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									Extra Compensation
  Sponsored Research Services
   Quarterly Business Meeting
      December 15, 2009
Locating EXC Forms Richard Hatcher

Policy Overview    Rhonda Bastian

The EXC Calendar   Sharon Conley

EXC Forms          Jean Kaesemeyer
                   Sanya Baker
         SRS Contacts for EXC
PI Last Name   SRS Contact       Phone
A –E           Sharon Conley     556-4803

F–H            Richard Hatcher   556-4808

I-L            Sanya Baker       556-4811

M – Si         Jean Kaesemeyer   556-4814

Sj – Z         Rhonda Bastian    556-4804
           Locating Extra Compensation
              Instructions and Forms
Go to:

Click on: Policies
and Procedures on
the left side of the

Click on: Extra
Compensation Policy,
Calendar and Forms
in the Policies and
Procedures list
 A Quick Overview of EXC Forms
• The EXC Policy Form provides guidelines and
• The EXC Calendar provides dates that EXC can be
• The EXC Effort Report form provides the account
  information needed to process EXC and certify the
  time worked.
• The Calculation Template helps you accurately
  calculate the EXC payment amount.
                   EXC Policy Overview
• EXC is extra compensation for work performed above and beyond the
  normal base salary period.

• Federal rules and regulations do not allow for an individual’s institutional
  base salary to be increased as a result of obtaining grant funding.

• These federal rules and regulations also restrict the payment of
  overload, bonus or other payments outside the base salary.

• Our Policy Guidelines for Extra Compensation follow:
    – UC’s general policy regarding allowability of supplemental compensation
    – OMB Circular A-21
    – Agency Policy Guidelines
                     EXC Policy

•    Defines the EXC research year
•    Lists which faculty can (and cannot) earn EXC
•    Explains effort reporting
•    When EXC payment requests should be made
 •   How BAs should initiate EXC request
 •   Details account code and funding requirements
 •   Maximum EXC allowed
 •   Specific agency limits that effect EXC
         Additional Resources
• In addition to the SRS Website -
• Government Cost Compliance Website:
  – Institutional Base Salary
  – UC Financial Policies
  – Allowable/Unallowable Charges
The EXC Calendar
      EXC Calendar Guidelines
• The EXC calendar provides the dates when faculty can
  earn EXC
      • The EXC research year begins 09/01 and ends 08/31
• All Required Signatures MUST be present or the form will
  be returned
• Effort Report Forms must record hours by month and are
  due in SRS Accounting Division by the due dates listed on
  the calendar.
      • The calendar has been revised to reflect the FY2010
        Payroll PCR cutoff date.
                 EXC Guidelines cont.
• EXC payment request e-mails can be submitted monthly
  but must be received by SRS Accounting Division no later
  than 45 days after the award end date dates or by the
  payment request due date, whichever is earlier.
• EXC payment requests cannot be honored if the Effort
  Report is NOT Received by the Due Date.
• Maximum Allowable EXC paid during an EXC year is
  14/32 of the adjusted annual base salary = 560 hours.
• University Policy does NOT permit Advances on EXC. All
  days reported after the earliest signature date must be
  resubmitted for payment.
• WITHOUT EXCEPTION: Hand Drawn Check Requests
  will not be issued to pay EXC.
    The EXC Effort
     Report Form
•   This is a downloadable spreadsheet
    to be used to report Extra
    Compensation Effort. It consists of
    three sheets identified by the tabs at
    the bottom of the spreadsheet.

•   Refer to the EXC Calendar for
    monthly hour maximums, Effort
    Report and Payment deadlines

•   Send completed form as PDF
    attachment to

The Calculation Template
Example of a
correctly completed
Effort Report form
      Effort Report Instructions
•   Complete instructions on how to complete the form and how to properly
    submit it to SRS Accounting are located on the sheet of the EXC Effort
    Report Form labeled EXC Report For
•   Business Administrators initiate request for EXC payment by email –
    format below
•   A separate email request should be sent for each EXC period being
•   Once email is sent you should receive a confirmation by email from the
    SRS GA that your EXC was processed. If not contact the GA
•   Required information should be in the following format:
                    EXC Do

• Do send your EXC within a reasonable
  time frame to receive a confirmation
    • That way if it hasn’t be received there will still be
      time to complete it if it was missed
            EXC DON’T

• Don’t send more than one request per
    • SRS Accounting could take it as a duplicate.

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