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					June/July 2010             A ewsletter of Trinity On The Hill, Episcopal Church :: Los Alamos, M

                                   Trinity Tidings
Colin’s Comments

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy”. So go the lyrics of the song from Porgy
and Bess. Nowadays that is far less true, as parents who are both working out-                In the life of our church:
side the home, seek to locate appropriate care for their children during working
hours. Summer can be an even more frantic time as we plan our summer vaca-                   P. 2 :: Senior Warden’s article
tions and balance time (and costs) at amusement parks with time spent visiting
Grandma and Grandpa. Visiting grandparents was always a special treat for me                 P. 3 :: From the Jr. Warden
as a young boy. My Florida Grandpa taught me to respect rattlesnakes, shoot pis-
tols in the woods, drive a car (at age 8) and to ride ponies. My Brooklyn                    P. 4 :: Clergy news
Grandpa introduced me to the joys of riding subways, ice skating at Rockefeller
Center, and the precision dancing of the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.
Both sets of my grandparents took me to church with them, as well as Vacation                P. 6 :: House of Hope women
Bible School, when I visited at the right time of year.
Now it is my turn to be the Grandpa. I haven’t taught anyone to shoot a pistol               P. 8 :: Young Family
yet, but three of our grandchildren have visited us this spring/summer and we
have had a great time riding horses, petting doggy and kitty noses, swimming,
and reading stories. Oh, yes, we have had fun visiting with their parents, also!             P. 9 :: Shop on the Corner
Naturally, they have come to church with us as well and enjoyed meeting many
of you.
                                                                                             P. 10 :: Stewardship news
Our church is a great meeting place for all of us across the generations. We love
our children and grandchildren, which is why we have created special times for               VBS forms,
them in our services of worship, spend nearly an hour introducing them to Jesus
and other people of Biblical times, and invite them to join our youth choir, or              … and CALE DARS
serve as acolytes. Of course, my grandparents (and my parents!) wanted to con-                    A D MORE….
tinue their own faith journeys, so they would go off to adult classes or do work              Sunday Worship Schedule:
on other days to help people who needed some extra hands.
Our church of Trinity on the Hill is an expanded family that supports people of              8:00am Rite I (Spoken)
all ages and marital status. During the summer, some of our normal schedule is               10:30am Rite II (Choral
                           changed to allow our members time with their families             Eucharist)
                           to travel or to be refreshed in another way. While we             6:07pm Generations
                           may still be “busy”, the change of schedule and scen-             (Contemporary, 2nd/4th
                                                                                             Sunday Evenings)
                           ery can refresh and renew us to better minister to each
                                                                                             * o Generations June/July*
                           other and to serve the Lord with renewed vigor upon
                           our return.                                                        ~ Come Worship With Us! ~
                           This is our June/July issue of the Tidings, our regular
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                            Fr. Kelly, performing some science experiments with the
                            kids, during the children’s sermon.
                                                                                                    TRI ITY TIDI GS

                                     SE IOR WARDE ’S OFFERI G
                                                                                            Lynn Finnegan
And you say there’s nothing to do in Los Alamos . . . .

What does our church and ministry at Trinity on the Hill look like? I am confident for many of you it is a varied
and rich blessing. It is so for me! If, however, you find yourself wondering how to answer this question, well,
here’s a recent one week sampling:

It all starts with Home Communion. I visit two homes on a Friday: the parishioners in one share about plans for
the future, I query long time parishioners in the second about “how it used to be.” Ministry? You betcha. The inti-
macy of sharing the Body of Christ in the home at the end of a busy week ministers to me perhaps more so than the

On Saturday, my teenage kids help decorate Kelly Hall for the Pentecost “Food Fun & Fire” fundraiser dinner.
TOTH youth ministry in action. My family misses the dinner with its fiery desserts and juggling due to a friend’s
wedding - to which I wear my new dress from Shop on the Corner.

Sunday, the church school kids clamor to stab innocent bananas and strawberries for the Kelly Hall “Fruits of the
Spirit” breakfast kebabs. The adults who slept over in the church with them and hung doves for Pentecost act sus-
piciously chipper. Amazingly, in one weekend, the stewardship ministry raised money to pay down our mortgage,
the church school kids enjoyed sleeping in God’s house, breakfast in Kelly Hall was a nutritious hit, and the wor-
ship services were ablaze (only figuratively this year) with color. Hmmm, could the Holy Spirit be here?

I cap off the weekend with 9:00 p.m. Compline - a mystical service of candlelight and music. If you have never
been, you are, hands down, missing out.

Monday begins the week’s steady trickle of e-mails: Can we change the stewardship meeting time? Have you seen
the revised contract for the new renter? The Tidings articles are due! Okay, can five people really find a time to
meet all together? Check the LEM/lay reader schedule! Can House of Hope have a prayer service?

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(Colin’s Comments, continued from page 1)

newsletter. I pray it finds us all well and enjoying the blessings of our mountain home. I ask you to join
me in thanking all those who have worked so hard throughout the year to share their God-given talents
that we all may grow in grace and faith. Please don’t forget our Chili Line Team Ministry picnic June
20th at the home of Dick and Sarah Rochester, where we are joined by folks from our sister churches of St
Stephen’s, Espanola and St. Jerome’s, Chama. We start with worship at 10:30 and then enjoy the day in
the beautiful surroundings of Rancho Nambe.

         May Our Lord richly bless you and those you love and those for whom you pray,

                                                                                                           TRI ITY TIDI GS

                                            FROM THE JU IOR WARDE
                                                                                                      Bill Hamilton

How many signs does it take to find our way around our Church building. Well, it takes 43. Forty two are hung so
be careful until the final one is hung. Thanks to John Taylor for making such attractive signs.
We had a great Spring workday on May 23 after the graduation celebration. Those contributing were:

Jamie Wigger      Ryan Strain        Dominic Lucido       Brad Wright   Rozelle Wright Jane Gordon
Alex Plonczak     Alison Bailey      Chandra Marsden      George Marsden        Lisa Rothrock
Mother Alicia     Father Kelly       Jeff Favorite        Luke Favorite Jose Garcia    Alicia Garcia
Joanne Garcia     Keith Stephens     Bob Wigger    Carl Maier    Bill Hamilton Josh Baca

This crowd got a lot done including the following:

Kelly Hall door repaired                                       Painted back railing
Painted yellow parking lot markings                            Replaced lights
Deconned varmits                                               Sprayed weeds and raked rocks
Put away snow shovels and salt                                 Cleaned up Courtyard
Cleaned up lower parking lot shed                              Cleaned up back shed
Listed contents of storage areas                               Pulled dandelions in Courtyard
Pulled dandelions in Playground                                Painted shed door
Cleaned undercroft                                             Cleaned out and painted room 8
Cleaned up gardens                                             Removed tire sign posts

Other work accomplished this month included cleaning gutters (Brad), getting a hold of Terminex contract (Jan),
quarterly fire inspection (Brad), and finding a way to catch barbeque grill grease (Jan).
The contract with Home Builders of Los Alamos to finish the Undercroft has been approved by the Vestry and
signed. The current space will be made into two large rooms plus a storage closet. The elevator shaft will be filled
with a platform at floor level so the space can be used for storage. Thanks to Lisa-Jo for her design expertise.
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                                                                      Trinity on the Hill’s Vision
                                                                     We are called to be a Christ-centered community,
                                              gathered in love and forgiveness, growing in faith and sent forth to serve
  Trinity Tidings
  A newsletter of Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church
  The Rev. Canon Colin P. Kelly III, D. Min., Rector
  The Rev. Alicia Pope
  The Rev. Louise Weiss

  Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
  505 662-5107 FAX: 662-5498

  Editor: Richard Triplett
  Calendars and schedules: Cheryl King and
   Claire Singleton
  Distribution:Cheryl King and the Thursday Group                              August deadline is June 23rd!
                                                                          Submit electronically to

                                                                                              TRI ITY TIDI GS

(Continued from page 2)

This is ministry at my finger tips! Did we really once do anything without e-mail? In the middle of it
all, I receive several “prayer chain” e-mails for someone who is in need, causing me to pause and pray.
Thank God for a church that keeps prayer support at my finger tips!

Monday night - Contemplative prayer group at 7:15 p.m. God waits patiently in the chapel and I am
blessed by the quiet. Tuesday morning - Women Alive in Mind, Body and Spirit group at 6:30 a.m. God
swirls convincingly in Sherrill Hall and I am blessed by the laughter.

Wednesday, Thursday & back to Friday bring me to meetings for 1) plans for a teen center in the under-
croft, 2) a Building Community brainstorming session, and 3) a Wardens’ meeting chock full of adminis-
trative and ministry details. Meanwhile, the church office is a constant stream of activity, the chapel and
library house mid-week services and bible study, and the nursery and youth choir each have their own
strains of music.

And you say there’s nothing to do in Los Alamos . . . .

The church bulletin, Tidings newsletter, and website, all have info about our ministry at
TOTH for young, old, new, and not-so-new.

 ews from the Clergy Support Team

Life is busy among our group. Deacon Diane just got back from a trip to help her parents in Springfield
Illinois. Everything went well with her mother’s surgery, and she is now in much less pain, thanks be to
God. Mother Alicia has been busy with various trips also, and preparing for a new arrival. Laurie Triplet
is nearly finished with Church History, and it will soon be time to begin another course, Pastoral Care.
She has been very busy with her work at the Lab, and has to be away a lot this summer. Mother Louise
and Father Kelly have exciting news. They both will be attending the OSL international conference in
Kelowna British Columbia, this June. Mother Louise will present one of the Keynote addresses at this
conference, and our own Fr. Kelly will present one of the workshops.

If there is ever anything we can do to help anyone, or if anyone has ideas of things they would like to see
happen in our church, please feel free to make an appointment with any of us. We are also available for
Spiritual Direction, Inner healing, prayers, and consultation.

                                                                                                   TRI ITY TIDI GS

                  CHRISTIA ED
                  Sunday School and adult Christian Education is out for the summer. Bo watching for
                  information on new classes being formed in the August Tidings.

Way to go volunteers!
Lab employees that participated in the Lab’s United Way match earned over $4,100 for our church. That is
the fourth highest of all recipients!
The United Way match is available to any Los Alamos National Laboratory Employee. Lab employees
and retirees log and report the hours they have volunteered at Trinity on the Hill. The Lab matches their
service with cash paid to our church. Volunteers bank the spiritual rewards.
If you are a Lab employee or retiree and have interest in the program, go to
You can also ask any vestry member for help.

(Continued from page 3)

David Griggs has a quote to repair the roof hail damage we experienced last year. He is working with the insur-
ance company on details.

We got a recommendation this month to have a Suggestion Box for people to identify things that need to be fixed.
Our preference is to have an electronic one so you are encouraged to e-mail Chandra Marsden (
or Bill Hamilton ( with your suggestions. We both have boxes in the Church office so you
can leave notes there also. Work items go on a list which is posted on the Buildings and Grounds bulletin board.
We don't promise alacrity but nothing comes off the list until it is addressed properly.

                                                                                                        TRI ITY TIDI GS

As most of you know, the news from Juarez as far as safety for the people there, the ability to get a job, or the opportu-
nity for stable and decent housing has gone from bad to worse. Our friends at Gateway are in a real crisis. Several of
the members of the Mexican work team have been laid off, due to the small number of mission teams going this year.

We have all been praying fervently for God to remove the evil that is there and to pour out His grace upon them. We
hope many in the congregation are joining us. Note that Gateway Mission Training Center is on the prayer list for
"special needs," and there are indeed many very serious and life-threatening needs.

We are gathering on Sunday, June 13, at 5 pm for a special service dedicated to praying for peace and hope for the
people and city of Ciudad Juarez. EVERYONE in the congregation is most welcome and encouraged to join us. We
will follow the service with a simple potluck meal. Special guests will include members of the Juarez Mission Team
from St. Bede's in Santa Fe. We are also inviting anyone else from the Deanery.

The House of Hope Women are going ahead with our plans to go on our 6th Annual Mission Trip to Juarez in October.
We will continue to discern whether God is calling us to this ministry and will keep watching as developments evolve
in the interim. We will be hosting our annual Frito Pie dinner on July 1, which is the Thursday evening of VBS
week. Anyone wishing to help out, please let Cathy Walters or Claire Singleton know.

As we have said often, this ministry could not have happened without the steadfast support from the TOTH congrega-
tion, and from our friends and families. We appreciate SO MUCH all the prayers in the past, and we assure you, this is
even more important is the days and weeks ahead.

With heartfelt gratitude,
The House of Hope Women

                           Breakfast was enjoyed by
                           the kids after the Pentecost

                                            For the Record...

 Made Inheritors of the Kingdom by Baptism:

 Robyn Renate Scully, Patrick James Scully, and Sasha Renate Hills Scully
 were all baptized by Fr. Kelly in the TOTH Chapel at 3:30 pm on May 26th, 2010.

                                                                                                       TRI ITY TIDI GS

Youth Choir

Members of the Youth Choir help to lead the worship at ToTH by singing anthems and songs, taking part in the spo-
ken parts of the service and assisting with hymns and psalms. On almost all Sundays (our vacation is in the latter part
of June and in July), we sing two or three anthems or songs at the 10:30 am service. The whole choir rehearses on Fri-
days at 5:00 pm. Younger singers (probationers) attend for the first 45 minutes, whilst older members (choristers) stay
until 6:30 pm to learn harder material. The choir warms up on Sunday from 9:00 to 9:30 am and there is combined
Christian-musical education for older singers from 9:30 to 10:15 am. The total membership is around 15 with an aver-
age Sunday attendance of about 12; ages range from 5 to 15.
       The Youth Choir is affiliated to RSCM America (, an organization that helps with music
resources and training and runs Summer Camps. Eight choristers and the two adult leaders attended a week-long
RSCM course at King’s College, Wilkes-Barre PA over Summer 2009, along with 150 singers from all over the USA.
The experience of several hours of singing per day plus daily choral services in the excellent acoustics of the Cathedral
was amazing, and we are going again in 2010.
       The reorganization of the ToTH buildings enabled us to move into the long-awaited rehearsal room in 2009,
complete with piano, storage space and a comfortable sofa. The transformation has been remarkable; music can be
stored nicely, the robes are kept in reasonable condition and choir members feel that they have a place in ToTH that
belongs to them and in which they can hang out, play the piano and so on. Another very positive development has been
the formation of a group of adult volunteers who sing with the choristers at Evensong, held at 6:30 pm on the third
Sunday of the month. With the help of this team it has been possible to develop the music in a way that challenges and
enthuses the choristers; we are currently singing more ambitious settings of the preces, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis,
plus short Latin motets and Tudor anthems.
       The Youth Choir always forms the nucleus of the Christmas Eve musical. However, in 2009 its older members
also provided most of the ideas for the “home-grown” script. Whilst remaining scriptural, the plot included a plague of
slugs, emotional, talking sheep, a stressed angel choirmaster and visits from a rather gothic Prophet Isaiah. The music
was either arranged for the occasion or taken from our RSCM resource packages. In the past year the Choir also sang
at a Chile Line retreat at Ghost Ranch, at the Ecumenical Lent services and twice at Holy Family Church in Santa Fe.
       None of this would be possible without the enthusiasm and hard work of the kids and their parents and guardi-
ans. Choir members organize fund-raisers such as car washes, breakfasts and pasta lunches; parents and supportive
members of the congregation donate snacks, refreshments and attendance prizes and contribute towards the cost of
robes and music. Other church musicians, particularly Judy Crocker, Allie Lint and Kandice Favorite, help by accom-
panying or conducting on an occasional basis. For all of this we are profoundly grateful.
John Singleton and Andrea Schmidt, Youth Choir Leaders.

        The youth Choir celebrated another successful year recently with lunch ad bowling.

                                                                                                  TRI ITY TIDI GS

                                      A committee is now being formed to
                                      begin the planning for Cheryl's
                                      retirement party. If you would like
                                      to be on this committee, please call
                                      Karen Humphrey, 662-0963.

                                 Young Family Ministry: Summer Tidings

Although the official start of summer is not until June 21st, Memorial Day weekend and the conclusion of the school
-year signify “summer!” to many. The winds are beginning to settle down, and the monsoons have not yet begun, so
the Young Family Ministry has many outdoor events scheduled this summer. What a wonderful time of year for
experiencing God’s wonder all around us!

Please continue to let us know how Young Family Ministry can serve you, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and
physically. We would love to hear from you!

Many blessings,

Katie Brousseau and Joanna Talley
Young Family Ministry Co-chairs

Saturday, June 12th: hike at PEEC followed by picnic lunch, 10:30am
Sunday, June 10th: Annual Chile Line Picnic, Eucharist at 10:30am
Monday, June 28th- Friday, July 2nd: Vacation Bible School and Day Camp

Sunday, July 11th: “Hike and Bike” at Pajarito Ski Hill, 1:00pm
Thursday, July 15th: Girls’ Night Out at de Colores, 6:00pm
Saturday, July 31st: Campfire at Camp May (cook-out, songs, s’mores), 4:00pm

                                                                                                     TRI ITY TIDI GS

                                             Shop on the Corner

Shop on the Corner continues to contribute to the well-being of world, community, and individuals. Immediately after
the earthquake in Haiti in January, the Shop donated half the proceeds from that week and the entire proceeds of the next
week to World Vision, the organization members felt was in place and could put the money to immediate use. One week
this winter, the school system sent a school counselor to the Shop to help replace household and clothing items lost in a
house fire for a family which had been placed, for safety reasons in one of the small villages in northern New Mex-
ico. Recently, the Shop was asked to provide what it could to a family that had moved to Los Alamos from Mexico to
provide care for their son who had sustained a work-related injury. One of our faithful workers is a native Spanish-
speaker and was on hand to help in getting the family what they needed. This worker then notified her extended commu-
nity who donated many things to furnish the empty rental unit.

 Current workers and people who have not volunteered for us before have given enough positive response to enable the
Shop to open for the summer months despite construction work surrounding the church and parking lots. From what we
hear, we have been the only thrift shop to close during the summer, and our customers who know about our plans have
been positive about the Shop staying open. Instead of a huge sale at the end of the school year, we will continue opera-
tions as they currently are. The people who work at the Shop are a warm and loving group and welcome with open arms
and hearts anyone who is willing to donate some time. If you are a bit hesitant about working on sale days, there is
plenty to do on Monday mornings from 9:30- noon and Tuesday mornings from 9:00 to 11:00. Shop on the Corner sale
days are Wednesdays from 8:45-11:45 every Wednesday that school is in session (and now in the summer). On the first
Wednesdays we are open from 8:45 until 12:30.

The local OSL chapter meets the third Friday of the month at 5:30 in Sherrill Hall. Please come and join us if you are
interested in healing of any kind. We have great discussions regarding the healing mission that Jesus has called us to, and
how we in our Church are called to be a part of that ministry. Jean Snell would like to start a special intercessors group
within OSL, and we would like anyone who has an interest in this area, or would like to know more about intercessory
prayer to please contact either Jean Snell or Deacon Diane.
We will be having a special healing session called “Sharing the heart of Jesus through
the compassionate gift of Forgiveness”’ the morning of Sat. June 12. We will be com-
ing together at 9 for coffee and donuts. Fr. Kelly will be leading two sessions with a
third session we are calling a practicum. We will close this experience with lunch at
Please come and join us for this helpful presentation. The cost is just $10. Please call
Deacon Diane at 663-0324, or the office to register.


More than 2,000 years ago, Jesus kept a promise to send a Counselor, the Holy Spirit, to come upon us and to give us the
power to do the good works planned for us. In all the years since, Christians have celebrated the anniversary of receiving
the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

At Trinity on the Hill, we have our own anniversary that coincides with Pentecost. About one year ago we moved into
Kelly Hall and Taylor Kitchen. And in that year, we have loved, laughed, mourned, celebrated, worshiped, prayed, and
played in our beautiful new space.

But, we haven’t entirely paid for it. This is not only Kelly Hall’s first anniversary; it is also the first, but not as fortunate,
anniversary of the 30 year mortgage on Kelly Hall. Every month that mortgage payment comes due and impacts our min-

We know, in fact we might be experts, about how to celebrate God’s blessings! Obviously and of course we had a party to
prepare for the coming of the Holy Spirit and to mark our first year in Kelly Hall. The party was a lot of fun and all the
festivities, food, music, fire eating and juggling, and flaming desserts kindled within us the fire of the Holy Spirit.
But, we also remembered the not so exciting anniversary of the mortgage. That is why the celebratory party was also a
fundraiser. We raised $700 and all the money paid down the mortgage.

Many thanks to all who helped with the Pentecost Eve party: Joe Cox; Erin and Lauren Burr; Alison, Jordan, and Isabella
Bailey; Clara, Dominic, and Susanna Lucido, and their friends; Mary Jordan; Lynn Finnegan; Bill and Marlene Hamilton;
Michelle Carr; Cathy Walters; Jamie Wigger; and Judy Crocker. Special thanks to Jeff Favorite, coordinator and principal
of the fiery fun.

This business of reducing our mortgage is an on-going goal. Everyone is encouraged to participate in every special fund-
raiser. Also, everyone should shop in the “Official and Excellent Pay Down the Mortgage Store”. For $20 you can buy
a copy of Brad Wright’s CD of pictures documenting Kelly Hall construction from start to finish. Jan Novak has cards for
sale that send Jesus’ love along with your own message. These cards cost $5/each or $25 for six. All the money goes to
paying down the mortgage. To order any items, please call Betsy Lucido, 500-5354.

And now, a reminder that summer vacations mean lots and lots of opportunities to meet God and know Him in new ways.
Swim in his water; hike his mountains and valleys; marvel at butterflies, birds, and bees, stars, meteors, and the summer
moon. Love your family and friends as God loves them. Taste the food God grows for us. Make it a priority to return
God’s love and to pass it on by appreciating and caring for His creation.

               The Sunday School crew helped prepare the
               “fruits of the Spirit” breakfast on Pentecost.
                                                              R EGISTRATIO FORM
                                           VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2010
                                        TRI     ITY O THE HILL E PISCOPAL CHURCH A D

                                       BETHLEHEM E VA                  GELICAL LUTHERA             CHURCH
                June 28th – July 2nd, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
                                For children ages 3 years old through entering 4th grade
                              Children must be age 3 by June 1, 2010 and toilet trained

Child’s name: _________________________ Male/Female: ________ Birth date: ___________ Age:
If school age, grade entering: ________ Allergies, physical, dietary, behavioral or other concerns:
Child’s name: _________________________ Male/Female: ________ Birth date: ___________ Age:
If school age, grade entering: ________ Allergies, physical, dietary, behavioral or other concerns:
Child’s name: _________________________ Male/Female: ________ Birth date: ___________ Age:
If school age, grade entering: ________ Allergies, physical, dietary, behavioral or other concerns:
Child’s name: _________________________ Male/Female: ________ Birth date: ___________ Age:
If school age, grade entering: ________ Allergies, physical, dietary, behavioral or other concerns:

Parent/Guardian Name, Address, Phone# (home & work):
Physician (Name and phone #):
Emergency Contact (Name and phone #):
Which church do you attend? __________________ How did you hear about High Seas Expedition VBS?
$5.00 contribution per child for VBS supplies Paid ______ (Scholarships available – ask Father Kelly or Pastor Kuenzel)
Please register your child by June 25th, so that we can ensure that we will have all of the fun VBS
                           supplies ready for your child on the first day!
Signature of parent/guardian:
   I am interested in helping with VBS before, during and/or after.** Name:
Email:_______________________________________                              Area I would like to help with:_________________________
    Yes, I need childcare while I assist with VBS.                            ames and ages:___________________________________
** Volunteers who are students entering 7th -12th please fill out the top portion as well.
High Seas Expedition VBS Registration Questions? Call Alison Bailey at 672-4093 or Mandy Ferran at 672-9372.
Please note: There is no supervision for kids arriving prior to the start time.

*** Students who are entering 4th-7th grade can also register for Rainbow Trails Day Camp, which is to be held June 28 – July 2nd at Bethlehem Lutheran
                         Day Camp Registration Form—4th to 7th Graders—June 28th to July 2nd

                                  Registration and Health History Form
                        Registration Fee per child is $35 (scholarships available)
         Please complete and return to Bethlehem Church Office with registration fee by June 15th
                             This form needs to be completely filled out by a parent/guardian—one child per form, please.
                                    Returned forms will be kept in strictest confidence, and shredded after the event.

Name __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                      Last                                First                            Middle
Birthdate: _______________ Age ____ Grade (Fall 2010): _______________ Gender (circle one):                                  M          F

Home Church, if any (name and town)_________________________________________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Name __________________________________________________ Home Phone: (505 )                                                          .

Home Address __________________________________________________________ Day / cell phone: (505)                                                    .

If not available in an emergency, notify ______________________________________ Relationship _____________________

Address _______________________________________________________________ Day / cell phone: (505)                                                    .

Do you carry medical/hospital insurance? (circle one)                YES        NO                    If yes, please indicate:

Insurance carrier: _________________________________________________ Group/Policy number: _____________________

Name of Physician: _______________________________________ Physician’s Phone Number: (505)                                                         .

Date of last immunization for: Tetanus __________;                DPT __________; Polio __________; Measles (MMR) __________

Please check and date any of the following, which have occurred to the camper, or in the camper’s family:
Conditions:                                      Diseases:                                Allergies:
______     Frequent ear infections                        ______     Chicken pox                      ______ Hay Fever
______     Heart disease/defect                           ______     Measles                          ______ Ivy Poisoning, etc.
______     Convulsions/seizures                           ______     German Measles                   ______ Insect Stings
______     Diabetes                                       ______     Mumps                            ______ Penicillin
______     Bleeding/clotting disorders                                                                ______ Other drugs
______     Hypertension                                                                               ______ Asthma
______     Mononucleosis                                                                              ______ Other: ____________________
______     Diagnosed Learning Disorder                                                                ______ Foods (please specify):
______     Psychiatric counseling                                                                     __________________________________
                                          Allergy note: we will be outside a lot, weather permitting!
Please explain/detail here any of the above conditions, diseases, or allergies you have checked: ___________________________
Operations or serious injuries: (please list with dates) ____________________________________________________________
Suggestions, any activity restrictions, or health-related information for day camp personnel: _____________________________
Will your child need to take a medication during Day Camp? (circle one)           YES      NO
                                               For Day Camp Staff Use Only –Check when medication is collected by day camp coordinator_____
My child has permission to participate in all day camp activities, except as noted. I hereby give permission to the medical personnel selected by
the day camp director to order X-rays, routine tests and treatment for the health of my child. In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I
hereby give permission to the physician selected by the day camp director to hospitalize or secure proper treatment (including surgery, injection,
and/or anesthesia) for my child as named above.
           Parent/guardian signature __________________________________________ Date ______________________
           Signature of witness ______________________________________________ Date ______________________

           * Day Camper’s Signature ______________________________________________________________________
           PLEASE AUTHORIZE: I am interested in the policies and programs of Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp and give my child
           permission to participate in all activities. I agree that Rainbow Trail will not be held responsible for accidents or persons injured
           arising therefrom. I also understand my photo or my child’s photo may be taken for use in camp promotional literature. I waive the
           right to inspect or approve the photo if used for such purposes. ________ (initials)

I can help with Day Camp. (Please circle your interest:) Registration table/welcoming; chaperone; assist counselor; provide
snack for group; arrange off-site activities; lead Arts & Crafts room; provide transportation to off-site activities; other
                                                               June, 2010

     Date      Time                       Acolytes                                  LR/LEM/PP            Ushers
June 6         8.00    Ben Schilling, Server                           Ballard Pierce, LEM/LR
                                                                       Laurie Triplett, LEM
               10.30   Dominic Lucido, Server                          Susan Sprake, LEM/LR      Dick Prael
                       Tevin Flowers, Crucifer                         David Carr, LEM           Phyllis Bailey
                       Malcom and Charlotte Carr, TB                   Bob Wigger, P/P
June 13        8.00    Dominic Lucido, Server                          Dick Wiley, LEM/LR
                                                                       Ballard Pierce
               10.30   Emily Silks, Server                             David Carr, LEM/LR        Sue Ellen Kelly
                       Connor Bailey, Crucifer                         Doug Weiss, LEM           Roddy Walton
                       Jordan Bailey, Genevieve Triplett, TB           David Carr, P/P

June 20        8.00    Jamie Wigger, Server                            Rozelle Wright, LEM/LR
Nambe picnic                                                           Leonard Moore, LEM
               10.30   PICNIC                                          Gerry Hale, LEM/LR        PIC IC
                                                                       Doug Weiss, LEM
                                                                       Sally Cassil, P/P
June 27        8.00    Marie Schmidt, Server                           Doug Weiss, LEM/LR
                                                                       Rozelle Wright, LEM
               10.30   Dominic Lucido, Server                          Sue Ellen Kelly, LEM/LR   Carl Maier
                       Lauren Burr, Crucifer                           Lynn Finnegan, LEM        Bob Wigger
                       Isabella and Harrison Stephens, TB              BJ Meloy, P/P
                                                              July, 2010

      Date   Time                     Acolytes                                    LR/LEM/PP             Ushers
July 4       8.00    Simon Heath, Server                              Rozelle Wright, LEM/LR
                                                                      Doug Weiss, LEM

             10.30   Dominic Lucido, Server                           Susan Sprake, LEM/LR      Dick Prael
                     Malcolm Carr, Crucifer                           Lynn Finnegan, LEM        Phyllis Bailey
                     Jordan Bailey, Thomas Gordon, TB                 Bob Wigger, P/P
July 11      8.00    Jamie Wigger, Server                             Ballard Pierce, LEM/LR
                                                                      David Carr, LEM
             10.30   Nicole Silks, Server                             BJ Meloy, LEM             Sue Ellen Kelly
                     Louisa Singleton, Crucifer                       Leonard Moore, LEM        Roddy Walton
                     Harrrison Stephens, Charlotte Carr, TB           Claire Singleton, LR
                                                                      BJ Meloy, P/P
July 18      8.00    Ben Schilling, Server                            BJ Meloy, LEM/LR
                                                                      Rozelle Wright, LEM
             10.30   Alicia Ponce, Server                             Gerry Hale, LEM/LR        Jane Sherwood
                     Richard Schmidt, Crucifer                        David Carr, LEM           Leonard Moore
                     Malcolm Carr, Isabella Stephens, TB              Sally Cassil, P/P
July 25      8.00    Jamie Wigger, Server                             Doug Weiss, LEM/LR
                                                                      Ballard Pierce, LEM
             10.30   Amanda Ponce, Server                             Sue Ellen Kelly, LEM/LR   Carl Maier
                     Tevin Flowers, Crucifer                          Jennifer Flowers, LEM     Bob Wigger
                     Thomas Gordon, Harrison Stephens, TB             BJ Meloy, P/P
                                                        August, 2010

    Date    Time                     Acolytes                                 LR/LEM/PP            Ushers
August 1    8.00    Simon Heath, Server                          Rozelle Wright, LEM/LR
                                                                 Ballard Pierce, LEM
            10.30   Jamie Wigger, Server                         Susan Sprake, LEM/LR      Dick Prael
                    Tevin Flowers, Crucifer                      Jennifer Flowers, LEM     Phyllis Bailey
                    Malcom and Charlotte Carr, TB                Bob Wigger, P/P
August 8    8.00    Susanna Lucido, Server                       BJ Meloy, LEM/LR
                                                                 Leonard Moore, LEM
            10.30   Emily Silks, Server                          Sue Ellen Kelly, LEM/LR   Jane Sherwood
                    Connor Bailey, Crucifer                      Susan Sprake, LEM         Roddy Walton
                    Harrison Stephens, Genevieve Triplett, TB    David Carr, P/P

August 15   8.00    Marie Schmidt, Server                        Ballard Pierce, LEM/LR
                                                                 Doug Weiss, LEM
            10.30   Nicole Silks, Server                         Gerry Hale, LEM/LR        David and Michelle
                    Joseph Singleton, Crucifer                   BJ Meloy, LEM             Carr
                    Thomas Gordon, Malcolm Carr, TB              Sally Cassil, P/P
August 22   8.00    Ben Schilling, Server                        Doug Weiss, LEM/LR
                                                                 Rozelle Wright, LEM
            10.30   Dominic Lucido, Server                       Laurie Triplett, LEM/LR   Leonard Moore
                    Lauren Burr, Crucifer                        Lynn Finnegan, LEM        Sue Ellen Kelly
                    Jordan Bailey, Genevieve Triplett, TB        BJ Meloy, P/P
August 29   8.00    Jamie Wigger, Server                         David Carr, LEM/LR
                                                                 Ballard Pierce, LEM
            10.30   Alicia Ponce, Server                         Leonard Moore, LEM/LR     Dick Prael
                    Louisa Singleton, Crucifer                   Sue Ellen Kelly, LEM      Phyllis Bailey
                    Sydney Favorite, Isabella Stephens, TB       Lynn Finnegan, P/P
Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church          Non-Profit Organization
3900 Trinity Drive                            Postal Permit #41
Los Alamos, NM 87544                          Los Alamos, NM 87544
                                              U.S. Postage Paid

                   Return service requested

                                                         JU E/JULY

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