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					                               Chapter 3 The American Revolution, 1754-1789
Ch. 3.1 The Colonies Fight For Their Rights
                                                                          3.    What 3 major disadvantages did the British face in
Define:                                                                         the American Revolut ion?
    1.    customs duty          5.   nonimportation agreement
    2.    writs of assistance   6.   French and Indian War                4.    What was General Ho we’s two-part strategy to win
    3.    Sons of Liberty       7.   Albany Plan of Union                       the war quickly?
    4.    Stamp Act Congress    8.   Royal Proclamation of                5.    What was the American strategy for attacking the
                                      1763                                      British at sea?
Answer:                                                                   6.    How was the war won at Yorktown?
   1. What argument did the colonists use to protest the
        Stamp Act?                                                    Ch. 3.4 The Confederation
   2. Was it reasonable for Great Britain to expect the
        colonists to help pay for the French and Indian War           Define:
        and for their o wn defense? Why or Why not?                       1.    republic                      5. Northwest Ordinance
   3. Summarize the causes of the French and Indian                       2.    ratification                  6. recession
        War.                                                              3.    inflation
   4. Why were the French and the British interested in                   4.    Virgin ia Statute for Relig ious Freedom
        the Ohio River valley?
   5. How d id Britain hope to solve its financial                    Answer:
        problems after the French and Indian War?                        1. How d id the Confederation Congress provide for
   6. What actions did colonists take in response to the                      the division, sale, and eventual statehood of western
        Stamp Act?                                                            lands?
   7. Who led resistance to British taxat ion in                         2. How d id fear of tyranny shape new state
        Massachusetts? In Virgin ia?                                          constitutions and the Article of Confederat ion?
                                                                         3. Which freedoms did Virgin ia’s constitution
Ch. 3.2 The Revol ution Begins                                                guarantee in its bill of rights?
                                                                         4. How d id the civil rights of African A mericans
Define:                                                                       change after the Revolutionary War?
    1.    committee of correspondence        6.   minutemen              5. What were the provisions of the Land Ordinance of
    2.    Co mmon Sense                      7.   Patriot                     1785 and the Northwest Ord inance of 1787?
    3.    Boston Tea Party                   8.   Intolerab le Acts      6. In what ways was the Confederation Congress
    4.    Suffolk Resolves                   9.   Loyalist                    ineffective?
    5.    Olive Branch Pet ition
                                                                          Ch. 3.5 A New Constitution
   1. After King George III refused to consider the Olive                 Define:
        Branch Pet ition, in what ways did the Continental                1. popular sovereignty           7. federalis m
        Congress begin to act like an independent govt?                   2. separation of powers          8. checks and balances
   2. What role did the committees of correspondence                      3. veto                          9. impeach
        play in the colonists’ move toward independence?                  4. amend ment                    10. Virg inia Plan
   3. How d id the Brit ish react to the Boston Tea Party?                5. New Jersey Plan               11. Great Co mpro mise
   4. Why was the Battle of Bunker Hill important to the                  6. 3/5 Co mpro mise
   5. How d id Tho mas Paine help persuade colonists to                   Answer:
        declare independence?                                             1. In many ways, the delegates to the Constitutional
                                                                             Convention were not representative of the
Ch. 3.3 The War for Independence                                             American public. Should a broader cross section of
                                                                             people have been involved in shaping the new
Define:                                                                      government? Why or why not?
    1.    guerilla warfare            5.   letter o f marque              2. Do you think the Founders were right to make the
    2.    Robert Morris               6.   John Burgoyne                     amend ment process difficult? Why or why not?
    3.    Charles Cornwallis          7.   Nathaniel Greene               3. What did the Three-Fifths Co mpro mise
    4.    Francis Marion              8.   Benedict Arnold                   accomplish?
                                                                          4. How is power d ivided under the system of
Answer:                                                                      federalism?
   1. How d id the Battle o f Saratoga influence the                      5. Which groups of people tended to support the new
        outcome of the American Revolution?                                  Constitution?
   2. How d id European countries aid the Americans in                    6. Why was it important for Virgin ia and New Yo rk to
        the war fo r Independence?                                           ratify the Constitution, even after the required nine
                                                                             states had done so?

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