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									                                       SNOW ESTIMATING PROGRAM
                                                   ABOUT THE PROGRAM

This program was developed by Phil Harwood of Pro-Motion Consulting, an experienced industry consultant. It is
designed in Microsoft Excel to allow for customization. The program includes a proposal which auto-fills with per
event pricing and seasonal pricing based on the square feet you enter into the program. A proposal may be
completed from start to finish in less than 10 minutes.

Your investment is only $250.00 USD. Your return on this investment will be substantial as you will be able to
efficiently and accurately produce estimates and proposals. For an additional $250.00 USD, we will customize the
program specifically for you and provide you with training to help you maximize its use in your unique situation.

        See 'Screen Shot' sheet (tab) for actual screen shots and explanations of some of the sheets in the program!

                                                          ABOUT US

Pro-Motion Consulting was honored at the 2010 SIMA Symposium in Providence, RI as the recipient of the Snow
Industry Achievement Award. This award recognizes an affiliate member's dedication to the industry. We are
honored to be the first company to win this prestigious award.

Pro-Motion Consulting exists to help create healthy, profitable, and sustainable businesses.

Phil Harwood is the founder and President of Pro-Motion Consulting. He is an experienced snow industry consultant,
helping businesses throughout North America "Accelerate Growth" through live (in-person) consulting and virtual
(web/phone) consulting services. Phil has over 25 years of management experience. He is a Certified Snow
Professional (CSP), Certified Landscape Professional (CLP), and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and
Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Michigan State University.

Phil actively supports the industry through involvement with the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA).
> 'Build a Bid' Program co-creator and trainer.
> 'Beyond the Bid' Program co-creator and trainer.
> Snow Business Magazine Editorial Advisory Board
> Moderator for the CSP Training Modules (DVD Recordings)- Now on Sale at
> Contributing writer for Snow Business magazine, the official publication of SIMA.

                                                         CONTACT US
248-436-8121 Office
248-756-8035 Mobile
P.O. Box 561
Farmington, Michigan 48332
Snow Estimating Program (Version 2) Screen Shots                    Scroll down to learn how the program works!

          There are a series of sheets (tabs) along the bottom of the program. Click on each sheet (tab) to view that sheet.
          The Overview sheet contains information about the program.

The Account Sheet
          This sheet is where you will enter customer, property, and other information. Only part of the sheet is shown here
          All information shown here will auto-fill into your proposal. All cells shaded yellow are input cells.

The Area Sheet

          This sheet is the input sheet for plowing areas and sidewalk areas. You may enter length and width for each
          area and allow the spreadsheet to calculate the area or you may override the formulas and enter totals. In this
          example, the total plow area of 500,000 SF was entered as 500,000 x 1 so that the formulas remained intact.
The Events Sheet

          On this sheet you will enter events by inch. You may adjust the inch categories to meet your needs.
          Also on this sheet, you may enter the production efficiency rating for each inch category.

The De-Icer Sheet
          On this sheet, you may enter the amount of de-icing material you intend to apply for lots and walks.
          The example shown here is to illustrate the use of the form and coverage examples at that rate.

The Prod Rates Sheet (Production Rates)

          This sheet is where you will enter equipment production rates and the degree of difficulty rating (A-B-C).
          The program comes populated with average production rates. The examples shown are not accurate.
          The only input required on this sheet for an estimate are the yellow colored cells and only for actual equipment
          to be used on this property.
The Prices Sheet

           Selling prices for all equipment, labor, and de-icers are entered on this sheet.

The Worksheet Sheet
          The worksheet is where lot area allocations are made. This is done in column K. Please note that there
          are some hidden rows on this screen shot to fit the entire sheet on this page. This sheet is also where you
          will select bid prices. All selected bid prices will auto-fill into the proposal.

The Proposal Sheet

          The program includes a proposal form that offers 3 pricing options. You may customize this page to fit your
          needs or have us do it for you. The proposal shown is a full proposal with terms and conditions, a signature
           page, and room for your logo to be added. This proposal is included in the program.

The Order Form Sheet

           This is the order form to be used to have us work with you to customize the program. Customization
           includes adding your proposal form, helping you determine production rates, prices, events, etc. We will
           also train you to use this program to its fullest capabilities.

Thank you for taking this brief tutorial. We hope you find this program to be extremely valuable.
ow the program works!

ch sheet (tab) to view that sheet.
nly part of the sheet is shown here.
ow are input cells.

er length and width for each
 rmulas and enter totals. In this
he formulas remained intact.
o meet your needs.
 y for lots and walks.
ples at that rate.

f difficulty rating (A-B-C).
own are not accurate.
s and only for actual equipment
 Please note that there
is sheet is also where you

tomize this page to fit your
and conditions, a signature
gram. Customization
ices, events, etc. We will
                                           SNOW ESTIMATING PROGRAM
                                                 ORDER FORM

Today's Date:                                                       Company Name:

Your Name:                                                                        Position:

Mailing Address:

City:                                    State/Province:                                      Zip Code:

Phone:                                   Mobile:                                              Fax:

Email:                                                          Website:


          Estimating Program Only ($250.00 USD)                                Check this box to order

          Customization ($250.00 USD)                                          Check this box to order


          Does your company require an invoice?                                Yes            No

To Pay By Check:
          Please make check payable to: Pro-Motion Consulting                                 Check #:
          Mail to: P.O. Box 561, Farmington, MI 48332

To Pay By Credit Card:                   Visa                                  Mastercard                 Discover

          Name (please print):

          Credit Card #:

          Expiration Date:                                                 3-Digit CVV# (back of card):

          Billing Zip Code:                                        Billing Street #:

By signing this agreement, I authorize Pro-motion Consulting to charge the above card in the amount of $______________.

          Signature                                                                                       Date

                      Print and fax to 248-436-8126 or email/scan to

                              P.O. Box 561 Farmington MI 48332 / 248-436-8121 Office / 248-436-8126 Fax

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