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									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

                              Why Own Oceanfront Real Estate in Yucatan, Mexico?

       By Gary J Walding - International Holdings & Trust
       Dated: Jun 27, 2009

       If one is seeking an inexpensive beachfront home in the Caribbean that includes the keys to a historical and
       culturally rich community, do consider owning a piece of your paradise here in the beautiful state of
       Yucatan, Mexico.

        Merida, Yucatan Mexico (June 25, 2009) - Yucatan is famous for its Spanish colonial architecture found in
       abundance in such cites as Izamal, Valladolid, and the state capital, Merida. But Merida is also known as
       >The White City> for the all-white mansions that line many of the major thoroughfares. These mansions
       were built after an economic boom that hit the Yucatan in the form of a single plant, Henequen. http://

        At the beginning of the 20th century worldwide demand for this natural fiber plant used to produce sacks,
       ropes, and anything that required a strong, breathable material was enormous, and so Yucatan was the
       world’s #1 henequen producer and exporter.

        The subsequent economic boom made some families very rich, so much so that they decided to hire a
       French architect and build an avenue in Merida reminiscent of Paris’s famed Champs-Elyssee. In the 1920,s
       there were more millionaires per square meter in Merida than any other city in the world.

       The entire state of Yucatan is experiencing its second economic boom. Merida and its coastal pueblos –
       Progreso, Sisal, Santa Clara, and Celestun has become a magnet for American and Canadian baby-boomers
       who are seeking a better quality of life at a reasonable price.

        This area is ideal for active retirees. The Yucatan coast which is only 30 minutes away via a four lane
       highway from Merida’s International Airport is very similar in appearance to the beaches and water of
       Southern Florida as it too is on the Gulf of Mexico. These coastal properties are quickly being bought up
       by foreign buyers that have an understanding of the value that is offered by the state of Yucatan. For
       example, coastal properties located in the nearby Caribbean state of Quintana Roo have rose astonishingly
       in the past 5 years, where one can easily spend $275,000 and up for a 20 meter lot without electricity and
       paved road.

        These educated buyers are seeking oceanfront property in Yucatan economic value that obviously will
       catch up with its sister state, Quintana Roo. However, unlike its sister state, what appeals to most is that
       Yucatan is less touristy and has positioned itself more as a relaxing foreign residential community with
       several scheduled signature golf courses and residential communities.

        Plus the added benefits of an older, more established state developed over the years by a conservative, no
       tolerance to crime, wealthy citizenship. That has established Yucatan as the second lowest crime rate in all
       of Mexico, along with some of the country’s best hospitals (including the largest and most modern hospital
       south of the boarder) and a noted university community with high standards for education and culture.

        And finally, shopping! Merida houses practically all of the North American style shopping malls, and
       familiar franchise outlets.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

 There are numerous personal reasons; however the key noted ones are Yucatan’s accessibility to the USA
and Canada via direct flights from Houston, Miami, and Atlanta to Merida's international airport daily. Now
with less than a 30 minute taxi or shuttle ride you can be to your property on the coast.

 All those who visit Merida, the Capital city, absolutely fall in love with it, and see it as a great convenience
to living so close, with its parks and colonial mansions, avenues, and most importantly, the people, who are
very kind and inviting. The numerous museums, zoos, cultural events, like the international arts and culture
fair that Merida host each year.

 And last, the natural unique beauty and activity of the state, such as exploring the hundreds of Mayan ruins
peppered throughout the state including Chichen Itza, recently honored as one of the seven modern
marvels, that is less than an hour away. In addition you can explore the underground river system in the
nearby cenotes. These caves make great swimming holes during the summer’s mid-day. And let us not
forget, you can enjoy the natural beauty while playing golf in the many new signature courses available
within a 30 minute drive.

 If one is seeking an inexpensive beachfront home in the Caribbean that includes the keys to a historical and
culturally rich community, do consider owning a piece of your paradise here in the beautiful state of
Yucatan, Mexico.

 Find your affordable beachfront property in the Caribbean Yucatan. Visit International Holdings & Trust
online at and see where you could be spending your family vacations.

 About the Company
 International Holdings & Trust carries a diverse background in international law, finance, construction, and
real estate investment planning for Mexico. They aim to set the bar in Mexican Caribbean beach front
property sales year after year with repeat and referred clients from satisfied customers.

Contact Information
Gary Walding
International Holdings & Trust
(785) 783-4790


Gary is the President of International Holdings & Trust Company located in Cancun, Mexico and has been
selling beachfront property as investments in the Mexican Caribbean for the past 10 years.

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