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Nevada Real Estate Test


Nevada Real Estate Test document sample

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									                                                                                        New Real
                                                                                        Estate License

REAL ESTATE                                                                                      Nevada
                         CAREER INFORMATION                                  Starting Out
                         What a challenging and rewarding career path        Most salespeople operate independently,
                         to take! As a real estate professional, you’ll      under the supervision of a broker. After getting
                         contribute to building communities and fulfilling    your Nevada real estate license, you’ll essentially
                         people’s dreams of homeownership. Almost            launch and develop your own business, spending
                         daily, you’ll guide people through the largest      considerable time prospecting for buyers and
                         single purchase of their lifetimes. How exciting!   sellers. Brokers and real estate agencies typically
                                                                             help new agents launch their careers with good
                         A real estate career offers the opportunity to      training and mentoring programs.
                         be your own boss, enjoy considerable personal
                         freedom, and have unlimited earning potential.      You may want to run your own brokerage in
                                                                             the future or elect to focus on sales, while
                         Characteristics of Successful                       working under a larger organization’s umbrella.
                                                                             You can also choose to specialize in a particular
                         Real Estate Pros                                    area, such as:
                         Those who excel in real estate tend to be:            ✦ Commercial
                           ✦ Independent and self-motivated                    ✦ Residential
                           ✦ Content to work flexible hours                     ✦ New homes
                           ✦ Most comfortable with daily variety               ✦ Rural property
                           ✦ Detail-oriented                                   ✦ Condominiums
                           ✦ Computer-savvy                                    ✦ Relocations

 “ Your me great
        materials          ✦ At ease with many types of people
                           ✦ Strongly connected in their communities
                           ✦ Driven by high personal goals
                                                                               ✦ Property management

                                                                             Unlimited Earning Potential
                           ✦ Professional and dedicated to
                                                                             Though compensation plans can vary, in gener-
    confidence.                customer service                               al, you’ll be paid a commission on the purchase
                                                                             price of property you sell or lease. For example,
    I passed my          A Day in the Life                                   if you list and sell a property, the commission
                         Because every transaction is unique, there is       is paid to your broker who then splits it with
    test with            no “typical day” in a real estate salesperson’s
                         life. You’ll spend a good portion of every day
                                                                             you. If another salesperson lists the property
                                                                             and you sell it, the total commission is first split

    ease. Thanks!
                     ”   prospecting and getting listings—two of the
                         most vital functions, especially in the begin-
                         ning. Initially, many listings will come from
                                                                             between the two brokers (listing and selling),
                                                                             who then distribute the appropriate percent-
                                                                             ages to you and the other salesperson.
                         friends and relatives, or through targeting a
                         particular neighborhood intensively.                Earnings vary according to geographic area,
                                                                             specialization, and market conditions, as well as
                         As a salesperson, you’ll spend a lot of time ar-    a salesperson’s experience, training, skills, and
                         ranging to view properties to determine which       contacts. Most importantly, the effort you put
                         ones match your prospective buyers’ needs           in—day in and day out—determines how much
                         and wants. Then, you’ll actually show the           you bring home. It’s simple: The harder you
                         properties. Preparing offers is another impor-      work, the more you make. The sky’s the limit!
                         tant and detailed process, involving great care
                         and legal accuracy.

                                                       Accelerate your career ✦ in person ✦ online ✦ in print                                                     (800) 452-4879 ext 105                      301NV009 (108)
REAL ESTATE                                                                                                               Nevada
                                                 NEVADA REAL ESTATE                                  5. Complete a license application and pay
                                                                                                        the corresponding fee. The application
                                                 LICENSE REQUIREMENTS                                   must include two sets of fingerprints
                                                                                                        with the background check fee, original
                                                 To obtain a new real estate                            examination results, and real estate
                                                                                                        education course certificates.
                                                 license in Nevada as a
                                                 salesperson you need to:                          COURSE INFORMATION
                                                  1. Complete the required 90-hour prelicense      AND PRICING
                                                     course in real estate principles, practices
                                                     and law. ProSchools’ Nevada real estate
                                                     prelicense course*, offered online for your   Learning Options to Fit
                                                     convenience, includes interesting reading     Your Lifestyle
                                                     assignments and frequent practice quizzes     You’re in complete control of your real estate edu-

                                                     to measure your mastery of the mate-          cation at ProSchools. Log on and complete your
                                                     rial, while preparing you to pass the state   lessons online in the comfort of your own home.
 FEATURES                                            license exam.
                                                  2. You must submit two sets of fingerprints       It’s totally up to you. Simply decide what’s best
 Online Lessons                                                                                    for your schedule and learning style. Learn at
                                                     and background check fee with your
                                                     license application.                          your own pace, anywhere and anytime.
 Quizzes and
 Practice Exams                                   3. Pass a salesperson license exam. The
                                                                                                     NEVADA REAL ESTATE BEST VALUES!
                                                     exam consists of national and state-
 No-risk Guarantee                                   specific questions. When you complete
                                                     ProSchools’ program, you’ll have a 95%            Crs #       Title / Description       Hrs Price
                                                     chance of passing.                                         Nevada Real Estate
 Exam Prep                                        4. Complete a license application and pay          301NV011                                 90 $499
 ($69 purchased separately)                                                                                     Prelicense – Silver
                                                     the corresponding fee. The application
                                                     must include two sets of fingerprints with                  Nevada Real Estate
                                                                                                     301NV001                                 90 $399
 Informative Textbooks                               the background check fee, original exami-                  Prelicense – Bronze
 ($78 purchased separately)                          nation results, and real estate education
                                                                                                                Nevada Real Estate
                                                     course certificates.                            304NV001                                 n/a $69
                                                                                                                Exam Prep
 Flash Cards                                     If you hold a current license from
 ($29 purchased separately)
                                                 another state you need to:
 Bestselling Book                                 1. Complete the education requirements.
                                                                                                   PROSCHOOLS GUIDES
 “Your Successful Real                               You must have completed 45 hours of           YOU ALONG
 Estate Career”
 ($18.95 purchased                                   principles and 45 hours of real estate law,   Upon enrolling, you’ll receive instructions
 separately)                                         including 18 hours of Nevada law. Ev-         that act as your roadmap for completing the
                                                     ery applicant must take Nevada real estate    coursework, and highlight the information
                              $499 $399              law from a Commission approved school*.       most critical for acing the Nevada real estate
                                                  2. You must submit two sets of finger-            exam. Interactice lesson and quizzes will help
                                                     prints and background check fee with          reinforce vital information. Plus, our Customer
                                                     your license application.                     Care team and your Instructor are always there
                                                  3. Obtain a license history or letter of good    to help you along. We can be reached at (800)
                                                     standing from the Real Estate Commission      452-4879. Or visit us at 6771 W. Charleston
                                                     of the state in which you were licensed.      Blvd. #C, Las Vegas, NV 89146.
                                                  4. Show proof of passing the national and
                                                     Nevada state exam within one year of          *ProSchools is approved by the Nevada Real
                                                     the application date. You may use your        Estate Commission.
                                                     national examination results from another
                                                     state if dated within one year of the date
                                                     of application but you must show proof of
                                                     those results.

                                                                             Accelerate your career ✦ in person ✦ online ✦ in print                                                                           (800) 452-4879 ext 105                     301NV009 (108)

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