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									 Export Services

Angela Wasylynka, A/Executive Director
        Export Services Group

           December 2009
   Risk Mitigation, Programs and
         Training Services
Finance & Logistics Counseling
International Financial Institutions (IFI’s)
STEP International
Programs & Training
       Finance & Logistics Counseling
• Work one on one with companies to provide advice and
  guidance on issues.
   – Contract Services –
      • INCOTERMS, Choice of Law & Forum, Payment Terms,
      • Documents
   – Risk Mitigation –
      • Buyer information, credit check resources
      • Product liability insurance
      • Country overviews – banking system, currency:
   – Payment Methods and Collection –
      • Advice in determining method of payment
         – Understanding Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections
      • Accounts receivable insurance
          Finance & Logistics Counseling
Assist in Sourcing Financing-
• Working Capital
   – Working capital needs assessment & spreadsheet (self administered
• Post Shipment – Accounts Receivable Financing
   – Advice on strategies to manage accounts receivable including
      factoring, forfeiting and pledging receivables to obtain working capital
• Foreign Currency
   – Strategic advice and guidance on methods of eliminating or
      minimizing that risk
   – Counselling on products and strategies that are commonly used to
      reduce foreign exchange exposure
      Finance & Logistics Counseling
• Logistics
  – Advice on what is required to ship products internationally
  – Mode of transport analysis and advice and guidance on the best
    service provider to meet your needs
  – Advise and guidance on the various programs available to
  – Can provide a number of templates and forms –
     • Packing slip
     • certificate of origin
     • commercial invoice
       Finance & Logistics Counseling
• Advice and Guidance
   – Ensure you get paid for the work you do!!
• Linkages and Referrals to Service providers
   – STEP networks and associate members
• Manuals and Guides
   – Factoring, Venture capital, foreign exchange
• Templates, Sample Forms & Documents

                     ….we are here to help!!
      International Financial Institutions
• Export Services provides strategic advice and market
  development support to members looking to identify and
  pursue development opportunities with IFI’s
   Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), World Bank,
     Inter-American Development Bank
   – Member assessment and sector assessment
   – Client identification for the IFI’s and developing countries
   – In market assistance and missions to market
   – Market development strategies and implementation support
   – On going support and development activities within the
     institutions and existing programs
             STEP International
- STEP manages international development
  - Ukraine – FARM program
- Contract STEP members who have specific
  areas of expertise
  - agriculture and rural development
  - environment
- Database of CV’s
- International newsletter
             Programs & Training
• Agri-Value Marketing Internship Program
  – In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture
  – Open to firms in the Agri-Value sector
  – Salary support for the hiring of an intern to expand
    marketing capacity
• Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)
  Skills Program
  – 8 modules
  – CITP Designation
               Programs & Training
• Seminars and Workshops
  – Sample topics:
     •   Letters of Credit/Methods of Payment
     •   Export Planning
     •   Foreign Currency
     •   Succession Planning

Angela Wasylynka
Ph: 306-787-3972


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