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									                                                   Appendix 2
Alliance Development Programme Plan (January - March 2009)
Objective 1 :To establish the Alliance, by April 2009
          Project                          Project Deliverable       Timing    Boards     Notes
     1.1 Corporate Governance            Suite of documents; MOU, Dec          Y          Confirm when corporate
                                         scheme of delgation and                          governance can be formally
                                         reservation, shadow                              agreed and MOU signed;
                                         Alliance Board terms of                          Membership of JPC to be
                                         reference agreed                                 agreed including voting and non
                                                                                          voting members. Non execs to
                                                                                          equal or exceed exec members.
                                                                                          SRO member of JPC until APO
                                                                                          status approved

                                         Co-ordinating PCT agreed Jan          Y          Agreement required for signing
                                                                                          MOU. Does not imply business
                                                                                          transfer into that PCT, but if BT
                                                                                          PCT agreed, then makes sense
                                                                                          for this to assume co-ordinating

                                         Alliance executive team     Jan                  Opportunity for Alliance Exec
                                         base agreed                                      Team members to be co-located
                                                                                          at least part of the week is
                                                                                          essential to success. To be
                                                                                          identified. Is this in the co-
                                                                                          ordinating PCT or another?.

                                         Liaison committee           Jan       N          This is between CEs and MD
                                         established                                      and Chair of shadow Board.
                                                                                          Could start without the MD but
                                                                                          with the Programme Director;
                                                                                          schedule in monthly meetings

     1.2 Establish interim Shadow        Interim NED chair           Dec       ?N         ? Process of nomination. Ideally
         Alliance Provider Board         identified                                       interim whilst moving twds
                                                                                          appointment of independent
                                         PCT NED representatives Dec/Jan       N
                                         Shadow Joint Provider   Jan                      The Alliance Development
                                         Committee established                            Programme will be accountable
                                                                                          to this.
     1.3 Establish Alliance Executive    MD appointed                Feb       N          Critical to get on and do this
         Management Team                                                                  early even if interim
                                         Alliance Executive         Feb/March?            Probably not for Boards
                                         Management Team                                  approval but for information.
                                         structure agreed
                                         Change process of slotting March    N            Need identified HR lead.
                                         people into the structure
                                         and/or identifying new
                                         posts in place

                                         Sustantive Borough          March     N          This is urgent
                                         Director/Heads postions
                                         Budget agreed                                    Non recurrent development
                                                                                          budget to be agreed 09/10;
                                                                                          recurrent budget to be agreed as
                                                                                          part of agreement on medium
                                                                                          term structures and establishing
                                                                                          capability gaps

                                         Alliance Executive          January   N          Fledgling with existing interims
                                         Management Team                                  and programme team members.
                                         established                                      Need to add HR lead and
                                                                                          Finance lead urgently

     1.4 Stakeholder Communications      Stakeholder plan in place   Dec/Jan   N          Identify a Communications lead
                                                                                          for the Alliance and ensure co-
                                                                                          ordinated communcations
Objective 2: To achieve APO status by April 2009 and working towards business ready transfer. (Date tbc)
                                         Gaps in technical
                                         separation and Business
                                         readiness identified                          Identify the areas to work on to
                                                                                       achieve technical separation and
     2.1 Alliance Development Plan 09/10                          December N           put plans in place
                                                                                        Need identified internal and
                                         Alliance Programme Work                        external resources costed and in
                                         Group in place          January      N         place

                                         Clear development plan in
                                         place to achieve:
                                          - APO status (April 09)
                                          - Business Readiness
                                          - Business Transfer                           PCT Boards to approve
                                          - Corporate Services                          Development plan; phase 2 (Jan
                                         Integration BT/other or                        - March 09); phase 3 April - tbc
                                         phased tbc)               January    Y         09)

                                                                                        Need an Alliance Annual &
                                         Annual Plan & Business                         Business Plan in place for April
                                         Plan in place for April 09   March   Y         09; Operating Framework 09/10

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