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									Cooperative Education

 Orientation Workshop
      2006 - 2007
What do you need to graduate?
    4 credits in English
    3 credits in Math
    2 credits in Science
    1 credit in Canadian History
    1 credit in Canadian Geography
    1 credit in the Arts
    1 credit in Health and Physical Education
    1 credit in French as a second language
    .5 credit in Career Studies
    .5 credits in Civics
    Plus ONE credit from EACH group:

   1 additional credit in English, a third language, social
    sciences and the humanities, or Canadian and world
    studies, OR guidance and career education OR
    Cooperative education
   1 additional credit in health and physical education,
    or the arts, or business studies, OR Cooperative
   1 additional credit in science, or technological
    education, OR cooperative education
         Placement Procedure
First Interview
 An interview will be scheduled for you with your
  Co-op teacher.
 Your interests and placement choices are
  discussed during the first interview.
 There is no guarantee that you will get an
  interview with your first or second choice, but
  we do try our best.
         Second Interview

You  will be given the date and time
 of your placement interview.
You will also be given a grey folder
 which contains information that you
 must take with you to the placement
   Placement Interview

You  must take your cover letter,
 resume and the grey folder with
 the ‘Employer Evaluation Form’
 to the placement interview.
18 Spruce Street                                            SAMPLE COVER LETTER PAGE 4
Brantford, Ontario
N2T 3C2

April 8, 2004

Mr. John Black
Personnel Manager
Blues & Sons Ltd.
12 Ash Street
Brantford, Ontario
N3T 7Q3

Dear Mr. Black:

Please accept the enclosed resume as my application for a cooperative education position at Blues & Sons Ltd.

As can be noted by my resume, I am presently a student at St. Gabriel’s High School. I am concentrating my studies in the
business area. I am an organized individual with excellent work habits and I feel I could make a positive contribution to
your company.

My career aspirations are directed towards accounting and my related skills and knowledge would be enhanced with this

I look forward to the opportunity of gaining valuable experience with Blues & Sons Ltd.


Ann White
                                ANN WHITE                       SAMPLE RESUME PAGE 7
                                18 Spruce Street
                                Brantford, Ontario
                                N2T 3C2
                                (519) 750-2222

2000-present          St. Gabriel’s High School, Brantford
                      Courses include: Cooperative Education, Accounting
                      Grade 12 student

Jan. 2002-Present     Roots, Brantford
                      Supervisor: Mr. Fred Yellow Phone: 757-7777
                      SALES CLERK
                      Responsibilities include: assisting customers,
                      handling cash, inventory

June 1999-Jan. 2002   Burger King, Brantford
                      Supervisor: Mr. Jim Pink Phone: 755-8888
                      SHORT ORDER COOK
                      Responsibilities included: cooking food, cleaning duties,
                      handling cash
Feb. 2003 - June 2003               Noah’s Ark Preschool Centre, Brantford
                                    Supervisor: Ms. Susan Purple Phone: 755-3333
                                    CHILD CARE ASSISTANT
                                    Responsibilities included: supervising and entertaining
                                    children between the ages of 1-5

July 2003                           John Noble Home, Brantford
                                    Supervisor: Mr. Brad Orange Phone: 750-6666
                                    RECREATIONAL ASSISTANT
                                    Responsibilities included: helping elderly with crafts, porting to and from

                                    Business Certificate June 2003
                                    computer literate

                                    St. John's Ambulance Standard First Aide 2002
                                    Grade 8 Piano
                                    swimming, bronze medal

                                    sports, reading, piano

                                    Mrs. Anna Green
                                    Sears Canada Inc.
                                    84 Oak Street
                                    Brantford, Ontario
                                    N4R 5Q1
Page 12
    Post-Interview Procedures

 Follow   up with a thank you letter
  (p. 11).
 You must return the ‘Employer’s
  Interview Form’ to the Co-op office.
  Note: The employer may decide to
  keep this form and fax it back to the
workforce is
  sitting in

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