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					                                 Georgia Merit System. Ready to Serve.

COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE                                                        404-656-2705     404-656-5979 FAX


Performance Management Policy and Guidelines                            404-657-2186 sfranci s@gm s.
     What is the amount of the Performance Based Inc rease this year?
     How will the PMP be calculated in People Soft?
     How can I get a copy of the SPB Policies for this year’s performance based inc reas es

Incentive Compensation Plans                                      404-657-3355                pkb@gm s.
     Who can review my agency’s proposed incentive compensation plan?
     How can agencies utilize flexible salary administration?

FLSA                                                                         404-657-3355     pkb@gm s.
       My agency needs assistance in a Wage and Hour investigation.

Workforce Data Analysi s and Reporting                                      404-657-0368      jor@gms.
    I need statewide compensation and/or workforce data –
       (i.e. surveys sent to the State of Georgia from other states, cities, counties).
    Who do I forward this request for statewide workforce data to?

People Soft Job Code Table                                             404-657-2378           bhs@gm s.
    How do I activate a state job?
    I need assistance in conducting a job classification, compensation study.

HR Audit                                                                     404-657-0358     jseol@gm s.
    What is my agency’s HR Audit password?
    What is the submittal date for the HR Audit ?
    Which agencies are required to participate in the HR Audit?

Labor Market Data Analysi s                                                  404-463-8524     pmoon@gm s.
                                                                             404-657-2151     Gknoop@ gm s.
       Does the state maintain labor market data?
       I need assistance in conducting a labor market study for jobs wit hin my agency?
       Does the state conduct and participate in custom labor market surveys?


FLEX Benefits – General Information                                          404-656-2757 Confidential Fax: 404-463-6379

Flexible Benefits Program
Currently the options under the Flexible Benefits Program include: employee life, spouse life, child life, AD& D, short term
disability, long term disability, dental, vision, legal, specified illness, (employee and spouse options), long term care, health care
spending account, dependent care spending account, health savings account and a limited flexible spending account.

Compliance/Regulatory                                                        404-651-6080     ppolk@gm s.
Program Operations                                                           404-651-6084     rdh@gm s.

FlexTrans Program                                                          404-463-4007 tbrown@gm s.
FlexTrans is a qualified transportation program offers pre-tax payroll deductions of qualified transportation and parking benefits to
encourage alternative means of transportation.

Worklife Programs:

Wellness Program                                                             404-651-5042     pjeter@gms.
Employee Assi stance Program
Public Employee Recognition Program

Faithful Service Award Program                                         404-657-5077    kdk@gm s.
State Charitable Contributions

WorkAway (telework, alternate and flexible work schedules)             404-463-6723    dcg@gm s.
Employee Suggestion Program


Workforce Planning - General Information                               404-657-2158    gwiggins@gm s.

Workforce Planning - Customer Support                                    404-463-3534 jhecht@gm s.
Services include succession planning, HR consultation (e.g. functional assessment, organizational surveys, focus groups)
     I need help preparing my workforce plan.
     I need help in developing an HR strategy action plan and/or consultative services in implementing a successful HR
     I need help with succession planning.
     How do I measure my agency’s employee satisfaction?

Workforce Planning - Technical Services                                404-463-3849    jmm@gms.
    I need help analyzing my workforce.
    I need help assessing the competency of my work force.

Strategic Staffing                                                     404-657-2079    gon@gm s.
     I need to develop and validate an employee selection proc ess.

Testing and Exam Administration                                        404-657-2370    aan@gms.
     How do I take a test for….?
     Where can I take a test for….?
     How do I find my test results?
     How do I obtain Veteran’s Preference Points?

Recruitment                                                            404-656-2725    Strategic Staffing/The
                                                                       404-657-2371    wcasteel@gms.
      How do I submit an application?
      I need help with the Job Site.
      My JobSite password does not work.
      How can I find information on career fairs GMS is attending?
      How can I make maximum use of The Job Site in my career search?
      Where can I rec eive assistance with writing a resume?

Drug Te sting / Medical Physical Examination                           404-657-8420    bmurdock@ gm s.
    I need to drug test my employees.
    How do I find drug test results?

Employment Verifications
I would lik e to verify employment
I would lik e to check references
         Statewide Information                                         404-657-5805    glbroadway@gms.
         Current/former employees of GMS                               404-656-8461    tmosley@gm s.
                                                                                       FAX: 404-463-6679


Training                                                               404-371-7371
When is the next computer training?
How can I register?
What courses do you offer?

Course Regi strars                                               404-371-7371   404-271-7388 FAX

Di stance Learning and PC Training                               404-371-7414   lsullivan@gm s.

Employee Development Programs                                    404-371-7410   cperry@gm s.

Management Development Programs                                  404-371-7405   vhs@gm s.

Georgia Leadership Institute                                     404-371-7412   ahoke@gms.

Decatur Training Center Operations                               404-371-7403   tpiazza@gms.


Employee/Management Relations I ssue s                           404-656-2660   sclonts@gm s.
                                                                 404-651-6302   gstowers@gm s.
      Grievances
      Complaints
      Suspensions
      Terminations

Alternative Dispute Re solution (Mediation/Grievance Hearings)   404-656-2660   sclonts@gm s.

Classi fied and Unclassified Employees                           404-656-2660   sclonts@gm s.
                                                                 404-651-6303   gstowers@gm s.
      Leave
      Reduction-In-Force (RIF)
      Rehire Code
      Performance Management
      General Personnel Practices

Compliance Issue s                                               404-657-0378   maziz@gms.
                                                                 404-656-2660   sclonts@gm s.
                                                                 404-651-6302   gstowers@gm s.
      Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
      American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA)
      Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
      Worker’s Compensation
      Retirement

State Personnel Board Rules interpretation                       404-657-0378   maziz@gms.
                                                                 404-656-2660   sclonts@gm s.
                                                                 404-651-6302   gstowers@gm s.

Agency Lobbyi st
      Mustafa A. Aziz                                            404-657-0378   maziz@gms.


Media Inquiries                                                  404-657-0373   dwilliams@gms.

The Georgia Statement                                            404-657-0375
                                                                 404-657-370    cclements@gm s.

The Executive Vision                                             404-657-0373   dwilliams@gms.

GMS Website (technical/access problems)
                                                              404-463-8698   gharris@gm s.

Doing Busi ness with the State of Georgia
How do I become a vendor for the State of Georgia?
404-657-7553 DOAS

How do I become a vendor for the Flexible Benefits Program?

Additional Benefits for State Employee s
Health Insurance (DCH)

Employees Retirement System (ERS)

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