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    Please give us a moment to introduce you to a growing force in today’s
    Washington D.C. marketplace: THE HISPANIC RADIO LISTENER! Only a few
    years ago, Spanish radio was relatively unknown to many listeners and

    At WWGB 1030 AM, we are keenly aware of the growing Hispanic Christian
    demographic period. We strive to set new standards while serving this growing
    market for gospel music and ministry by spreading Poder 1030 throughout the
    metro D.C. area.

    The format of WWGB is relevant with a purpose! Listeners tune in to WWGB
    because we fulfill their need for family friendly programming and spiritual
    enrichment. Local Hispanic listeners consider WWGB 1030 AM to be their
    primary Christian radio station. No other radio station in the District of Columbia
    could make such a confident statement.

    Metro D.C. area’s Hispanic listening audience is affluent, highly educated and
    values family life. This burgeoning Hispanic market’s need for products and
    services are increasing at a rate greater than the general population. The
    Hispanic consumer satisfies such need by spending money within their
    community. In addition, District of Columbia’s Hispanic consumer ranks as the
    wealthiest among Hispanics in the U.S.A. WWGB 1030 AM can help you achieve
    your marketing objectives in targeting this underserved market. Are you getting
    your share of these dollars?
    Now, we invite you to read the whole story.

    Best regards,

    Ruth Salmeron
    Station Manager
  DC, MD , VA

One of today’s most loyal and responsive audience is     • Almost 4 million individuals in
the Hispanic radio listener. Washington, DC’s WWGB       the immediate DC Area
1030 AM Christian Radio has a captive audience of
                                                         • Target Hispanic audience
Spanish speaking listeners whose preferred medium
                                                         comprised of more than half
for news, information, advertising and music is
                                                         million Spanish speaking
A Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) research indicates      • WWGB 1030 AM reaches
that radio is the preferred medium among Spanish         more than 5 million people with
speaking audience. Radio reaches between 95%-98%         its powerful 50,000 watts radio
of all Hispanics in the U.S. In fact, Hispanics spend    station.
more time listening to radio than any other medium,      Sources: Target news, American
offering advertisers an effective platform to maximize   Demographics
their advertising dollar spend.                          • Over the past 20 years, the
                                                         Hispanic population has more
With a $2 billion buying power, the Hispanic market is   than doubled as a percentage of
an underserved segment that’s attracting local and       the total U.S. population.
national advertising dollars. According to Forbes,
Advertising Age and Hispanic Business, the Hispanic
market is one of the fastest growing socio-economic
demographic today. WWGB 1030 AM is a primary
source of wholesome family friendly Spanish Christian
programming serving the metro D.C. area’s Hispanic
radio listener.
                      Hispanics as a Percentage of U.S. Population

         15.0%                                                 12.5%

                        1980                  1990              2000       Source: U..S. Census 2000
  DC, MD ,VA

         Here’s why the Hispanic Consumer Market is becoming one of the nation’s
         most sought after groups:
         • The number of affluent Hispanic HH has enjoyed a 260% growth rate since
         • Nearly 45% of Hispanics are 24 years of age or younger.
         • The Washington D.C. Hispanic Market ranks third in per capita buying power
         among all U.S. Hispanic markets.
         • Washington D.C. has one of the highest Hispanic household income in the
         U.S. with a $42,980 average income.
         •As enterprising Hispanic consumers, their increased purchasing power
         results in:
                      Spending heavily on clothing
                      Remodeling expenditures
                      Increasingly going first class
                      Using American Express Gold card
                      Saving and investing income

                                    Hispanic Demographic Age

40%                                                                       36%
35%                                                          32%

25%     21%                                                                             Hispanic
20%                                                                16%                  Non-Hispanic
15%                      11%            12%
          2-11            12-17          18-24          25-49            50+
                                                                          Source: U..S. Census 2000

    The primary coverage area of WWGB 1030 AM is Washington, D.C. including
    Northern Virginia and several surrounding counties in Maryland. According to
    Census 2000 data, there are more than 4 million people living in the metro D.C.

                        Washington, D.C.            572,059

                        Northern Virginia           1,440,015
                        • Fairfax                      • 969,749
                        • Prince William               • 280,813
                        • Arlington                    • 189,453

                        Maryland                    2,164,512
                        • Montgomery                   • 873,341
                        • Prince George’s              • 801,515
                        • Anne Arundel                 • 489,656

    The powerful 50,000 Watts of WWGB 1030 AM radio station extend into 29
    additional counties to reach more than 1.2 million additional individuals with Spanish
    Christian Radio.

                        Northern Virginia               623,625
                        • Loudoun                          • 169,599
                        • Stafford                         • 92,446
                        • Spotsylvania                     • 90,395

                        Maryland                        667,632
                        • Howard                          • 247,842
                        • Frederick                       • 78,111
                        • Carroll                         • 60,359
                        • Charles                         • 120,546
                        • St. Mary’s                      • 86,211
                        • Calvert                         • 74,563

               Counties that are italicized represent 40% of the county’s population.
               Source: U..S. Census 2000
  DC, MD , VA

                       HISPANIC POPULATION BY STATE

                         Washington, D.C.                    44,953

                         Northern Virginia                  329,450

                         Maryland                            44,953

                       D.C. HISPANICS BY NATIONALITY

                                        Dominican, 3%
                Puerto Rican, 5%
                                                        Cuban, 2%
                Other Central                                    Hondurean, 2%
                American, 7%
                                                                      Spaniard, 1%
South American,

  Mexican, 11%

                                Source: U..S. Census 2000
   DC, MD , VA

                             VIRGINIA HISPANICS BY NATIONALITY

                                                          Hondurean, 2%
                        Other Central       Cuban, 3%
                        American, 7%                                 Domincan, 1%

           South American,                                          Spaniard, 1%

        Puerto Rican, 12%                                                     All Other Hispanics,

          Salvadorean, 13%

                                             Mexican, 22%
Source: U..S. Census 2000

                              MARYLAND HISPANICS BY NATIONALITY

                                                        Cuban, 3%
                                        Other Central            Dominican, 2%
                                        American, 8%
                  Puerto Rican,                                        Hondurean, 2%
                      11%                                               Spaniard, 1%

            South American,
                                                                              All Other
                                                                           Hispanics, 29%
              Salvadorean, 15%

                                              Mexican, 18%

Source: U..S. Census 2000

                                HISPANICS BY NATIONALITY

                        Other Central                 Hondurean, 2%
                        America, 7%              Cuban, 3%             Dominican, 2%

                                                                      Spaniard, 1%

         South America, 12%

                                                                                All Other Hispanics,
          Puerto Rico, 11%                                                              28%

                 Salvadorean, 15%
                                                             Mexican, 20%

                                                                            Source: U..S. Census 2000

       Total U.S. Hispanic household population will jump from 10 million
    today to 13.5 million by 2010 with an estimated $670 billion personal
    income total.

                       ANNUAL INCOME BY NATIONALITY IN 2010
                                Central & South              Puerto Rican,
                                American, $107                   $65

                                                                              Cuban, $32

                                                                               Other, $56

                     Mexican, $409

                       All figures in billion.
                       Source: The Hispanic Market in 2010, The Conference Board
                                                                Program Highlights

                                 EL AMOR QUE VALE Is a ministry based on the Bible that emphasizes truth
                                 and family values combining compassion and biblical conviction.

Dr. Charles F. Stanley, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta and founder
of In Touch Ministries, demonstrates a keen awareness of people’s needs by
providing practical biblical truths for everyday life. Modeling his ministry after the
apostle Paul’s message to the Ephesians, Dr. Stanley believes that:
" . . . Life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the
Lord Jesus–the work of telling others the Good News about God’s mighty
kindness and love." (Acts 20:24)

                                   Bolainez Ministries is an international Evangelical Christian ministry. God has
                                   allowed this ministry to share the Scriptures, the good news of our Lord Jesus
                                   Christ and the prophetic warnings of upcoming days. At the same time, the
                                   ministry emphasizes the proclamation that the only way to Heaven is through
                                   Christ Jesus.
                                                                Program Highlights

CONLAMIC Informa brings hard hitting news and politics debate on the
issues of the day. Rev. Miguel Rivera's passionate, provocative opinion and
conservative Christian perspective has made it the most popular Spanish
language radio news program in the area. Rev. Rivera is the President of
the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leader (CONLAMIC), the
largest Latino advocacy organization in the nation. Every weekday morning
the Reverend provides the Latino community in 16 states with a motivating
and informative update in layman's terms. This program, which broadcasts
from WWGB 1030 AM radio in Washington DC, has captivated listeners of
various ages, economic, academic and political persuasion.

                                             It is a show with segments of entertainment, information and
                                             much humor to encourage the participation of the public
                                             hearing, touching on issues of interest particularly relevant from
                                             the field and socially. Throughout the Show Spiritual Values are
                                             shared as to generate social awareness in the Radio listeners
                                             and Those contribute to a more balanced society.

      WWGB Morning Show

    The Ministry International "The Bible Explicada" has
    approximately 25 years of foundation, is a Ministry of
    biblical teaching and preaching. The ministry covers literally
    the world.
 DC, MD , VA

                       5210 Auth road, Suite 500
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