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Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association Board Meeting November 20 2


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									                                Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association
                                               Board Meeting
                                             November 20, 2006
On Tues day, November 20 , 2006, the monthly meeting of the Executive Board of the Old S eminole
Heights Neighborhood Association, Inc. was held at the Seminole Heights Garden Center (anyone know
the specific address?)


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm by Randy Baron, President. The members of the board
present in addition to the president were Christie Hess (Vice President), Christy Freeman (Sec retary ),
Susan Long (Treasurer) and Trustees, Steve Gluckman, Doreen DiBona, Jeff Harmon, and Greg Barnhill.
Trustee Bill Hunter was abs ent. Also present were Shawn Hicks, Helen Harmon, Alan Dobbs, Suzanne
Prieur, and Bill Duvall.


There being eight of the members of the Executive Board present, a quorum was declared.


Presentation of Secretary's Report – Christy Freeman, Secretary
(Minutes had been sent out by email.) Changes and corrections to minutes noted. Susan Long moved t o
accept as amended. Greg Barnhill seconded and the motion carried.

Presentation of Treasurer’s Report – Susan Long, Treasurer
Doreen DiBona moved to accept. Christie Hess seconded and the motion passed. Susan announced
that she is in the process of changing the OSHNA checking account from Tampa Bay Federal Credit
Union to Suncoast Credit Union. She has left money in the “old” checking account until the new checks
from Suncoast are received. Two CD’s will remain with Tampa Bay Credit Union until they mature, then
will be moved.


1. SHIP – Senior Home Improvement Program, a branch of the Centre for Women organization
Lisa Joe Stone, Director of Administrative Services with the Cent re for Women and
Victor Vescio, member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Women.
Ms. Stone and Mr. Vescio introduced themselves and provided description of services provided by this
organization. They provide emergency home repairs for low income senior citizens.
SHIP had installed the fence on their property to prevent continued dumping and were unaware that the
property was located wit hin a historic district. They were cited by the city shortly thereafter. Mr. Vescio
noted that they went through the entire process without ever being notified of the district requirements by
the city. They are in the process of applying for certificate of appropriateness.
Randy inquired about the use of a portion of their parking lot for public parking for businesses along
Florida A venue. Mr. Vescio advise d that he would be against this for liability reasons; however it would
be the board’s decision.

2. Alan Dobbs – 507 W. Henry property
Alan brought elevations for the garage and workshop addition to the front of this property. It was noted
that the residents to the west of the property and who will fac e the opening of the garage have not yet
been asked for an opinion. Randy recommended better integrating the building with the main home and
the street. The board did not render a recommendation.

3. Strategic Planning Meeting Recap
The meeting went well and much was discussed. A second strategic meeting has been scheduled for
January 13 from 10:00 to 2: 00 at the Garden Cent er.

4. Code Enforcement Meeting Recap
Seminar meeting for residents was held on 11-18-06 from 9: 00 to 12: 00. 12 people from Code
Enforcement and 13 folks from the neighborhood associations were in attendance. Randy plans to send
a letter to the mayor to thank her for the work of Code Enforcement.

5. New Committees/Bylaw Changes - Advisor, Website, and Membership
Randy has suggested separating the Communication Committee as follows:
Advisor – Chairpers on is the Editor and reports directly to the board.
Website – Chairperson is the Webmaster and reports directly to board.
Membership – Chairperson reports directly to the board.

MOTION: Christie Hess moved to approve the above recommendation. Susan Long seconded and the
motion carried.
Randy nominated Helen Harmon as Editor.
MOTION: Susan Long moved to approve Helen as Editor and Chair. Greg Barnhill seconded and the
motion carried.
Randy nominated Shawn Hicks as the Website committee chair.
MOTION: Susan Long moved that to approve Shawn as Chair. Christie Hess seconded and the motion
Doreen DiBona has volunteered to hold the members hip chair temporarily. She will not be doing
recruiting. OSHNA will need a new chair for this committee.
MOTION: Christie Hess moved to approve Doreen as chair of this committee. Susan Long seconded and
the motion carried.

Advertising will now fall under the Advisor committee.
Randy suggests changing the Bylaws to reflect the dissolving of the Communications Committee. It was
agreed that this decision will stay in pending status until the next meeting when Bill Hunter is present.

6. American Bungalow E vent – Suzanne Prieur
SH was turned down for the mini-grant.
This presentation is scheduled for April, about 2 weeks after the Home Tour.
Because of the loss of the mini-grant each of the three neighborhoods agreed to find a $500 sponsor to
cover expenses. Discussion followed regarding OSHNA’s share. There was general cons ensus that
OSHNA would contribute the $500 share if a sponsor cannot be found.
Suzanne recommended selling the remaining Jane Powell books to the Antiquarian bookstore for cost of
what OS HNA paid for them.
MOTION: Susan Long moved to sell the books as recommended. Jeff Harmon seconded and the motion
Suzanne plans to concentrat e her efforts into selling the April speakers books at the Home Tour in order
to publicize the event.

7. Beautification Banners
Randy suggests giving thes e around the neighborhood, to bot h residents and businesses.
B’GOSH is currently holding this contest for the neighborhood businesses. Suzanne noted that they
would not continue this contest if OSHNA were to do similar.
Issue tabled until next month’s meeting.

8. Tampa Financial Group has proposed holding a seminar. This issue tabled until next month’s meeting.


CODE ENFORCEMENT – Susan Long, Chair
See above.
COMMUNICA TION - Doreen DiBona, Chair
Doreen announced that she is exploring a new e -mail service. Yahoo and G-mail have not worked. She
is reviewing Constant Contact and will have update at the next meeting.

       Communications Sub-Committee, The Advisor – Helen Harmon, Editor
       Helen proposes a new Advisor schedule, in order to gear the publications around major
       neighborhood events.
       She proposes against a January newsletter.
       Randy recommends giving the new schedule a try, then reassessing if there are any issues.
       Helen rec ommends that the first three issues go out only to members, but that the December
       issue go to the entire area.
       For the 2006 holiday season, Helen will send out a Holiday Happenings mailer. Notices for t he
       January general membership meeting will go on this flyer.
       MOTION: Christie Hess made motion to push the Jan issue back. Susan Long seconded and the
       motion carried.

       Communications Sub-Committee, Membership - Doreen DiB ona, Chair
       No report.

       Communications Sub-Committee, Web-Site – Shawn Hicks and Christie Hess, Co-chairs
       No report

       Communications Sub-Committee, Advertising – Victoria Weeks, Chair
       Not present.

CRIME AWARENESS – Michael Canning, Chair
Not present.

HIGHWAYS & BYWAYS – Pat Kemp, Chair
Not present.

HIS TORIC PRESERVA TION - Steve Gluckman, Chair
The Burgert Brothers presentation was a smashing success!



LAND USE – Bill Duvall, Chair
The next meeting is scheduled for 12-04-06 at 7:00 pm at First Home Realty.

HOME TOUR – Christie Hess, Chair
Greg and Susan have been working on the sponsorship document. The committee is looking for
sponsors willing to donate up to $2000 to $7000.

The holiday decorating contest is coming up.
A morning porch party is scheduled for 8: 00 am on 12-09-06 at 5606 Central A ve. The homeowner is
offering Cuban bread, café con leche, and hot chocolat e.
The holiday concert at Lake Roberta is scheduled for 12-12-06.

SAVE LAKE ROBERTA – Jeff Harmon, Chair
2 ducks have died.

PR and MA RKE TING – Vacant
B’GOSH – Suzanne Prieur
Mixer is scheduled for 12-07-06.

T.H.A.N. – Bill Duvall, Representative
No report.

HIT Team – Ginny Powell, Chair
Not present.

In keeping with tradition, the next board meeting is scheduled for 12-19-06 at the home of Susan Long,
Treas urer.

The meeting was adjourned by Randy Baron, President, at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Christy Freeman,
OSHNA Secretary

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