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									      A                         B                                         C                                      D                         E                                     F


2 Sig Senior Bulletin December 11, 2009
3           Scholarship                            Eligibility/Criteria                              Award Amount               Deadline              Application Located:

                                                   Federal merit-based schp; Min SAT 1940                                                             guidance office or State Student Assistance
4 NEW!      Robert C. Byrd Honors Schp.            from one test or 29 ACT, IN resident,GPA 3.0 $1,500 max renewable                           26-Apr Commission of IN

                                                   Based on economic need (gross family
                                                   income $35,000<); targeted groups include
                                                   ethnic minorities or physical disability; based
                                                   on academic performance,
                                                   leadership/participation in school/community                               Between Dec. 15,
                                                   activities, work exper., career/education                                  2009 and Feb. 15,
5 NEW!      USA Funds Access to Education Schp.    goals, unusual personal/family circumstances.                       $1,500 2010          

                                                   Describe an outstandin achievement student
                                                   has accomplished in non-academic activity;
6 NEW!      AXA Achievement Community Schp.        recommended by unrelated adult.                                     $2,000              25-Feb-10

                                                   Must be nominated by HS and accepted to U
                                                   of Dayton. Must be comitted to academic
            University of Dayton Leadership in     achievement and involved in servie activities
7           Service scholarship                    supporting church, school and/or community.       $2,500 X 4 yrs.            Feb. 1, 2010          Guidance Office

            Indiana Pathways to College Network    This is a listing of scholarship resources for
            Listing of Financial Aid Resources--   many specific groups including minorities and
8           multiple                               career interests.                                                                        

                                                   Student must be enrolled in an assigned
                                                   ensemble as an instrumental musician, based
            Purdue University Leath Memorial       on GPA, Sat, audition. Additional info in                                  TBD in January          contact or Prof. Jay Gephart,
9           Scholarship                            Guidance Office                                                     $1,000 2010                    PU Bands

            USI Alumni association Leadership      Must show extensive leadership qualities, in                               TBD March
10          Award                                  upper 20% of class, 2 letters of recom, essay                       $1,000 timeframe               contact USI Alumni Assoc. or guidance office
     A                      B                                            C                                      D                       E                                       F

                                                  GPA at least 2.5, unweighted, demonstrated
                                                  financial need, cannot be associate of
11       Sam Walton Community Schp.               WalMart or dependent of WalMart asociate                              $3,000 Jan. 29, 2010

                                                  Directed to under-represented minority
                                                  students, GPA 3.2 +, top 20% of class, SAT
         Indiana University Hudson & Holland      (math & verbal) of 1100+, ACT 24,                                            not specified; apply
12       Scholars Program                         leadership, participation in community svc.     $5,000 X 4 yrs.              upon admission or guidance office
                                                  Children or grandchildren of veterans who
                                                  served in Armed Forces during WWI, WWII,
                                                  Korea, Vietnam, Grenada & Lebanon,
                                                  Panama, Persian Gulf to present. Must
                                                  complete 50 hrs of community svc. Based on
         American Legion Auxiliary National       character, leadership, essay, financial need,
13       President's Schp.                        academics                                       $1,500 - $2,500              Mar. 1, 2010 or guidance office
                                                  GPA 3.0; interest in studies/internships
                                                  related to labor/unionism, senior citizens
                                                  and/or community activism; financial need
                                                  considered; essay; upper 40% of class; min
14       IUPUI Sam Masarachia Schp.               SAT 1000, ACT 21                                Full tuition/fees X 4 yrs.   Feb. 1, 2010          guidance office or

         IUPUI Sam H. Jones Community Svc.        Based on previous service to high
15       Schp.                                    school/community; essay                                                3,000 Feb. 1, 2010          guidance office or
                                                  Career in math/science teaching at
                                                  middle/high school level; top 25% of class,
                                                  min 1050 SAT (read/math) ACT 22, GPA 3.0;
                                                  under-represented minority groups encourage
16       IUPUI Math & Science Education           to apply.                                   up to $2,500/yr X 4 yrs                       1-Mar-10 guidance office or

                                                  Health and life science major, top 25% of
                                                  class, min Sat 1200 (read/math) ACT 26;
17       IUPUI Health & Life Science Schp.        essay                                           up to $2,000/yr. X 4 yrs.    Feb. 1, 2010          guidance office or

         Western Kentucky Univ. Academic
18       Schps.                                   Varied criteria as related to major             varies                                             guidance office or

         Vincennes Univ. Foundation Children of
19       Alumni Schp.                             For children of VU alumni                       $500/year                    Feb. 1, 2010
     A                      B                                            C                                       D                     E                                 F

         Vincennes Univ. Foundation Dorothy
20       Walters Schp.                            For education majors up to 4 years               $8,000/year               Feb. 1, 2010

         John Leon Susott/Kathryn Campbell
         Susott Memorial Schp. (admin. through
         Warrick County Community Schp            Must reside in Elberfeld area, demonstrate
21       Program)                                 aptitude in music or art.                                             $420 Feb. 1, 2010

         Sarah Frizzell Memorial Schp (admin.
         through Warrick County Community         Must live in Warrick County, be current
22       Schp Program)                            member of 4-H in good standing                                      $1,000 Feb. 1, 2010

                                                  Lives in or attends HS in Posey County. High
                                                  academic achievement, min GPA 3.5, min
                                                  SAT of 1700 or min ACT of 25, commitment
                                                  to school activities, community svc and/or
                                                  employment. Selection based on acad.,
                                                  comm svc, 1 essay, personal statement,
         Posey County Lilly Endowment             honors/awards, school activities, interview,   tuition, fees, stipend for 4
23       Community Scholarship                    work experience.                               years                         Jan. 19, 2010
                                                  Must have completed min of 3 yrs of HS art
                                                  classes, plan to enroll in art training at
         Jeremey Weil Memorial Art Schp.          college, based on GPA from art classes, the
         (admin. through Vanderburgh County       number of art classes taken, and participation
24       Community Schp Program)                  in juried/competitive shows.                                            $310 Feb. 15, 2010
                                                  Must participate in Evl Youth Hockey Assoc,
                                                  have min GPA of 2.7, based on academic
         Thomas F. Walls Youth Hockey Schp.       achievement, level of participation in EYHA
         (admin. through Vanderburgh County       and/or other high school sports, character &
25       Community Schp Program)                  leadership.                                                          $1,000 Feb. 15, 2010

                                                  Must be active member of any Baptist church
         Dorothy Rapp Music Schp. (admin.         in Evansville, plan to pursue educ. consistent
         through Vanderburgh County               with Christian principles and furtherance of
26       Community Schp Program)                  church music.                                                         $390 Feb. 15, 2010

                                               Resident of Vand. Co. or grad. From an
         Russ Mason Memorial Golf Schp (admin. Evansville HS, planning to play college golf.
         through Vanderburgh County            Based on academics, character,
27       Community Schp Program)               sprotsmanship, leadership, golf ability, essay.                          $470 Feb. 15, 2010

         Cassin-David Scholarship (admin.         Based on moral character, integrity,
         through Vanderburgh County               willingness to overcome obstacles, MAX GPA
28       Community Schp Program)                  3.4                                                                 $1,000 Feb. 15, 2010
     A                      B                                           C                                      D                       E                                        F

                                                 Lives in or attends HS in Vand. County. Apply
                                                 to IN college, top 10% of grad. Class, min.
                                                 GPA 3.5, SAT of 1800+ or ACT of 27+.
                                                 Selection based on academics, financial need
                                                 or obstacles overcome, school activities &
                                                 work history, character, community activities,
                                                 writing samples. FAFSA 4caster is req'd.,
         Vanderburgh County Lilly Endowment      agreement statement, 2 essays, 2 ltrs of       tuition, fees, stipend for 4
29       Community Scholarship                   rec.                                           years                                   19-Jan-10

                                                 Open to students in grades 11 & 12, essay on
                                                 "What do you see as the long term impact of
                                                 our current recession on the average family?
         Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants    How might it affect their future decisions?"
30       Scholarship                                                                                                  $1,000            19-Jun-10

                                                 One winner/state;must be ambitious, set
                                                 goals, show respect for self, family,
31       AXA Achievement Scholarship             community. Emphasis on community service. $10,000-$25,000                              15-Dec-09

                                                 Numerous scholarship programs available.                                                  or call Area Development Director,
32       United Negro College Fund               Visit website for details.                                                                         Andrea Neely @317-283-3920

                                                 GPA 3.0+; students ranking in top 10% of
                                                 class automatically qualify to submit
                                                 application if they have ACT or SAT score in                                                       Contact EM1 (SW) Cory A. King, NROTC Scholarship
33       U.S. Navy ROTC Scholarships             last 2 years.                                   up to $180,000                ?                    Coordinator @ 477-6225 or

                                                Must work part-time average of 15 hours/wk,
                                                min GPA 2.5, community service, financial
                                                need, do NOT have to be employed at Burger
34       Burger King Scholars                   King.                                                                 $1,000 Feb. 1, 2010 
                                                Any child/grandchild of a living Elk, must be
                                                senior in H.S. Must take SAT or ACT by Dec.
                                                31, 2009. Judged on Elks core values:
                                                knowledge, charity, community, integrity.
35       Elks National Foundation Legacy Awards Indiana may have 5 winners.                   $1,000 X 4 years                             8-Jan-10
                                                Must pursue a bachelor's degree (may start at
                                                2-yr college) at a public institution within
                                                student's legal state of residence, GPA of
                                                2.75+, US citizen. Scholarship does not open
36       KFC Colonel's Scholars Program         until 12/1/09.                                up to $5,000/yr                  Feb. 10, 2010

                                                 Must be nominated by someone over 21
                                                 years of age. Nominations should describe
                                                 how the nominee has contributed to the
37       Kohl's Kids Who Care Scholarshp         community in a meaningful way.                  $50 to $5,000                          15-Mar-10
     A                       B                                          C                                    D                         E                                     F
                                                 Graduate of Evansville high school with a
                                                 minimum of 30 hours volunteer work aboard
                                                 LST 325. Preference give to applicants
                                                 involved in history of the ship and veteran
                                                 family members. Requires essay and 2
38       Public Educ. Fdtn/LST Scholarship       character references                                                $1,000                1-Apr-10 guidance office

                                                 Graduate of Indiana high school, based on                                     completed SMU
         Southern Methodist Univ. Irsay Family   financial need, academic record, leadership.    full schp, tuition, fees, on- application by
39       Scholarship                             Requires FAFSA, CSS Profile                     campus room/board             1/15/10     or guidance office

                                                 Essay about what kinds of
         Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll       opportunities/challenges you think your
40       Go! College Scholarship                 education will present in the future.                               $5,000 Feb. 15, 2010 

                                                 Open to juniors & seniors to identify IN
                                                 citizens who have made significant
                                                 contributions to society and serve as role
41       Hoosier Heroes                          models for youth. Essay required.                                   $2,000 Dec. 11, 2009 

                                                 African American, American Indian, Asian
                                                 American or Hispanic American. Min. GPA
42       Gates Millenium Scholars                3.3, community service, Pell Grant eligible.    varies as to need            Jan. 11, 2010

                                                 Merit based: Presidential, Trustee, Provost.
                                                 See Guidance office for GPA/test score
43       Kettering University Scholarships       requirements                                    $10,000-$15,000              rolling admission

                                                                                              Up to $2,000/year in
44       Wabash Nat'l. Merit Schps.              Select Wabash as 1st choice school by 3/1/10 addition to other schps.        Mar. 1, 2010

                                                 Excellence in the fine arts; audition/display   Up to $50,000 over 4
45       Wabash Fine Arts Schp.                  work on campus 3/18-19/2010                     years                        Mar. 1, 2010

                                                 Apply for admission and register for exams by Up to $80,000 over 4
46       Wabash Honor Schp.                      3/1/10                                        years                          Mar. 1, 2010
     A                      B                                        C                                        D                   E                                     F
                                              Students must write an original essay of less
                                              than 1,000 words demonstrating an
                                              understanding of political courage as
                                              described by JFK in Profiles in Courage .
         John F. Kennedy 2010 Profile in      Must have a "nominating" teacher from
47       Courage Essay Contest                Signature.                                        up to $10,000                         9-Jan-10
                                              Plan to attend an Indiana college to major in
                                              health education, PE, recreation, dance
                                              education, or sport administration. Criteria is
         Indiana Assoc.for Health, PE,        part. In school/community activities, min GPA
48       Recreation, and Dance Schp.          3.0, financial need.                                                 $500           15-Jan-10

                                              Student must be a member of Signature
         Evansville Area Council of PTA       PTSA, min GPA of 2.5 at 7th semester, min
49       Scholarship                          SAT of 1500 or ACT of 22                                            $1,000          31-Mar-10 guidance office

                                              Min. GPA 3.5 at 7th semester, student or
                                              parents must be members of ETFCU at least
         Evansville Teachers Federal Credit   1 year prior to 3/1/10, essay, 2 letters of                                Feb 22, 2010 to
50       Union Ted Hitch Scholarship          reference                                                           $2,000 counselor             guidance office

                                              Juniors & Seniors, essay on one of three
51       The Fountainhead Essay Contest       topics related to Fountainhead .                  $50-$10,000                        25-Apr-10

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