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House Sale Agreement - PDF by juj18736

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House Sale Agreement document sample

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									                                  PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT
                                   WAGNER FARM HOUSE AND LOT
      THIS PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is entered into between the Contractor
and Buyer identified below in consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein pursuant to which
CONTRACTOR agrees to construct and sell and BUYER agrees to buy the property specified below in
accordance with these Basic Terms of Sale, the Additional Terms of Sale and Exhibits, all of which form a part
of this Agreement:

1. Property to be Constructed and Sold: The construction of a house and related improvements to be built
on Lot #      located in Wagner Farm Subdivision located Wagner Farm Road off Libby Avenue in the Town
of Gorham, Maine (collectively the “Property”) in accordance with the Plans consisting of sheets __________
____ ________ __________________________ dated ______________, 200___ (the “Plans”) and the
Specifications attached hereto (the “Specifications”) (collectively the “Work”). If there is a discrepancy
between this Contract including the Specifications and the Plans, this Contract shall prevail. IF WORK IS
INCLUDED. The Property will be conveyed subject to the terms of state and local land use approvals
including the recorded Subdivision Plan, the recorded Declaration of Covenants and DEP Restrictive
Covenants and (iii) the Permitted Exceptions as set forth in the Additional Terms of Sale. Contractor reserves
the right upon notice to Buyer to establish and make modifications, additions, or deletions in or to the
Declaration and Subdivision Plan provided that the purchase price hereunder shall not be increased and a
material physical modification of the layout or location of the Buyer's lot shall not occur.

2. Purchase Price: The agreed purchase price and payment terms are as follows:
        $ ___________       Base Price;
        $ ___________       Extras –if any (see Section 12 and Specifications);
        $ ___________       Total Purchase Price.
       ($ ___________)      Less: Deposit paid upon signing, to be held and used by Contractor.
       $ ___________        Balance Due At Closing by certified or bank check or wire transfer.

3. Dates: The Work is anticipated to start on or about ____________, 20_____ and the estimated date of
substantial completion is on or about ______________, 20____, subject to change due to delays caused by
extraordinary events, including but not limited to, material and labor shortages, damaged or stolen materials,
add-ons or changes from Buyer, failure to select allowance items in a timely manner, loss or damage from fire,
flood, earthquake, and all other weather related events or acts of nature. Even if due to Contractor's alleged
negligence or fault Buyer agrees that Contractor is not responsible for delays due to the foregoing
circumstances, and that regardless of the source of delay, Contractor shall have no responsibility for interest
rate increases if the construction time exceeds Buyer’s mortgage lock in interest rate deadline.

4. Mortgage Financing Contingency, if                     5. Brokers [ ] Yes, [ ] No
applicable: ______% of the Total Purchase Price.             Name:
Contingency Date: _______ days from the                      Address:
Effective Date of this Agreement.                            Tel. #:

6. Change Orders. Any alterations or deviations from the Plans and Specifications will be effective only
with a written change order approved by both parties detailing all changes to the scope of the Work; however
any change orders provided by Contractor to Buyer shall be deemed approved unless a written objection is
received within 10 days of submission - at the option of Contractor if there is no change order signed by both

                                                                                   Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
parties, then the Specifications remain unchanged. Contractor may require an additional Deposit and/or extend
the time to complete the Work.

7. Limited Warranty. A one (1) year limited warranty is included in this Contract for defects in the Work
furnished by Contractor. Buyer must notify Contractor in writing within the warranty period. IF YOU DO

        In addition to any additional warranties agreed to by the parties, the Contractor warrants that
        the Work will be free from faulty materials; constructed according to the standards of the
        building code applicable for this location; constructed in a skillful manner and fit for
        habitation or appropriate use. The warranty rights and remedies set forth in the Maine Uniform
        Commercial Code apply to this Contract.

        This warranty excludes: normal movement of wood, shrinkage, expansion, warping, normal sheetrock
        stress cracks, natural characteristics of wood (including floors), paint smudges, chipping, the lawn and
        driveway; damage due to ordinary wear and tear, abusive use, or lack of proper maintenance of the
        property; defects in items separately purchased or installed by you or anyone else except by us or our
        subcontractors at our direction. Contractor is not responsible for allergies, asthma, or other respiratory
        ailments affected by a newly constructed house. Contractor is not responsible for leaks due to snow
        covered roofs which are not shoveled, or Buyer’s failure to maintain adequate heat.

        The Contractor's warranties do not cover normal maintenance, or conditions resulting from accidents,
        wear and tear, misuse or negligence of Buyer or other persons.

         Contractor will assign and pass on to Buyer, to the extent assignable, the manufacturers' warranties on
all appliances, consumer products and equipment. Contractor provides no express warranty on appliances,
consumer products or other similar equipment included in the Project.

        Buyer shall supply Contractor with a proposed punch list two (2) days prior to Closing. Contractor
will do walk-through with Buyer immediately prior to closing to create a mutually agreed upon punch list.
Buyer shall sign off as punch list items are completed.

         During the first THIRTY (30) days after closing, Contractor expressly warrants that it will adjust or
correct minor defects, omissions or malfunctions, such as missing equipment or hardware, sticking doors and
drawers, and windows and other minor malfunctions reported to us in writing within the thirty (30) day period.
Contractor will then return at the end of the 1 year warranty period to complete a final agreed upon punch list.
Buyer will be asked to sign off as Work is completed. Year- end punch lists are required within 14 days after
the end of the one year warranty period. If you make a claim under this limited warranty or under any
warranty required by law, at its option the Contractor may repair or replace the affected item or component at
no cost to you or Contractor may pay you a sum of money equal to the estimated cost of repair or replacement.
Replacement items or components will be comparable but not necessarily identical to the items replaced.
Contractor will correct the defect in such manner as to reasonably restore the item to the condition which
would have existed had the defect not been present or forward payment for such costs.

                                        Wagner Farm House and Lot Contract
                                                                                        Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. [note - this language is required by federal law.]

8. Receipt of Documents: Prior to signing this Agreement, Buyer(s) hereby acknowledge(s) having received
and reviewed the Declaration and Subdivision Plan and accompanying documents, the Maine DEP Approvals,
this Agreement, the Additional Terms of Sale and the Exhibits that form this Agreement, and agree(s) that a
binding contract will arise when this agreement is signed by the parties.

9. Contingencies. The Buyer is encouraged to seek information from independent professionals regarding
any specific issue of concern. This Agreement is subject to the following inspection(s), with results being
reasonably satisfactory to the Buyer:
     TYPE OF INSPECTION                  YES       NO              RESULTS REPORTED TO CONTRACTOR
    a. Covenant Legal Review             ___      ___                        within _____ days
    b. Other ___________________         ___      ___                        within _____ days
* Note: Cutting of vegetation and filling on the Lot is restricted as set forth in the Declaration and Approvals.
Any review or inspections will be done by qualified advisor chosen and paid for by the Buyer. The results of
each review and inspection will be reported to the Contractor in writing within the number of days from the
Effective Date specified above. If the result of any review or inspection is unsatisfactory to the Buyer, Buyer
may at its option, by notifying the Contractor in writing within the specified number of days, declare this
Agreement null and void and the Deposit then shall be returned to the Buyer. In the event that the Buyer does
not notify the Contractor in writing that an inspection is unsatisfactory within the time period stated, that
contingency shall be deemed to have been waived by the Buyer. It is understood that in the absence of the
inspection(s) listed above, the Buyer is relying completely upon its own opinion as to the condition of the Lot.
Until the contingencies are waived, Contractor may continue to market the Lot subject to this Agreement.

10. Resolution of Disputes. If a dispute arises concerning this contract or the performance of the parties, then
the parties agree to settle the dispute by jointly paying for the following:
                 Binding Arbitration as regulated by the Maine Uniform Arbitration Act, with parties agreeing
                 to accept as final the arbitrator’s decision;
                 Non-Binding Arbitration, with the parties free to not accept arbitrator’s decision and to seek
                 satisfaction through other means, including a lawsuit; or
                 Mediation, with parties agreeing to enter into good faith negotiations through a neutral
                 mediator in order to attempt to resolve their differences.
The foregoing provisions shall not be deemed a waiver or deferral of any rights of either party to take legal
action, unless binding arbitration is selected.

12. Other: [Also see attached Additional Terms of Sale and Exhibits].
                                        Wagner Farm House and Lot Contract
                                                                                        Buyer’s Initials _____ _____

        IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement with the Additional Terms of
Sale and Exhibit with an effective date as of ________________, 200___ (the "Effective Date" of this

 CONTRACTOR:                                                 BUYER:
 CO., INC.
                                                             print name: ________________________
 By: __________________________
    Its __________________
 Mailing Address:                                            print name: ________________________
 197 U.S. Route One, P.O. Box 485
 Scarborough, ME 04070                                       Mailing Address:
                                                             Tel: ________________________ (day)
                                                                  ________________________ (cell)

 Exhibits to this Purchase and Sale Agreement:
    Exhibit A – Excerpt of Subdivision Plan
    Additional Terms of Sale
    Full Subdivision Plan and DEP Approval
     Exhibit B - Specifications
     Additional Terms of Sale
     Exhibit C – Punch List

                                      Wagner Farm House and Lot Contract
                                                                                   Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
             EXHIBIT A

                                         Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
                                                WAGNER FARM
                                           ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SALE
In consideration of the mutual promises herein expressed, Contractor and Buyer further agree as follows:

          1. Description of Property. Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to purchase, for the price and upon and
subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Property designated in the Basic Terms of Sale located
in Wagner Farm Subdivision (the "Subdivision") in the Town of Gorham, Cumberland County, Maine, subject to the
Subdivision Plan recorded in the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds in Plan Book 209, Page 162, an excerpt of which
is depicted in Exhibit A, the Declaration of Covenants to be recorded (the "Declaration") and the governmental approvals
including without limitation the Maine Department of Environmental Protection permits dated February 25, 2009
(collectively the "Lot").

         2. Financing Commitment. If the Basic Terms include a Financing Contingency, then Buyer is required to
actively seek and accept such financing and shall make a loan application within five (5) days of the Date of this
Agreement. Buyer must supply a signed and accepted commitment letter without contingencies from a mortgage lender
within the designated number of days after the date of this Agreement. Buyer's failure to deliver such a commitment or a
notice of termination shall constitute a default by Buyer under this Agreement; in such event Contractor reserves the right
to proceed to require Buyer to close under this Agreement, and/or to publicly market and sell the Lot to a replacement
buyer at its discretion. If there are any delays in closing due to Buyer or Buyer’s lender, any added financing and other cost
incurred by Contractor will be added to the Purchase Price.

         3. Closing Date. Contractor shall deliver the Deed to Buyer at the office of the Contractor, or at such other
place as may be agreed to by Contractor and Buyer, at a time to be designated by Contractor, with at least five (5) days
prior written notice to Buyer, on the date set forth above in the Basic Terms of Sale (the "Closing" or the "Closing Date"),
at which time the balance of the Purchase Price shall be paid in full. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

          4. Payment of Total Purchase Price and Closing Adjustments. The Total Purchase Price is payable as set forth
in the Basic Terms of Sale. The balance of the Total Buyer Price and unpaid change orders shall be paid in cash, by wire
transfer or by certified or cashier's check payable to Contractor at Closing as hereinafter defined, subject to adjustment as
set forth herein.

          Taxes for the then current taxing period assessed against the Lot shall be adjusted as of the Closing Date and the
net amount thereof shall be added to or deducted from, as the case may be, the Purchase Price on the Closing Date. For the
tax year beginning July 1, 2008, per Maine statute, real estate taxes will be assessed and billed directly by the Town of
Gorham. Until then, the Town has assessed and taxed the Subdivision property as a whole; the Contractor may either (i)
collect at closing or (ii) subsequently bill Buyers for their proportionate share of taxes assessed against the Subdivision as a
whole through June 30, 2008, until the Lot is separately assessed and taxed.

      Fuel shall be charged to Buyer as of closing date. Fuel will be priced on a cash retail basis by Seller’s fuel supplier,
based on a 275 gallon tank.

         Buyer shall pay recording costs for the Deed and one half of the Maine real estate transfer tax. Contractor shall
obtain and pay the recording fees for partial releases from the existing mortgages granted by Contractor.

         5. Deposit. Upon execution of this Agreement, the Deposit together with any reservation deposit shall be placed
held by Contractor and may be used by Contractor. Upon default hereunder or upon any termination of this Agreement, the
deposits shall be paid to the person lawfully entitled thereto pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

         6. Deed. Upon full payment of the Total Purchase Price and all other payments required hereunder, Contractor
shall convey the Property by Warranty Deed (the "Deed") running to Buyer, as joint tenants, unless otherwise designated.
The Deed shall convey a good and clear insurable title to the Property, free of all liens and encumbrances, and insurable as
such, except and subject to the following Permitted Exceptions:

                                             Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                                   Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
         (a) Provisions of (i) the governmental Approvals, as the same may be amended from time to time including
             without limitation the Maine Department of Environmental Protection orders, (ii) the recorded Subdivision
             Plan and (iii) the Declaration as the same may be amended from time to time by instrument recorded in the
             Registry of Deeds;
         (b) Existing rights, obligations, approvals, easements, restrictions, licenses, covenants and conditions reserved or
             contained or referenced in the Declaration, including without limitation the reservation of fee title to the
         (c) Such taxes and assessments allocable to the Lot for the then current fiscal year as are not due and payable on
             the date of delivery of the deed;
         (d) The laws, ordinances and regulations of the State of Maine and Town of Gorham, including zoning
             restrictions, and the terms of land use approvals;
         (e) All easements of record and all rights, restrictions, reservations and obligations as noted on the Subdivision
             Plan, the Approvals and in the Declaration;
         (f) All bylaws, rules and regulations established by Bittersweet Homeowner's Association; and
         (g) Other matters, easements and encumbrances of record not adversely affecting the beneficial use and
             enjoyment of the Lot by Buyer, or which may be affirmatively insured against forced removal, loss or damage
             by a national title insurance company without payment of an additional premium.
Contractor may use the purchase money or any portion thereof to clear the title of any or all encumbrances or adverse
interests. Good and clear insurable title is defined as insurable title for which a reputable title insurance company
authorized to do business in the State of Maine is willing to issue a policy of title insurance under its standard policy terms
and conditions for owners and mortgagees.

         7. Possession. On the Closing Date, Contractor shall deliver full possession of the Property free and clear of all
tenants and occupants but subject to the Permitted Exceptions.

           8. Extension to Perfect Title. Not less than five (5) days prior to the original Closing Date, Buyer shall give
Contractor notice designating all defects in title existing at the time of such notice, and all defects not so designated shall be
deemed to have been waived. If Contractor is unable on the Closing Date (as it may be extended under the provisions set
forth above and of this Section) to give title or to make conveyance or to deliver possession of the Property as herein
provided, or if on the Closing Date (as it may be extended) the Property does not substantially conform to provisions of this
Agreement, then all deposits shall be refunded to Buyer with interest, and all other obligations of the parties hereto shall
cease and this Agreement shall be void and without recourse to the parties hereto, unless Contractor elects to use reasonable
efforts to remove any defects in title or to deliver possession as herein provided or to make the Property substantially
conform to the provisions of this Agreement, as the case may be, in which event Contractor shall give notice of such
election to Buyer, and thereupon the Closing Date shall be extended for a period of sixty (60) days from the Closing Date.
If at the expiration of the extended time Contractor shall have failed to remove the defects in title or to deliver possession,
or to make the Property substantially conform, as the case may be, as herein provided, then the deposit shall be promptly
refunded to Buyer, with interest, and all other obligations of the parties hereto shall cease and this Agreement shall be void
and without recourse to the parties hereto, provided that if the Declaration shall have been recorded, Buyer shall have the
election, at either the original or extended Closing Date, to accept such title as Contractor shall convey. Contractor shall
not be under any obligations to attempt to cure by litigation or otherwise any defect which may be found to exist in the title
to the Property or to remove any encumbrance upon the title to the Property not voluntarily placed thereon by the

          9. Agreement Subject to Mortgages. This Agreement is and shall be subject and subordinate to the lien of any
mortgages heretofore or hereafter made and any advances heretofore or hereafter made thereon and any payments or
expenses already made or incurred, pursuant to the terms thereof or incidental thereto, or to protect the security thereof, to
the full extent thereof without the execution of any further legal documents by Buyer. Contractor shall at its option satisfy
such mortgage or obtain a release of the Property from the lien of such mortgage at or prior to the Closing Date. The
existence of the mortgages encumbering the Subdivision other than the Property shall not constitute an objection to title or
in any way excuse Buyer from completing payment of the purchase price or performing all his other obligations hereunder

                                              Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                                     Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
or be the basis for any claim against, or liability of, Contractor, provided that the mortgagees of any such mortgages have
appropriately consented to the Declaration, and the Property is released from the lien of such mortgages.

          10. Substantial Completion. A certificate or statement of substantial completion of the Property executed by an
architect, or a certificate of occupancy issued by the municipal inspector of buildings for the town shall be delivered by
Seller to Buyer on or prior to the Closing Date and shall be conclusive evidence of Seller's fulfillment of its obligation to
substantially complete such Building prior to the Closing Date. IF BUYER HAS REQUESTED CHANGE ORDERS OR
THE CLOSING DATE. Such Extra Work shall be completed by Seller as soon after the Closing Date as practical.
Further, in the event that there are minor items not completed on the Closing Date, the same shall not constitute any
objection by the Buyer to closing the purchase, provided that the same do not materially interfere with Buyer's use of the

          11. Establishment of Property and Declaration/ Road. Contractor has recorded the Declaration and
Subdivision Plat and all other documents required to establish a valid subdivision Property. Contractor shall have, and
hereby reserves, the continuing right from time to time: (i) to change the layout or construction of any of the roads, other
lots, and common areas, provided that the location and boundaries of the Property being purchased will not be changed;
and (ii) to make such changes or modifications in the subdivision plan and the Documents as the Contractor shall deem
reasonably necessary in order to meet requirements of applicable laws and governmental regulations, the requirements of
lending institutions and/or marketing considerations; provided, however, that no such change or modification shall alter the
size, layout, location or features of the Property being purchased. Contractor intends to offer to convey the private road
servicing the subdivision to the Town for acceptance as a public road, until then or if the town declines to accept the road,
the Association shall be responsible for the road maintenance and plowing.

          12. Models/Sales Material. Model Homes are not considered a part of the Work for the purposes of this
Agreement. Any subdivision plans, sketches or sales drawings shown to Buyer other than those which are a part of the
legal documents are for display purposes only. Furniture, wall coverings, furnishings or the like as shown in or about any
model are for display purposes only and are not considered a part of the Work for the purposes of this Agreement. Further,
the location of wall switches, thermostats, chases, plumbing and electrical outlets and similar items may vary and may not
be as shown in any model. Any floor plans, sketches or sales drawings shown to Buyer other than those which are a part of
this contract are for display purposes only and may not be exactly duplicated.

         13. No Oral Representations/Modifications. NO ORAL WARRANTIES, REPRESENTATIONS,
DOCUMENT SIGNED BY BUYER AND CONTRACTOR. Such information as may have been, or may hereafter be,
furnished to Buyer concerning mortgage financing, operating expenses of the Subdivision and the real estate taxes for
individual Property is thought to be reliable but Contractor does not warrant the accuracy of projections or expectations.
Contractor has no way of assuring what valuation or tax rate will be imposed in the future.

         14. Contractor Modifications. Contractor reserves the right to modify the Declaration, the Bylaws, the
Subdivision Plat and any other document as may be required by law, a title insurance company, the Contractor's present or
future lender(s), or at Contractor's discretion, provided that no such modification shall (i) increase the purchase price of the
Property; (ii) reduce the obligations of Contractor for Common Expenses on unsold Property which are subject to the
Declaration; or (iii) reduce the size of the Property.

         15. Brokerage. Buyer represents and warrants that no real estate commission is due to any person except the
broker(s) listed in the Basic Terms of Sale. Buyer shall indemnify and hold Contractor harmless from and against the
claims, including attorneys fees, and all other costs and expenses incurred as a result of such claims, arising out or by
reason of the assertion by any other person of a claim for a broker's commission in this transaction if the claim is based
upon conversations, telephone calls, communications or dealings of any kind with Buyer.

       16. Merger, Acceptance of Deed. This Agreement, together with the Declaration and other recorded
agreements, supersedes any and all prior understandings and agreements between the parties and constitutes the entire

                                             Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                                    Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
Agreement between them. Buyer represents he has relied only upon the warranties and representations set forth in this
Agreement, the Declaration, the Plats and Plans, and exhibits referred to herein. The acceptance of the delivery of the Deed
by Buyer shall be deemed to be full performance and discharge of every agreement and obligation herein contained or
expressed, except such as are, by the terms of this Agreement, the Declaration, or the Approvals to survive, or to be
performed after, the delivery of the Deed.

          17. Assignment. This Agreement is personal to Buyer. Buyer may not assign this Agreement. Any purported
assignment of this Agreement in violation hereof shall be voidable at the option of Contractor. Contractor's refusal to
consent to an assignment hereof shall not entitle Buyer to terminate this Agreement or give rise to any claim for damages
against Contractor. Contractor may assign its rights hereunder and, if such assignment shall be in favor of a lender of
Contractor for collateral purposes, Buyer's rights hereunder shall, at the option of such lender, be subject and subordinate to
the rights of such lender. Upon foreclosure or acceptance of a deed in lieu thereof, such lender may terminate this
Agreement, whereupon the deposits with interest shall be returned to Buyer; and Contractor, such lender and Buyer shall be
released from all further liability or obligation hereunder.

         18. Compliance with Declaration. Buyer agrees to restrict the occupancy of the Property in accordance with the
use and occupancy restrictions as set forth in the Declaration, and the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of Bittersweet
Homeowner’s Association and to otherwise be bound in all respects by the provisions and restrictions thereof.

         19. Notices. All notices to be given hereunder shall be in writing and sent by certified mail, postage prepaid,
return receipt requested, or by national overnight delivery service to the address given above, or at such other address as
either party may hereafter designate to the other in writing.

         20. Default. In the event a party fails to close the purchase of the Property in accordance with the provisions of
this Agreement, the other party may exercise all of its legal rights and remedies or may terminate this Agreement. Prior to
exercising any such remedies, a party shall give the defaulting party written notice and ten days opportunity to cure.

         21. Construction Site. Buyer agrees not to enter upon the Property during the term of this Agreement without
being accompanied by a representative of Seller. Further, Buyer will not attempt to store any personal belongings or other
property at the Property prior to Closing.

         22. Miscellaneous.
         (a) Subject to the assignment restrictions set forth above, this Agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be
             binding upon the parties hereto, their respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns.
         (b) This Agreement shall not be altered, modified or amended except by an instrument in writing executed by
             Contractor and Buyer.
         (c) This Agreement may be simultaneously executed in any number of counterparts, each of which when so
             executed and delivered shall be an original; but such counterparts shall constitute but one and the same
             instrument. Facsimile copies shall be binding
         (d) The obligations of Buyer, if more than one, under this Agreement shall be joint and several.
         (e) The invalidity of any provisions of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other
             provision set forth herein.
         (f) This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with and governed by the laws in effect in the
             State of Maine and shall for all purposes be deemed wholly executed and performed within the State of
             Maine. The parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction in the courts of the State of Maine.
         (g) All paragraph headings in this Agreement are for convenience only and are not legally binding.
         (h) The term "Buyer" or any pronoun used in its place shall mean and include the masculine and the feminine, the
             singular or the plural number and jointly and severally, individual firms, or corporations.

                                             Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                                  Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
                             Maine Attorney General’s Home Required Statement for all Construction Contracts
                                                Contractors Must Include This Statement
With Any Home Construction Contract for More Than $3,000 if you are thinking about building a new home or repairing your
existing home, here are some things you should know.
Contractors Are Not Licensed - Buyer Beware!
While there are a great many competent, ethical home contractors in Maine, it is up to you, the consumer, to find one. Home contractors are
not licensed or regulated by the State of Maine. The old saying "Buyer Beware" applies. You should also keep in mind that the lack of state
licensing allows the worst contractors to compete for your business alongside the best. The Attorney General's Consumer Mediation Program
ranks home contractors among the top three most complained about businesses every year. We strongly recommend that you ask any
contractor you are considering hiring for several references and that you follow up on them. It is also a good idea to check with your local
building supply companies or real estate brokers. They will know the dependable contractors in your area. Although home construction
contractors are not licensed, some building trades are licensed. Plumbers, electricians, oil burner technicians, and installers of mobile and
modular homes are licensed in Maine. For more information on these licensed trades, go to
Building Codes
While some towns and cities have adopted building codes and enforced them, others have not. We recommend that you talk to your town's
code officials before you begin construction.
Written Contracts Are Required
For all home construction and home improvement projects over $3,000, Maine law requires a written contract with a specific provision that
prohibits payment up front of more than one third of the contract price. When a contractor asks you for any money up front, make sure that
the money is being used to purchase materials for your project. Ask for receipts and for a lien waiver from subcontractors. A model home
construction contract that meets State law can be found in Chapter 18 of the Maine Attorney General's Consumer Law Guide. Go to
Be Careful with Construction Loans
If a lender is financing your construction project, make sure that you know your lender and that you understand how your loan proceeds will
be disbursed and how subcontractors will be paid.
Home Contractor Complaints Received by the Attorney General
You can find out if a particular contractor has been the subject of a consumer complaint that the Attorney General attempted to mediate by
contacting the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-436-2131 or at The Better
Business Bureau may also have relevant information on companies. Go to or call (207) 878-2715. Keep in mind that just
because the Attorney General has accepted a complaint for mediation does not necessarily mean the consumer was right and the contractor
was wrong.
Home Contractors the State Has Sued
In the recent past the State has successfully sued the following home contractors for poor workmanship or failure to complete jobs:
•         State of Maine v. CBS Enterprises (Kimberly Mark Smith and David J. Blais),
•         Default Judgment in CBS Enterprises,
•         State of Maine v. Frederic Weinschenk d/b/a Ric Weinschenk Builders, Inc.,
•         State of Maine v. Stephen Lunt d/b/a Lakeview Builders, Inc.,
•         State of Maine v. Bob Burns d/b/a Better Homes,
•         State of Maine v. Albert H. Giandrea d/b/a AG's Home Quality Improvements, Inc.,
•         State of Maine v. Al Verdone,
•          State of Maine v. Mikal W. Tuttle, d/b/a MT Construction, DMI Industries, Inc., and MT Construction, Inc.
The Androscoggin County District Attorney has obtained a theft conviction against home contractor Harold Soper. State of Maine v. Harold
Soper. Even when our law suits have been successful, we have been unable to collect a significant portion of the judgments because the
builders are bankrupt, judgment proof, or have left the state. We strongly recommend that you research a contractor's record before you begin
any construction project.
Your Home Construction Rights
      Chapter 17 of the Maine Attorney General's Consumer Law Guide explains your rights when constructing or repairing your home. Chapter 18
of the Consumer Law Guide is a model home construction contract that meets the statutory requirements for any home construction contract
over $3,000. Go to As of September 1, 2006 this entire statement must be an addendum
to any home construction contract for more than $3,000, as required by 10 M.R.S.A. Chapter 219-A. For updates to this warning go

                                                  Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                                              Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
to As required by law, notice is hereby given that consumers are strongly advised to contact the Attorney
General's publicly accessible website to gather current information on how to enforce their rights when constructing or repairing their homes.
You may telephone: (207) 626-8800 or go to

                                                  Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                                               Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
                                          FINAL INSPECTION FORM

Buyer(s) ______________________________________

Inspection Conducted By: _____________________.                      Date: ____________, 200___

Listed below are all of the defects discovered to date:

Date: ____________, 200___                         _______________________________, Buyer

Contractor agrees to correct in a Workmanlike manner the items listed above, except as noted.

                                                   RISBARA BROS. CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.

                                                   By: _____________________________
Date ___________, 200____                                 Its ________________

I (we) acknowledge that the above items have been completed in a Workmanlike manner.
Date: ____________, 200___.

________________________, Buyer
P&S Wagner Farm House & Lot 6-11-09.DOC

                                          Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                      Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
                                        Exhibit B
                               WAGNER FARM SPECIFICATIONS

Scope of Work:       Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, and subcontractors
                      necessary for completion of the Work, except otherwise stated. Buyers are not
                      permitted to supply their own materials or subcontractors.

Temporary Power:     Contractor shall provide temporary power during construction of project.

Temporary Heat:      Contractor shall provide temporary heat for the construction for subcontractors.
                      Remaining oil to be prorated at closing.

Supervision:         Contractor shall provide project supervision for their workforce and
                      subcontractors during construction period.

Permits/Fees:        Contractor is responsible for all permits directly related to house construction.

Energy Standards:        Maine Law (10 M.R.S.A. Section 1415-C) establishes mandatory energy
                         efficiency building standards for residential construction. The Work covered
                         by this Contract meets or exceeds those standards.
Photography:         Contractor reserves the right to photograph the home for future advertisement
                      purposes. Contractor will seek to give Buyer advance notice of such

ALLOWANCE ITEMS                                ALLOWANCE AMOUNT *

Flooring                                       $ ________________
Appliances                                     $ ________________
Cabinetry, Countertops                         $ ________________
Light Fixtures                                 $ ________________
Plumbing Fixtures                              $ ________________
Shelving, Mirrors, Bath Accessories            $ ________________
Driveway                                       $ ________________
Landscaping                                    $ ________________
Other __________________________               $ ________________
     All expenses of labor and materials related to the above items will come out of allowance
     It is important to choose allowance items in a timely manner in order to stay on schedule.

                                      Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                 Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
*   Overages or credits will be added/subtracted to or from final bill. Contractor may require
    additional deposits at any time during construction for extras and change orders.

                                 Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                             Buyer’s Initials _____ _____

    Ledge:         If any ledge is found on Property, any and all increased labor and materials cost
                   shall be at the expense of the Buyer.

    Clearing:      Clear and grub lot to the extent required for construction of contracted house
                   and standard driveway only. Extra tree removal will incur added costs to Buyer.

    Excavation:    Digging for foundation will be done to a depth as required for installation of
                   footings on undisturbed soil (min. 48” below grade). Back-fill in basement
                   below slab with ¾” crushed stone to the depth of the footing. Garage slab shall
                   be back-filled with sand and compacted. Back-fill exterior of foundation with
                   sand in order to improve drainage away from house. Finish grades will allow for
                   natural drainage of surface water away from building.

    Site Utilities: Water Service- Private- Contractor will install a private drilled well meeting the
                    Maine Water Well Association Standards as follows:

                            Feet Depth                    Gallons per Minute
                                75                                 5
                               110                                 4
                               160                                 3
                               250                                 2
                               320                                 1
                               420                                1/2

                   Pump system to include the water pump, tank and all associated piping and
                   installation and cost of water testing up to two (2) times. Contractor makes no
                   representation to Buyer, either express or implied, concerning the potable
                   quality of water obtained upon drilling the well. Contractor is not responsible
                   for the quality of water. If any type of filtration system is needed, it shall be at
                   the expense of the Buyer.

                   Sewer Service-Private – Installation of a private septic system.

                   Power/ Telephone/ Cable TV to be underground from transformer to nearest
                   location on house. Total distance is determined by site conditions.

                   If CMP cable wire distance goes beyond the maximum 220’, any added cost
                   shall be the responsibility of the Buyer.

                   Buyer is responsible for final hook-up of telephone, cable or other source, and
                   change of utility account over to Buyer’s name as of closing date. (Buyer should
                   contact companies at least 30 days prior to closing).

                                  Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                 Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
     Drainage:       Install 4” perforated plastic pipe inside and outside footings of full basement
                     topped with ¾” crushed stone. Perimeter drain.

     Damp Proofing: Apply asphalt foundation coating to exterior of foundation walls and seal all
                  holes (full basement area only) before back filling from finish grade line down
                  to footing.

     Driveway:       Refer to above for allowance amounts. Any desired walkways shall come out of
                     Driveway allowance. Base coat only is recommended for initial driveway. Top
                     coat to be applied in 6 months to one year after base coat application. Cost will
                     vary depending on design.

     Loam/Seed:      Contractor shall loam and seed cleared area.
                     Seed to be contractor’s mix.
                     Adequate watering & proper care of the lawn is the responsibility of the Buyer.


     Footings:       10” thick x 20” wide wall footings, 2’x2’x10” column footings.

     Lally columns:         3 ½” concrete filled columns. See plans for spacing.

     Foundation:     8” thick wall x 7’9” high full basement walls/3’10” frost wall in garage.

                     *If Daylight Basement is possible, cost of adding windows will be charged to

     Slabs:          4” thick 3000 psi poured concrete basement slab over ten inches of ¾”Stone
                     with plastic vapor barrier. 4” thick 3000 psi poured concrete garage slab over
                     compacted sand with plastic vapor barrier.

MASONRY:             Standard 2 Flue single sloped Brick/Block Chimney with Standard 3’ wide
                     firebox. Hearth to be flush. Old Port brick around surround, hearth and chimney.
                     Mantle shall be paint grade and chosen from contractor’s selection.

CONCRETE:            Foundation walls to be 3000 psi poured concrete. Foundation floor to be
                     poured concrete over 6” of stone. Garage floor to be poured concrete over
                     compacted sand.

    Materials:       All rough framing material to be KD Spruce-pine-fir (SPF).

     Floor Joists:   2”x10” @ 16” O. C. First and second floor.

     Floor Sheathing: Sub-Floor shall be ¾” T&G Advantech.
                                   Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
      Underlayment:            ½” plywood underlayment for all tile.

      Girders/Headers:     Build-up #2 SPF wood or laminated Veneer Lumber size as required by
                   local code loadings and design.

      Bridging:         1’x3” wood cross bridging, install 1 row for spans over 8’.

      Wall Studs:       2”x6” @ 16” O.C. Exterior Walls
                        2”x4” @ 16” O.C. Interior Walls
                        2”x6” @ 16” O.C. Garage Walls
      Blocking:         Install #2 SPF Solid nailers for all cabinets/ casework

      Wall Sheathing:          7/16” OSB sheathing nailed at 6” O.C.

      Roof Rafters:            2”x10” @ 16” O.C.

      Roof Sheathing:          ½” 5 ply CDX plywood nailed at 6” O.C.

      Ceiling Strapping:    1x3 @ 16” O.C. wood strapping. Apply to ceilings that will receive

      Ceiling Joists:          2” x6” @ 16 O.C.

      Ceiling height:          Ceiling heights as per plans. Height may vary within 1 ½”.

SIDING:                 Siding to be _________________________.

                        Typar wind barrier to be installed under siding.

EXTERIOR TRIM: Windows and doors to be wrapped with 1”x4” white vinyl topped with vinyl
               crown molding on front and sides of house. Fascia to be wrapped in aluminum.
               Soffits to be Vinyl.

                        6” White Vinyl Corner Boards.

ROOFING:                Owens Corning (30 year) Architectural- roof shingles. 8” aluminum drip edge at
                        all eaves and rakes, ice and water shield 3’ up at all eaves and valleys.
                        Continuous ridge vent covered with roof shingles and aluminum shed/ step
                        flashing where required.

                        15# felt paper to be installed under roof shingles.

WINDOWS:                Hancock Classic vinyl white tilt-wash with screens and internal grills, as per
                        Plans (Paradigm Windows)
                                      Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                   Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
                    Front Door              1 36” 6 panel steel insulated w/half sidelights
                    Breezeway               1 36” 210 9- lite
                    Garage to house         1 Fire rated 6 panel steel
                    Garage pass through     1 36” 210 9 lite
                    Patio                   1 6068 Anderson Slider

                    Combination Storm/Screen Doors are not included in this contract.

HARDWARE:           Schlage F series Plymouth round polished brass for interior knobs.
                    Schlage polished brass thumb latch handle with deadbolt for front door. All other
                    exterior knobs to be round polished brass key lock.

OVERHEAD DOOR;(2) 9’x7’ Amarr Steel insulated short raised panel automatic door & (2)

DECK:               Deck to be Pressure Treated Framing with Red Cedar Decking and rails.


      Exterior Walls: 6” unfaced Fiberglass (R-19) with 6 mil. Poly Vapor barrier.

      Interior Walls: 3 ½” unfaced Fiberglass (R-11) around all bathrooms, master bedroom and
                      laundry room.
      Main Ceiling: 2 layers of 6” Fiberglass (R-38)

      Stairwells:   3 ½” unfaced Fiberglass (R-19) in main stairwell and (R-11) in cellar stairwell

      Garage Walls: 3 ½” unfaced Fiberglass (R-11) with poly vapor barrier.

      Garage Ceiling:       12” Fiberglass (R-38)

      Garage/House Wall: 6” Kraft Faced Fiberglass (R-19)

      Runners       6” unfaced Fiberglass (R-19)

      ***Proper Vents (Insulation) will be installed where needed.

                                   Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                   Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
ELECTRICAL:         All Electrical work to meet or exceed local and state codes. Electrical service to
                    be 200 amp panel with underground feed from transformer to location
                    determined by town.

     Light Fixtures:Refer to above for allowance amount.
                    Interior and Exterior light fixtures should be chosen at the “House of Lights”. If
                    recessed lights and/or closet lights are desired, these items are ordered directly
                    thru the electrician during electrical walk-thru and cost to come out of lighting
                    allowance. Recessed lights are $60.00 each. Closet lights are $35.00 each

     Smoke Detectors:  To be installed as needed by code. All smoke detectors are AC/DC
                 which means they are hard wired as well as backed by battery. It is
                 recommended to change batteries every six months. At daylight savings time.

     Phone/Cable Pre wired for total of up to (6) telephone jacks and (6) Cable TV outlets. Final
                  Connection at interface to be by utility company.

     Door Chime     To be purchased from Lighting Allowance.

     Lamppost       To be purchased from Lighting Allowance, if desired

                    Contractor will install if on site when requested.

                    Outlets/Switches     All outlets shall be equipped with standard duplex
                    connections. Switches are standard toggle type. Outlets and switches to be white
                    toggle type. Dimmer switches are $35.00 each.

   Standard Electrical Layout by Room:

     Kitchen:       Wire and install for lights with 3-way switch, microwave, refrigerator,
                    dishwasher, and 220v for range. Remaining outlets per code.

     Dining Room: Wire & install for (1) hanging ceiling chandelier Light fixture. Remaining
                  outlets per code.

     Living room: Wire, supply and install for (1) single pole switch for (2) switched outlets.
                  Remaining outlets per code.

     Great Room: Wire, supply and install for (1) single pole switch for (2) switched outlets.
                 Remaining outlets per code.

     Bedrooms:      Wire, supply and install for (1) single pole switch for (2) switched outlets.
                    Remaining outlets per code.

     Bathrooms:     Wire and install vanity lights w/ switch, (1) outlet next to vanity, (1) Nutone
                    663 LN fan/light with (2) switches.
                                  Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
      Bedroom Closets:   Wire, supply and install for (1) fluorescent light fixture each with (1)
                  switch at Buyer’s request. Cost to come out of lighting allowance.

      Laundry:        Wire & install for (1) light fixture with (1) switch, wire for washer and electric
                      dryer. Remaining outlets per code.

      Basement:       Wire, supply and install (6) porcelain ceiling light fixtures with switch, Wire,
                      supply and install (1) outlet.

      Garage:         Wire, Supply and install (2) General outlet, outlets for overhead door operators.
                      (2) Porcelain ceiling light fixture.

      Exterior:       Wire, Supply & install (2) weather proof outlets, wire for (2) light fixture at
                      front door, wire for (2) light fixture at garage door, wire for (1) light fixture at
                      each rear door.

                      * Added costs will be incurred for adding, moving or switching light
                      fixtures, outlets, and/or wiring. $45.00 for additional standard outlets,
                      cable jacks, phone jacks, and dimmers Buyer can get cost from electrician
                      to run cat 5 and speaker wiring during electrical walk-through


Plumbing:             All Plumbing shall meet or exceed local and state codes. All water lines feed
                      from meter shall be plastic type. All drains, traps, and vents will be PVC. All
                      fixtures must be supplied by our plumber and are as follows:

                      1-Kitchen Kohler Drop-in Brookfield Dbl Bowl K-5942-4 Cast iron in White
                      1-Delta Waterfall Series- 2476-lhp Neo style H25 in chrome
                      1-Dishwasher hook up
                      1-Ice maker hook up
                      1-3x5 Kohler Terracina fiberglass Shower Stall in white
                      1-Kohler Fiberglass Veracruz 5’ tub/shower unit-in white
                      3-Kohler Wellworth K-3423 round Toilets in white with seats
                      2-Kohler pressure balanced shower valve
                      4-Kohler K-2196-4 Self-rimming drop-in lavatory sinks in white
                      4-Delta #522 Chrome Faucets
                      1-Washer Hook-up
                      2-Antisiphon Frost Free Silcocks

                  ·   Shower doors/ rods are not included in this contract.

                                     Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                    Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
Heating:            Heating shall consist of oil fired, FHW slant fin baseboard heaters with 3 zones.
                    Zones controlled by circulator pumps not zone valves. Location of all equipment
                    shall be determined by Contractor. Equipment to be:

                           1 - Beckett Burner or Equivalent
                           1- 3-section Cast Iron Burnham Boiler or equivalent
                           1 - 275 Gallon oil Tank
                           1- Exterior Fill pipe and vent

Sheetrock:          All house walls and ceilings to receive ½” regular drywall with (3) coats of joint
                    compound and sanded to a smooth surface, ready for paint.

                    Cellar stairway to receive ½” regular drywall with 3 coats joint compound
                    sanded to a smooth surface, ready for paint.

                    Bathrooms to receive MR Green board.

                    Garage house walls and Ceiling to be 5/8” Fire rated.

Interior Doors:     All interior doors to be 6- panel solid core Masonite with solid jamb,
                            Painted white.

Interior Trim:      Casing to be ¾” x 3 ½” colonial painted white
                    Baseboard to be 5/8”x 5 1/4” painted white

Stair Parts:        MAIN STAIRWAY- Red oak treads, painted risers, design as per plans.
                    Handrail & Newell post to be Red Oak in a Post to Post design w/ 2 coats poly.
                    Balusters to be contractor’s standard painted white.
                    Basement Stairs- Plywood Treads and Risers w/ handrail, unfinished.

Painting:           All House walls, ceiling, trim and doors will be primed with (1) coat of a latex
                    enamel under body primer. Finish coat on ceiling to be (1) coat of flat white
                    ceiling paint. Finish coat on walls to be (1) coat of a latex egg shell finish. (3)
                    Neutral wall colors are included in contract. Darker colors may require (2) coats
                    which will be an added cost. Added cost will be incurred for more than (3) wall
                    colors. $ 150.00 per color, per coat. Finish coat on Interior trim and doors will
                    receive (2) coats of white semi-gloss paint. All Sherwin Williams brand to be
                    used. Garage, cellar stairway area and basement doors to remain unpainted
                    Exterior Doors will receive (2) coats of paint. Painting of Overhead garage
                    doors not included. Additional costs may be incurred if a different finish paint is
                    preferred. Front Porches shall receive 2 coats of solid color stain on posts and
                    railings only if applicable. Added cost will be incurred for painting of lamppost.

Cabinetry/ Vanities
Countertops:        Refer to above for allowance amount.

                                  Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                               Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
                                     Standard kitchen and vanity Cabinetry to be installed by Contractor. Any
                                     assembly and/or installation of accessories, including, but not limited to,
                                     building of custom features, walls, soffits, and appliance garages will be charged
                                     accordingly to Buyer and time will be added to contract deadline. Refer to above
                                     for allowance amount.

                                     Proper measurements are the responsibility of the kitchen supplier.

                                     Tile and/or Granite Countertops will be installed by supplier.

 Appliances:                         Refer to above for allowance amount.
                                     Range, Microwave, dishwasher, & refrigerator to be installed by Contractor.
                                     Refer to above for allowance amount. Proper measurements are the
                                     responsibility of the Kitchen Supplier. If there are any charges to hook-up gas
                                     appliances, cost will be added to final bill to Customer. Hood and vent
                                     installation and hook-up will be a billed as time and material.

& Bath Accessories: Refer to above for Shelving /Mirror, and bath hardware allowance amounts.

                                     Pantry shelving to be MDO solid shelving painted, supplied, and installed by
                                     Contractor. One standard pantry closet included. (Does not include walk-in
                                     Pantry closets). All other shelving to be supplied by contractor’s standard
                                     shelving company and cost to come out of allowance. Mirrors and bath
                                     accessories also to be supplied and installed by Shelving Company. Contractor
                                     does not install mirrors or bath accessories.

Finished Flooring:                   Refer to above for allowance amount. All flooring, thresholds, transitions, tiled
                                     walls, fireplace surrounds, etc. are to be installed by flooring supplier and cost to
                                     come from flooring allowance.

House Numbers:                       Buyer to purchase and deliver house numbers to job site, Contractor will install.
                                     Buyer to mark location. Contractor does not install mailbox post.

Exterior Step (s) :                  Front stairs to be Real Granite. Railings are not included.
                                     Breezeway to receive one granite slab. No other steps are included in this
                                     contract. (The number of front steps is determined by the grade of the land.)

P&S Wagner Farm House & Lot 6-11-09.DOC

                                                    Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                                 Buyer’s Initials _____ _____
                                                  Exhibit C
                                               PUNCH LIST
                                          FINAL INSPECTION FORM

Purchaser(s) ______________________________________                       Lot Number: ____

Inspection Conducted By: _____________________ and ___________________________.

Listed below are all of the defects discovered to date in my (our) Property:

Date: ____________, 20____                         s/_______________________________, Buyer

                                                   Risbara Bros Construction Co., Inc.

                                                   By: _____________________
Date: ____________, 20____                                Its ________________

P&S Wagner Farm House & Lot 6-11-09.Doc
06/11/2009 13:10

                                          Wagner Farm Additional Terms of Sale
                                                                                        Buyer’s Initials _____ _____

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