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					 FileMaker Services and Resources

Departmental Consulting and Application Development Team

                ITAG Lunchtime Seminar

                    February 7, 2007
DCAD background

• In January 2005 IS&T formed the Departmental Database
  Application Development Project (DDADP) team to evaluate
  the use of database applications in DLCs and to make
  recommendations for services and support related to those

• In August 2005 IS&T added departmental database
  development services to the Web Communications Services
  (WCS) team creating the Departmental Consulting and
  Application Development (DCAD) team.
DCAD background

• DCAD has added 4 staff members to deliver those services

• Team now consists of:
    – 3 Web and Database Consultants
    – 1 Usability Consultant
    – 1 Senior Technical Consultant
    – 1 Web Application Developer
    – 1 Web Developer
    – 1 FileMaker Developer
• Also partner with vetted outside vendors for development
DCAD Services

• Consulting - initial assessment and oversight – no cost

• Information Architecture – cost recovered
• Requirements Gathering – cost recovered

• Web Development – cost recovered

• Web Maintenance SLA – cost recovered

• Web Application Development – cost recovered

• Managed Hosting SLA – cost recovered

• FileMaker Development – cost recovered
DCAD Departmental Database Process

• Initial Assessment
    – All clients receive this service at no cost to them
    – Deliverable is a Document of Understanding that
        provides an overview of desired system components,
        functionalities, and environment
    – May be used as an RFP for small projects with budget
        planning that can be a little flexible
• In-depth Requirements Gathering
    – Optional cost recovered service
    – Deliverable is detailed requirements documentation
    – Appropriate for larger scale projects and when estimate
      accuracy is critical
DCAD Departmental Database Process
• Project Review
    – Check-in with Technology Review Board (TRB) as
• Request for Proposal
   – Internal vendor: DCAD
   – External vendors: vetted partners
• DCAD System Development
   – Cost recovered
   – Proposal for work
• DCAD System Support and Hosting
   – Cost recovered
   – Service Level Agreement
FileMaker - where we are now
• FileMaker Pro 8.5 release
    – Distribution started in August
    – Support effective mid-December
    – Conversion IAP Session February 2
    – FileMaker Server release effort launch anticipated in Q2
FileMaker Support

• Supported at this time
   – FileMaker Pro 8.5
• Not Supported at this time
   – FileMaker Advanced
   – FileMaker Server Advanced
   – FileMaker Mobile
FileMaker Support
• Soon to be supported
   – FileMaker Server 8.0 v4
   – Will not include Server Advanced or any web
     publishing functionalities
   – *Will* include security-related features and
FileMaker Support
• Training: web.mit.edu/ist/topics/training/index.html
    – FileMaker classes are now for v8/8.5
• Help Desk: web.mit.edu/ist/helpdesk/
   – Supports version 8.5; “aware” of v7 and 8
   – Will provide basic and security-specific support for
      FileMaker Server upon completion of that release effort
FileMaker Resources
• Self-help resource available now:
    – DCAD FileMaker Reference Pages:
FileMaker Resources
• Contact DCAD, db-consult@mit.edu, if you need help
   – Determining the appropriate set of technologies for your
      specific needs
   – Defining project requirements
   – Web-enabling information stored in a database
   – Migrating from previous versions of FileMaker
   – Evaluating hosting options
FileMaker Resources
• Self–Help
   – DCAD FileMaker Reference Pages:
   – FMUG presentations:
   – IS&T Stock Answers:
   – FMI documentation:
   – FMI Security Technical Brief:
   – FMI FileMaker 8 Security Guide:
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