; Marketing Strategies Adopted by Big Bazaar
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Marketing Strategies Adopted by Big Bazaar

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Marketing Strategies Adopted by Big Bazaar document sample

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									    Summer Internship Project Presentation
Summer Internship project Presentation
  A study of Marketing Communication Mix
 Strategies Adopted By Anchor Retail Firm In
    A Study Of Marketing Communication Mix
             Great India Place Mall
 Strategies Adopted By The Anchor Retail Firm In
                 Great India place
                              By :
                              Pawan Kumar
           Company Profile
Unitech, real estate firm, and International
 Amusement Ltd, widely known for their Appu
 Ghar project, have formed a joint venture to be
 known as International Recreation Parks Pvt
 Ltd (IRPPL) and will be coming up with two
 entertainment parks in Noida and Rohini.
The construction of these parks will cost the
 company approximately Rs. 1,600 crore.
The park would feature over 30 different rides
 and various attractions.
IRRPL, had invested Rs 1,200 crore on the
 Noida project and around Rs 400 crore on the
 Rohini project.
Noida will have a built up area of 150 acres,
 which would be divided into two zones —
 amusement park and commercial park.
A world-class integrated destination with
 multiple theme park, cinemas, shops and

         The Great India Place
 Designed by Callison Inc. the interior theme is
  "shoppertainment", which integrates shopping and
  entertainment in the same premises.
 Spanning 150,00,00 sqft, this is one of the largest
  retail developments in India.
 It houses big retail outlets like the Shoppers Stop,
  Globus, Pantaloon, Big Bazaar, Home Town,
  Lifestyle and Lifestyle Home and also has outlets of
  well known brands like Bossini, Adidas, Nike, Guess,
  Marks & Spencer.
 The mall follows a zoned concept with home and
  grocery on the basement level, women's apparel on    4
  one side, men's on the other.
Study about the various marketing
 communication strategies adopted by various
 anchor retail firm.
What strategies the retail formats use to meet &
 beat the competition within GIP.
What is the significance of location of each
 retail format with in GIP.
What are the motivational tools used in these
 retail formats to enhance & performance.
              Anchor Stores
Lifestyle:- Lifestyle International (P) Ltd is part
  of the Landmark Group, a Dubai – based
  retail chain. With over 30 years’ experience in
  retailing, the Group has become one of the
  foremost retailers in the Gulf.
Effective Visual Communication .
Discount Purchasing.
Send mail and SMS to regular customer.
Provide membership card to their regular
  customer.                                      6
             Shopper Stop
Shoppers Stop is an Indian department stores
 promoted by the K Raheja Corp Group.
Shoppers Stop is one of the leading retail
 stores in India.
Shoppers Stop’s has a loyalty program called
 First Citizen.
They also offer a co-branded credit card with
 Citibank for their members.

               Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar is a chain of hypermarkets in India,
 with more than 100 stores in operation.
It is a subsidiary of Pantaloon Retail India
 Ltd's, Future Group, and follows the business
 model of United States-based Wal-Mart.
Loyalty program
ICICI Bank Bazaar Silver Credit Card.
ICICI Bank Bazaar Gold Credit Card.
Shakti Card.
ICICI Bank Bazaar Central Credit Card. 8

Online Promotion.

Telecalling from the collecting database.

Sms with special offers on Birthdays,
  Anniversaries, New Offer\promotion Eying
  the buying behavior Pattern.

        Research Methodology
 In the survey work the method of Questionnaire is
  being used. The questionnaires are then studied
  properly to find out about the various inputs from the
  customers of GIP Mall. The survey was done among
  50 customers in GIP Mall.
 Gathering of secondary data.
 Compiling the data & making the questionnaire for
 Counting the number of stores & dividing them
  according to various segments.
 Checking the particular store location & the relevance
  of the location.                                  10

Through my survey I found that 46% of the respondents visit TGIP twice a
   week, 20% respondents said that they visit TGIP once in a month. 11
• It is found that TGIP is in the top list for an overall entertainment as 44%
  respondent voted TGIP at the top for overall entertainment place and next
  is Shipra mall in the mine of the respondents.
• Most of the respondents find the ground floor most
  preferable one for hangout as 38% prefer the ground
  floor and only 10% find basement as preferable place in   13
• BIG Bazaar is the heart of TGIP and it’s the store
  which catches the audience most as 40% find
  shopping of HOME SHOPPING in BIB
  BAZAAR most interesting one.                       14
• It is found that most of the people visit the mall
  for apparels as majority of the respondents said
  that they visit in the mall for Apparel Category.
Most of the respondent said that can’t resist to forget
to visit BIG BAZAAR whenever they go in TGIP as
        38% percent preferred BIG BAZAAR. 16
 The main thing of driving a person into the mall is the
Visual communication as 48% respondents found visual
communication as the major driver for making them to
                     go into mall.
68% respondents are aware of the Loyalty cards being
 provided by the TGIP but there are 32% respondents
        are still not aware of the Loyalty card. 18
• Most of the respondents said that they have TGIP
  Loyalty card 38% respondents are having TGIP
  Loyalty card and 30% respondents have pantaloon
  Loyalty card.
64% respondents are happy with Loyalty card scheme
     but only 36% respondents and not happy.
To increase the footfall of the store during the
Customers are more attracted towards Discount
 Schemes & Sales.
Various Product lines also attract customers to
 choose their retails stores.
Entertainment units & Kids zone should be
 provided in Retail stores in order to cater more
The after sales service of retail stores should be
 helpful & effective. This after sales service
 creates loyal customers.
Major steps should be taken to stop shoplifting
 in retail stores, as it is one of the problematic
 characters for leading & large size retails
The retail stores should provide various kinds
 of loyalty rights in order to provide more

Retail Stores should focus more on Store
 Ambience, Store Space & Selling Areas.
All the Retails Formats should have an effective
 Loyalty Programme.
More focus on Direct marketing should be given
 in order to attract more & more customers.
Better after sales service & customer service
 should be provided in order to make customers
 To manage proper proportion of Convenience,
  Staple & Impulse goods.
 Along with SMS the retails formats should use more
  innovative ways to alert customers.
 The Retail store should replenish the goods on time
  (before the stock ends).
 A proper proportion of Private & National Brands
  should be kept in Retail stores.


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