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 Tax Credits Calculator
 Do you advise your clients about Tax Credits?
                                                             Some of your clients may be entitled to the benefit of tax
                                                             credits and with the new £50,000 AIA even more may suddenly
                                                             find themselves entitled to claim. But you need to be
                                                             proactive and plan! The updated 2020 Tax Credits
                                                             Calculators comprise two Excel tools:

                                                             • 2008/09 Actual v Provisional Calculator

                                                             • 2009/10 Provisional Claim Calculator

                                                             These tools have been developed in order to take into account
                                                             complex scenarios and changes in circumstances that affect
                                                             tax credits throughout the year.

 Should I Incorporate? Calculator
 Have you advised your clients about Incorporation?
 To make it easy for you to advise clients, we are pleased to
 announce the updated 2020 Should I Incorporate?                                      “Given the exceptional value of
 Calculator.                                                                          this product….. I recommend these
                                                                                      tools as a cost-effective option
 Key features of the calculator are:
                                                                                      when advising on the ‘why
 • 2009/10 tax and NI rates                                                           incorporate?’ issue.”

 • 2010/11 - 2011/12 tax and NI rates                                                 Mark Lee FCA – Past Chairman of
 (based on known proposals – deals with restriction of personal                       the ICAEW’s Tax Faculty
 allowances dependent on income , new higher rate tax bands in 2010/11
 and 2011/12 , increases to NI contributions in 2011/12 etc)

 Disincorporation Calculator
 As tax bands converge and NI bands increase, the savings are becoming less and many businesses may now find it
 more advantageous to disincorporate and revert to a Sole Trader or Partnership. Use the Disincorporation
 Calculator to assess the costs of disincorporation and any savings.
 (Requires Should I Incorporate? to calculate some of the figures).

Purchase all 3 products for only £210                            plus VAT.   Fully updated from the 2009 budget
 Tax Calculators
 Your Tax Credits Calculator, Should I Incorporate? Calculator and
 Disincorporation Calculator will be emailed to you. Please ensure you
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3. Place your order by phone:                       2     Should I Incorporate? Calculator s                       £99.00           £
                                                          And bonus product “2009/10 Incorporation Issues”
        T. +44 (0) 121 314 2020
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                                                          *Disincorporation Calculator

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                                                          Should I Incorporate? Calculators

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