected findings are online also available online.
                                                   their problems, who is             whom were parents with children         at:
                                                   responsible and solutions.         under age 18. 328 youth ages 12-
                                                                                      17 also participated in the telephone   /
                                                                                      survey.                                 m?list=33

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