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					Italy is a member of the Schengen agreement. Countries that participate in the
Schengen agreement are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy,
Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and

Visas are required by South African passport holders, visas are not required by British
Citizens. The country of your longest stay will issue your Schengen visa. Only if your
stay in the Schengen states is the same number of days in each country would you apply
through the country of the first port of entry. Schengen visas are free of charge to
spouses & children (under 16) of EU passport holders. A copy of the EU passport &
marriage certificate (spouse) or full birth certificate (child) is required

Please note that the Italian Consulate now AGAIN requires for all applicants to appear in
person and appointments must be made in advance. A person can request not to appear
in person. An authorization form not to appear in person must be completed and faxed
directly to the Consulate (021 424 01 46) Requests can be made to:

                             ITALIAN REQUIREMENTS

Valid passport plus a copy, passport must be valid six months after date of

Application form, it must be signed in front of Commissioner of oath (Children
must complete minor form)

Passport photo

Authorization form not to appear in person

Proof of residence within the jurisdiction of the Italian Consulate in Cape Town,
(Any rental agreements, vehicle registration, rates and taxes)
Employment letter or if self employed one of the following, tax return, affidavit
by his/her CPA (accountant) stating income and letter from auditor:

If applicant is retired copy of pension slip

If Student, enrollment certificate

If housewife submit documents as if husband were the applicant

Minors require a school letter

Invitation letter (Business) from host inviting the applicant

Financial: Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses while abroad. If you
purchased cash or travelers cheques, need copy of receipt. If using credit card a
copy of the latest statement is required stipulating funds available. R350.00 per
person per day to enter the Shengen States

Accommodation: Confirmed hotel booking with proof of payment or vouchers. If
visiting friends OR family you require an invitation letter and a copy of
his/her Italian identity document or residence card

Original airline ticket and copy

Medical insurance: Additional medical insurance must be obtained (All applicants
must be covered for more than 30 000 euros)

Minors: When traveling with parents a full unabridged birth certificate is required
(Obtainable from Visalogix) and a standard consent from both parents (Consent
form is obtainable from Visa Solutions)


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