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									Police Crime Alert

                                                                                            Police Crime Alert
                                                                                                    Community Services Section
                                                                                                               CHARLES T. CRAFT
                                                                                                                       Chief of Police
                                                                                            500 West Big Beaver Rd. Troy, Michigan 48084 (248) 680-7224

                                                                                                                                              Events & Programs
                                                                                                                                         Please click or go to the below link
                                                                                                                                            for community events for the
                                                                                                                                          coming March 16th – March 23rd


                                          Crime Alert for period ending March 16, 2007

                                                        Altercations/Disorderly Conduct:

    Troy Beaumont Hospital, 44201 Dequindre, 3/13, 2200 hrs.
    Officers responded to a reported trouble with a 39-year-old male from Pontiac who was
    apparently intent on spending the night in a hospital bed with his girlfriend who was a
    patient. He was advised he could not sleep in the patient’s bed by nursing staff and that if                                             The Troy Community
    he wished to nap, he would have to use the lounge. He was also advised visiting hours                                                  Coalition is a non-profit
    were over and directed to leave. Both protested with the patient threatening to check                                                 organization dedicated to
    herself out if he wasn’t permitted to stay. He eventually became loud, threatening and                                               improving the quality of life
                                                                                                                                          for all who live or work in
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (1 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

    disruptive to the point that he had to be escorted out of the hospital by security and              Troy, by promoting a
    warned not to return or he would be charged with trespassing.                                  lifestyle free from the abuse
                                                                                                        of alcohol and drugs.
                                                                                                   Please feel free to contact any
    International School of Design, 1850 Research, 2/28, 2018 hrs.                                     staff member for additional
    Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress. Investigation revealed a 22-year-old      information or contact our
    female student from Sterling Heights apparently got into an argument with the 54-year-old         office at (248) 823-5088
    male instructor over her late arrival for class that disrupted a presentation in progress by
    another student. The argument occurred outside the classroom in the hallway and                  Troy Community Coalition
    apparently escalated with each claiming the other pushed the other during the exchange.         4420 Livernois Rd. Troy, MI
    Highbury and Rosebrook, 3/9, 1530 hrs.
    Parents brought 12-year-old son into station to report another 12-year-old male slapped   We urge you to join us for one
    him while riding a school bus home that afternoon. The other youth reportedly took        of our many exciting upcoming
                                                                                                       community events.
    complainant’s hat and glasses. When complainant reached for his glasses he was slapped
    in the face by the other youth. He did recover his glasses but they were damaged/twisted.

                                               Assist Other Department/Law Enforcement:
                                                                                                      The Selling of
    Troy Beaumont Hospital ER, 44201 Dequindre, 3/10
    Officers responded on report of a subject seeking treatment for an assault. Investigation           Addiction
    revealed the incident occurred in another jurisdiction. That agency was contacted, briefed
    and the case turned over to them.                                                               “How marketing alcohol
                                                                                                    and tobacco creates new
                                                                   Auto/Vehicle Thefts:                     addicts”
    Red Roof Inn lot, 2350 Rochester, 3/2-3/9
    A ’96 Olds Silhouette minivan had the driver’s door lock punched out with nothing
                                                                                                    When: Thursday, March
    missing. Complainant stated he lives in the area and has been parking car there for some          22, 2007 - 7-9 p.m.
    time while he completes repairs on it, apparently with permission from business. He
    stated he suspects an associate who is aware he parks it there and with whom he had a           FREE to first 40 people
    recent falling out.                                                                             who register by calling:
    Business Lot, 2100 Stephenson, 3/9-3/10
    Two-wheeled homemade utility trailer was stolen from the maintenance garage.
                                                                                                        $5.00 at the door
    Oakland Mall Lot, 412 W. 14 Mile, 3/12, 1700-2100 hrs.
    A ’01 Dodge Intrepid was stolen from lot. Officers investigating the theft located a ’97       Where: Troy Community
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (2 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

    Chrysler Cirrus parked nearby that was reported stolen out of Detroit. A toy gun was             Center   3179 Livernois
    found under the front driver’s side seat.
                                                                                                      Sponsored by the Troy
    Breaking and Entries:
                                                                                                     Community Coalition, in
    Crash Investigations:                                                                             partnership with Troy
                                                                                                    Youth Assistance and Troy
                                             Credit, Check, Identity Theft, and other Fraud:        Families for SAFE HOMES
    Complainant stated she has not received her last two disability checks and suspects they
    were stolen from apartment mailbox. Insurance company investigating status of checks.

    Game Works, 420 W. 14 Mile, 3/9, 1608 hrs.
    Complainant reported customer attempted to purchase a $599.99 Play Station 3 with a gift
    card. Complainant noticed the card account number on the receipt that printed out after it
    was swiped was different than that embossed on the card. When he informed the subject
    he’d have to call to verify the card’s authenticity the subject exited while leaving the card
    and merchandise behind. No loss. Suspect: B/M, approximately 29 years old, 6’-1,” 300
    lbs.; was wearing gray shirt, black pants, cysts on face and left ear.

    Complainant stated a female from Boardman, Ohio and a 51-year-old male from Clio,
    Michigan who claimed they were siblings and wanted to borrow $11,000.00, contacted
    him. The male represented he invented a tornado warning process that could be worth as
    much as $300 million. Complainant stated he signed some sort of “non-disclosure
    agreement” with the male so he could examine the process, and was given an $11,000.00
    note and a signed check for the first payment toward re-payment of the $11,000.00 loan
    they were seeking from him. The check was cut under the name of a modeling/talent
    agency the female purportedly owned from which she claimed she received 20%
    commission per placement from her clients. Complainant was to make the loan to the
    agency. It was represented the commissions were to be the basis for repaying the loan.
    After doing some checking he discovered some problems with their claims and did not
    proceed with them. No loss.

    American Income Life Insurance, 901 Tower, 3/8
    Complainant reported a 20-year-old male ex-employee from St. Clair Shores had a personal
    check in his possession made out to the company by a customer. Suspect inserted his
    name over the company’s name on the payee line, changed the amount from $34.67 to
    $234.67 and deposited it into his own personal bank account.

file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (3 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

    Somerset Pontiac, 1850 W. Maple, 9/1/2006
    Customer paid for $188.08 in repairs with a no-account check. Attempts to have the
    customer make good on the payment have failed.

    An 80-year-old female complainant from Troy reported receiving a phone call from a
    subject who stated $3000.00 had been accidentally taken from her bank account and that
    he’d like to return it to her. She told him her son handles her accounts, and referred him
    there. No losses.

                                                            Domestics/Family Troubles:

    Officers responded to a report of a domestic assault wherein suspect was gone.
    Investigation continues.
                                                                                                 Troy Rotary Raffle is helping
    Troy Officers responded to three incidents involving family trouble/domestic disputes          Troy People Concerned!
    where investigations revealed no assaults or other crimes occurred, therefore no formal
    enforcement action taken/required.
                                                                                                    Our big fundraiser is being
                                                                                                     held on April 22, 2007 at
                                                                                                    LaSalle Bank, 2600 W. Big
                                                                                                     Beaver from 1:00 p.m. to
    John R and Big Beaver, 3/8, 0100 hrs.
                                                                                                   5:00 p.m. and we are having
    Officer on patrol observed a light blue Buick Regal in the gas station lot that the officer
                                                                                                   a raffle along with dinner to
    recognized as belonging to a subject with an arrest warrant. Officer observed the male exit
                                                                                                    raise much-needed funds.
    the station with his face partially covered get into the drive’s seat of the vehicle. Upon the
                                                                                                   To obtain raffle tickets go to:
    officer approaching the Regal the 31-year-old male from Sterling Heights quickly exited
    and tried to walk away. He was detained and arrested for the outstanding warrant. He was
    found in possession of a small amount of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia for which
    he was also charged. The car and 28-year-old male passenger from St. Clair Shores were
    released at the scene.
    Drunk/Intoxicated Driving Incidents of Interest:
                                                                                                 The Troy Police Department
                                                                                                   offers the following free
    Home Invasions:
                                                                                                 * Alcohol abuse and
                                                                                                 * Safety with Strangers
    Charley’s Grilled Sub, 498 W. 14 Mile, 3/5, 2106 hrs.
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (4 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

    Manager reported discovering the bank deposit was short approximately $300.00.             * Home Security
                                                                                               * Personal Security
    St. Anastasia’s Catholic Church, 4571 John R, 3/8, 1500 hrs.                               * Got Caught (Shoplifting
    Complainant stated her wallet was stolen from her purse, which was left in her office. She talk for teens)
    received a call at home later from a male from Sterling Heights who located her wallet     * Choose Wisely (Right
    discarded on the shoulder of Wattles Road between John R and Rochester while he was        choices for teens)
    out biking. She proceeded to his house and recovered it. It was missing the cash and       * Home alone (home
    credit cards. She contacted her bank and cancelled the cards with no fraudulent activity   personal safety for teens and
    reported.                                                                                  children)
                                                                                               * Drug and drug
    Troy Library, 510 W. Big Beaver, 3/8, 1330 hrs.                                            paraphernalia talk for adults
    Complainant stated a male subject came to the library purporting to be a “community        and also teens
    service assignee” from Sterling Heights reporting for assignment. He claimed he worked * Identity Theft
    one day the past week. Although complainant could not immediately find his name on the * Internet Safety for adults
    main community service list it is not unusual for individuals going through court on minor and also teens
    issues assigned community service to be referred to the library, so she allowed him to     * Harassing and Bullying
    work with her at her station. She showed him how to ring up a sale and work the change     Prevention for children
    machine. Complainant left the subject alone to go to the restroom for a couple minutes.    * Retail Fraud Prevention
    When she returned he asked and she gave him permission to go to his car to retrieve a      * In addition, if you or your
    book. He left and never came back. The register was short $50.00 at the end of the day     organization has a program/
    and she was missing $20.00 from her wallet, which was inside her purse at the              discussion idea or need that
    workstation. Suspect: First name “Kyle’” W/M, 5’-9,” small loop earring in each ear.       a police officer can deliver
                                                                                               please call!
    Radio Shack, 412 W. 14 Mile, 3/5-3/9, 1055 hrs.
    Complainant reported a $499.00 digital police scanner was discovered missing from the        For more information or to
    shelf.                                                                                         schedule an officer to
                                                                                                 present a program please
    Athens High School, 4333 John R, 3/10, 1545-1630 hrs.                                                    call:
    Complainant stated her purse was missing. It was later found discarded in a stairwell,      (248) 524-3464 or e-mail the
    rifled through and minus $60.00 in cash.                                                            crime alert at:
    Maggiano’s Restaurant, 2089 W. Big Beaver, 3/10, 2000-2330 hrs.
    Complainant came to the station on 3/11 to report that she had been at a private party and
    had $575.00 cash in a zipper pocket of her purse, which she left unattended at her table.
    She later discovered the cash gone.

    Maggiano’s Restaurant, 2089 W. Big Beaver, 3/10, 2000-2300 hrs.
    Complainant came to the station on 3/11 to report that he was at a private party. When he
    left he discovered his wallet missing from his pants pocket. He stated he never took it out
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (5 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

    while there. He stated he was bumped into several times during the evening by someone
    who appeared to be a worker with the subject apologizing for bumping into him. He
    suspects he may have been pick-pocketed. He stated there was almost $3000.00 cash in
    the wallet.

    Protofab, 2835 Daley, 3/9-3/12,1700-0830 hrs.
    Wales “Strip-it” sheet metal punch press stolen from outside the rear of the premises.
    Complainant stated it would take at least three people to lift and remove the machine.

    Tacoma, 3/12
    Complainant reported she and her roommate went out for dinner. Her roommate had hired
    a baby sitter to watch her (roommate’s) son while they were out. Apparently the babysitter ______________________________
    had a 12-year-old friend visit while they were out. The next day complainant discovered
    her $300.00 sunglasses missing from the kitchen table. After speaking to the sitter and
    her father, she made her way to the sitter’s friend’s                                           Crime Prevention Tips

    residence. The youth turned over the sunglasses and a $200.00 ring that she had also
    stolen which the complainant had not yet discovered missing. When she returned home                     Larceny
    and checked the rest of the house she discovered two items of cosmetics also missing.
                                                                                                Ø Always keep control of all your
    Ottawa, 3/11, 0200-0600 hrs.                                                                property.
    Complainant reported hosting a party for a male who is in the Army and scheduled to
    depart shortly for Iraq. Complainant advised there were approximately 50 people in          Ø Your belongings are not safe
    attendance throughout the duration of the event, some of whom she did not personally        while you are playing sports or at
    know but who were acquainted with the young man. After the party she discovered her         work unless you have them properly
    cell phone, camera, Gameboy, XM radio and $120.00 in cash missing from various places       locked or are in possession of them.
    around the house. (The XM radio was stolen from complainant’s car, which was parked in
    the garage. The antenna line had been cut.)                                                 Ø Thieves wait for the right time
                                                                                                and will take property quickly.
    That Guy Store, 340 W. 14 Mile, 3/10, 0700-2000 hrs.
    Complainant reported she placed her purse behind the counter while working. She             Ø Unfortunately you cannot
    discovered her wallet missing at closing time. When she contacted her credit card           always trust co-workers or other
    companies she was made aware of numerous attempts to use them at unknown gas                business associates.
                                                                                                Ø Do not rely on others to watch
    Clark Gas, 6951 Rochester, 3/13, 1555 hrs.                                                  your belongings. If they fail, you
    Complainant reported a W/F, middle aged, blond hair and driving a Lexus or Infinity drove   will be the victim, not them.
    off without paying for $23.06 worth of gas. The plate registers to a car rental agency.
                                                                                                Ø Be cautious of who you allow
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (6 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

    Blackwell, 3/7-3/14                                                                              into your home. If you invite guests
    Three power saws stolen from garage with no sign of forced entry. A pedestrian door may          that you really do not know into your
    have been left unlocked affording entry.                                                         home you are inviting trouble.

                                                                  Larcenies from Autos:
                                                                                                             Alcohol / Drugs
    Clearview, 2/24-2/26
    ‘05 Chrysler Crossfire had wheel caps stolen while parked in drive.
                                                                                                 Be responsible! If you drink - DO
    Buzz Off Auto, 1752 E. Maple, 3/13-3/14, 1830-0930 hrs.                                                NOT DRIVE!
    Unlocked trailer entered and a toolbox was stolen. Rear storage area entered with nothing If you serve alcohol make sure that your
    stolen. An old van parked in the lot had a window broken out and nothing missing/stolen.         guests make it home safely.
                                                                                                     Do not serve alcohol to under-aged
                                                       Malicious Destruction of Property:                         children
    Premier Pools Lot, 3835 Rochester, 3/8-3/9, 1700-090 hrs.                                     We all must share the roads - don’t risk
    A ’84 Chevy van parked in rear lot had passenger side window smashed out with nothing         the lives of others or yourself. It is not
    missing.                                                                                      a good idea to mix alcohol with other
                                                                                                  activities like boating or swimming. If
    Ancor Lot, 1911 Woodslee, 3/12, 0610-1500 hrs.                                                you drink do it in moderation and don’t
    ’98 Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in lot keyed on hatch door.                                    drive or put yourself and others at risk.
    Minors and Alcohol:
                                                                                                     • DO NOT use illegal drugs
    Neighbor Troubles:
                                                                                                     • DO NOT drive and endanger the
                                                                                                     lives of everyone if you have
                                                                    Peace Officer/Civil:
                                                                                                     consumed alcohol or drugs.
                                                                                                     • If you are under 21 years of age,
    Complainant came to the station to report he loaned his car to his son so he could drive it
                                                                                                     IT IS ILLEGAL to consume or
    to a work release program. He got a call from one of his son’s friends that his son loaned
                                                                                                     possess alcohol.
    it to another subject, also on work release who got arrested. Complainant’s car was not
    recovered. Officer found no record that complainant’s son or the individual who
                                                                                                  If you have any information on illegal
    supposedly had the car was in custody anywhere, nor a record that the car was
                                                                                                  drug activity call our tip line at 248-524-
    impounded or queried by law enforcement.
                                                        Phone Calls/Harassment/Threats:
    One phone threat report taken. Officer spoke to responsible caller who agreed to cease
                                                                                                  Whether you need
    further contacts.                                                                             a rose,
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (7 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

                                                                                                   a hose,
    Walsh College, 3030 Livernois, 3/14, 1940 hrs.                                                 clothes,
    Telephone threat against location received; premises checked/searched and nothing              or someone to clean your carpets,
    suspicious found.                                                                              the Troy Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                   probably has a member to help you!
                                                                                                   Visit the Business Directory anytime
    Three harassment reports taken.
                                                                                                   at: www.troychamber.com

    One threatening telephone call report taken.
                                                                                                   Click here to view the Troy Chamber's
                                                                                                   new eNewsletter geared toward
    One obscene telephone call report taken.                                                       residents. Included you will find
                                                                                                   everything from discount offers on
    One harassing e-mail report taken.                                                             pizzas to gym memberships and
                                                                                                   upcoming events presented by Troy
                                                                                                   Chamber member businesses. To sign-
                                                                          Retail Fraud:            up to receive it automatically on a bi-
                                                                                                   monthly basis, please e-mail:
    Kohl’s, 500 John R, 3/8, 1456 hrs.                                                             deb@troychamber.com or call
    LPO’s (Loss Prevention Officer) reported observing two female subjects enter the store.        248.641.1606.
    One removed two toe rings from their packaging and placed them on her finger. Both
    proceeded to the shoe department where each selected a pair of Nike shoes, placed them              theteam@troychamber.com
    on their feet and then placed their old shoes in the empty shoeboxes. They proceeded to
    shop, however the suspect who had taken the toe rings, returned to the shoe department,
    selected a different pair of Nike’s, removed the new pair from her feet and replaced them
    with the second new pair. She proceeded to the sunglass display, removed a pair, took the
    tags off and placed the glasses on her shirt. Both left without paying for the stolen
    merchandise and were taken into custody as they exited the store by awaiting police
    officers. Arrested was a 51-year-old female from Hazel Park (with the toe rings, shoes and
    sunglasses) who was also found in possession of a Vicodin tablet without an Rx. Also
    arrested was a 26-year-old female from Clinton Twp. Total stolen/recovered: $265.00.

    Kohl’s, 1265 Coolidge, 3/9, 2010 hrs.
    LPO’s reported two females entered the store, obtained a shopping cart and began
    selecting numerous clothing, fashion jewelry and perfume items and placing the items into
    the cart. They met up with a third female and all three entered a fitting room area with the
    merchandise. LPO could hear plastic ripping and observed an empty perfume bottle drop
    into the cart. All three subjects exited the fitting room. The suspects’ purses were now
    bulging and the merchandise that they brought into the fitting room was gone when they
    exited. The three suspects exited the store without paying for the concealed
    merchandise. When LPO approached to detain them one of the suspects pushed the LPO.
    All three fled on foot entered a gray Chevy Impala and escaped. Total stolen: $853.00.
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (8 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

    Suspects: 31 – B/F, mid-twenties, 5’8,” 180, black etched leather coat, blue jeans and
    brown boots. #2 – B/F, mid-twenties, 5’-9,” 160, black coat with a fur-trimmed hood,
    carrying a large, beige purse. #3 – B/F, mid-twenties, 5’-6,” 170, cream coat. (No video
    available as of yet.)

    Bath and Body Works, 412 W. 14 Mile, 3/14, 1410 hrs.
    Complainant reported suspect entered the store and concealed $219.00 in merchandise in
    a gray shopping bag. Complainant approached suspect and asked if he could assist with
    his purchase. The suspect made verbal threats against complainant and left with the
    stolen merchandise.


                                                                  Suspicious Incidents:

    Brinston Park, 3/9, 1715 hrs.
    Father and 12-year-old daughter came to station at 2300 hrs. The youth reported that while
    she and a friend were playing in the park around 1715 hrs. they noticed a white car with a
    rusty dent in the front parked in the lot. It was occupied by a W/M wearing a white hooded
    sweatshirt. She stated it appeared to them he was taking their photographs. The occupant
    did not speak to them, approach them, and made no effort to summon them to his car.
    They walked in the opposite direction toward the far end of the park looking for an
    alternate exit that wouldn’t take them past the car. They couldn’t find a route and returned
    to the area where they were previously and noticed the car was gone.

    Community Center, 3179 Livernois, 3/9, 2141 hrs.
    Complainant reported a fire alarm was activated near the gym area. Complainant observed
    a group of juveniles in the area laughing. A 14-year-old male from Troy who was part of
    the group claimed he accidentally bumped the alarm cover while getting a drink at the
    nearby drinking fountain. The cover of the alarm was lifted/broken, which activated the
    system. Complainant pointed out it takes some force to remove the cover. The youth’s
    father was briefed on the incident and the youth was turned over to him.

    Streamview near Colling, 3/12, 2000 hrs.
    Driver of a black newer 4-door vehicle stopped and asked some kids if they knew where
    Costello Elementary School was located. He was told they didn’t. Apparently a father of
    one of the kids observed him speaking with the group and approached to see what was
    going on. As he did, the driver told the kids “that’s OK,” and drove off. The driver was
    described as a W/M, about 40 years old, bald, athletic build, thin face, a raspy voice and
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (9 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

    wearing dark colored clothing.

    A 16-year-old female complainant from Troy and her father reported discovering an
    unauthorized MYSPACE account created by an unknown person in the 16-year-old’s name
    that contained sexually graphic statements about the 16-year-old. They were referred to
    the MYSPACE web manager to have the incident investigated and the page removed.

    Super Clips, 4928 John R, 3/13, 1847 hrs.
    In response to a prior complaint from staff that a male was making harassing calls to the
    location an officer was checking the business while on patrol. While so doing he observed
    a 51-year-old male from Troy peering into one of the front windows from a position that
    appeared he was trying to conceal himself from those inside. The business was open.
    When the subject saw the officer he entered his blue ’05 Dodge Durango and drove off.
    The officer stopped him and questioned him about his actions at the salon. He claimed he
    was looking to see if his stylist was working. He had no explanation as to why he didn’t go
    inside and ask. He provided the name of the stylist in question. When the officer followed
    up at the business apparently the harassing caller had mentioned the same stylist by name
    during one of his calls.

    Traffic Altercations:


    Weapons Offenses:

                                                                       Welfare Checks:

    Officers responded to a residence to assist relatives of the residence check on the welfare
    of a 59-year-old male whom they were unable to contact. Access was gained and the male
    was found in a bedroom initially unresponsive, but eventually became communicative. A
    rifle was found in the kitchen with an expended casing on the floor and a bullet hole in the
    ceiling. When asked why he shot a hole in the ceiling he stated he did so by accident.
    Another bullet hole was observed in the floor of a second floor bedroom, which was
    located above the garage. Upon checking the garage a chair was observed with live rounds
    and a spent casing on the floor next to it. Subject was not injured and he was transported
    to the hospital for evaluation. Rifle and ammunition confiscated.

    Officers located an intoxicated 45-year-old female who required transport to the hospital
    for detox.
file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (10 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

    Officers responded to a report wherein complainant was outside his home claiming he
    could see someone inside his residence. Officers arrived checked residence and
    determined there was no one inside, nor was there any unlawful entry. Possible medical/
    psychological issues involved.

    Complainant reported 15-year-old daughter ran away which is a continuing problem.
    Entered as missing in computer system.

    Complainant reported 54-year-old relative that lives with her and suffers medical problems
    was last seen at a friend’s business in Detroit. Complainant’s last best information was
    that he was taken to an unknown hospital after feeling ill. Complainant was unable to
    locate him after calling area hospitals. He was entered as missing/possibly endangered in
    computer system
                                                                                                     TROY RESIDENTS AND
    Group Home, Beech Rd., 3/10, 1230 hrs.                                                              BUSINESSES:
    Officers responded to a report that a 32-year-old female resident had broken a bathroom
    window after becoming upset with staff over medical treatment. She cut her hand and was
    transported to the hospital for evaluation.
                                                                                                 Do you want to receive future
                                                                                                   Troy Police Crime Alert
    Troy Officers responded to two incidents involving individuals experiencing emotional/                Emails?
    psychological difficulties and assisted with transport to the hospital for evaluation/
    commitment.                                                                                   Email your name, address, contact
                                                                                                   telephone number, and email
                                                             Special Events Information:                     address to:

                                                                The Selling of Addiction            troypdcrimealert@ci.troy.mi.us

    The Troy Community Coalition, Troy Youth Assistance, and Troy Families for Safe Homes         Archives of crime alert can be
    are co-sponsoring a lecture on how marketing alcohol and tobacco creates new addicts.             found at our website:
    The featured presenter is Doctor Donna Learmont who is a media literacy expert. The
    presentation will be on Thursday, March 22, 2007 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Troy                 www.cityoftroypolice.com
    Community Center, which is located on the west side of Livernois just north of Big
    Beaver. Register at: 248-823-5088.                                                                   CrimeAlert Archive

    Miscellaneous Information:

    Case Updates

file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (11 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM
Police Crime Alert

                                                                      Arrest Summary:

    In addition to those outlined above, the following arrests were also made during the period:

    Drunk Driving: 12
    Retail Fraud: 14
    Drove While License Suspended: 10 (One of which was a 21 year old male from Royal Oak
    who was found in possession of a small amount of marijuana, for which he was also
    Driving Under the Influence of Drugs: 1
    Warrants: 9
    Domestic Assault: 2

file:///G|/Crime%20Alert/2007%20Crime%20Alerts/3-16-07.htm (12 of 12)3/16/2007 12:15:45 PM

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