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City Franchise Opportunity


City Franchise Opportunity document sample

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									                   MCICS FRANCHISE APPLICATION

                     Please complete the following application and
                 Return by email to
     or you can fax it to (905) 670-2133. We will respond to you after reviewing it.

                                       Personal Data
                          Name :
                       Address :
                            City :
                          State :
                       Country :
               Business Phone :
                  Home Phone :
                 Email Address :
                  Date of Birth :
                 Marital Status :
     How did you become aware
               of this franchise

                                     Business Experience
        (Please list company name, type of business, position held, dates
            position held and your most significant accomplishments)
            Present/Most Recent
               Previous Position
               Previous Position
 Have you owned a business
              If yes, what type?
      Other Business Affiliations
      (Officer, Director, Partner,

                           Business and Management Goals
      Do you plan to devote full
           time to this business
       Will your spouse/other
 family members be active in
                the franchise?
     Do you plan to have equity
          If you are planning on having equity partners, identify all partners :
                                                                                   Active in
               Name                      Address             Telephone No.

                        Preliminary Financial Disclosure
 (Please note: The information provided by you in this section will be kept
  completely confidential and will no be disclosed in any circumstances to
         any third party other than the Franchiser and Franchisee)
                                  Assets :
                               Liabilities :
                              Net Worth :
 Liquid Assets of US$ 10,000 available for
                   investment if required?
 Currently have office space of 500 sq. ft.
             Address of the Office Space :
  If you don't have office space available,
are you in a position to purchase/rent the
              same? Provide details here :

                                Other Information
What skills, experience and personal attributes do you have which will support you
in your pursuit of becoming a successfully licensed MCICS franchisee (i.e. Sales,
Marketing, Advertising, People skills, Computer knowledge, etc.) ?

Why do you believe you can successfully operate a MCICS franchise?

Language Skills. Are you fluent in English? What other languages do you speak?

How will the MCICS franchise opportunity help you in achieving your business and
personal goals?

Please give us an estimate of how many client or revenues you are planning to
achieve on a monthly basis.

If are already doing immigration business, please tell us the rates you are currently
charging your present clients. Give rates for each category.

Are you currently working as an agent for another immigration company? If yes,
what is the name of the company? Do you have any contract or obligations with
that company that will interfere with the interests of MCICS?

Additional Information or comments that you might like to share with us in
evaluating your request for consideration.

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