Storage Space Rental Agreement

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					                                                         PURCHASING DECISION CHART
                                                                 UC COOPERATIVE EXTENSION

                    PURCHASES UP          PURCHASES OR          PURCHASES                                   EQUIPMENT        PURCHASES                PURCHASES OF
                                                                                   REPAIR ORDERS
                     TO $4999 PER          REPAIRS OF          FROM THE UCD                                 PURCHASES     USING UNIVERSITY              PUBLISHED
                                                                                   UP TO $4999 PER
                   VENDOR PER DAY           $4999+ (NOT         "EXCLUDED                                  (SINGLE ITEM    AGREEMENTS -                MATERIALS -
                                                                                   VENDOR PER DAY
                     (NOT EXCLUDED)          EXCLUDED)          ITEMS" LIST                               COSTING $5000+)      "DM3"                      "DU3"

COST LIMITS:            0-$4,999              $4,999+                 N/A                0-$4,999              $5,000+          SEE AGREEMENT               NONE

                                                                                   Departmental Repair
                      Departmental           Request for          Request for            Order               Request for           Departmental         Departmental
                     Purchase Order        Purchase Order       Purchase Order       *See insurance        Purchase Order         Purchase Order       Purchase Order

ORDER PLACED BY:      County Office       UCD Purchasing        UCD Purchasing        County Office        UCD Purchasing          County Office         County Office

                   Checking Account or
                                                                                   Checking Account or                           UCD Accounting        UCD Accounting
                    UCD Accounting        UCD Accounting       UCD Accounting                             UCD Accounting
                                                                                    UCD Accounting                               (via the Regional     (via the Regional
PAYMENT BY:         (via the Regional     (via the Regional    (via the Regional                          (via the Regional
                                                                                    (via the Regional                           Office), Purchasing   Office) , Purchasing
                   Office), Purchasing          Office)              Office)                                    Office)
                                                                                          Office)                                       Card                   Card

                                         THEFT SENSITIVE                   EXCLUDED ITEMS                 INSURANCE COVERAGES REQUIRED
                                         Desktop Computers    Animals                                       FOR VENDORS MAKING REPAIRS
                                         Laptop Computers     Firearms/Ammunition                           FOR UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
                                         Palmtop Computers    Building Repairs or Modifications
                                         Projectors           Catering (Use Entertainment CR)            General Liability
                                                              Controlled Substances                      Automobile Liability
                                                              Charters - air, land or sea                Workers Compensation (if employees)
                                                              Consultant Services                         Coverages must be confirmed by
                                                              Employee as Vendor Transactions             obtaining a Certificate of Insurance from
                                                              Equipment                                   the vendor PRIOR to the repairs being
                                                              Equipment Maintenance Contracts             done. FAX certificate to the Regional
                                                              Equipment Rentals in excess                 Office. Invoice payment will be delayed
                                                                of 31 days                                if vendor insurance coverages are not
                                                              Ethyl Alcohol                               confirmed in advance.
                                                              Furniture-EXCEPT office furniture
                                                                up to $500
                                                              Hazardous Materials
                                                              Independent Contractors
                                                              On-site Services of Any Kind
                                                              Personal Items
                                                              Personnel/labor services
                                                              Radioactive Materials
                                                              Real Property Rental
                                                                of Storage Space
                                                              Respiratory Protection Items
                                                              Software requiring license agreements

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