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					A Social Network for Book Lovers!
What is Goodreads, exactly?

• Goodreads' mission is to get people
excited about reading.
• 4 million members, Goodreads is the
largest social network for readers in the
• Goodreads members recommend books,
compare what they are reading, keep track
of what they’ve read, form book clubs and
much more.
        Why did we start Goodreads?

  • Books were broken online in 2006
  • Ideas are meant to be shared
  • Social peer pressure

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Software Geek       Literature Geek
               Goodreads Origins

•   Launched December 2006
•   Reading blogosphere found us in 2007
•   Raised angel round, grew to 2 million users.
•   In 2009 raised Series A of $2 million
            Who uses Goodreads?

• 70% female. 50% age 30 and over.
• Largely popular fiction and non-fiction.
• Freakonomics has 90K ratings, Memory Keepers
  Daughter has 125K.
• Any book published can be reviewed.
   What can Goodreads do?
See what your friends are reading
See friends reviews and ratings
See what the community thought
Virtual Bookshelves to keep track of what you’ve read
• 114 million books cataloged.
• 8 million reviews. 80 million ratings.
• 22 million books marked as “to-read”
                  The Long Tail of Books
Out of 114 million books cataloged:
• 5% are the Twilight Series
• The top 100 books represent 18%
• The top 5,000 books represent 45%


               Wisdom of the masses
• 330,000 distinct shelves/tags
• 15 million books categorized

• Lists you can vote on
• Taps the creativity of the
• All kinds of lists: Booker Prize
Winners, Books you would
recommend to strangers, YA Books
Boys would love, Afghanistan in
Literature, Books with Purple
Covers, Would have preferred a
root canal.
Social Network Integration

 • Show off your shelves on your
 Facebook profile.
 • Widgets for blogs
 • Twitter integration
Iphone App
• Bring your to-read list to the library or bookstore, add books on the go.
• 2,600 public domain books you can read
• Update your reading progress wherever you are. 9,000 a day.
Join Book Clubs like “The Next Best Book Club”
The Next Best Book Club (continued):
Classes using groups
Libraries using Goodreads
Library-run bookclubs!
University Press’s using Goodreads
Ways for authors & publishers to get the word out

              •   Author Program
              •   Giveaways
              •   Advertising
               Goodreads Author Program
• Built to help authors promote their work
• More than 14,000 authors signed up so far
Edit your information and gather fans:
          Authors can publicize upcoming events
• Book signings
• Speaking engagements
• Bookclub meetups
Write a blog and generate a band of followers.
Upload Videos
Share book excerpts and other writing.
Create Author Q&A Groups

• 5,063 Giveaways completed
• Over 48,000 books given away.
• On average, 768 people request
each book.
       Self Serve
• Easily create an ad for your book
or product.

• Your ads will show on Goodreads
in locations where members are
searching for and exploring

• Target your ad by book genre,
location, gender, or age.

• View custom stats for your ad to
see views, clicks, and the number
of Goodreads members who add
your book.

• Watch as Goodreads' virality
helps your books numbers grow via
word of mouth.
Books added to Goodreads users’ “To-read” shelves
          with an advertising campaign
Book Launch Packages for Publishers
       Goodreads is a wonderful place to play.

•   Never-ending Trivia Game
•   Quizzes
•   Quotes
•   Fan and engage authors
•   Listopia
•   Role-play groups
•   Meet like minded readers
   The Never-ending
Trivia Game

• 60,000 questions answered a day.
• Tailor the game to books that you
have read
• Great fun for kids.

• 3,834 quizzes to choose from
• Thousands of quizzes are taken
each day.
• Users can make their own quizzes
and invite their friends.

• Browse quotes from your favorite authors and books
Role Play Groups
         Where are we going from here?

• More fun features to engage readers.
• Improved book discovery & recommendations.
• Better tools for authors and publishers.

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