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Obtain Power of Attorney


Obtain Power of Attorney document sample

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									                                                                                                                                              Updated by SW: 9-Mar-03

                                                                        ATTACHMENT A
                                                          Office Opening Procedures Checklist
Activity                                                                                            Primary Responsibility            Start       Complete

I. Decision Making
Develop proposal to Executive Team justifying opening of office                                     Program Support Leader
Present proposal to Executive Team                                                                  VP of Programs
For RFA: Obtain Executive Team approval during RFA process if opening a new office is               VP of External Relations
Decision made to open office                                                                        Executive Team
Inform Program Support Leader of Exec Team decision                                                 VP of Programs
Inform Program Manager of Exec Team decision                                                        Program Support Leader
Inform Board of Trustees of decision                                                                President
Develop the checklist for country-specific requirements for opening the office - including office   Program Manager/Program Support
registration procedures; e.g. tax status, MOU or country agreement with ministries.                 Leader

II. Office Opening Transition Team and III. Budget Development
Communicate with HQ and country staff to assemble Office Opening Transition Team (OOTT) Program Support Leader
with representatives from Finance, HR, Technology, Grants/Contracts and Compliance.
(Degree to which OOTT is involved should depend on the size of EH presence in country)

Develop a schedule for opening activities                                                           OOTT
Prepare budget for opening an office                                                                OOTT
Approve budget for office opening                                                                   Controller

III. In-Country Resources and V. Legal Representation
Identify in-country NGOs who can provide recommendations on legal counsel, banks, office            Program Manager/OOTT
space, etc.
Retain counsel to assist with registering, understanding labor laws, reviewing leases,              Program Manager
understanding tax obligations, etc.
Obtain Program Support Leader approval of contract with legal counsel                               Program Manager
                                                                                                                                                      Updated by SW: 9-Mar-03

                                                                        ATTACHMENT A
                                                          Office Opening Procedures Checklist
Activity                                                                                           Primary Responsibility                     Start       Complete

IV. Office Registration and Designation of Power of Attorney
Establish relationship with the local mission and work through them the process of                 Program Manager
accreditation and recognition by the local government.
Work with legal counsel to identify process and documents needed for registering office in-        Program Manager
Submission of justification if NOT registering office to VP of Programs and VP of Operations       OOTT
and Chief Financial Officer
Liaise with Manager of Facilities and Administration at HQ to obtain necessary documents for       Program Manager
Obtain Power of Attorney documents from Manager of Facilities and Administration at HQ in          Program Manager
order to appoint local employee to hande office and banking operations

V. Banking, finance procedures and functions, and payroll
Select a bank                                                                                      Finance staff member of
                                                                                                   OOTT/Program Maanger
Identify signatories and obtain signatures as necessary                                            Program Manager,
                                                                                                   Manager of Facilities and Administration
                                                                                                   at HQ
Determine whether it is advisable to use a local agency to handle payroll & taxes, and             Finance staff member of
possible all finance functions                                                                     OOTT/Program Maanger
Open bank accounts: one U.S. dollar convertible account, or two acounts, including one U.S.        Finance staff member of
dollar and one local currency                                                                      OOTT/Program Maanger
Establish proper cash management procedures for running the office                                 Finance staff member of OOTT
Seek advice from legal counsel and/or a local audit firm to help establish the payroll structure   Finance staff member of
and determine reporting requirements to the local revenue authority, if any.                       OOTT/Program Maanger
Complete monthly Funds Transfer Request Form to obtain funds from HQ.                              Finance staff member of OOTT

VI. Space
Locate space for office (for small office, consider sharing with another NGO)                  Program Manager/Program Support
Send lease to the local attorney for review before submitting it to the Program Support Leader Program Manager
and Manager of Facilites and Administration at HQ for review/approval.
Arrange for visit by Global Technology Coordinator to plan and perform LAN and computer        Program Manager
Oversee renovations as well as proper wiring, painting, installation of carpeting, etc.        OOTT (as appropriate)
Coordinate with Director of Communications re: proper sign for new office                      Program Manager
Develop guidelines and procedures for Office Security                                          Program Manager
                                                                                                                                          Updated by SW: 9-Mar-03

                                                                        ATTACHMENT A
                                                          Office Opening Procedures Checklist
Activity                                                                                         Primary Responsibility           Start       Complete

VII. Staffing and X. Hiring
Identify level of staffing necessary given scope of assignment, size of office, etc.             OOTT
Develop job description(s) for staff to be hired                                                 HR staff member on OOTT and
                                                                                                 Program Manager
Conduct the market survey (via local agencies, AID, etc. ) to determine the salary ranges        HR staff member on OOTT and
                                                                                                 Program Manager
Research and document labor laws, mission norms and establish appropriate benefits               HR staff member on OOTT and
package for office including severance packages (with legal counsel) and identify local          Program Manager
vendors for benefits
Advertise for new position(s) - - internally and externally                                        HR staff member on OOTT
Screen/interview potential staff; set up files for each; obtain references as needed               HR staff member on OOTT
Provide formal offer letter to new hires, with copy of job description and description of benefits HR staff member on OOTT and
                                                                                                   Program Manager
Set up personnel file with CV, hire letter, references                                             HR staff member on OOTT
Provide orientation to new staff member                                                            HR staff member on OOTT and
                                                                                                   Program Manager

Provide letter to VP of Programs justifying why an expatriate is needed                          Program Support Leader/Program
Contact the local attorney to begin the process of obtaining visas for the employee and          HR staff member on OOTT
accompanying family members and a work permit for the employee, if necessary
Consult attorney to determine if a security bond is necessary for ee & family                    HR staff member on OOTT
Contact Senior Facilities Assistant at HQ to begin all procedures related to moving expatriate   HR staff member on OOTT
& family overseas
Identify sources for temporary and permanent housing. Send house lease to Manager of             HR staff member on OOTT
Facilities and Administration at HQ for review and approval prior to signing the lease.
Work with local counsel to obtain special agreement with local government not to tax             HR staff member on OOTT
Prepare new hire letter for expatriate spelling out benefits, etc.                               Director of HR

VIII. Engaging Local Vendors
Identify vendors for electricity, gas, and water                                                OOTT (as appropriate)
Identify local gas station for gasoline and vehicle maintenance
Register with local communication authority to get post office, telephone and fax services, and
internet connection
Identify vendor for offie supplies
Identify vendor for office cleaning service
Identify vendor for maintenance of office equipment
                                                                                                                                              Updated by SW: 9-Mar-03

                                                                      ATTACHMENT A
                                                        Office Opening Procedures Checklist
Activity                                                                                        Primary Responsibility                Start       Complete

IX. Purchasing office equipment
Coordinate with GTC, as necessary, and follow procurement SOPs to purchase following for        OOTT (as appropriate) and Global
office:Computer hardware and software (see below); fax machines, main landline telephone        Technology Coordinator
systems, mobile telephones, copiers, generators/invertors, vehicles, safety equipment, files,
and a safe.

Identify system, hardware, and software needs based on office size and location. Needs will     Technology staff member on OOTT and
include: Server (based on size of office); printer (s); desktops/laptops;                       Global Technology Coordinator

X. Procurement and Inventory management
Set up inventory tracking system to keep records of all furniture and equipment purchased       OOTT (as appropriate)
with value over $500, per Procurement SOPs
Forward final inventory list upon completion of all purchases to HQ.                            OOTT (as appropriate)

XI. Office Insurance
Communicate with Manager of Facilities and Administration at HQ re: need for property,          OOTT (as appropriate)
liability, and auto insurance for coverage of office contents
Purchase insurance as recommended; send copy to HQ                                              OOTT (as appropriate)

Arrange for new staff training, as necessary, as follows:
  FINANCE: AFW, Budgeting, Cash Management                                                      Individual from Finance HQ
  HR: Antiharassment, policy against substance abuse, problem resolution policy;                Individual from Human Resources HQ
performance management system; new hire orientation
  Tech: Exchange; Microsoft Office; Excel, Word, Powerpoint, internet access; remote            Individual from Technolgoy HQ
computing; system maintenance.
  Grants/Contracts: inventory and procurement management, grants, contracts, and                Individual from Grants/Contracts HQ

XIII. Communications
Contact Director of Communications at HQ re: communicating with external audiences re:          Program Manager/Program Support
opening of office                                                                               Leader
Developing a country home page                                                                  Technology staff member on
                                                                                                                                             Updated by SW: 9-Mar-03

                                                                     ATTACHMENT A
                                                       Office Opening Procedures Checklist
Activity                                                                                     Primary Responsibility                  Start       Complete

XIV. Field Time Report
Inform Database Unit at HQ about the new office so that it can be entered into IMIS. Enter   HR staff member on OOTT
Office Holidays, overtime pay rules, working hours and weekends of the office into the FTR
module. Coordinate with HR at HQ that all staff are entered in to ABRA, with correct
supervisors. Inform budget manager for giving access to the appropriate codes.

Designate country HR and Finance Administrators for FTR. Provide training to the             Individual from Finance or HR from HQ
administrators and the new office staff.

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