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Sample Resume for a Teacher by arg87054


Sample Resume for a Teacher document sample

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									The Preschool Teacher plays a vital role in imparting and teaching lessons to young
children efficiently and effectively. The preschool teacher must learn various tools and
techniques of teaching to handle young children physical, emotional needs at appropriate
time. They must also schedule and organize fun related activities, creative artistic
activities for individual activities and groups namely arts, dance, and music, games which
helps young children to bring out and spot special talents and develop it in the right stage.
Preschool teachers are responsible for developing guidelines and cultivating discipline
procedures and guidelines among children which are very important for them in their
career and personal life while they grow up. Preschool Teacher also takes the
responsibility of monitoring and supervising children at all times. They must have good
communication skills to deliver lessons efficiently to young children in a manner they
could learn interestingly. They also act as a bridge between parents and children and
communicate to parents about their child's problems, developments, education. To take
all the above task with efficiency and effectiveness preschool Teacher must have the
mandatory attributes namely excellent communication skill, analytical and problem
solving skills, love to work with children, supervisory skills, stress management skills,
teaching skills, listening skill.

                               Preschool Teacher Resume

Nancy Williams
300 Fourth Cross
Atlanta, Georgia 40050
Home: 111-111-1111
Cell: 222-222-2222
Email: (include Email Address)

Have 6 years of experience in teaching professionally in preschool and elementary
environment. Expertise with various teaching methodologies that would help children to
learn teaching, with interest and enthusiasm. Also a good learner to adapt to learn and
utilize, new technological teaching techniques. Have experience in teaching different age
groups which requires different methodologies of teaching as per age group. Have also
given guidance and assistance to students, in times of difficulties in subjects. Have a
creative attitude and thus have adapted various new learning techniques which made the
class interesting for students. Expertise in teaching subject namely math, science and
English of all grades from preschool to 7th grade.

        To use my skills and experience and thereby to promote a positive atmosphere,
and higher quality education among children. Seeking a challenging and responsible
position to use my abilities and experience effectively and efficiently for children and I
also have acquisition for learning and developing new skills.
Achievements and skills:
    Have excellent communication skill to deliver and present learning effectively
    Can create an enthusiastic environment and make learning a happy journey
      among children
    Have creative and imaginative blend which helps in delivering lessons in a
      practical and interesting manner among children
    Have a caring attitude to attend to children's needs and concerns in time.
    Have a strong desire to work with children

                             Bachelor of Science- Early Childhood Education,
                              University of Georgia,1993

                             Certification in Elementary Education Grades,1995

Work History:

Program Manager-Preschool, Jan 2002 - Present,
ActiveKids School, Atlanta

        I used my experience and expertise got as a Preschool Teacher and handled the
responsibilities of Program Manager-Preschool with efficiency. I took the task of making
plans for lessons each week. I also managed and coordinated the team of teachers and
recorded my observation about children and teachers which would be presented to
director in meeting. I also monitored and presented the needs of children and teachers
namely childcare facilities, facilities needed for teachers to the management.

Preschool Teacher,
Playschool Center, Atlanta, May 2001-Jan 2002

         As Preschool Teacher I took the responsibility of teaching theoretical lessons,
practical sessions of lessons taught, coordinating games and fun activities among
children. I took the responsibility of teaching and executing children's projects from
conception to completion. I took care and educated of age from 1-6.I was responsible for
not only making lesson plans abut also for managing the whole class allotted to me. I
planned and organized variety of activities both for individuals and group activities
namely play, dance, singing, games, arts and crafts which helped children to bring out
their talents and improve their skills.
Preschool Teacher, Jan 1999 - May 2001
Play Kids School, Atlanta

         I used various fun activities, play and interactive activities to develop language
and vocabulary among children. This approach of combining play and interactive
activities made children to learn with ease, increased their interest and attention on
academic learning, helped them to learn letter recognition, helped children to learn
numbers, science and nature with ease and interest.

Preschool Teacher, Dec 1996 - Jan 1999
Daycare Center, Atlanta

        I took the responsibility of taking story telling sessions for children and there by
helped the children to increase their vocabulary and creative thinking. I was also trained
and made use of audio visual aid in my teaching to children and by this children could
learn lessons interestingly with ease. I took care of each child individually and attended
their problems in lessons and also coordinated with their parents to communicate about
their children.

Assistant Preschool Teacher, Nov 1995-Dec 1996
Monty Child Academy, Lake Forest

        I worked as a Assistant Preschool Teacher with children of ages 2-7 years old. I
assisted the team of Preschool Teachers with various teaching activities of children. I
prepared the lessons given by Preschool Teachers for teaching. I also underwent training
from Preschool Teachers to use various teaching methodologies and learnt the techniques
of handlings different age group children effectively and efficiently.

Languages Known:
     English, French

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