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									                             JACKSON COUNTY
                           PLANNING COMMISSION
                                  AG ENDA
                               February 4, 2008

I.     Call to Order: Chairman Glass

II.    Reading and Approval of Minutes: December 3, 2007

III.   Public Hearing(s)

       A. Development Order (s):

               1. Tyndall Federal Credit Union (CD07-00097) – A request for
                  a 31,365 sq ft bank development to include a building and vehicular use
                  areas. The development is located at the corner of Hwy 71 S and the
                  southern Wal-Mart access road in unincorporated Jackson County.

               2. Meints Townhomes (Compass Landing) - A modification to the
                  existing Meints Townhouses development located on Lakepoint Drive
                  at Compass Lake. Modification is to create a phased development
                  where Phase I consists of 6 units and Phase II consists of 1 unit.

              3. Southern Christian Fellowship Church (CD07-00098) – A request
                 for a General Development Order for an 8,800 square foot church to be
                 located approximately 7 miles north of Cottondale City Limits on the
                 east side of Hwy 231 in unincorporated Jackson County. The total
                 impervious surface is to be 54,978 square feet.

IV.    Other Business:

1.     James Grant – Discussion regarding Rose Hill Subdivision and issues with the
       Planning Department.

V.     Director’s Report:

V.     Chairman’s Comments:

VI.    Adjournment

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