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University of Georgia Printable Application


University of Georgia Printable Application document sample

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» technology.spsu.edu

1. Any student who has not registered for classes for two or more
     semesters must complete a Readmission Application.

2. Previous Audit Students must:
     a. complete a Readmission Application to Audit again.
     b. complete an Admission Application to be fully admitted to take
        courses for credit. Applicants will be required to meet Southern
        Polytechnic State University admission requirements.

3. Previous Transient Students must:
     a. request another transient permission letter from the Registrar's
        Office at your home institution for each semester you plan to
        attend SPSU as a transient student.
     b. complete an Admission Application to be fully admitted. Appli-
        cants are required to meet Southern Polytechnic State University
        admission requirements.

4. Students who are on academic suspension must file a Petition for
     Reinstatement to the Faculty, in addition to completing a Readmis-
     sion Application.

5. if you wish to enroll in a different major from that of your last at-
     tendance, you must file a Change of Major form. This form requires
     the signature of the proposed Department Chair.

6. Previous Undergraduate students desiring to be Graduate students
     must complete a Graduate Admission Application.

7.    All students must have a complete transcript on file from all
     schools attended since their last attendance at Southern Polytech-
     nic State University. Transcripts must be sent directly from each

8. if your name has changed since last enrolled, please submit docu-

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are unable to register for the Semester
for which they are accepted for reentry will need to contact the Read-
missions Office to be UPDATED to a future semester.

        Southern Polytechnic State University
        Readmissions Office
        1100 South Marietta Parkway
        Marietta, Georgia 30060-2896

q Your Undergraduate Readmission Application should
  be submitted as early as possible prior to the start of
  the semester desired.

q Former Graduate Students must apply for readmission
  through their graduate academic department.
  This form is for undergraduates only.

2     SPSU | Undergraduate Application for Readmission                     V1.3 REViSED 5/01/08 | www.spsu.edu
                                                                                      UNDERGRADUATE APPLICATION FOR READMISSION
                                                                                      Return completed form to:                             Questions?
                                                                                      Readmission Office                                    if you need assistance in completing
                                                                                      Southern Polytechnic State University                 this form or if you have questions,
                                                                                      1100 South Marietta Parkway                           contact the Readmission Office at
                                                                                      Marietta, Georgia 30060-2896                          678-915-7264.

                                       APPLICANT INFORMATION
                                        Student Identification Number T                                    Date of Birth (Month / Day / Year)                                   When do you wish to reenter?                       Year

                                       | | | | | | | | | |
                                        Last Name T                                                         First
                                                                                                                    | |-| | |-| | |                                             O Fall
                                                                                                                                                                                              O Spring         O Summer             20
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Title (Jr., III, etc.)

                                        Street Address                                                                                                                          Apartment Number

                                        City                                                               State                                ZIP/Postal Code                 County of Residence               Nation

                                        Home Phone                                                                                              Work Phone

                                        E-mail Address

                                        NON-U.S. CITIzEN APPLICANTS
                                        Country of CitizenshipT                                                                              Type of visa held or current status T

                                        Permanent Resident, Alien Number T (Attach copy of both sides of your i-94 or permanent resident card)                                                   Date Issued T

                                       ENROLLMENT INFORMATION
                                                                           Month / Year T                                                                                       Month / Year T
                                       First attended SPSU                                                                                      Last attended SPSU
                                        List below any colleges you are currently attending or attended since you were last enrolled at SPSU. Please have official transcript(s)
                                        forwarded to SPSU for possible Transfer Credit. Transcripts must be mailed directly from the institution to the SPSU Admissions Office. Use additional
                                        sheet if necessary. Any student who does not list every previous institution attended will be subject to dismissal without refund.
                                        Name of Institution T                             City                               State              Dates Attended (From-To / Month & Year)                           Degree Received

                                       Do you hold a degree? O Yes O No                          if yes, from which institution?

                                       Are you currently on suspension/dismissal/exclusion from your previous institution?                                                      O Yes         O No
                                                                                                                                                                    Month / Year T
                                       Have you taken the University System of Georgia Regents' Test? O Yes                                               O No

                                       RESIDENCE INFORMATION
                                       Are you a legal resident of Georgia? O Yes O No
                                                                                                                                                          Month / Year T                Month / Year T
                                       How long have you lived continuously in Georgia? >>                                                      From                            to
Send this form to: ADMiSSiONS OFFiCE

                                       Were you a legal resident of Georgia when you last attended Southern Polytechnic State University? O Yes O No

                                       Latest motor vehicle driver's license issued from which state?
                                       I certify that the information provided in this application is true, to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that omissions or misrepresen-
                                       tations will automatically invalidate consideration and/or acceptance to, or continuation at, Southern Polytechnic State University. I further
                                       understand that it may also cause me to be billed for non-resident fees.
                                       Signature of Applicant T                                                                                                                                  Date

                                       OFFiCE USE ONLY: Received____________ Computer input ____________ Georgia Resident ____________ Academic Standing ____________ Major ________________________________ Matric Term ____________

                                       www.spsu.edu | V1.2 Revised 4/08                                                                                                                SPSU | Undergraduate Application for Readmission               3
                                                       Readmission Office                                            678-915-7264 PHONE
                                                       Southern Polytechnic State University                         800-635-3204 TOLL FREE
                                                       1100 South Marietta Parkway
                                                       Marietta, Georgia 30060-2896                                  technology.spsu.edu

      Printed on Recycled Paper

SPSU is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, disability or national origin.

4   SPSU | Undergraduate Application for Readmission                                                                                              V1.3 REViSED 5/01/08

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