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					Grounds For Teacher Dismissal - How To Keep Your Career Safe

                               As an educator you obviously would not want to experience teacher
                               dismissal. Thus, what you need is awareness to know and note the
                               different basis in order for you not to be dismissed. After all, any school
                               and institution would not hesitate to impose such punishment to any
                               teacher upon violations of certain rules.

                               As a teacher myself, I know that it can now be a challenge for us to keep
our profession alive, most especially if this has already been our bread and butter for years. It is our
responsibility to keep our job and be as effective as we can be in order for us to not be dismissed. If you
fear that you might lose your job, here are some grounds that we must avoid and in a way be guided as

Ground 1: Incompetence. This is a solid basis for a teacher to be discharged. As far as possible, teachers
should be responsible to expand their knowledge and update themselves as often as possible. Some
lessons of the past may not be appropriate for today. Therefore, we must be aware of the changes and
incorporate it into our classes and lectures as well. If there are seminars closely associated with
individuals who may be a factor that contributes to our knowledge, better grab that. It would be difficult
for us to limit and be satisfied with our current learning and stop gaining new knowledge in general.

Ground 2: Insubordination. Mentors by all means should never disrespect the higher authorities. We
duly should do what they want, but we must also assess whether what they want from us is right and
proper. If you think however that what they ask from us is legal, then there is nothing you can do but to
follow their orders. However, there are tasks that must be not be followed, especially when it conflicts
our interest and principles. If there are cases like this, you can consult the supervisor or superintendent
for help.

Ground 3: Negligence. If you ever neglect your duties as a teacher, then the school has the right to really
fire you. Whenever possible, regardless if you still love the profession or not do what is being asked from
you. If you do not want to do your academic work, it is best to resign. You will not be the only one
suffering in the first place. It will be your students who will suffer as well, especially if you no longer
attending classes and educate them.

In actuality, there are many other reasons that may lead to dismissal. Other areas are immorality,
encouraging students to violate laws, failure to improve one’s self and no longer attending trainings. But
if you've done your job properly, then you need not fear being fired. Teacher dismissal only applies to
the ones who tend to continuously perform the grounds stated.

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